Chapter 786: Soul-chasing Butterfly

    Chapter 786: Soul-chasing Butterfly

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    The tracing tentacles were right in the tent, which meant the two knights of Three-eye Association must be in the tent.

    If Zhang Tie's hiding skill had not advanced to the super level, Zhang Tie would never dare to move closer to the two knights in the incarnation of a little, black beetle given the sharp perception of knight's consciousness.

    Flying in the snowflakes, the beetle's qi became as light and white as snowflakes. He gradually moved closer to the tent.

    There was a camp of over 10,000 soldiers outside the tent. A burning braiser was set outside the tent. When Zhang Tie got close to the tent, he saw two soldiers walking towards the tent with two food containers.

    The two containers obscured the direction of the two people in front of them. Zhang Tie took advantage of this and rested on the bottom of a container and followed the two soldiers in the tent.

    At the sight of two soldiers with food containers in hand, one bodyguard outside the tent stopped them.

    "Stop, what are you doing here?"

    "Two lords want to take some night snacks. There are two cooked snowcocks. We're told to send them here!" One of them answered.

    The moment the bodyguard opened the food containers had the aroma of cooked chicken drifted out. Zhang Tie could almost hear the bodyguard silently swallowing his saliva.

    "Alright!" The bodyguard opened the curtain of the tent and let the two soldiers in.

    They then entered the tent.

    When the second soldier entered the tent, Zhang Tie who rested on the bottom of his container lightly "flew" onto the bottom of an armrack like a snowflake. In the first soldier's shadow, he was not noticed by anybody.

    Compared to that of outside, it was brightly-lit inside the tent. Besides, there was an aroma of liquor and meat.

    After staying in the tent for over 10 seconds, the two soldiers hurriedly left.


    "Hmm, I've not imagined that the snowcocks here taste so good!"

    A sound drifted from 20 m away from Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie exposed his little head from the bottom of the armrack and looked around the tent.

    Two knights were drinking and eating at a table opposite to Zhang Tie.

    They were the very two knights of Three-eye Association that Zhang Tie had met in Glivec City before. One of them used a sword, the other used a saber. Their weapons were put beside the table, where they could reach easily.

    "How many more days will we stay here?" A knight tore apart a snowcock's leg and gnawed it while saying, "We've already stayed here for over 1 month. Sethi, do you think that the demon general has made a mistake?"

    "Cologne, demon general could make a mistake; however the soul-chasing butterfly of demon general won't make any mistake. That black-robe knight must have been here after killing Unther!" The other one replied.

    "If so, why we've not found him for so many days?"

    "There are three possibilities. First, that guy is still here, but with the protection of a secret method; therefore, we couldn't find him yet. This is why we're here. Second, that guy has been killed by someone in a split second here and left no remains at all. Therefore, the soul-chasing butterfly failed to find him. However, this possibility is very low. Third, that guy might have cultivated a weird spiritual, secret method. He used a small piece of his soul to attract the soul-chasing butterfly to this place; however, he has already escaped in another direction!"

    Cologne shook his head, "During the past one month, our Three-eye Association's intelligence system have already excluded all the knights across Blackson Humans Corridor. Obviously, that guy doesn't belong to any human country in Blackson Humans Corridor. I really wonder where does that black-robe guy come from?"

    "Only in such a chaotic world could such knights who wander across all the Sub-continents like wild wolves and vultures only for cultivating resources be nerve-wracking. Afraid of being wanted by the Mountain of Brightness, these knights dare not find trouble in humans' territory. Therefore, they could only find trouble in our territory. In each holy war, such guys were very tricky. Being influenced by this guy, demon general has to suspend the plan of the south. He has to spend his efforts to kill this guy. Demon general doubts that this guy is still within our territory, therefore, he is using his soul-chasing butterfly to find the trace of that guy. As long as that guy is less than 300 miles away from the soul-chasing butterfly, his location could definitely be locked by the soul-chasing butterfly once again. Even if he masters some soul-based secret skill and dropped a bit of soul as the bait every time, he could only stand a few times."

