Chapter 775: The Liaison

    Chapter 775: The Liaison

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    As tomorrow was the day before the new year, no store would run anymore. Today was almost the most boisterous day before the new year in Stars Viewing City. There were many shops that offered a variety of discounts to attract customers to spend.

    Even though the holy war was ongoing and many people were suffering pains, people in this place which was far away from the battlefields had forgotten about the holy war today.

    In the Stars Viewing City, people came and went. Zhang Tie was not eye-catching among them at all.

    Previously, there were mainly immigrants in Stars Viewing City; although, the number of Hua people still accounted for 80% of the total population in this city. However, the demographic structure in this city had already reversed today. As a lot of Hua people were leaving and more outsiders were pouring in, the number of Hua people in this city was less than 1/5 of the total population now. As to those Hua people who stayed here, some of them had been used to live in this city and didn't want to leave here for the time being; some of them were dispatched here by companies or wanted to seek for a fortune here; some of them were escaped from Northern region of Waii Sub-continent and came here; the last kind was those from large business groups or major clans who could leave out of here whenever they wanted but chose to stay here for the time being due to various reasons.

    The last kind of people didn't require others' concern, but the first three kinds had to abide their own destiny. Actually, huge ships left the harbor of Yiyang City for Eastern Continent every day. Hua people could enjoy 40% off. Even though Hua families with financial problems could afford a ticket after a couple of years' work here. However, if they didn't want to leave, they had to be left to God's mercy.

    In a chaotic world, when everyone was struggling for survival, nobody could control their own destinies.

    Walking in the Stars Viewing City, Zhang Tie suddenly felt like coming back to Blackhot City. When he was in Blackhot City, the streets in Blackhot City would always be boisterous on this day every year.

    Those refugees who had just poured in Stars Viewing City were easily identified, as those people were incongruous with such a festival atmosphere. They always stayed alone, in a couple or with their family members while lifting heavily worn suitcases in half-new clothes. Meanwhile, they explored this strange city with vigilant and careful eyes. They looked a bit restless and faintly helpless. Whenever their kids passed by the bakeries or restaurants, they would always gaze at the items through the windows. Adults would always wander nearby those low-end inns so as to compare the prices one after another. They would pay special attention to the ads about house renting and jobs in the streets. When the patrolling soldiers of Hurricane Corps passed by, these people would become especially intense as they would stay far away from them. Those little girls and female family members among them would directly lower their heads in case of direct eye contact with them...

    These refugees had become very vigilant due to the displaced life. After coming to a new place, they all looked like flurried birds and felt full of crisis.

    "Papa, I'm hungry. I've not eaten food for a whole day..." A 7-year old little girl with brown hair stood still outside the showcase of a noodle shop. Raising her poor, petite face, she was watching a couple at the 30s who were lifting simple suitcases which were made of canes while widening her bright eyes on the thin face.

    Her eyes were full of earnest hopes.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the couple looked pretty sad and helpless.

    "I hid a necklace in the suitcase..." The woman whispered to the man.

    "No, keep it. We don't need it right now..." The man replied as he cradled the little girl hardly, "Wait a moment baby, papa will find food for you when we settle down..."

    Finally, with tears in her eyes, the little girl was taken away from the door of the noodle shop.

    When he remembered what his mom required him to do, Zhang Tie sighed faintly as he paced up.

    10 minutes later, Zhang Tie appeared at the gate of Golden Roc Bank in Stars Viewing City. After looking up at the symbol of 4-wing gold roc on the stages, Zhang Tie walked inside directly.

    Golden Rock Bank was always magnificent wherever it was.

    "Welcome!" Two beautiful clerks in business-wear in the hall of Golden Roc Bank bowed deeply towards Zhang Tie.

    "Sir, what can I do for you?" The female clerk on the left asked him.

    Zhang Tie directly took out a plate which represented that he was a senior customer of Golden Roc Bank and showed it to the female clerk, "Take me to your manager!"

    Watching that symbol of a platinum customer in Zhang Tie's hand, the two female clerks became dumbfounded. They immediately fetched here their superior, the lobby manager.

    After throwing a glance at the plate in Zhang Tie's hand, the lobby manager became much more respectful. The lobby manager led Zhang Tie to the internal region of the bank through the VIP tunnel on one side of the gate and invited Zhang Tie to wait for a second in a tranquil parlor. After that, he went to call the bank manager.

    Zhang Tie's face gradually turned weird...

    The perception of a knight was so powerful. Even if he didn't want to know what was happening, as long as he released his spiritual energy, he would know it for sure.

    According to Zhang Tie's perception, what was happening in an office over 40 m away from here was almost like as if it was happening right in front of his eyes. "Damn it!" Zhang Tie swore.

    After waiting in the parlor for less than 3 minutes, the door was pushed open. After that, Donder in a different dress entered in a noble way with a red face.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Donder's eyes gleamed. Closely after that, he locked the door from inside.

    "I thought you brat wanted to leave me here forever." Donder directly threw himself onto the sofa on the opposite of Zhang Tie. He even complained, "This position is much more carefree than when I opened the grocery store before. I feel that I'm like a eunuch, who's waiting for your order at any time. I just wait here for you day after day. I've not imagined that you could cultivate for over 1 month!"

    'F*ck, this j*rk!' Zhang Tie glared at Donder with a despised look, "Alright, don't disguise in front of me. Do you think that I don't know what you were doing in your office just now? Do you think that knights are nuts? You've not even pulled on the zipper of your trousers. If eunuchs really looked like you, the one who castrated you should be killed together with all of his family members and relatives!"

    Donder lowered his head and found the zipper was indeed not pulled on yet. With an embarrassed look, he hurriedly pulled it on. Righ then, he realized that something was wrong. He raised his head right away and looked at Zhang Tie with an amazed expression, "The walls of this room and my office are specially designed. As long as the door is closed, nobody can hear what is happening inside. F*ck, are you a human or something else? How could you hear that from here?"

    After taking that fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie's knight's consciousness reached a new high. If it was before, Zhang Tie might not have such a sensitive sense. However, it was not a problem for him now. Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't need to explain it to Donder.

    "You will understand it when you promote to a knight!" Zhang Tie answered obscurely. After that, he left alone the "part-time hobby" of Donder; instead, he took out a small piece of information crystal and threw it to Donder.

    "What's this?' Donder asked with a curious look.

    "You will know it when you inject your spiritual energy in it!"

    The information crystal contained the blueprints of the buildings in the capital city of the Sacred Iceland Kingdom designed by Agan. If that information were restored on papers, the papers would fill a big wardrobe. However, it became portable in the information crystal.

    In this age, all the senior, rare information were stored in such expensive information crystals. Like those secret books, such building blueprints of the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom were qualified to be stored in such expensive crystals.

    Zhang Tie had read those blueprints and was shocked by the design. In one sentence of Zhang Tie, 'It's like I've not known the talents of the three slaves in Castle of Black Iron at all. ' When Zhang Tie recalled how he had them work like common farmers for him before, he felt guilty. It was like having a great beauty carry bricks in an illegal kiln or having a knight knock stones in a quarry. As it was extremely wasteful, it became shameless and guilty.

    'Thanks to Heller's warning, I stopped the shameless and guilty deed.'

    After injecting his spiritual energy into that piece of crystal, Donder slowly widened his mouth...
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