Chapter 782: Big Trouble

    Chapter 782: Big Trouble

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    All the servants and slaves had escaped away from the major's mansion. Otherwise, they would die for sure as the funeral objects and the victims facing the fury of Arthur Clan.

    Zhang Tie was resting on a leaf of a cherry-apple tree in the garden of the major's mansion in the incarnation of a beetle. The beetle turned into the same color as the trunk of the cherry-apple tree. Even if a knight was standing under the tree and noticed such a small insect on the back of the leaf, he would never pay special attention to it. Because there were so many small insects in this garden. This garden was a mini ecological system.

    Some smart and brave servants even slid into other rooms of the major's mansion and took some belongings. After that, they set a fire and burned all the evidence.

    Before leaving, Zhang Tie just burned the main building of the major's mansion; however, when Zhang Tie came back, a small half of the buildings in the major's mansion had been burning. Thanks to the artificial lake which covered about 2,000 sqm between the garden and those buildings, the garden was not influenced by the fire accident in the major's mansion.

    The Glivec City became completely chaotic tonight. For many people, this was a good chance for them to escape away from this city.

    The elite city guards regiment that was cleared, the city towers that Zhang Tie had destroyed and the disordered demonized puppets spared a chance for those people to escape away from this city.

    In the ruling area of demons and Three-eye Association, each city was actually a huge prison. The b*stards of Three-eye Association were the managers of the prison. Demonized puppets and the army of Three-eye Association clans were jailers and hatchet men in the prison. Demons were the owner of the prison. However, most of the people became slaves and food of demons and prisoners who were waiting for death. Nobody would like to live in such a prison.

    After escaping away from Glivec City, those people could only depend on themselves. Generally, as long as they had sufficient preparations, they could choose to hide in mountainous areas in the wild being far away from the city.


    In the shadow of the flames, a man and a woman ran into the garden with simple luggage on their back who dressed like servants of the major's mansion.

    "Lily, wait for me a moment..." That man told the woman.

    "Ahh, Noah, what're you going to do? There're corpses all over here..." Watching those headless corpses in the garden, that woman was very fearsome and looked pale.

    "I remember that the keys of the blood slaves camp in the south of the city are carried by Atlie. I have to save my dad and mom out of the blood slave camp. As it's chaotic tonight, I have to seize the mere chance." That man said with a bad look. After that, he kept identifying those corpses and searched their clothes one after another, "This food should be eatable, Lily, hurry up, take away the food on the tables. In the next few days, we need to rely on this food before entering the mountain. Take some more salt..."

    After hearing the man's words, that woman hurriedly ran to the tables and started to pack those food on the tables with quivering hands.

    The man took all the purses that he found from those corpses without any hesitation. Finally, he found a bunch of keys from a corpse in a purple ceremonial robe.

    "I got them..." That man uttered a low voice. Closely after that, he stood up and ran to the side of that woman. After carrying the packed food, he hurriedly left with that woman.

    1 hour later, two batches of people arrived here. After searching over those corpses, they left too. The last batch of people even peeled off the clothes of some corpses, leaving them lying on the grassland in only underwears, which looked pretty weird.

    Zhang Tie knew that someone would come here for investigation for sure. When he withdrew out of Fitrich's memory, Zhang Tie had known that Arthur Clan had independent clan intelligence and detectives in Glivec City. Even Fitrich didn't know some of those intelligence and detectives. Their job was to report some major events in Glivec City to Arthur Clan. It was also a means that Arthur Clan adopted to control this country and its clan members.

    The news that Glivec City was attacked by a human knight must have been transmitted to Democracy City.

    Democracy City was the capital city of Verov Federation, the biggest city in the federation and the nestle of Arthur Clan. After being the actual ruler of Verov Federation, Arthur Clan kept the name unchanged, making it sound a bit ironical.

    Arthur Clan, with 4 knights, was the most powerful clan among all the Three-eye Association clans.

