Chapter 781: Setting a Trap

    Chapter 781: Setting a Trap

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    It was Zhang Tie's first time to kill two common women. Although Zhang Tie's reason was that such a tragedy happened in demon's area every day in the holy war, he still felt frustrated when he saw the two women died.

    After that, a killing intent filled his heart.

    Besides those naked women who had passed out and laid on the ground, none of those at present were alive. Those naked women were sex slaves in the mansion of the major. They were commoners at the beginning. But now, their only responsibility was to be f*cked by these b*stards of Three-eye Association. They could not even survive themselves, not to mention dignity.

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes and recalled the things in Fitrich's memory. After that, he revealed a faint, terrifying sneer.

    After throwing a glance at the scene, Zhang Tie instantly released 10 tracing tentacles onto the grassland.

    Tracing tentacle was a special, hidden spiritual mark which could only be seen by Zhang Tie. In Zhang Tie's eyes, the tracing tentacles were like golden dandelion seeds. They just silently landed in the grass with the breeze.

    As long as Zhang Tie could see them, he could control the movement of these tracing tentacles and attach them to specific objects or humans. Zhang Tie had tried that and found that even if he was in the state of his incarnation, as long as his original body could release tracing tentacles, his incarnation could also pass his will and act on these tracing tentacles. Among all the rune skills that Zhang Tie mastered, this was the only one that Zhang Tie could use through his incarnation indirectly.

    After releasing the tracing tentacles, Zhang Tie started to walk around the mansion of the major. Only after a few minutes, he had plundered the entire mansion.

    All the atrocious b*stards and lackeys of Three-eye Association in the mansion according to the memory of Fitrich were cleared by Zhang Tie.

    In front of Zhang Tie's powerful spiritual energy, all those b*stards in the major's mansion could not resist. All of their heads were exploded by Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie killed 317 people in the major's mansion, 34 of which had blood ties with Arthur Clan, including Fitrich's two sons. The younger son was only 12 years old; however, that no-good son of a b*tch had killed over 30 commoners in Glivec City in the last couple of years, over 10 of which were 20-year old beauties. He was brutal, lascivious and cunning. Zhang Tie didn't show his mercy to this remnant of Three-eye Association. In the terrifying look of that son of a bitch, Zhang Tie pointed at him and sent his skull flying away, spraying his brain over his bed.

    All the remnants of Three-eye Association clans should be killed! If such a person survived, he would kill numerous commoners in the future.

    Zhang Tie made his determination.

    There was a safe in the study of Fitrich. Although Zhang Tie knew the code of the safe, in order to not expose the secret that he mastered the "soul capture skill", Zhang Tie broke the safe by force. He then moved the 4 million-odd gold checks and some senior vials of medicament into Castle of Black Iron.

    After clearing the mansion of the major, Zhang Tie burned everything in the mansion. Closely after that, he woke up all the innocent servants and naked women in the mansion and let them escape.

    With shrill shrieks and the rising flames from that building, the Glivec City became chaotic.

    Zhang Tie just stood on the tip of a bartizan in the major's mansion like an owl. His black robe and silver hair flew with the night wind with a great killing qi.

    However, none of those escaping slave servants noticed such a person on the tip of the bartizan.

    When the major's mansion burned down, a camp less than 1 mile away from it sounded the miserable clarino.

    It was the encampment of the elite city guards regiment of Glivec City, which was controlled by Fitrich himself. It was the devoted troop of Arthur Clan. As Arthur Clan treated it as a major force for stabilizing the situation and suppressing the rebels, therefore they arranged it in Glivec City.

    Zhang Tie didn't rush over there right away; instead, he just watched that main building burning like a huge torch. After about 3 minutes, Zhang Tie revealed a sneer and he rushed towards that camp.

    An elite troop could almost finish its convergence in 3 minutes.

