Chapter 790: A Nightmare

    Chapter 790: A Nightmare

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    On June 4th, the 898th year of Black Iron Calendar, in the demon's camp outside Tokei City, the capital city of Titanic Duchy...

    It had been two and a half years since Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Prefecture in the excuse of enclosed cultivation. During this period, the grasses and woods had withered twice. After each winter, the grasses and woods would recover vitality once again. However, for demons and Three-eye Association clans in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor, the demon's zone kept "withering" instead of recovering "vitality".

    Since January 1st, the 896th year of Black Iron Calendar, the entire demon's zone in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor had been in a nightmare.

    Neither demons nor Three-eye Association clans would like to face a such a nightmare--the most painful nightmare caused by a human knight called Gorath.

    During the two and a half years, over 80% of grave tower demons were destroyed in the demon's zone. 7 of the 18 Three-eye Association clans in the demon's zone were cleared, while all the other 11 were severely struck. Numerous elites and bloodlines of Three-eye Association clans were killed by that human knight.

    One demon knight and 3 knights of Three-eye Association clans were killed. Across the entire demon's zone, everybody was in a great danger. Even the demon general's super demon corps became that human knight's target 1 year ago. When the demon general and its subordinate knights were seeking for that human knight, that Gorath appeared in the super demon corps and made a killing spree, making them suffer the second major frustration since the Upton Battle. Almost the entire wing demon troop of the super demon corps was cleared by that human knight.

    That loss was regarded as the extreme shame by the demon general.

    For commoners, all the members of Three-eye Association were as terrifying as demons; however, for those members of Three-eye Association, that guy called Gorath, was the real demon.

    Nobody could catch that devil's trace. However, that devil always jumped out of the dark hell and brought them a terrifying destruction and massacre before disappearing.

    During the past two and a half years, many things were changed.

    Except for the demon general, no other knights dared move alone across the entire demon's zone. The Three-eye Association clans which were bossy in the demon's zone also dared not show themselves in the public like a bird being startled by the mere twang of a bow-string. All the Three-eye Association clans had canceled off the large-scale party of clan members. Their clan members scattered around the demon's zone.


    The demon general was standing in the main tent of the camp of the demon corps and watching one map and a drawing while his grim qi filled the tent like an icy, black cloud.

    The map was the military map of Blackson Humans Corridor. In the demon's zone, dozens of cities were covered with black crosses, which meant that they had been severely destroyed during the past two and a half years. Starting from Glivec City, he moved to the capital city of Highcloud Empire, then Salent City, the capital city of Bayon Kingdom, then the Trisi City of Golan Empire, Malkalden City, Esener City, Democracy City, Delfo City, Eshwigen City, Milson City, Direnburg, Marmedi...

    The black crosses covered the entire north of Blackson Humans Corridor. Some cities were even crossed twice, which meant they suffered two raids from that guy consecutively. Democracy City, the capital city of Verov Federation was attacked 3 times by Gorath. Although Arthur Clan, the ruling clan in Democracy City was not exterminated, it had been severely uprooted.

    It seemed that Gorath was warning them to not think that he would not come here for the second time, even the third time in such an ironical method.

    At the beginning, many people were studying Gorath's movement rules; however, they finally found that that guy's movement didn't have any rule at all. All the bases and key towns of Three-eye Association clans across the demon's zone were his knacker's yards.

    Next to this military map was a drawing of Gorath, which was drawn according to the memory of those who had seen Gorath. With a black robe, raised insidious hooknose, weird flickering eyes, flying silver hair and ghost-like claws, the drawing was especially vivid.

    A year ago, Gorath's drawing was fixed in the main tent of the demon general and had not been removed until now.

    Watching the figure in the drawing, the demon general seemed wanting to devour this guy.

    For others, Gorath was a demon; however, for the demon general, this guy was a ghost.

    Demon general was not afraid of demons, because it was the prototype of a demon in human legends. As this ghost always stayed near the demon general and paid attention to its movements in the hidden place, the demon general tasted the real failure.

    Over the past two and a half years, the demon area became completely chaotic. As the rear was unstable, the ruling foundation of demons and Three-eye Association was shaken by Gorath. In this state, the demon corps's movement towards the south became stagnated. Benefited from this, those human countries in the north of Kalay Mountain Range had a chance to move their population and materials to the south of Kalay Mountain Range during the past two and a half years. By now, humans had built a new defense line in Kalay Mountain Range. Across the north of Kalay Mountain Range, except for those increasingly active human paladins and demon hunting squads, demons and Three-eye Association were only left with destroyed empty cities and wild land. Additionally, thieves and brigands existed everywhere. Therefore, demons' strategic plan--to occupy the north of Blackson Humans Corridor and plunder a lot of humans and materials in the shortest period failed.

    Over the past two and a half years, the demon's power in the demon area was not intensified; instead, it was weakened. Whenever that human knight attacked a city, he would uproot the forces of demons and Three-eye Association in that city. After his attack, those human slaves in the city would escape or arouse a riot, which was barely handled by demons and Three-eye Association clans.

