Chapter 771: Surprises

    Chapter 771: Surprises

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    The area of the palace tree in Castle of Black Iron was as bright and magnificent as before. Besides, it felt natural and comfortable. Some cute beetles were running here and there on the smooth floor and cleaned the floor like automatic vacuum cleaners.

    After greeting Heller, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to run to the high platform where the small tree was located.

    After over 50 days, when Zhang Tie stood under the small tree once again which brought him his current achievement, he felt as warm as seeing a friend, a teacher and a relative.

    'Without this small tree, I would not be able to enjoy all the current achievements. According to my previous performance in Blackhot City, without this small tree, I might still be struggling for food as a LV 4-5 small figure in the clan of Huaiyuan Palace who did a common job. Perhaps, I might have been transported to Eastern Continent by Huaiyuan Palace...as I was 23 years old. Dad, mom and elder brother must be concerned about my marriage. They must be saving money to marry me a wife. I might also be struggling for a decent life every day. My friends in Blackhot City who left a deep impression in my youthhood such as Barley the Fattie and Miss Daina might have moved to somewhere else facing the stress of living and the chaotic situation. I might not be able to see them for the rest of my life...'

    'This is the lifestyle of small figures.'

    'However, now I've been a knight clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace. Dad, mom and elder brother are living happily, firmly without having to concern about money. My friends, Miss Daina, those cute girls of Rose Association also have a stable and comfortable life in this chaotic world.'

    Zhang Tie appreciated this small tree very much as it enabled him to live up to his life and the hope and trust of those beside him. Additionally, it enabled him to live a better life and change the fates of those commoners. Furthermore, it enabled him to experience such a brilliant life and enjoy the feelings brought by power, wealth and strength.

    "If you were a person, I would live up to you for the rest of my life even if I betrayed the whole world!"

    The small tree's exotic leaves waved, causing a nice sound like a breeze fondling a zither...

    Besides enjoying the changes brought about by the small tree, Zhang Tie should also assume liabilities by strength and power.

    When he recalled the liabilities, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. After recovering his composure, he started to glance at the fruits on the small tree.

    There were 4 iron-body fruits on the small tree, which were due to the great stress and cavitation damage that he faced when he swam in the ocean. It was more than he had expected. He thought there might be 2 at most. 'It seems that the cavitation damage really has an amazing effect on strengthening my body.'

    After taking 4 iron-body fruits, Zhang Tie knew that his defensive ability was further improved, which became obvious in close combat between knights.

    Besides the iron-body fruits, Zhang Tie saw 8 leakless fruits, 7 of which had been ripe while the rest one was unripe.

    Additionally, the most eye-catching one was the new fruit of brilliance. It was the biggest and most brilliant one that he had ever seen. It was even bigger than the fruit of brilliance which contained the knight's consciousness that he had ever gained. Additionally, this fruit was as transparent as a colorful crystal which contained flowing luster.

    At the sight of this fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie knew that it contained all the spiritual energy of that mace muling of Sacred Light Empire who was a knight, Berusken, the head of Demon Snake Island who was a LV 15 battle spirit, those roundtable warriors in the Demon Snake Island as well as hundreds of lackeys. It must contain the highest spiritual energy that Zhang Tie had ever seen.

    With a growing spiritual energy, Zhang Tie's knight's consciousness would also grow stronger; additionally, Zhang Tie would make a further improvement in "mental arithmetic". The value of this fruit of brilliance was incalculable.

    Zhang Tie was driven mad by this fruit.

    He did not find any fruit of bloodline this time, 'It seems that the knight of Sacred Light Empire was different from the human knight who surrendered to Three-eye Association that I've killed.' Zhang Tie didn't know the reason. 'Is it because the knight of Sacred Light Empire didn't surrender to demons although being guilty or is it because that I killed a knight of Three-eye Association at the high risk although having not promoted to a knight?'

    --The brave man who dares to wave the saber towards the dark. When you overcome your fear and change impossibilities into possibilities, when you create marvels in the dark, the marvels and possibilities will definitely be manifested in the bright place. This fruit of bloodline is a marvel for you as the largest reward. It could enable you to know the secrets of numerous treasures in your body and control your own fate. The prowess doesn't come from your physical strength, but from your will and your heart as a real brave man.

    The description of the fruit of bloodline reappeared in Zhang Tie's mind. After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie couldn't figure out the conditions required to form the fruit of bloodline, 'It seems that I have to kill another knight of Three-eye Association so as to verify it. Given the description, if the next knight of Three-eye Association doesn't lead to a fruit of bloodline, I'm afraid that it requires stricter conditions than that I imagined to form the fruit of bloodline. Do I need to kill an earth knight or a knight with higher levels by chance then?'

    The forming conditions of the fruit of bloodline seemed to validate a law--the more powerful the fruit was, the harder it would be achieved.

    Besides, there were 4 fruits of judgment on the small tree.

    --Fruit of judgment; already been ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advanced rune effect--"senior waking effect"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already been ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advanced rune effect--"senior soul-fixing effect"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already been ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advanced rune effect--"senior tracing effect"...

    Three of the six god's runes that Zhang Tie mastered had advanced to senior effects. The 4th fruit of judgment was a bit different than the other three. Compared to the swarthy surface of other fruits of judgment, this one looked silver.

    Zhang Tie put his hand on this fruit of judgment.

    --Fruit of judgment; already been ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advanced rune effect--"super binding effect"...

    'Binding effect?' It was completely out of Zhang Tie's imagination. Previously, Zhang Tie thought that senior binding effect had already reached its limit. However, now, he could even bind LV 10 targets, not to mention LV 9; besides, his striking radius also increased to 150 cm from 75 cm. The maximal number of the binding chains that he could produce also increased from 36 to 72.

    Only by using his spiritual energy could he conquer a LV 10 strong fighter silently, what a great improvement in the power of his binding skill!

    At the beginning, when he was chased by a LV 10 strong fighter from Zhen Clan, he was as embarrassed as a dog in the underground space of Dragon Cave. However, he could easily conquer a LV 10 strong fighter with his super binding chain now. What a great improvement!

    Additionally, the god's rune "super binding skill" also reminded Zhang Tie that he might have a higher binding effect afterward. The 6 god's runes that Zhang Tie mastered by far had greater space to improve.

    'That's the best news that I've ever got!'

    But soon, Zhang Tie found he was wrong as there was one better news waiting for him on the small tree.

    He found a red heart-shaped fruit hiding behind some leaves on the other side of the small tree.

    It was a fruit of redemption that Zhang Tie had not eaten for a long time. As it was already red, it meant that it had been ripe and Zhang Tie could taste the return brought by his benevolence and payment.

    Zhang Tie put his hand on the heart-shaped fruit...

    --Fruit of redemption. It contains the strength of golden uangs. Already been ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    'Strength of golden uangs?'

    'Strength of golden uangs!'
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