Chapter 778: Triggering Body-changing Bloodline

    Chapter 778: Triggering Body-changing Bloodline

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    In the balcony, Zhang Tie put away the remote-sensing crystal and looked up in the eastern sky. The most brilliant faerie-dragon star was shining over there...

    It was already the latter half of the night...

    When he realized that his elder brother had been messaging for so long and must have been very tired, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. After that, he turned around and returned to his bedroom.

    It was a special new year's eve. Zhang Tie passed messages one after another with his family members in Taixia using his remote-sensing crystal and waited for the arrival of the 896th year of Black Iron Calendar with his family members.

    The last message from his elder brother was that his three sons were too sleepy after playing all day and had gone to bed.

    When he imagined the happy life and bright future of his three sons whom he had not seen yet and his family members in Taixia country, Zhang Tie felt warm.

    It was a historical leapfrog for Zhang Tie's family that Zhang Yang determined to buy a share in Golden Sea City in Youzhou Province. It meant that Zhang Tie's family had almost entered the list of major clans in Huaiyuan Palace.

    Although it was not difficult for Zhang Tie to build another city in Taixia Country based on his current wealth accumulation, it was complex to run a city and have it turn into the territory and property of his own clan, which required power, human relationships and wealth. Zhang Tie's family members lacked such experiences in running a city as they had just settled down in Taixia Country. Zhang Tie's elder brother needed time to expand the influence of Jinwu Business Group and accumulate resources in all aspects. At this moment, it was a wise decision to stand on the side with Huaiyuan Palace and buy a share in the new Golden Sea City.

    Through the warm interaction with his family members on the new year's eve, Zhang Tie saw clearly the responsibilities that he should shoulder for the whole family.

    'Although I'm not in Taixia Country, my deeds here is closely related to happiness and future of my family members in Taixia Country.'

    'Therefore, I have to survive on. Additionally, I need to be more and more powerful so as to be the reliance of this family.'

    'Basically, in a chaotic world, power is everything.'


    As Zhang Tie didn't sleep, none of those in the entire temporary palace dared go to bed. Everyone, including the cooks, Aimei and Aixue and the other servants were waiting for Zhang Tie's order.

    "Elder Mushen, it's a bit late, do you want some midnight snack or some other services?" The steward hurriedly asked respectfully the moment Zhang Tie walked out of the room.

    "No need, I will cultivate in the underground palace, just tell them to go to bed!" Zhang Tie waved his hand while walking towards the underground palace.

    The steward looked at Zhang Tie with full respect. Only after 2 days since he finished his last cultivation did he continue to cultivate. Such a diligent corps leader was indeed respectable. As the pillar of a corps, it was the corps leader's main responsibility to stay powerful.

    After a few minutes, the news that Zhang Tie entered a closed cultivation once again spread across the temporary palace.


    After coming to the underground palace once again, Zhang Tie glanced over it with his spiritual energy and found that everything here remained unchanged. He then closed the gate of the underground palace forcefully from inside.

    After that, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron.

    It was also night in Castle of Black Iron while the flying fireflies decorated the palace as a fairytale dreamland.

    Everyone had fallen asleep as of now. After throwing a glance at the small tree, Zhang Tie directly went upstairs towards his bedroom.

    Hundreds of fireflies then flew around Zhang Tie like some floating lanterns, making everything poetic in this space.

    Heller was waiting for him outside his room. When he saw Zhang Tie coming close, he bowed towards Zhang Tie, "Castle Lord!"

    "I'm okay, I will leave soon. You can go to bed now!"

    After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Heller knew what Zhang Tie was going to do, "Castle Lord, are you going to the north?"

    "Hmm, right!" Zhang Tie confessed.

    "The second chakra of "King Roc Sutra" requires very huge resources. Although there are less such resources on the ground, it doesn't mean that the underground world is also scarce. As long as you're alive, Castle Lord could have numerous possibilities and chances to gain them!" Heller reminded Zhang Tie faintly.

