Chapter 785: Digging the Ground

    Chapter 785: Digging the Ground

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    As Castle of Black Iron was not a complete world, there was no elements realm in Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, Zhang Tie could not form chakra in the Castle of Black Iron by entering elements realm. Thankfully, Zhang Tie got 4 earth element crystals from Unther, which barely enabled Zhang Tie to stay three days in Castle of Black Iron. Three days later, Zhang Tie continued to imagine 5 abacuses in his mind at the same time.

    After eating the new fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy surged once again. The increase of his spiritual energy enabled him to form a hand of spiritual energy in the elements realm to capture earth element. However, as Zhang Tie had not been able to do calculations on 5 abacuses at the same time adroitly, even though he could form the 5th hand of spiritual energy, he could not use all the 5 hands of spiritual energy to capture element crystals at the same time in the elements realm. Therefore, Zhang Tie wanted to master the skill of doing calculations on 5 abacuses at the same time during the period in Castle of Black Iron.

    The most difficult part of mental arithmetic by abacus was to imagine 2 abacuses at the same time. As long as he passed that stage, with correct method and sufficient spiritual energy, he would make progress gradually. What he needed was constant training.

    Besides practicing distraction, "mental arithmetic by abacus" could also enhance the spiritual energy of the cultivator. Therefore, this secret skill was worthwhile and would bring rich rewards to the cultivator. Even though Zhang Tie could not form his earth chakra, he was not worried about wasting time by practicing 'mental arithmetic by abacus". As long as he mastered the "mental arithmetic by abacus", he could accelerate the speed of capturing elements in the elements realm. As the old Hua saying went "When you want to chop woods, you'd better polish your knife". As it required a black iron knight at least 300 years to form the second chakra, Zhang Tie took the cultivation of 'mental arithmetic by abacus' as the second most effective means for him to form his earth chakra.

    Through this journey, Zhang Tie advanced his senior rapid moving skill to super rapid moving skill; additionally, he further improved his 'mental arithmetic by abacus'. Therefore, even if he left the demon's area right now, Zhang would still feel to have a worthwhile trip.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't want to leave out of here for the time being. He felt that he could kill 1 or 2 more knights of Three-eye Association by chance. However, Heller's words were reverberating in his mind. Zhang Tie became vigilant to demon's means. Zhang Tie had made the determination, 'As long as I find anything wrong, I will escape right away.'

    After staying in Castle of Black Iron for 36 days and eating 5 leakless fruits, Zhang Tie could finally do calculations on 5 abacuses adroitly at the same time. Therefore, Zhang Tie decided to leave Castle of Black Iron.

    It was already February 17th, the 896th year of Black Iron Calendar, half an hour after Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Palace.

    'When I raided Glivec City for the first time, demons and Three-eye Association's order was disrupted for 10 days. This time, over 1 month has passed since I killed a knight of Three-eye Association and raided the capital city of Highcloud Empire. It's time to have some fun with Three-eye Association and demons.'

    Zhang Tie chose to leave Castle of Black Iron at night.

    Before leaving, Zhang Tie had been used to check the situation outside through the marvelous arch door in his mind sea...

    Standing in the palace of the palace tree, Zhang Tie closed his eyes when the scene across the valley appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    The entire wild bear's cave had already become a huge, deep pit. The two wild bears' flesh and furs had scattered over the cave. At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie became stunned at once. It was completely out of his imagination.

    'What happened?'

    Zhang Tie continued to broaden his vision. After over 1 month, the valley where he hid in had changed its look completely--the two hills on both sides of the valley had almost been bulldozed. Those rocks in the valley had been shattered and moved away. The entire valley had been dug, exposing high-density huge pits on the ground like having been hit by meteors.

    Of course, the huge pits were not caused by meteors. Zhang Tie knew they were caused by powerful battle qi of knights.

    Facing such a fierce strike, no ant would survive in the valley, not to mention the two wild bears.

    There were still many huge braisers in the valley. Tens of thousands of humans slaves were digging something forcefully facing the heavy wind and snow. They were leveling the two hills on both sides of the valley. In the periphery of these human laborers were the camp of over 70,000 demonized puppets. It felt that they were looking for something.

    'In the barren wilderness, what are demons and Three-eye Association looking for? Needless to say, they are looking for me!'

    Although there were other possibilities, Zhang Tie realized that knights of demons or Three-eye Association must have discovered that he was hiding in this valley.

    Zhang Tie's heart pounded when he became vigilant. Zhang Tie had not imagined that demons could have such means to find him here. If he didn't have Castle of Black Iron and just hid here, he must have become a corpse.

