Chapter 787: Being Firm

    Chapter 787: Being Firm

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    The article "Soul-chasing butterfly and the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect in Taixia Country" was free to read. The author of the article was anonymous. It took Zhang Tie over 10 minutes to read that article three times carefully. After that, he started to consider about it.

    Soul-chasing butterfly was an exotic species in the abyss of the underground world. It had very special property--after a knight gained its egg, the knight would have a telepathy with the soul-chasing butterfly after it hatched as long as he fed it with a bit of his own blood. With the help of the soul-chasing butterfly, the knight would be able to find or lock anyone.

    A person would leave his odor in a certain territory or space. Gundogs and military dogs might easily identify a person's odor and find the owner through his odors. In addition to such an odor, there was another invisible odor, which came from one's inner properties. It was released from one's spiritual energy or soul. Soul-chasing butterfly's strength was that it could sniff such an invisible "odor" like gundogs and find its owner through this special "odor".

    Through many studies, as long as one had stayed in one place, his "soul's odor" would remain there for 72 hours after he left there. After putting one soul-chasing butterfly in that place where the man had stayed, the soul-chasing butterfly would be able to precisely identify that one's "soul's odor". After that, it would be able to sense that one's location within 300 miles.

    Zhang Tie remembered two key data about soul-chasing butterfly--3 days and 300 miles.

    Of course, the two data would variate slightly due to physical differences between different soul-chasing butterflies. For instance, some soul-chasing butterfly would be able to sense their targets within 310 miles while some could only sense their targets within 290 miles; some soul-chasing butterflies could still precisely identify the person's "soul's odor" after the person left the place for 74 hours; some could not precisely identify the person's "soul's odor" after the person left the place for 65 hours.

    According to the presumption of Northmountain Cloud in the article "Soul-chasing butterfly and the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect in Taixia Country", there were two reasons about the relevance between soul-chasing butterfly and the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect in Taixia Country": First, it was said that an elder of the Great Wilderness Sect deepened into the underground abyss and controlled a mutated soul-chasing butterfly by soul-based animal controlling skill. Compared to common soul-chasing butterflies, the mutated soul-chasing butterfly not only had a longer service life but also had a terrifying ability in chasing souls, which was 20 times better than common ones. After getting that special soul-chasing butterfly, that elder of the Great Wilderness Sect cooperated with some people and did some major events by that mutated soul-chasing butterfly. He became famous at once. However, due to the "major events", he enraged some powerful forces in Taixia Country. Finally, those forces joined hands with each other and exterminated the Great Wilderness Sect.

    Second, although soul-chasing butterfly could identify everyone's soul's odor, it could do nothing to the soul-based animal-controlling skill of the Great Wilderness Sect. The soul-chasing butterfly could not identify and lock the souls of humans on animals. In the second holy war, the members of the Great Wilderness Sect adopted the soul-based animal-controlling skill to deepen into the demons' territory so as to seek for key intelligence and destroy many actions of demons. Due to this reason, demons and Three-eye Association cleared the Great Wilderness Sect from both inside and outside.

    To be honest, this article was very gossipy. Some details were obscure. However, it was useful to Zhang Tie more or less as Zhang Tie learned two information about soul-chasing butterfly--How's the ability of soul-chasing butterfly? Whether he would be found by the soul-chasing butterfly in the state of soul-based animal controlling state or not?

    Zhang Tie wondered what he would do if the demon general had more than one egg of soul-chasing butterfly. 'Unless I hide myself in Castle of Black Iron for 60 days after each action, I probably will be besieged by demon general and the other knights. Today, the demon general has 1 soul-chasing butterfly to chase after me, who knows whether he will send 3-5 soul-chasing butterflies to chase after me in the future? As long as he sends over 3 soul-chasing butterflies to chase after me, each of 3 groups of knights could extend their search range to 1,800 miles with one soul-chasing butterfly. In that case, the 3 groups of knights only need to fly towards the north in a line. The moment any group of them found me, they would instantly lock me. I would face tens even hundreds of times more risks by then.'

    'Even though I could turn into an incarnation or directly hide in Castle of Black Iron at the critical moment, I would suffer by exposing my secrets. The moment those secrets were exposed, I would have endless troubles.'

    'Nothing is free. Emperors will risk their life in common restaurants; handsome boys will lose their semen fluid in brothels; even I will risk exposing my secrets while deepening into the enemy's rear even though I have Castle of Black Iron.'

    Zhang Tie considered to leave out of here. He wanted to stop this action. 'To be honest, I've already made a great military exploit--I almost destroyed two cities of demons and Three-eye Association, killing over 10 precious grave tower demons and one knight. Besides, I disrupted the plan of demons and Three-eye Association. With such a glorious achievement, it's reasonable for me to leave even if I face dangers.'

    However, Zhang Tie suddenly recalled the pair of swollen and mattery feet and how the owner of that pair of feet was shared by the demonized puppets on the snow land.

    'What should I do at this moment so as to make my parents proud and relieved?'

    Zhang Tie would always ask the same question whenever he met the situation where he could hardly make a choice...

    After being tortured by this question for many times, Zhang Tie's eyes gradually became firm...
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