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile, "I know, I will not risk my life. When I see the Demon General, I will escape right away. In the worst case scenario, I will seek for shelter in Castle of Black Iron instead of trying to show my power. Those Three-eye Association clans in the north have been too comfortable recently. I will find some troubles for them. By the way, I will make some new year lucky money for myself!"

    "Good luck to you, Castle Lord!" Heller left gracefully.


    After pushing open the door, Zhang Tie entered his room. After that, he took off his clothes. He then selected a set of black clothes from those he bought from Stars Viewing City yesterday.

    This set of black robe was indeed a bit larger than Zhang Tie's figure. It looked fat and funny. Zhang Tie's palms were completely covered by his sleeves, only exposing some fingers. The lower hem of his robe almost touched the ground. The waist part of the robe was also loose like a life buoy which leaked air. The clothes under the robe were also much larger. He looked like a comedy performer on the stage.

    After looking into the mirror, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile...

    Zhang Tie instantly triggered his body-changing bloodline...

    He started to grow higher while the lower hem of his robe gradually rose. Besides, Zhang Tie's hands were also exposed.

    Zhang Tie's pupils and skin started to change colors. His hair started to change color and elongate. Zhang Tie's face also started to change while his muscles all over uttered faint cracking sounds.

    Only after 3 minutes, the person in the mirror looked utterly different than Zhang Tie. That was a grey-haired 50-year old man with the gloomy and icy look in a black robe.

    This man looked similar to Master Abyan. However, he looked gloomier than Master Abyan.

    After looking into the mirror, Zhang Tie grinned.

    It was an utterly different change of his look since he had his body-changing bloodline. He had to admit that this body-changing bloodline was very powerful.

    This look was consuming Zhang Tie's minor spiritual energy per second. If Zhang Tie's spiritual energy was insufficient, he would recover his original look. However, Zhang Tie felt that he could maintain this new look for a decade based on his powerful spiritual energy. Additionally, it was very simple for him to maintain this look forever. Only by practicing "mental arithmetic" for over 10 minutes, he would be able to sustain his current look for a long time.

    Facing the mirror, Zhang Tie made some remedies. He touched his nose and made it a raised, sharp hawk nose. He blinked his eyes and made his eye corners elongate. His eyes then looked more profound and malicious. He looked at his hands and made his hands larger with longer fingers and sharper fingernails. They looked like two sharp claws that could control everything. Finally, Zhang Tie rubbed his ears and changed their looks. Nobody could see Zhang Tie's background from his ears any longer.

    "Ahem..ahem...ahem...ahem..." Zhang Tie coughed a few times to change his voice gradually.

    Zhang Tie smirked and flicked at his clothes to make them tidy. After that, he buckled the elder's finger ring onto a firm alloy necklace and wore it over his neck. In this way, he could keep in touch with Huaiyuan Palace at any time without worrying about being noticed.

    "Your name is Gorath--a human knight who mastered the sacred light battle qi of Sacred Light Empire. Meanwhile, you're an insidious, brutal, selfish and cunning devil who only believes in yourself. You're not recorded in the Mountain of Brilliance. You're just a ghost in the dark." Zhang Tie said in a hoarse voice.

    Zhang Tie smiled towards himself in the mirror, which looked terrifying...


    After a few minutes, the black beetle appeared in the underground palace out of the void. After flying around in the underground out of curiosity, he drilled into an air hole and left the underground palace. After moving a short while in the air hole, he appeared on the back of a rockery in the garden of the temporary palace.

    The black beetle instantly flew into the sky and left the encampment of Hurricane Corps.

    It soon arrived in the wild. From 1,000 m high in the sky, when a piece of cloud covered the moonlight and it turned darker on the ground, the small beetle disappeared. Almost at the same time, the thunder hawk flashed out of Castle of Black Iron. The thunder hawk abruptly accelerated its speed and ascended above the clouds. After that, it flew towards the north.

    After 3 hours, the thunder hawk flew out of the air territory of Jinyun Country. From 10,000 m high, the thunder hawk disappeared. At the same time, Gorath appeared...

    "Gorath" flew over 200 m per second above the clouds, however, he didn't show any battle qi luster. He just flew silently like a ghost in the dark...
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