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes in the palace of the palace tree with a shrew light in eyes. After that, he ran his spiritual energy and woke up that small, black beetle who was having a sound sleep in the cave on the cliff next to the Abyss of Chaos. The beetle moved its tentacles and climbed out of its cave right away. Closely after that, it flew towards the palace tree rapidly.

    Only after over 10 seconds, the small, black beetle had flown by the gate of the palace tree and appeared in Zhang Tie's vision. Zhang Tie stretched his arms while the beetle landed on his palm.

    Zhang Tie came to the platform under the small tree and sat down there with crossed legs. After applying a super hiding skill on the little thing, he incarnated into that little, black beetle.

    After flying around his original body, which was sitting there with closed eyes, it left Castle of Black Iron and appeared in the deep pit where was once the cave of the two wild bears.

    Zhang Tie flew at a low height. In the pitch-dark night, he was only about 3 cm away from the ground. After flying out of the deep pit, Zhang Tie saw two human slaves passing by that deep pit with a wheelbarrow which was filled with soil and rocks. He then hid still at the bottom of the wheelbarrow while concealing his qi.

    Although Zhang Tie remained still, his consciousness was still active. He sensed two tracing tentacles right on the side of this valley, which was very close to him.

    The tracing tentacles were attached to the weapons of two knights of Three-eye Association over 1 month ago in the major's mansion of Glivec City. They were still there now. The tracing tentacles released by senior tracing skill could be effective for 100 days independently and sensed in 1,000 miles. As knights didn't frequently change their weapons, they probably were the very two knights of Three-eye Association.

    After that, Zhang Tie was sure that his trace had been exposed.

    Zhang Tie then became more careful. He didn't fly around; instead, he just stayed at the bottom of that wheelbarrow and observed the surroundings.

    As Zhang Tie didn't know how did the demons and Three-eye Association trace him, he had to respond to them carefully.

    The two human slaves looked so miserable--four scrawny shanks, four heavily worn shoes which exposed the greater part of their feet. They pushed the wheelbarrow hardly while stepping into the muddy valley one step after another.

    It was the coldest weather in the north; additionally, it was in the evening when it was below zero degrees in the wild. The partly melting snow was icy, causing chilblains and wounds of different sizes on the four feet. One of the slaves' feet had been swollen and turned into black green.

    At the sight of that, Zhang Tie knew that the pair of feet would almost be paralyzed. Even if this person was moved in good conditions, he had to have his shanks amputated to survive himself.

    It was out of many people's imaginations to see such a pair of feet walking on the ground in such a worse situation.

    Zhang Tie could hear them faintly panting.

    "Harvey...I...I cannot stick to it..." Given the source of the voice, it was from that guy whose feet had turned black green, "Wi...wish you live well...if possible...leave out of here...to the south..."

    "Schuck, don't say that...we...we will survive...stick to a few more days...stick to a few more days..." Another one cried.

    "No...my two legs...have become numb, not to mention my feet...I feel that my legs have turned into logs...additionally...I've just seen Beneya...she's pulling Tess's hand...Tess is cradling her furry toy, a small Barbie bear...they are waiting for me in front and waving their hands to me..." The voice became weaker and weaker...

    "Tomorrow...tomorrow it will be sunny...your feet will be..."

    Before that one called Harvey finished his words, the two feet on his side had staggered while Schuck fell down...

    "No..." As Harvey shouted, some demonized puppets had charged at Schuck and torn open his chest and body. At the sight of this, ten more demonized puppets rushed towards here...

    Followed by terrifying chewing sounds...

    With a sound "Pah..." the slave called Harvey was whipped while a man in leather boots walked towards him and scolded, "What are you looking for, keep working if you don't want to die. You might be that one tomorrow...you, the yellow-haired one, yes, you, come here, push the wheelbarrow together with him..." The man in leather boots pointed at a slave a few meters away. After receiving the order, that slave hurriedly paced up towards here.

    With faint sobs, the wheelbarrow moved again...

    Resting at the bottom of the wheelbarrow, Zhang Tie just watched that human slave to fall in front of him and became the food of demonized puppets...

    That human slave just watched the bottom of the wheelbarrow until he was dead...

    Zhang Tie felt that that man was looking at him silently. Zhang Tie's heart then became colder than snow.


    After over 20 minutes, the soil and rocks on the wheelbarrow were finally dumped into a deserted place away from the valley after passing 3 checks...

    It was snowing in great flakes once again...

    Zhang Tie left the wheelbarrow and flew towards a tent in the far in the dancing snowflakes.
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