    When Zhang Tie arrived above the camp, he saw about 6,000 soldiers in the square of the camp. Many people were running here and there. As the commissioned officers issued the orders, all of the soldiers had already converged there. The fastest squad had already rushed towards the gate of the camp.

    That was what Zhang was waiting for.

    With weird laughter, Zhang Tie descended to 100 m above the gate of the camp. He rubbed his hands and launched his first attack in an overwhelming way.

    A black boa-shaped battle qi was immediately released. As long as over 20 m, it charged towards that squad like a falcon hunting for chicks. When it reached the squad, it instantly opened its bloody mouth and revealed its grim fangs and devoured the entire vanguard of the squad.

    The commissioned officers and dozens of soldiers in front of this squad had become flesh and blood before they realized what happened.

    It was not over. After devouring dozens of people ahead of the squad, the boa kept surging forward. After sweeping over 200 people, it exploded onto the ground, causing a huge pit with a diameter of several meters with a ground-breaking loud sound like dropping an alchemist's bomb. The rocks flew out of that huge pit and swept soldiers one after another. Being affected by the fragile rocks, those soldiers were injured or killed at present.

    Over 100 soldiers being closest to the huge pit wailed and fell on the ground at once.



    "Knight's assassin!"

    When the commissioned officers and soldiers of the city guards regiment found Zhang Tie in the sky, they shrieked at once. Meanwhile, all the city guards who were rushing out to control the situation of the major's mansion became flurried.

    If a knight was a prehistorical huge crocodile in the water, they were just plankton in front of a knight. It was meaningless even though they outnumbered the knight.

    Zhang Tie charged downwards and started the bloody massacre...

    From then on, the entire city guards' camp was filled with flurried and terrifying roars and sounds of breaking bodies. No more battle calls could be heard.

    Before Zhang Tie promoted to a knight, he could slaughter those LV 9 fighters of demons corps like killing dogs outside Upton City, not to mention these newbies. His moving speed of over 100 m per second, attacking frequency of over 100 times per second, attacking range of over 100 m and his knight's consciousness which could cover the entire camp became the nightmare of this elite city guards regiment in Glivec City.

    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie glanced at the slaughterhouse where there were lying thousands of incomplete corpses and rushed to the sky before flying towards the city gates as fast as a meteor, ignoring the remaining alive fishes.

    After breaking the two city gates and clearing all the city guards near the city gates, he flew towards those high grave tower demons.

    There was a troop of over 200,000 demonized puppets outside the city gates of Glivec City. They were encamped near the grave tower demons. As those demonized puppets outside the city had sensed the chaos in the city, they started to converge and prepare for the emergency.

    However, those commissioned officers who commanded these demonized puppets had long been killed by Zhang Tie in the major's mansion. Therefore, those demonized puppets became a bit chaotic.

    Zhang Tie's targets were those grave tower demons instead of those common demonized puppets. Even if those demonized puppets noticed him, they could do nothing but shriek on the ground.

    Any powerful living beings would have their own weaknesses. The typical example was the parent worm of demonized puppets. No matter what state was this parent worm in and how many demonized puppets could this parent worm control and convert, the parent worm itself had no ability to protect himself at all.

    When Zhang Tie came to the first grave tower demon, the latter had already sensed Zhang Tie's killing intent as it started to shrink itself by creeping its body...

    Zhang Tie rubbed his hands while another black boa-shaped battle qi flew out of his hands towards that grave tower demon. It exploded the entire grave tower demon from its root, causing it to fall down like a flesh mountain...

    Numerous demonized puppets started to wail...

    The 7 grave tower demons outside the city gates of Glivec City were turned into piles of smelly, suppurating and bleeding flesh.

    After killing these grave tower demons, Zhang Tie rushed into the demonized puppets' camp and killed almost 30,000-40,000 demonized puppets. After that, he rushed towards northwest like a white meteor and disappeared in a split second...


    After over 10 minutes, a black beetle arrived at the Glivec City silently and rested on a leaf of a cherry-apple tree in the garden of the major's mansion...
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