Chapter 776: The Mysterious Suitcase

    Chapter 776: The Mysterious Suitcase

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    "Is...this the complete planning and design of the entire capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom?' Donder asked with an unbelievable tone.

    "Hmm!" Zhang Tie nodded, "My major goal here is to hand it to you. You can have someone carry it to Ice and Snow Wilderness through the channel of Golden Roc Bank and tell them to start building according to this plan!"

    Donder let out a sigh before saying with an amazed look, "Huaiyuan Palace really have great talents. I've not imagined that they could present such a complete urban planning design so fast. It seems that you're not living bad in Huaiyuan Palace!"

    Realizing that Donder mistook this as the masterpiece of Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile, 'if everyone could think like Donder, I wouldn't need to explain it to them one after another.'

    "Can Gold Power Law get earth-element crystals?" Zhang Tie watched Donder with a serious look. If he could get earth-element crystals from Gold Power Law, he would have one more channel for earth-element crystals so as to improve his cultivation speed.

    "Earth-element crystals?" Donder became serious, "It's impossible for Gold Power Law to not have a channel to get earth-element crystals. However, as earth-element crystals are of great importance to knights, you couldn't get as many as you want. As the hidden god CEO of Golden Roc Bank, you have the access to buy some earth-element crystals every year through Gold Power Law!"

    "How many?"

    "Discounted price, 100,000 gold coins for one, you can get four per year!"

    "Can I buy some more?"

    "Unless you promote to a higher class in Gold Power Law. When you become a hidden copper lord, you will have the access to 8 earth-element crystals per year!"

    '4? It's the same as that provided by Huaiyuan Palace to its clan elders per year.' However, such a small number of earth-element crystals was far less enough for forming the second earth chakra of Zhang Tie. However, it was better than nothing.

    As to the hidden copper lord, Zhang Tie shook his head. Based on his current position and contribution to Gold Power Law, it would take him at least 10 years to promote to a hidden copper lord.

    Zhang Tie sighed helplessly, "Erm, I will buy the 4 earth-element crystals of this year first. Later on, you can directly have people deduct the payment from my account in Golden Roc Bank every year!"

    "Well, but you need to wait for a period. After the order is delivered, it will take us three months to transport those earth-element crystals to Huaiyuan Prefecture from Eastern Continent!"

    "Alright, I will wait!" Zhang Tie shrugged.

    Donder watched Zhang Tie with full emotions...

    "I do not owe you, right? Why do you watch me that way?" Zhang Tie felt goosebumps all over.

    "When in Blackhot City, have you imagined that you will spend 100,000 gold coins on one earth-element crystal as easy as buying a radish? Have you imagined that you could spend hundreds of thousands of gold coins without a blink? When I told you that I'd tasted a cup of tea at the price of a couple of gold coins, you treated that as a joke and brag back then!"

    Zhang Tie was also moved when he recalled what Donder told him at Blackhot City.

    'When in Blackhot City, my parents found that I was just a commoner; therefore, they spent a lot to request the local chamber of commerce of Hua people to find a part-time job for me in a grocery store so that I could survive myself and broaden my vision. Due to such a reason, I met Donder. Besides the part-time job in the grocery store, I worked as a human flesh sandbag in Iron Thorns Fighting Club only for some silver coins. Being stimulated by young hormones, I wanted to hook-up a training beauty partner in the fighting club. However, I was despised by her. What a miserable puberty...'

    'Except for the warmth brought by my family members, the only warm memory in my puberty was those kids' innocent smiles when I sent rice or millet gruel to the orphanage of Grandma Teressa. When those kids swarmed up for food like a pack of petite dogs or kitties, I felt pretty distressed...'

    After being silent for quite a while, Zhang Tie let out a sigh. He then opened his mouth while watching Donder, "Don't you feel bored now? How about doing a job for me?"

    Donder became vigilant at once as he watched Zhang Tie and asked with a cunning look, "Go ahead!"

