Chapter 777: The Eve before the New Year

    Chapter 777: The Eve before the New Year

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    During the 45 days when Zhang Tie cultivated in the underground palace, Colonel Leibnitz was dispatched by Filis the crown prince of Norman Empire to invite Zhang Tie to visit Taian City twice. However, he was refused by Zhang Tie's director in the temporary palace for consecutive two times.

    On December 31st, Zhang Tie sent people to fetch Colonel Leibnitz and paid a return visit to Filis the crown prince of Norman Empire together with Colonel Leibnitz.

    Zhang Tie's arrival made Filis thrilled. They had a lunch together.

    This was the second time for both parties to meet alone, which made the relationship between Zhang Tie and Filis the crown prince of Norman Empire a bit closer.

    Filis even introduced his teacher, a royal employed knight to Zhang Tie.

    That knight called Leo was in the Benolis Castle. He was the most powerful figure of Norman Empire in Benolis Castle as Filis' teacher and bodyguard.

    Norman Empire had already accelerated the evacuation of its domestic elites to Benolis Castle.

    According to the current situation, Zhang Tie seemed to understand something about the plan of Norman Empire. Norman Empire's royal household didn't mean to stay in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor and fight demons to the death as Norman Empire was not powerful enough to do that. However, if they just gave it up, they would feel unreconciled. After losing their land, the royal household of a country would become meaningless. They would be called royal household in exile.

    At this moment, the royal household of Norman Empire seemed to balance their current interest and their future interest and to adjust their plans and countermeasures in the holy war.

    When they had lunch, Filis suddenly asked Zhang Tie a question in front of his teacher Knight Leo.

    "What would you do if you were the royal household of Norman Empire?"

    After hearing this question, Zhang Tie put down his knife and fork and wiped his mouth with a piece of snopletely against the education that he had received since he was young.

    "No, of course not. Instead, you need to fight in a flexible way on the premise of preserving your own battle force. There's an old Hua saying, 'When trees were moved, they would die; however, when people moved to another place, they would survive.' Although demon corps are powerful, not each of them is powerful. Demons also have weaknesses. If I can't defeat the demon general, I will fight those whom I can defeat. If I can not defeat you, I will beat those who are related to you. If I'm not advantageous here, I will defeat you in advantageous aspects. If I cannot defeat you physically, I will bribe you with money; if I cannot bribe you with money, I will set you up; if I cannot set you up, I will make you disgusted; if I cannot defeat you in the sky, I will defeat you on the ground; if I cannot defeat you on the ground, I will defeat you on the sea; if I cannot defeat you on the sea, I will defeat you under water; if not, I will run faster and see farther than you. In this world, lions could survive, monkeys could also survive. However, lions might not be able to defeat monkeys on the tree; tigers could be commanding; mice could also be free. When being targeted by a hunter, tigers would definitely die earlier than a mouse. Whales could be full in the sea; fleas could also survive on pig's body. You need to identify your abilities and fix your advantageous aspects.'

    Zhang Tie smiled as he saw Filis considering his words carefully. He then took the knife and fork once again, "This is just my personal opinion. Hmm...the royal cooking skills are good..."

    Zhang Tie didn't know how his words would influence Filis, but it was none of his business. In that case, now that Filis asked him, he had to put it straight. Those words were his real feelings. Zhang Tie thought that those who died for dead things such as money, land and imperial throne were silly.

    After refusing Filis' invitation for the new year's evening party, Zhang Tie returned to the temporary palace of Hurricane Corps on the same day.

    Hua people used to stay with their family members on this evening.

    Zhang Tie's family members were in Taixia Country. Zhang Tie was in Waii Sub-continent. Thanks to the remote-sensing crystals, Zhang Tie could keep in touch with his family members on such a special day.


    Zhang's manor, Fuhai City, Yingzhou Province, Taixia Country...

