Chapter 784: Fruits and Butterfly

    Chapter 784: Fruits and Butterfly

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    When a large batch of knights of demons and Three-eye Association arrived at the capital city of Highcloud Empire, Zhang Tie had long entered Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie just left the capital city of Highcloud Empire at his navigation speed. In order to confuse his enemy, Zhang Tie even turned into a brilliant meteor, which looked like leaving at its full speed.

    As the old Hua saying went, 'Deceit is not to be despised in war.'

    After leaving the capital city of Highcloud Empire, Zhang Tie found a remote valley and landed in a cave of two wild bears. The moment he entered the cave had Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron.

    After attacking Glivec City for 10 days, he raided the capital city of Highcloud Empire and killed a knight of Three-eye Association, Zhang Tie knew that demons and Three-eye Association would be driven mad by him this time.

    'Although I could imagine how demons and Three-eye Association would respond to it. It's nothing to do with me. I will just cultivate in Castle of Black Iron for a few days. I don't care how furious they are; as long as I'm in Castle of Black Iron, it's nothing to do with me. Demon General? So what? Can he bite this father's butt?' Zhang Tie thought.


    As it was daytime outside, it was daytime in Castle of Black Iron too. The moment Zhang Tie appeared in the palace of the palace tree had he caught sight of Heller.

    "Congratulations, Castle Lord, you've got new achievements!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "It was risky this time; thankfully, I'm safe. I know what you want to say. I will watch out. I will cultivate in Castle of Black Iron for a while, leaving demons and Three-eye Association fly into rage. I want to see how long could demons and Three-eye Association be intense this time!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Heller revealed a smile, "It's nice to hear Castle Lord think in this way. When you killed that knight of Three-eye Association, you had actually disrupted the fighting rhythm of demons and Three-eye Association in the holy war. Castle Lord, you have actually made a great military exploit for the human countries across Blackson Humans Corridor. Sometimes, the so-called war doesn't require the real fight. If you could restrict the moving party by staying still, it would be the best!"

    "Fine, thanks for your warning. I understand. 'Restrict the moving party by staying still', I like that expression!" Zhang Tie replied as he walked towards that small tree.

    "In former two holy wars, demons and humans had already concluded and developed a set of methods to deal with the raid from an opponent knight. Now that demons could wrestle with humans for such a long time, they would definitely have their means to deal with you. Please pay attention to this point, Castle Lord. Don't be careless only because of two times of success. If a powerful knight could destroy the rear cities and bases of the opponent casually, demons or humans could determine the result of a war only by dispatching an earth knight to the opponent's territory. Actually, given the former two holy wars, neither party would suffer from a destructive strike caused by an advanced opponent knight. The decapitation action and the island hopping action are not impossible. Castle Lord, you should consider about the reason!" Heller reminded Zhang Tie with a profound look.

    Zhang Tie stopped his footsteps.

    Zhang Tie faintly frowned and turned around to look at Heller, "You mean demons have methods to deal with me?"

    "Castle Lord, I mean that you were definitely not the first advanced knight who went to find trouble in the rear of the opponent. In holy wars, any advanced knight might be killed. As demon is a powerful race, Castle Lord, you better not take it lightly!"

    Zhang Tie knew about Heller's style. Heller might know something in many cases; however, he would not put it straight. Instead, Heller just implied him in other methods.

    Heller's words made Zhang Tie's heart pound. As a result, Zhang Tie recovered his composure as he nodded seriously, "I've remembered your words. Thanks, I will watch out!"

    Heller then bowed elegantly towards Zhang Tie, "That's what everybody who cares about you would like to hear!"


    Zhang Tie came to the small tree and reviewed his achievements.

    The fruit of brilliance which was as brilliant as a rainbow--

    The fruit of judgment which contained super rapid moving skill--

    The fruit of judgment which contained super hiding skill--

    The fruit of source of the parent worm of demonized puppets--

    Two ripe leakless fruits--

    A fruit of redemption of golden uangs which could increase his strength by 71.5 kg once again--

    'No fruit of bloodline?'

    Zhang Tie became a bit disappointed after circling around the small tree and found no fruit of bloodline. The presumption that he didn't want to see most came true, 'The forming conditions of a powerful fruit of bloodline is indeed much more difficult to gain than that I've imagined.'

    Zhang Tie carefully recalled all the details about that knight of Three-eye Association whom he killed for the first time and the hint of the first fruit of bloodline. Finally, he fixed two conditions: the first condition was that he should kill knights who betrayed humans; the second condition was that he should kill knights who were more advanced than Zhang Tie given the words in the hint "brave", "curving fear", "creating marvels", "turning impossibilities into possibilities".

    'As I'm a black iron knight, it means that I have to kill the earth knight of Three-eye Association so as to gain the powerful fruit of bloodline.'

    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile, 'Earth knight? I cannot even defeat the demon general, it's impossible for me to kill an earth knight in a short time. It seems that I have to improve my battle force gradually. When my battle force surpasses that of demon general, I will search for earth knights of Three-eye Association.'

    Speaking of the "improve", the contents in the hints of the two fruits of judgment made Zhang Tie spirited up, not to mention the fruit of brilliance which contained powerful spiritual energy.

    With the super rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie gained an effect that he dreamt of--an increase of 5% in flying speed.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had made a great achievement because of the improvement in flying speed, not to mention other achievements.

    With the super hiding skill, Zhang Tie could hide his qi at a higher level.

    Watching these fruits, Zhang Tie became reassured. He then started to cultivate carefully in Castle of Black Iron...


    After 2 days, a colorful butterfly which was 4-5 times larger than that of common butterflies flapped its wings and loomed in the windy and snowy valley where Zhang Tie disappeared like not being affected by the heavy wind and snow...

    Behind that butterfly was the demon general's extremely gloomy face in the void...
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