Chapter 789: Will You Continue Your Dig?

    Chapter 789: Will You Continue Your Dig?

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    The Class II warning in the demon's zone was not canceled off until March 12th. After almost 2 months of extensive search, even though the demon general himself attended the investigation and the soul-chasing butterfly died, they still failed to find that black-robe knight. Thus, the demons thought that the black-robe knight had already escaped far away by a secret method after killing Unther.

    Cologne, the employed knight of Lukas Clan also returned to Salent City, the capital city of Bayon Kingdom on March 13th.

    In March, the chilly winter had finally come to an end while the spring approached, which was featured by tender sprouts and grasses and melting ice. It was believed that the weird black-robe knight had already left together with winter. After over 2 months of search, it seemed to be the last small frustration facing demons and Three-eye Association before they completely conquered the north of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    All the Three-eye Association clans understood that demon general had fixed the 896th year of Black Iron Calendar as the year when demons and Three-eye Association would completely conquer the north of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    'Lord Demon General is ambitious. Although Lord Demon General's super demon corps faced a setback in the War of Upton City last year, it didn't damage the foundation of the entire demon corps. In front of the power of Three-eye Association, that was just a small failure in the entire holy war.'

    All the Three-eye Association clans were dreaming for the moment when they completely conquered the north of Blackson Humans Corridor, including Lukas Clan.

    Those humans and wealth which had not evacuated and transferred away from human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor would soon become the population and wealth of Three-eye Association clans. Therefore, the Three-eye Association clans across Blackson Humans Corridor would soon have an expansion for the second time.

    On the evening of March 15th, namely, the 3rd day since Cologne came back, the king held a banquet to welcome the harvest in the coming spring in the harvest palace of the imperial palace. All the major members of Lukas Clan and advanced officials of Bayon Kingdom were invited to join the spring banquet.

    Spring banquet was the tradition of Bayon Kingdom. It would be held in the harvest palace of the imperial palace for the coming harvest in each year. Due to that boring black-robe knight, this year's spring banquet was delayed for over 10 days. However, nobody would like to mention about it tonight.

    Soon after the banquet started, the atmosphere gradually upsurged. Those members of Lukas Clan and the advanced officials of Bayon Kingdom, who had been depressed for over 2 months, cheered up with big smiles.

    Adam, the head of Lukas Clan, who had usurped the throne as a health minister, was sitting high on the throne of the harvest palace and watching the boisterous scene in the palace with a big smile.

    Nobody across Bayon Kingdom could have imagined that the health minister of this country belonged to Three-eye Association before the holy war. Right under the push of this former health minister, the entire medicare system of Bayon Kingdom deteriorated into the agency for the growth of the eggs of the parent worm and the entire Bayon Kingdom was collapsed at the fastest speed when the demon corps arrived. Even the former royal members of Bayon Kingdom had turned into demonized puppets.


    The one on the throne opened his mouth as he implied Prudden with his eyes. Prudden who was serving in the palace instantly became spirited as he hurriedly cupped a tray being covered by a piece of red silk cloth and walked to the front of Cologne. He then slightly put the tray in front of Cologne.

    After hearing the king's voice, all the others in the harvest palace became silent as they looked at Cologne.

    "Elder Cologne, thank you for your hard work during the past 1 month, with Elder Cologne in Salent City, we feel much reassured. When we occupy the entire Blackson Humans Corridor, if Lukas Clan promoted to a higher stage, we will never forget about the great contribution made by Elder Cologne!" Adam said in an elegant, majestic tone just like a king.

    After throwing a look at the tray, Cologne instantly knew that there were 4 earth-element crystals in the tray given the raised outline of the red silk cloth. It was one more than that in previous months, which meant that his treatment had increased by 33% at once. Elder Cologne became excited immediately as he got up and faintly bowed towards Adam. After that, he looked around and raised his jaw before saying firmly, "Trust me, Your Majesty, as long as I am here, nobody will dare to hurt Lukas Clan!"

    After hearing this reply, the man on the throne nodded satisfactorily. After that, he slightly raised his glass, followed by all the others in the palace. They all proposed a toast to Elder Cologne at the same time, making the atmosphere boisterous once again...

    At this moment, Prudden put his hand into that sleeve once again; however, he found that little, black beetle had disappeared once again...

    Prudden then mumbled inside, 'Maybe that little thing went to eat something again!'



    With a faintly muffled sound, the dare-to-die corps member's head was shattered completely like falling onto the ground from above 20 floors, spraying the bloody brains onto the alloy wall and those operating arms beside that guy.

    Zhang Tie hadn't imagined that Lukas Clan's backroom was so confidential until he came here.

    The backroom was not in the imperial palace of Bayon Kingdom but in the underground of a common castle outside the imperial palace of Bayon Kingdom.

    Who could imagine that Lukas Clan would put the most important objects in here; instead of the secret warehouse in the imperial palace.

    This backroom was 100 m deep under the castle. People could only access to it by one tunnel. The walls were made of alloy which was as thick as 2 m. If a person inside the backroom locked the alloy door from the inside, even a knight could barely break it in from the outside.

