Chapter 780: A Massacre

    Chapter 780: A Massacre

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    Watching that man being carried out, all the other gentlemen stopped doing what they were doing. With a brutal smile, they just watched him roar exhaustively in the cage.

    "Ding...ding..." A man with a beautiful handlebar mustache knocked at his glass. All the others then became silent. That man then looked around with a satisfactory smile, "May I have your attention, please? I will introduce a person to you, this is Mr. Fiddes, the chief editor of "Federal Democracy Daily". Mr. Fiddes always found Arthur troubles. He used to magnify the problems of Arthur Clan. Do you remember the Black Hole Case about the military expenditure of Federation which was published by "Federal Democracy Daily" in the year 890 and the president impeachment closely after that? That time, Mr. Fiddes almost brought us a big trouble. On the year 891, when I became the major of Glivec, the Federal Democracy Daily criticized that I was elected as the major through electoral fraud. He even appealed to the Federal Parliament to set up an investigation committee so as to investigate the major election of Glivec City. How brave was Mr. Fiddes!"

    That cage was put on the ground while that man roared inside the cage, "I've not imagined that you Arthur Clan belong to Three-eye Association...You've already got everything, why do you betray the federation and have so many people die for you?"

    "Everything?" The man with a handlebar mustache burst out into laughter, "Mr. Fiddes, you're really naive. Do you think that the so-called votes in the hands of the slaves could have any decisive role? Do you really think that Arthur Clan would like to hand their own fate to those silly, vulgar, dirty and short-sighted slaves and mobs? Do you really think that the so-called democracy of the federation and those thin paper in your hand could bring you something? There's indeed a black hole in the military budget of the federation. However, it has lasted more than 100 years, instead of 7-8 years. All the military budget of the federation have flown into our Arthur Clan. My vote calculation was also fake. So what?" The man shook his head as he watched that man in the cage with a sarcastic look, "You don't know that, the life or death of human slaves like you can only be determined by us. This is the real order..."

    "I swear you to die in one's boots!" That man called Fiddes swore loudly in the cage.

    "Although Mr. Fiddes is naive, you're brave enough. Therefore, I will reward you with something. You can enjoy a free show!" The man patted his hands while two naked women with collars over their necks were pulled out by someone like pulling dogs by iron chains. Additionally, a strong male dog was pulled out. The two women looked delirious.

    "Meara, Helena..." That man in the cage became excited when he watched the two women. He started to ram the steel bars on the cage forcefully as he asked, "Fitrich, what did you do to them? You beast. What did you do to them? If you are a man, just fight me..."

    "Hahahaha..." That man called Fitrich burst out into laughter, "As you called me a beast, I will show you how your wife and daughter enjoy making love with a real beast. Honestly, your wife and your daughter don't taste bad. But I've been tired of playing with them. So I will just gift them to my dog..."

    After hearing this, the others burst out into laughter too. Many men at present became excited about what would happen next. Some of them couldn't wait to catch those naked female servants on their sides and start to harass them. Those women just quivered. None of them dared resist them. This party immediately became extremely licentious.

    "Beasts...you beasts of Three-eye Association..." That man being closed in the cage swore loudly while widening his eyes.

    When that man was swearing, a servant fed something to the dog. That male dog's eyes instantly turned red. He started to pant towards the two women. The two women's skins also turned red as they laid on the grassland and started to touch themselves with their hands. At the same time, they groaned and twisted their bodies.

    "Beasts...you beasts...you beasts of Three-eye Association will die in one's boots!" The man in cage forcefully rammed the steel bars while bleeding all over and breaking his skull. He started to burst into loud sobs...

    This might be the cruelest thing for a man.

    When the male dog started to gaze at the two lying women and became crazy, it was set free by that manservant. The male dog instantly charged towards the two women.

    All the men at present were waiting for the next show. It was not the first time to watch similar shows. They all knew what would happen next. All the men in the party became thrilled.

    Being stimulated by medicine, when the male dog arrived at less than 0.5 m away from the two women, it suddenly stopped. Closely after that, it started to sob as it moved back one step after another as if it had seen something extremely terrifying...

    "What's the matter?" The man called Fitrich threw a glare towards that servant.

    The lackey instantly turned his face, "Ahh, young master, I've just fed it medicine, I don't know why it's different than before..."

    Soon after that man finished his reply had his head exploded, spraying his white brain over Fitrich's face and glass. Fitrich became stunned. Before he shouted, "assassin", an extremely terrifying qi had covered this place and frozen the entire garden.

    Fitrich turned his face abruptly. Under the powerful qi, each one felt like carrying a mountain while the movement became difficult. He tried his best to faintly rotate his pupils as he saw a hook-nosed old man in a black robe slowly walking out of the shadow of the cherry-apple tree with chilly eyes.

    The old man raised his hand once again while a snake-shaped sharp battle qi instantly flew out of his finger and penetrated through the head of the major general, the most powerful one among the guests, spraying his colorful brain over the grassland.

    'He's a knight, a powerful knight.' Given the powerful battle skill and the terrifying snake-shaped battle qi that flew out of the old man's finger, Fitrich instantly recalled a powerful battle skill--Flexible Snake Finger. It was the most difficult one among all the finger battle skills. As long as it was mastered, it would be very powerful. According to the legends, after mastering this battle skill, as long as one pointed at something, a flexible snake would fly out of his finger as fast as a lightning bolt, which could even match steam ballista.

    Zhang Tie pointed his finger at each step. Each time, he would explode a guest's head in the garden while the plasma and brain blossomed like brilliant flowers over the grassland.

    None of these people who colluded with Three-eye Association and did such brutal things would be innocent.

    Zhang Tie made a massacre.

    The battle skill he used was actually not flexible snake finger.

    Zhang Tie had read the secret book about flexible snake finger in Huaiyuan Palace. In the trouble-reappearance situation, Zhang Tie had almost read all the secret books in the Secret Books Pavilion.

    He was just imitating the flexible snake finger based on "King Roc Sutra". Although being similar, it was enough for him to deal with these fishes.

    When Zhang Tie walked to Fitrich, all the guests who were waiting for the good show had been killed.

    There were over 70 corpses in the garden while the rich bloody smell started to cover the garden...

    Zhang Tie triggered his spirit while all the naked women passed out.

    "I'm...a member of Arthur Clan...if you kill me...Arthur Clan will revenge you...our clan has knights too..." Fitrich stammered with a pale face.

    Like having not heard that, Zhang Tie just watched Fitrich with a cruel expression. His terrifying, weird claws instantly caught Fitrich's head. In a split second, Fitrich had started to quiver all over like getting an electric shock. At the same time, he rolled his eyes...

    With his powerful spiritual energy, Zhang Tie read Fitrich's mind in a faster way. Only after a few seconds, Zhang Tie had already got what he wanted. After that, he forcefully broke this b*stard's head.

    Until he saw Zhang Tie breaking Fitrich's head did that man in cage slowly close his eyes and died.

    Watching the two women twisting their bodies with red skins on the ground, Zhang Tie knew that they had been destroyed by medicine physically and spiritually. They were just shells whose vitality had been exhausted. Even if he didn't show up, they could only survive 2 hours at most.

    Zhang Tie broke their heart vessels and ended their pains by pointing at them.

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