Chapter 779: Deepening into Enemys Rear

    Chapter 779: Deepening into Enemy's Rear

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    As he had just promoted to a knight, Zhang Tie was discovered by scouts last time as he was inexperienced. Actually, as long as a knight was not in a rush with his journey by turning himself into a meteor or releasing a powerful knight's qi on purpose in the evening, he would be barely discovered by people at over 10,000 m above the ground.

    At this height, even common airships would be barely discovered, not to mention a person.

    Especially in the wild, as long as he avoided the major human cities and agglomerations, he could barely be discovered by people. After triggering a senior concealing skill, Zhang Tie's qi abruptly reduced by some levels. Even knights could not sense his existence.

    Before daybreak, the brilliant Faerie-dragon Stars had already risen to the highest point in the sky. When the first sunglow reached the land, Zhang Tie had been over 4,000 miles away from Huaiyuan Prefecture.

    Zhang Tie was not concerned about the affairs in Huaiyuan Prefecture. As Huaiyuan Palace and the other major clans in Jinyun Country, Qilan Country and Benolis Castle had already reached a privity on common defense. If any of the above parties encountered the raid of demon knights, the knights of the other parties would rush there for support as soon as possible.

    Even though the major forces of all the clans had evacuated from Waii Sub-continent, each clan still left a clan knight and a corps to safeguard the interest of their own clan. Therefore, no matter what, Qilan Country and Jinyun Country had at least 8-9 knights at present. Therefore, before Kalay Mountain Range was broken through by demons, the entire Qilan Country and Jinyun Country were as firm as the Mountain Tai. Unless the knights of demons or Three-eye Association were idiots, they would never enter the encirclement of human knights of the same rank and wait to be beaten. Even the demon general would not do such a stupid thing without having an absolute advantage.

    Unless being raided by knights, Hurricane Corps would not disrupt Zhang Tie from enclosed cultivation. Additionally, in a short period, it was almost impossible for Huaiyuan Prefecture to be raided by the knights of demons and Three-eye Association. This was a major reason why Zhang Tie dared leave Huaiyuan Prefecture without any concern.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie was not used to be waiting for troubles from demons and Three-eye Association. He preferred to take the initiative.

    Zhang Tie had been considering seriously before he headed for Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Zhang Tie had three reasons to do this.

    First, If he took the initiative, he could beat demons and Three-eye Association and weaken the power of demons so as to slow down their pace towards the south.

    Second, if demons and Three-eye Association broke through Kalay Mountain Range one day later, more commoners in Blackson Humans Corridor would be able to escape away from this continent. Meanwhile, Huaiyuan Palace could maintain its prosperity for a longer period.

    In the holy war, it was each human knight's responsibility to weaken the power of demons and Three-eye Association. The above two reasons were for the public interest.

    Privately, there was a more important reason, namely, Zhang Tie wanted to rip off demons and Three-eye Association greatly, whether for wealth or resources for cultivation.

    Zhang Tie once plundered a lot from Senel Clan. He also gained some useful knight's widgets from that knight of Three-eye Association. Zhang Tie believed that the other Three-eye Association clans and knights also had a lot of wealth and resources.

    Of course, he should do that for both public and private interests.

    Other human knights had also thought about this before. However, nobody dared do that by deepening into the demon's area alone and fighting many knights of demons and Three-eye Association at the risk of his life. The reason was that no knight of demons and Three-eye Association dared deepen into the territory of Jinyun country and Huaiyuan Palace and launched a raid.

    If he had no Castle of Black Iron and the soul-based incarnation skill, Zhang Tie would not do it either. It was too dangerous, as long as he was besieged by knights of demons or Three-eye Association, he might be killed. No human knight dared do that. As long as a knight was besieged by more than 3 enemy knights of the same rank, he would probably be killed.

    Additionally, Zhang tie had the body-changing ability and "King Roc Sutra" which enabled him to change his look freely. Otherwise, even if he made it, he might also expose his ability. Meanwhile, he would arouse an animosity between Huaiyuan Palace and demons and Three-eye Association. He might push Huaiyuan Palace into a dangerous situation and have it mired in the crazy revenge of demons and Three-eye Association.

