Chapter 774: Motherliness

    Chapter 774: Motherliness

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    As a clan knight, Zhang Tie could enjoy as good resources and services as emperors in the camp.

    On the same evening, since he left the underground palace and lived in the temporary palace of corps leader, Zhang Tie had genuinely enjoyed the quality resources and services.

    Almost when Zhang Tie entered his residence, a lot of people had been swarming up and serving him effectively and precisely.

    Zhang Tie's dinner was strictly matched with all sorts of nutritions and medicinal food according to his physical state after a long-term enclosed cultivation. The staple food of the dinner was an assorted millet congee plus over 10 medicinal dishes. Although they all tasted mild, each of them was in chef class. This supper met well the standards of color, flavor and taste.

    After supper, Zhang Tie felt that his tiredness had faded away.

    He then took a walk in the tranquil garden of his temporary palace for half an hour before returning to his residence.

    There was a hot spring bathroom in the residence. The hot spring came from underground. After being processed specially, it was added with some valuable, special medicines. Finally, it was injected into the crystal bathtub at a proper temperature.

    After taking a comfortable hot spring bath, Zhang Tie entered the comfortable hot lounge beside the bathroom. At this moment, two beautiful masseuses in tutu appeared. They then started to provide special maintenance and massage for Zhang Tie physically and spiritually.

    When the two beautiful masseuses touched Zhang Tie by fingers, they started to release utterly different special battle qis so as to provide a better massage and maintenance on Zhang Tie's body. Zhang Tie knew that these pair of beautiful masseuses must have been trained at a high cost.

    Those who could release battle qi must be above LV 6. Additionally, the two masseuses both had top looks. What was more was that when Zhang Tie saw them, he knew that this pair of twins were still virgins. It was not easy to train this pair of trains into senior masseuses only with money.

    One battle qi had the attribute of water while the other had the attribute of wood. Both battle qis were extremely mild. They should be relatively unpopular, auxiliary battle qis. Zhang Tie had not heard about these battle qis before.

    Although auxiliary battle qis could not be used in the battle; they could play other effects. The combination of the two battle qis and the massage techniques could solidify one's essence and cultivation base. That was definitely a supreme treatment.

    "What are your names?"

    Zhang Tie asked the two beauties while lying on his stomach.

    "I'm Aimei!"

    "I'm Aixue!"

    The two beauties replied quickly with sweet voices.

    Aimei used wood-attribute auxiliary battle qi; Aixue used water-attribute auxiliary battle qi.

    "Which one is elder?"

    "I am!" Aimei answered.

    "Where are your family members?"

    "We have been orphans since we were young. We lived in Fubo City in the beginning. When we were 9 years old, our parents passed away due to an accident. Huaiyuan Palace then took us in and imparted techniques to us. We left the training center and were dispatched to the temporary palace of the corps leader to serve you one week ago. According to our master, our senior sister apprentices were all on the sides of other elders. It's the great honor for my elder sister and I to serve Elder Mushen." Aixue replied.

    Aixue, as the younger sister, was more clever. In her reply, she had clarified two meanings: first, we're innocent; second, we're still virgins.

    As she replied, Aixue started to rub the place between Zhang Tie's shoulders and neck. Due to the special technique, Zhang Tie felt so pleasant and comfortable that he almost hummed.

    The whole process lasted about 2 hours. After the massage and maintenance, Zhang Tie felt that he had become wholly new.

    Even though Zhang Tie was against them in naked body, he still didn't do anything to them. However, after doing that, Aimei and Aixue blushed with sweet drops on their faces. They looked a bit fatigued.

    'Although people should cultivate, they need to relax themselves. After all, it would take me at least 300 years to form the earth chakra. If I was always busy cultivating, I might be driven lunatic before forming the earth chakra'.

    It was reasonable for clan elders to relax themselves. Additionally, this was the experience of numerous predecessors.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie just did as the Romans did.

    In the evening, Zhang Tie threw himself onto the bed and had a sound sleep. He got up on the next morning around 10 am.

    After getting up, Zhang Tie cleansed himself and ate something. Finally, he selected a set of relatively common clothes and left the encampment of Hurricane Corps by a car.

    Zhang Tie told Zhang Long to park in a remote place being not far from Stars Viewing City. When there was nobody nearby, he got off the car and told Zhang Long to drive back. After that, he strode towards Stars Viewing City.

    All the people in Huaiyuan Prefecture knew that Zhang Clan had a young elder. However, few people had seen him, especially for commoners. Even most of the common soldiers of Hurricane Corps had not seen their corps leader.

    Zhang Tie was not afraid of being recognized by others.

    In the period of enclosed cultivation, Zhang Tie had contacted his elder brother once.

    All the family members of Zhang Clan knew that Zhang Tie had become a clan elder. In Zhang Yang's words, everybody felt like dreaming when they heard this news. Even though this news was told by Elder Muyuan. It still took Zhang family 1 week to accept this fact.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie became the clan elder, Zhang Tie's mom instantly told Zhang Yang to let Zhang Tie do the good as more as possible. Zhang Tie's mom was not happy but worried about Zhang Tie when she heard the news that Zhang Tie became a clan elder. In the eyes of Zhang Tie's mom, if one didn't have good merits, one would never take a high position for a long time. Those who didn't have good merits would face a miserable outcome even if they took the position temporarily. If one wanted to accumulate his merits and gain the respect of everything else, he had to do the good and save people.

    Zhang Tie's mom and dad even swore to not eat meat from then on for the safety of Zhang Tie. During this period, Zhang Tie's mom and dad took out the private money that they had accumulated these years and started to provide free porridge to poor and refugees in Fuhai City, Yingzhou Province, Taixia Country together with Linda, Beverly and Fiona so as to accumulate merits for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie's mom even told Zhang Yang to warn Zhang Tie that he could never do immoral affairs as a clan elder. Additionally, she told Zhang Tie to provide free porridge to the poor in Huaiyuan Prefecture...

    After knowing what his mom and dad were doing for the sake of his safety, Zhang Tie burst out into tears in the underground palace...
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