    The family reunion dinner was very boisterous. Watching their grandchildren running here and there in the dining hall, Zhang Tie's mom and dad were so happy.

    Zhang Yang had 4 kids now, the eldest son, Zhang Chengan, the second son Zhang Chengxu, the third son Zhang Chengze and the youngest daughter Zhang Shiyu. Zhang Chengan was 6 years old while Zhang Shiyu was just 2.5 years old.

    Zhang Tie had 3 kids. The eldest son Zhang Chenglei was delivered by Linda, the second son Zhang Chengting was delivered by Beverly while the third son Zhang Chengpei was delivered by Fiona. Zhang Tie's dad named all of them. They were over 9 months old. With tender skins and delicate looks, they were stronger than those of their same age. They could climb very fast on the ground. Each of them was matched with 2 babysitters and 1 nurse.

    There was a vermeil, huge round table in the dining hall, which could hold over 20 people. Besides Zhang's family members, Elder Muyuan was sitting in the main seat. The parents of Beverly and Fiona were also sitting at the table.

    After delivering babies, Linda, Beverly and Fiona looked a bit maturer than before. However, they didn't look old at all. Due to distinctive dresses, they looked more fascinating.

    Besides, there were over 20 servants and babysitters in the dining hall.

    The entire Zhang family displayed a rich and noble scene at this moment.

    When the female servants served the dinner onto the table, the dining hall was immediately filled with various aroma. After smelling the aroma, the kids ran over here and started to look around the dishes and food on the table.

    The parents of Beverly and Fiona came here to see their daughters after they delivered the babies. At the sight of such a brilliant Hua mansion, they became a bit restraint at the beginning as they came from common families. However, they gradually found that their son-in-law's family members were very easygoing, especially Zhang Tie's parents, who were genial and open-minded instead of being arrogant. They treated their daughters very well. After knowing that the parents of Beverly and Fiona lived in Blackhot City before, they had more common topics. The parents of Beverly and Fiona soon adapted to this environment and lived very comfortably in Zhang's mansion for a few days.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's mom whispered to her two son's mothers-in-law.

    Zhang Tie's two sisters-in-law and wives were paying attention to those kids.

    Watching them, Elder Muyuan whispered to Zhang Tie's father, "We will move to Huaiyuan City after the new year festival. We've already prepared a bigger mansion over there. When these kids grow a bit elder, 2-3 years at most, we will go to Youzhou Province. That's the foundation of Huaiyuan Palace in Taixia Country. As Zhang Tie is the clan elder and also belongs to the bloodline of Golden Sea City of Huaiyuan Palace. When we establish Golden Sea City in Youzhou Province, you could have a 15% share of the new city. Later on, your family could have a fixed bonus in golden Sea City each year. If these kids wish, they could find a job in Golden Sea City as their starting line in Taixia Country. This is also how offsprings from major clans in Taixia Country develop their undertakings. I've talked with Zhang Yang a couple of days ago, Zhang Yang wishes to buy shares of Golden Sea City..."

    Zhang Tie's dad was always meticulous. After hearing that Zhang family could have a share in Golden Sea City in Youzhou Province, Taixia Country, Zhang Tie's dad became a bit timid as he asked faintly, "6th uncle, is...this a bit excessive?"

    'Excessive?' Elder Muyuan became silent. Watching Zhang Ping, he said, "Don't you know that your son Zhang Tie has become a king in the north waters of Waii Sub-continent?"

    'Although Zhang Ping has an ordinary natural disposition, his two sons are both greater than him, not to mention his grandchildren. It's told that when Zhang Ping's family were living poorly in Blackhot City, they still kept doing merits. Is this the so-called "families with merits are destined to have a bright future!"?'

    Elder Muyuan thought. The moment he wanted to say something, Zhang Yang pushed open the gate and entered the dining hall. He said one word, which made everybody in the dining hall quiet...

    "Dad, mom, Zhang Tie has just sent a message to me. He wants me to wish you a happy new year!"
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