    However, with all these conditions, Zhang Tie would feel sorry about himself if he didn't do it.

    'No matter what I will do, just let Gorath find demons and Three-eye Association some troubles. Since I was in enclosed cultivation in Huaiyuan Palace, nobody would doubt me for that!'

    After leaving Huaiyuan Prefecture once again, Zhang Tie felt free.

    At a navigation speed of 700 miles per hour, Zhang Tie had already flown across Kalay Mountain Range in the middle of Blackson Humans Corridor and arrived at the north region of Blackson Humans Corridor at dusk. Such a constant high speed would definitely make all the knights dumbfounded.

    After flying across Kalay Mountain Range, Zhang Tie continued to fly towards the north at the same speed. The closer he was to the north, the more ruined scenes would he see on the land.

    He could see burning villages and farmlands and deserted cities everywhere.

    The entire north region of Blackson Humans Corridor was chaotic. Besides demons, the small squads of thieves and bandits were as many as locusts after autumn. They could occupy mountains or cities themselves. Even though half of the north human region was not collapsed, it was actually in an anarchic state. The law of jungle prevailed.

    After flying across Kalay Mountain Range, it took Zhang Tie 6 hours to arrive at the Selnes Plain.

    Millions of dead bodies could not be eliminated in just a couple of years. Even during the night, from 10,000 m above the ground, Zhang Tie could still see the weird, colorful ptomaine miasma covering the entire Selnes Plain.

    That ptomaine miasma reminded Zhang Tie of Tirsiris the dangerous woman, 'I wonder where is that woman.'

    On the way, Zhang Tie saw a lot of demonized puppets troops moving southwards. However, he didn't stop.

    After flying over Selnes Plain, Zhang Tie arrived at Titanic Duchy. It took him less than 1 hour to fly across Titanic Duchy and arrive at the Verov Federation which was neighboring Titanic Duchy and deepened into the hinterland of demon's region.

    When he noticed those high rising grave tower demons, a city appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    It was a key city, which could be judged by its scale and the number of grave tower demons around the city.

    Except for a few places, the entire city was pitch-dark under demon's ruling in the evening. It was pretty silent. Those commoners who were forced to become slaves didn't have night lives. Curfew took effect in the evening. Those bright places in the evening were the major agencies of this city.

    After flying over 10,000 miles, Zhang Tie finally found a target city. Therefore, he became spirited at once.

    After referring to the map in his memory, the information about this city became clear at once--Glivec City, a major industrial city in the south of Verov Federation. It was the second largest city of Verov Federation after the Democracy City, the capital city.

    In Zhang Tie's memory, Verov Federation belonged to Arthur Clan.

    In the last 100 years, three presidents of the Verov Federation came from Arthur Clan. Additionally, Arthur Clan controlled the largest military-industrial complex in the territory of Verov Federation. However, such a clan chose to betray humans instantly the moment the holy war broke out. They converted three corps of federal defense army into demonized puppets and helped demons control this country in the shortest period.

    Arthur Clan's power was much more powerful than that of Senel Clan.

    Zhang Tie pretty much hated such Three-eye Association clans who hid among humans with great power and betrayed humans at the critical moment.

    It could be said that each Three-eye Association clan was founded on millions of innocent people's corpses.

    Zhang Tie descended silently. The bright places in this city became Zhang Tie's best beacons and targets.

    He flew towards a very magnificent building.

    The moment he came close to that building, Zhang Tie had already heard the melodious music from the building. There might be a party in the garden of the building.

    Zhang Tie silently landed in the shadow of some cherry-apple trees with shrewd light in eyes. His powerful spiritual energy silently covered the entire building like a breeze, enabling him to acknowledge everyone's movement in this building.

    Zhang Tie had not seen such a ridiculous party before: all men were drinking and laughing loudly in a formal dress on the lawn; however, all women, including those female servants were naked and quivering in the chilly night wind...

    After a few seconds, a shrieking man with disheveled hair in a cage like a beast was carried into the garden by some strong guards...

    "Musker...I will curse you even if I die. I curse Arthur Clan to die in one's boots...you devils..."
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