    People could only open this door by a key, code and facial recognition system...

    The facial recognition system here was not the same one before the Catastrophe; instead, it was a more time-honored, more advanced and safer facial recognition system--A dare-to-death corps member of Lukas Clan who was controlled by a special medicine was in the room. When the key and code were right, this guy would check the look of the person outside the room through an imaging device like a periscope. If that person outside the door was Adam alone, this guy would manipulate the hydraulic device in the room to open the door.

    As Zhang Tie knew that Lukas Clan would hold a spring banquet today, he came here with Adam, the head of Lukas Clan in the incarnation of the little, black beetle ahead of the spring banquet.

    As Adam was just LV 9, he couldn't find Zhang Tie even though Zhang Tie was on the tail of his robe.

    After Adam took 4 earth-element crystals and left out of here half an hour ago, Zhang Tie showed himself in the room and killed that dare-to-death corps member of Lukas Clan in a split second.

    Looking at this backroom, Zhang Tie took a deep breath as he felt that his patience and efforts over the past over 1 month were worthwhile.

    Zhang Tie dared say that he knew the secrets of Lukas Clan better than anyone else.

    With the incarnation of a beetle and the power of the secret skill "soul capture skill", Zhang Tie, who had traveled between the deacon of Lukas Clan and many major clan members of Lukas Clan in the imperial palace these days, finally completed his "anatomy" of Lukas Clan.

    'Although it is cool to chop off their heads, if I want to uproot a Three-eye Association clan and shake the ruling of demons in the demon's zone, I have to collect detailed intelligence and information. Otherwise, even being a knight, I could barely destroy a Three-eye Association clan and demons.'

    Zhang Tie let out a sigh.

    He would launch the fatal strike today.

    He knew that he had made the right plan.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like falling into the barn as a hungry mouse.

    Over 200 earth-element crystals were piled up tidily in the backroom. Of course, Lukas Clan was not the owner of these earth-element crystals. Zhang Tie estimated that these items might be used by demons to bribe Lukas Clan. Of course, they might be the previous stockpile of Bayon Kingdom.

    'I don't care whom these objects belonged to. The key is that they belong to me now.'

    Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva before walking over there. After waving his hand, he moved all the earth-element crystals into Castle of Black Iron.

    Besides earth-element crystals, this backroom contained some crates and boxes.

    Zhang Tie opened a box and found a pile of gold checks lying inside tidily. He then opened some crates and found jewelry, sorts of medicament and other precious items inside.

    Those items lying here should not be common. Therefore, Zhang Tie moved all of them into Castle of Black Iron.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie found 9 huge boxes in the backroom, each of them was as high as 0.8-0.9 m. Zhang Tie opened the boxes and found huge ostrich eggs with spiral, black and white decorative patterns on their smooth surface.

    Zhang Tie seemed to have seen such objects before.

    Heart racing, Zhang Tie injected some spiritual energy into one black and white ostrich egg.

    --High-performance alchemist's bomb, TNT equivalent, 1000 kg.

    --This bomb could be detonated in two modes. It supports time and collision detonation!

    Followed by the usage of an alchemist's bomb...

    'Alchemist's bomb? These are alchemist's bombs...'

    Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed at once...


    After 10 minutes, Zhang Tie came to the gate of the harvest palace of Bayon Kingdom.

    Before the two rows of guards outside the gate of the harvest palace asked who this guy in black robe was, Zhang Tie had chopped off all of their heads by waving his hand...

    Cologne instantly raised his head and threw a glance at the gate.

    With a weird laughter, Zhang Tie rushed into the harvest palace as fast as a lightning bolt. Closely after that, the entire harvest palace was filled with dense roars and cracks of limbs...

    In less than 1 minutes, the harvest palace had collapsed while two meteors shot to the sky from the ruins and started a fierce combat above the imperial palace. The entire city was shocked.

    After over 20 minutes, with a miserable shriek of Cologne, his one arm was broken off by Zhang Tie.

    In a split second, Cologne turned into a bloody rain.

    After catching all the valuables of Cologne in the air, Zhang Tie rapidly flew away from the city.

    Those grave tower demons couldn't even stand 5 minutes under Zhang Tie's fierce attack.

    After turning those terrifying grave tower demons into smelly flesh, Zhang Tie disappeared in the night sky as a meteor...


    After 1 hour, many meteors landed in Salent City while the entire Salent City reverberated with an extremely, terrifying roar.

    Closely after that roar, a fiery figure rushed to the sky and accelerated towards where Zhang Tie headed for, hurriedly followed by all the other meteors...

    The soul-chasing butterfly loomed in the sky ahead of them. When the soul-chasing butterfly stopped, a broken valley, which they had excavated severely, appeared in front of all the knights of Three-eye Association and demons...

    This was where Zhang Tie left from, also the very valley that demon general's soul-chasing butterfly had reached last time.

    Demon general became dumbfounded like having being stricken by a lightning bolt.

    All the other knights who followed demon general here dared not see the extremely furious look of demon general...

    'The same valley!'

    Zhang Tie heavily slapped the demon general's face as if he was asking in a frivolous look--will you continue your dig?
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