    "Pitifully, that soul-chasing butterfly could only last for 60 days since it was hatched!"

    "Therefore, the Class-II warning in the territory might last another one month. Unless we can catch that guy in this period, the red warning won't be canceled off!"

    "Due to that guy, many plans have been disrupted..."

    "That guy is really powerful. He has definitely lit over 100 scales. He killed Unther in less than half an hour!"

    "Therefore, this Class II warning was very necessary. Any knight, when meeting that guy, might lose his life!"


    Through their talk, Zhang Tie learned many key information right away.

    Zhang Tie finally understood how his location was locked by demons and Three-eye Association. 'The soul-chasing butterfly must be an odd living being. It seems to be able to sense and perceive certain people's qi within 300 miles. That's powerful!' Zhang Tie was a bit scared when he realized that the demon general chased after him using a soul-chasing butterfly. 'Although it's very cool to go deep into the enemy's rear which may bring a great achievement, it's also very risky.'

    'Besides soul-chasing butterfly, demons and Three-eye Association have another method to deal with me. They triggered the Class II warning across their territory. After that, all the knights of demons and Three-eye Association across their territory started to combine with each other, 2 in a unit in case of risks in independent action. Therefore, I also lost my chance to attack them one after another.'


    After being full, the two knights in the tent decided to take a round in the valley.

    After they left the tent, the little beetle instantly slid out of the tent and entered Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie in the palace of the palace tree opened his eyes right away.

    'Soul-chasing butterfly?'

    'This soul-chasing butterfly really poses a great threat to me.' Zhang Tie didn't know whether this thing could sense the existence of his incarnation. He wanted to learn about this living being first.

    Zhang Tie took out his knight's plate and entered the Mountain of Brightness at once.

    Whenever Zhang Tie used his remote-sensing crystal and knight's plate in Castle of Black Iron, the marvelous arch door in Zhang Tie's mind sea would send a special energy to cover Zhang Tie's communication tools. Only in this case could the remote-sensing crystal and knight's plate be used to contact the outside world. In Heller's words, only Zhang Tie could contact the outside world in Castle of Black Iron.

    Mountain of Brightness was inclusive, which could not be touched by commoners. Zhang Tie believed that he could find an introduction about soul-chasing butterfly in the Mountain of Brightness.

    --Chakra's tiger, welcome to Mountain of Brightness.

    A line appeared in Zhang Tie's mind sea.

    After entering the Mountain of Brightness, Zhang Tie felt like entering a web forum that humans established by scientific means before the Catastrophe. The Mountain of Brightness even contained retrieval service.

    After inputting soul-chasing butterfly in the retrieval box by his spiritual energy, Zhang Tie clicked "enter" by his spiritual energy.

    A dialogue box then appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    --This retrieval service fee is 1,000 gold coins. You've got 100,000 gold coins left in your account, will you continue?


    '1,000 gold coins? It would cost my dad's 90 years of salary in Blackhot City. That's too expensive.'

    'However, that's the value of information, especially when this information is involved with my life, it's not expensive.'

    After swearing inside, Zhang Tie clicked "Yes" without any hesitation.

    After a few seconds, many titles about purchasing or eggs of soul-chasing butterflies appeared. Each egg of soul-chasing butterfly was worth about 1 million to 1.5 million gold coins.

    Some posts were about organizing teams so as to hunt for soul-chasing butterflies in the abyss of the earth-element realm sent by some knights.

    A few messages were paid to read at a high price which ranged from tens of thousands of gold coins to hundreds of thousands of gold coins. They were about how to extend the service life of soul-chasing butterflies by 3-5 days using medicine.

    When Zhang Tie noticed a title "Soul-chasing butterfly and the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect in Taixia Country", he quivered all over...

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