Chapter 783: Killing Unther

    Chapter 783: Killing Unther

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    The 6 knights rushed towards here from 6 directions. If Zhang Tie just left Glivec City in a certain direction blatantly, he might have collided with some of these knights.

    "According to the intelligence of Arthur Clan, a human knight in a black robe and silver hair raided Glivec City!" Dimma explained to the other 5 knights.

    "Is he from the southern human countries?" The knight who came here in the end asked.

    "I'm not sure about that. We have to carry out investigation! Based on his look, he didn't fit those knights in the southern human countries!"

    "I don't care who he is, I will just chop off his head!" The demon knight uttered a muffled voice with full killing qi.

    "The ground troops of 17 northern countries have already moved. They were paying attention to any suspected person at any time. Numerous eyes were gazing at the sky now. All the other No. 1 knights have become vigilant. Even some neighboring countries including Verov Federation had dispatched over 1,000 ground scouting units to carry out an encirclement around the Glivec City. That man could never leave out of here!"

    "Alright, let's move. Two in a unit. The two knights in one unit should not exceed 100 miles. As we've not met that guy on the way here, it indicates that he's still not far from here. When any one of us finds the target, stop him right away, all the others will arrive there soon! Arthur Clan will be left to protect Glivec City!"

    After over 10 seconds of communication, the 6 knights looked at each other before nodding. After that, they immediately rushed to the sky and rushed in directions as fast as meteors.

    Watching the 6 knights leaving the major's mansion, Zhang Tie showed his head out of that leaf of the cherry-apple tree. Watching the 6 knights leaving, Zhang Tie thought for a second before following after one of the six knights.

    Among all the 6 knights, that knight's qi was weaker.

    Through reading Fitrich's memory, Zhang Tie knew the information about that knight. He was called Unther, an employed knight of Avice Clan, another Three-eye Association. He had just promoted to a knight less than 3 decades ago.

    Zhang Tie was also familiar with Avice Clan. After the demonized puppets corps broke the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie once killed a batch of young elites of Avice Clan in the rear of Avice Clan's corps.

    Avice's territory was Highcloud Empire, a country in the 17 collapsed human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. This clan had 2 knights, a clan elder had gone on an expedition with the army, the rest one Unther was left in the rear.

    According to Fitrich's memory, Zhang Tie gradually figured out the situation facing the entire enemy-occupied area. He knew the major clans of Three-eye Association very well. This information was indeed precious.

    As an old Hua saying went, "People always eat soft persimmons first." Of course, Zhang Tie would choose the weakest one to kill.

    After raiding a city, if he could kill another knight of Three-eye Association, he would deter all the Three-eye Association clans and demons across Blackson Humans Corridor.


    Zhang Tie had not imagined that demons and Three-eye Association would make such great efforts to chase him in the past 10 days, during which period the entire north region of Blackson Humans Corridor took actions to search for him.

    After chasing Unther for 3 days, Zhang Tie in the incarnation of the small black beetle became pretty tired.

    After sensing the decisive attitude of demons and Three-eye Association, Zhang Tie directly changed his strategy. He took the initiative instead of following after Unther. After incarnating into the thunder hawk, Zhang Tie landed on the top of a mountain over 100 miles away from the capital city of Highcloud Empire which neighbored Verov Federation and waited for his target.

    'As long as demons and Three-eye Association think that I have left the north region of Blackson Humans Corridor, and ended their search for me, the group of 6 knights would disband and return to their own homes.

    Those scouting units might continue to carry out their scouting tasks; however, they would not waste advanced resources like knights in this way only for an unidentified knight.

    After Zhang Tie raided Glivec City, the atmosphere in the capital city of Highcloud Empire became intense for a few days, during which period, Highcloud Empire also organized hundreds of scouting units to search for the target like headless chickens. However, after achieving nothing for a few days, the intense atmosphere gradually relieved.

    Zhang Tie was on a thousand meters high steep peak, which was covered by clouds. Almost nobody else could be found here, not to mention any scouting unit. Even if any scouting unit arrived here, they would not search carefully, either.

    A hidden knight was more difficult to be found than a knight flying in the sky.

    Zhang Tie found a cave to cultivate on the mountain peak casually as he waited for that knight of Avice Clan.


    After 7 days, Zhang Tie, with crossed legs in the cave, opened his eyes and ended the illusion of 5 abacuses in his mind. In his mind sea, he had already sensed two tracing tentacles moving close to 500 miles away from this place.

    The two tracing tentacles came from Unther.

    There was no other knight within 500 miles from Unther.

    Zhang Tie knew that the knights' scouting units must have disbanded. Given the direction, Unther was flying towards here from the capital city of Highcloud Empire at a speed of about 300 miles per hour. For common knights, with this speed, they could maintain their own physical strength to the utmost.