    Yonas Arthur was the key figure in the entire Arthur Clan. He was both a knight and the ancestor of Arthur Clan, who pushed Arthur Clan to the first clan in Verov Federation.

    110 years ago, when Yonas Arthur promoted to a knight, it shocked the entire Verov Federation. This person had always been the pride and symbol of the entire Verov Federation. Even a city in the east of the federation was named after him.

    After Yonas Arthur promoted to a knight for over 100 years, 3 of his offsprings became the presidents of the federation, 4 became the chief justices of the federation and 2 became the speaker of the federal parliament. Right in 100 years, Arthur Clan absolutely consolidated its position in Verov Federation.

    Besides Yonas Arthur, Arthur Clan had 3 more employed knights, one of whom went on an expedition with the demonized puppets corps of Arthur Clan and "disappeared" after fighting human knights outside Mocco City. After that, Arthur Clan dispatched another employed knight called Dimma to join the clan's demonized puppets corps.

    Zhang Tie learned it according to Fitrich's memory. That "missing" knight of Arthur Clan was killed by Zhang Tie when he was almost dead. Zhang Tie also met that knight called Dimma in Mocco City. The moment he killed Scala, that knight had appeared. Thankfully, he played a trick to escape successfully.

    To be honest, Zhang Tie had a "bosom relationship" with Arthur Clan.

    The fourth knight of Arthur Clan was a mysterious figure called Sigri. Even Fitrich didn't know much about Sigri. Even though Fitrich had met Sigri three times, each time they met in major occasions of Arthur Clan when Sigri just stood silently on the side of Yonas in a black robe and grim look.

    Zhang Tie wondered how many clan knights of Arthur Clan would arrive here.

    In the demons' area, given such events which had caused a major loss to their own cities, the demons and Three-eye Association's emergency response was consistent with that adopted by humans in similar situations--As long as they found such a person, demons and Three-eye Association would mobilize all of their advantageous forces within the whole territory and besiege that human knight so as to kill him. They would dispatch at least 3 knights as powerful as that human knight.

    Zhang Tie waited there silently.

    After the last batch of people left with the corpses' clothes, a powerful qi darted towards here from the north in the sky.

    After circling around the air territory of Glivec City, he landed in the garden of the major's mansion. Right in those corpses, he looked at those corpses with chilly eyes. He even squatted down to check the death cause of those corpses.

    This knight was about 100 m away from the beetle.

    At the sight of this knight, Zhang Tie narrowed his pupils slightly, 'This man was the very employed knight called Sigri in Arthur Clan.' Zhang Tie sensed a profound, weird qi from this employed knight.

    The way Sigri checked those corpses was extremely disgusting. Besides observing them with eyes, this knight even dipped the brains by fingers and tasted them.

    After checking those corpses, Sigri in a chilly and solemn robe stood up and closed his eyes silently.

    Zhang Tie felt that Sigri's knight's consciousness was sweeping over the major's mansion.

    At this moment, no more living beings could be found except for some insects in the major's mansion. Even the dog had run away, not to mention humans.

    Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy and had one tracing tentacle attach to Sigri's robe as light as a feather.

    Due to the powerful sense of black iron knight, Zhang Tie could not attach the tracing tentacle to the body of a black iron knight; however, he could have it attached to the black iron knight's belongings or clothes. This was the strength of the god's rune.

    Less than 10 minutes after Sigri landed here, another knight's qi darted towards this city from the south. After sensing the knight's qi in the major's mansion, that knight directly flew towards the major's mansion.

    The second knight was another employed knight of Arthur Clan called Dimma, whom Zhang Tie was familiar with.

    In the next half an hour, 2 demon knights and 2 more Three-eye Association knights arrived in the major's mansion...

    When these knights landed, those tracing tentacles had been attached to these knights' soles, clothes or weapons.

    Watching the 6 knights, Zhang Tie silently swallowed his saliva as he realized that he had made big trouble...
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