    "After knowing that I've become a clan elder, my parents are not reassured about me. They want me to accumulate merits in Huaiyuan Prefecture by providing free porridge to refugees and poor ones here. After a deep consideration, I think you can do it well!"

    "Ahh? Why not have those people in Huaiyuan Palace do it for you?"

    "If I issued the order in Huaiyuan Palace, nobody in Huaiyuan Palace would take one copper coin from me for it?" Zhang Tie sighed, "But my mom says, I have to use my own money to do merits. I should not use the money of Huaiyuan Palace with my power. That's what my mom warned me about. Do you know what she told my elder brother? She was worried that I did not have enough money. She even told my elder brother that if I did not have enough money to provide free porridge to the refugees and poor ones, she would mail the private money of her and my dad to me so that I could do more merits here!"

    Donder was dumbfounded, 'Zhang Tie's parents would never know how rich was Zhang Tie. In the north waters alone, this guy has got 300 million gold coins by tricks. After deducting the 90 million gold coins which were used to build the Sacred Iceland Kingdom from it, there are still over 200 million gold coins. Now, all these money are in his account of Golden Roc Bank. Golden Roc Bank makes a financial management for this guy and enables this guy to enjoy 18 million gold coins' interest each year. It indicates that this guy could make 50,000 gold coins a day without having to do anything. Without this interest, he could also enjoy over 1 million gold coins from Huaiyuan Palace as a clan elder. How could Zhang Tie's parents still worry that this guy is poor? What a pathetic parents' heart!'

    "What do you want me to do?" Donder asked.

    "I will give you 50,000 gold coins a year. You can employ some female servants who escaped to Huaiyuan Palace and open some porridge provision centers in the three cities. Just deliver porridge, dried dishes, steam buns and bread to those hungry people two times a day!"

    After deducting the cost for employees and operation, only 25,000 gold coins could be turned into food. It could barely survive the poorest people in the 3 cities. Zhang Tie had calculated it carefully. If he provided less money, some people would be starved to death; if he provided more money, some people would do nothing else but rely on the porridge.

    Based on Donder's shrewd temperament, Zhang Tie knew that such a charity fund would definitely play its greatest role.

    "Well, I will do some merits together with you. We're on the same line, though!" Donder knew that Zhang Tie treated him as his family member. Therefore, Donder felt warm inside, "How long will you stick to it?"

    "Until the demon's vanguard arrive at the north bank of Yuanjiang River!"

    Donder became a bit stunned before revealing a bitter smile, 'This is indeed the style of a new rich. Actually, 50,000 gold coins mean nothing for Zhang Tie.'


    After a couple of minutes, Zhang Tie left Golden Roc Bank.

    After leaving Golden Roc Bank, Zhang Tie took a round in Stars Viewing City. He then bought a suitcase from a store. After that, he came to a relatively remote clothing store. He spent one gold coin in buying a lot of extremely common clothes which didn't fit his current figure and put them into his suitcase. After that, he left Stars Viewing City with that huge suitcase and returned to the encampment of Hurricane Corps.

    Watching Zhang Tie coming back with a suitcase alone, those people in the temporary palace thought Zhang Tie had gone for a "shopping spree" in Stars Viewing City with extremely odd looks.

    As a clan elder, he only needed to open his mouth for whatever he wanted. He didn't need to buy items himself at all. However, Zhang Tie came back with a bulged suitcase.

    Nobody knew what was inside the suitcase.

    Although being curious, nobody dared ask.

    Before the arrival of the new year, the items in the suitcase of corps leader became the hot topic of those high-level commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps.

    Some guessed that it was a mysterious, sharp weapon; some guessed it contained a lot of senior secret books; some guessed it contained senior medicaments. All the guesses were based on a presumption that was silently adopted by everyone--The items inside the suitcase must be available to knights.

    Nobody could imagine that the suitcase contained a lot of improper clothes which were bought at discounted prices.

    Even though they were curious about that, nobody dared make an investigation in the Stars Viewing City--it was nothing different than committing suicide by privately investigating the trace of the clan elder or the corps leader.

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