    In order to catch this guy, demons and Three-eye Association had tried every method that they could come up with such as setting traps and bribery at a high price in the public, etc.. They even hatched 7 soul-chasing butterflies and made them chase after Zhang Tie at the same time; however, they gained nothing. That guy was never taken in. He kept stabbing into the soft underbelly of demons and Three-eye Association, causing a great loss to demons and Three-eye Association physically and spiritually.

    'That guy succeeded. Black-robe Gorath's name is well known across Blackson Humans Corridor. However, I became the poor foil of this guy.' The demon general sighed.

    Watching the image of Gorath, the demon general became confused, 'Although this guy's image is hanging in front of me, I'm doubting whether this guy really exists or not.'

    --Being proficient in the secret skills of Sacred Light Empire; being able to use some powerful battle skills and saber skills; being able to exterminate a Three-eye Association clan with poison in a split second; having rich experience in close combat; being brutal, cunning, witty, selfish and powerful; additionally, he mastered a secret skill which could help him get rid of the chase of soul-chasing butterfly; probably carrying an expensive, rare teleportation equipment.

    The above information was all about Gorath that had been gathered over the past two and a half years. In order to find this guy's origin, demons had mobilized all the forces of Three-eye Association in humans; however, they still got no useful information. Among all the human knights, none of them could fit the traits of Gorath. This guy was like coming from the underground all of a sudden.

    Generally, human knights could be divided into two camps, namely, human camp and Three-eye Association camp. According to the division method of humans, the two camps were hostile, one in public, one in dark. Besides, there was the 3rd knights camp, which was called evil or grey light knights. These knights were featured by always being alone. They cultivated and moved alone. They didn't join the party of Three-eye Association at the price of betraying humans or the human force even the Mountain of Brightness; instead, they chose a mediocre way which was free of restrictions. They had no bottom line in actions. They did everything for themselves. They were extremely selfish and dangerous.

    According to the investigation of Three-eye Association, Gorath probably was a grey light knight who had been cultivating secretly in somewhere.

    The demon general's dubious look gradually faded away; instead, a firm and berserk look appeared.

    'I can't keep going like this. If I cannot have Blackson Humans Corridor, I will destroy it completely. I won't let humans recover their vitality; neither would the entire demon corps and Three-eye Association across Blackson Humans Corridor be mired in the trap set by a human knight, no matter whether he was righteous or evil...'

    After watching the map and the drawing for half an hour, the demon general looked icier. Finally, he clenched his fist, filling the main tent with a berserk, decisive atmosphere.

    A close guard entered the main tent meticulously and reported the latest message to the demon general.

    "Lord Demon General, we've just received the intelligence. Two hours ago, Gorath raided Moorne City of Golan Empire. Timothy clan suffered a great loss in Moorne City. The second in line heir of the clan was killed. Besides, the grave tower demons outside Moorne City were destroyed by Gorath..."

    This was not a good news. Therefore, that close guard was very meticulous when he reported it to the demon general. Although being intense, he tried to remain silent. Over the past two and a half years, the demon general was always berserk. As the close guards of demon general, they always risked their own lives to report any news about Gorath. Three months ago, a close guard was punched into powder when he reported the news about Gorath to demon general.

    After reporting it, the close guard thought Lord Demon General would be angry. However, he had not imagined that Lord Demon General just replied calmly, "I know!" like having heard a trivial information.

    The close guard dared not leave. He just stayed there, lowering his head, he waited for the order of Lord Demon General.

    "Notice the heads of all the Three-eye Association clans and the directors of all the demonized puppets corps. Tell them to come to Tokei City 3 days later. I have an order to issue!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Although the close guard became dubious inside, he just left silently.

    After the close guard left, the demon general burned the military map and the drawing of Gorath into ashes...


    Three days later, although the aftermath of Moorne City had not come to an end, the heads of all the Three-eye Association clans and directors of demonized puppets corps still arrived at Tokei City accompanied by a lot of clan powerhouses, including knights.

    Compared to three years ago, none of them could imagine that they would not go out without having at least 2 knights on their side in the demon's area.

    Compared to the boisterous scene in the main tent of the demon general, only small representatives of Three-eye Association clans could arrive here this time.

    Watching the current situation, all the heads of Three-eye Association clans felt a bit embarrassed.

    The black-robe Gorath was the real nightmare of all the Three-eye Association clans.

    All of them believed that Lord Demon General fetched them here to talk about how to deal with Gorath.

    However, none of them were optimistic about this. Because they had tried all the methods. However, none of the methods were effective. That guy seemed to know what they wanted to do in advance each time.

    They just threw a glance at each other silently, causing an extremely depressed atmosphere in the main tent.

    Being accompanied by another two demon knights, the demon general entered the main tent with a calm look. After that, he briefed his order in one word.

    After hearing that order, all the heads of Three-eye Association became still as if they had lost their thinking abilities.

    "This time, we will have no rear any longer. I will lead all of you all the way towards the south without any stop until our army reaches the coastline of Jinyun Country in the southernmost part of Blackson Humans Corridor!" The demon general's icy voice reverberated inside the tent, "Who disagrees?"

    Everybody became silent. Some of them even quivered all over...
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