    Zhang Tie got up and warmed up his limbs, causing cracks all over. After that, he walked out of the mountain cave and watched the shrouding clouds. Meanwhile, he issued an order to the thunder hawk who was playing and scouting outside these days and waited for it to come back silently.

    It was daytime. However, It had been snowing in the entire north for 2 days, causing a sharp decline in the temperature. Therefore, the mountain range was already covered with snow.

    After 7-8 minutes, with the sound of flapping wings, the thunder hawk came back and landed on Zhang Tie's side. It kept whooping and rubbing its furry head to Zhang Tie's shank.

    The thunder hawk didn't come back alone; instead, it carried a female partner. Watching the other thunder hawk which looked faintly slim and had just molted its fur, Zhang Tie smiled, 'Are you kidding me? You brought back a beauty?'

    After sensing some qi on Zhang Tie, that female thunder hawk rubbed her furry head with Zhang Tie's other shank in an intimate way too.

    "Alright, build your nestle in Castle of Black Iron!" Zhang Tie smiled as he moved the two thunder hawks into Castle of Black Iron.

    After doing that, Zhang Tie flew in the air and rushed towards the two tracing tentacles.

    In Zhang Tie's consciousness, the two tracing tentacles were like a high-precision radar before the Catastrophe. They could tell him the speed, height and coordinates of that arriver.

    After hiding his qi, Zhang Tie kept flying ahead casually. Only after half an hour, he had already caught sight of Unther.

    Zhang Tie was at 7,000 m in height while Unther was at 6,000 m. As Zhang Tie was behind a thin cloud, he was not noticed by Unther when he caught sight of Unther.

    'As I've imagined, he's alone.' Zhang Tie's eyes turned cold at once.

    Zhang Tie knew that this guy had a knight's remote-sensing device. 'If this guy found me, he would send the rescue signal right away. So what? The latest opponent knight is over 900 miles from here. It will take him at least 1 hour to arrive. However, it's enough for me to kill two knights like him in such period.'

    Zhang Tie stood still in the air and watched that Unther arriving at his feet.

    After that, Zhang Tie accelerated his speed to the utmost and rushed towards Unther with a terrifying qi like a meteor.


    The moment Zhang Tie released his battle qi, Unther immediately felt his feet being pinched by a hot red needle. He looked up as he shouted, "Who's that?"

    The answer was a boa-shaped battle qi which was widening its bloody mouth and exposing its fangs...

    As a knight, Unther was not slow-witted. He moved back and launched punches as fast as a lightning bolt with surging battle qi. In a split second, he had collapsed that boa-shaped battle qi...

    When the boa faded away, Zhang Tie, in a black robe and swaying silver hair, had already charged towards him like a monster being incarnated by a vulture with sharp killing qi.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't expect that one off-body battle qi could have any effect. This strike was just saving some time for him to warm up.

    "You did that!" Unther narrowed his pupils as he moved back as fast as a meteor.

    With weird sound, "jye jye", Zhang Tie charged forward and launched his second round of attack...

    Unther moved at a high speed in the sky; however, it was not fast compared to that of Zhang Tie.

    With Unther's roars, the close combat between knights broke out. Being constantly attacked by Zhang Tie, Unther was like a buffalo falling into the mire, who could not leave for free. Even his procrastination tactic could be seen through by Zhang Tie.

    The two knights started the fiercest combat. The moment their combat broke out, two battle qis had rushed into the air and collided with each other fiercely...

    Unther's battle qi was as azure as the sky; however, Zhang Tie's battle qi was magnificent, bright and sacred. If some experts were watching them, they could identify that Zhang Tie's battle qi was the secret skill of Sacred Light Empire.

    After killing 2 knights through the close combat, Zhang Tie's close-range attacking strength and comprehensive battle force had improved and became extremely powerful.

    Only after 10 more minutes, with a miserable shriek of Unther, Zhang Tie penetrated through Unther's chest by his sharp claws before stretching out Unther's entire spine, destroying his body in a split second. Unther's corpse fell off. However, Zhang Tie caught it in the air.

    Zhang Tie plundered all the valuable items from Unther's body. After that, he threw off the corpse and rushed towards the capital city of Highcloud Empire as fast as a meteor.

    After 20 minutes, Zhang Tie cleared over 10 grave tower demons in the periphery of the capital city of Highcloud Empire and destroyed two major castles of Avice Clan outside the city and the greater part of the imperial palace of Highcloud Empire. After collecting all the valuable items, he faded away like a meteor once again.

    After Zhang Tie disappeared for half an hour, the meteors arrived at the capital city of Highcloud Empire one after another once again.

    This time, the entire demon area in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor became shocked...
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