Chapter 791: The Changes

    Chapter 791: The Changes

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    After raiding Moorne City, Zhang Tie didn't leave right away.

    After combating demons and Three-eye Association for over two years, Zhang Tie had experiences in responding to the investigation of demons and Three-eye Association.

    Zhang Tie knew that if soul-chasing butterfly found that he was still in Moorne City, Timothy Clan would not dispatch major figures and elites to take over this city in the next three months.

    They had learned about it at the price of a great loss.

    Before Moorne City restored its order, many brave humans had enough time to escape.

    This was the maximal effort that Zhang Tie could make.

    Zhang Tie had been in this city for over 20 days. He made a harvest this time. Besides killing a major figure of Timothy Clan, he also gained a great amount of wealth that this clan had transferred to Moorne City and over 50 earth-element crystals.

    Although there was no elements realm in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie could directly absorb earth elements from earth-element crystals. It took him 2 weeks to consume all the 50-odd earth-element crystals.

    On June 18, Zhang Tie opened his eyes under the small tree while the last earth-element crystal became as purely white as milk in his hand.

    After standing up, Zhang Tie took out his knight's scale and found that 6 golden scales had been lit on it. It indicated that Zhang Tie had been a 6-scale black iron knight after over 2 years of practice.

    It was an extremely high speed for Zhang Tie to advance to a 6-scale black iron knight in 2 years. All this was benefited from the earth-element crystals that he had collected from the Three-eye Association clans during the past two years.

    Zhang Tie knew that it required him to consume 318 earth-element crystals before advancing to one more scale. If he wanted to light all the entire earth chakra, he needed to consume over 110,000 earth-element crystals.

    If it was 110,000 gold coins, it was pretty easy for Zhang Tie. However, if it was 110,000 earth-element crystals, it would be an astronomical figure for any clan.

    When he recalled his distant cultivation road, Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. After that, he walked out of the palace of the palace tree.

    The moment Zhang Tie walked out of the palace and took a deep breath of the fresh air, an oily, smooth 30-cm longer rat had jumped to Zhang Tie's side and looked up at Zhang Tie while uttering a sound "Tzi Tzi Tzi Tzi".

    Zhang Tie lowered his body and stretched out his hand. That rat jumped onto his hand right away.

    Zhang Tie cradled the rat and lightly fondled its head. The rat then narrowed its eyes satisfactorily.

    It was a good weather in Castle of Black Iron, which also indicated a good weather outside.

    This rat was the first animal that Zhang Tie applied his soul-based animal controlling skill to. It could be treated as Zhang Tie's "savior". It lived so well in Castle of Black Iron. It drank spiritual spring, mutated juicy fruits, flesh of a huge deep-sea monster and ran around everywhere every day. It was definitely living like an immortal being in rats. Sometimes, it would play cute in front of Zhang Tie.

    However, this rat was a bit special today. Only after being fondled for a short while, it had already raised its head and uttered a sound "Tzi Tzi Tzi Tzi" towards Zhang Tie. It seemed wanting to tell something to Zhang Tie.

    After being silent for a second, Zhang Tie had already known the rat's intention, "You want to leave out of here?"

    The rat nodded like a man as it watched Zhang Tie with an eager look.

    "But why?"


    "You want to find many female rats and have a lot of babies? You want to have a harem?"

    That rat nodded seriously.

    Zhang Tie laughed as he faintly patted his forehead, 'Oh, my god. I've almost forgotten about it. Although it lived well these years, I ignored its demands in some aspects. I forgot that a rat would also dream about having a clan and kingdom.'

    "Alright. When I leave out of here, I will let you go to a proper place. But I have to warn you that the outside world is dangerous than here!"

    The rat directly rolled backward twice on Zhang Tie's hand which looked difficult for rats. After that, he revealed its fangs and raised its claws. It seemed to tell Zhang Tie that it had already been ready for that. It was powerful enough.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    Right then, the sound of flapping wings drifted from the sky. Hearing that sound, the "powerful" rat quivered all over and immediately jumped onto the ground from Zhang Tie's hand. Closely after that, it rushed into a hole of a phoenix tree and dared not come out anymore.

    In a split second, a huge thunder hawk and four smaller thunder hawks landed in front of Zhang Tie while flapping their wings. Like puppies who saw their owner, they started to warble around Zhang Tie with their mouths widely opened like waiting for Zhang Tie to feed them.

    The bigger thunder hawk then turned around and warbled towards the tree hole, scaring that rat's head back inside at once.

    Watching these cute guys, Zhang Tie felt pretty good in a split second. With laughter, he squatted down and fondled those little thunder hawks' furry heads, "I'm sorry. I forgot to bring food for you. After a while, I will have Aziz bring you some tasty food!"

    Those cute little thunder hawks seemed to have understood Zhang Tie's words as they all closed their mouths and started to rub their furry heads onto Zhang Tie's body.

    During the past two and a half years, the male thunder hawk that Zhang Tie brought in Castle of Black Iron at the beginning had established a family and became a father of four babies.

    The four cute thunder hawks were just a bit over one year old. Their feathers looked a bit tender. They had just learned how to fly. Compared to their father, although they had not been mature, they had already looked different than their father--brighter feathers, stronger bodies and sharper eyes.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether it was because these thunder hawk babies grew up by eating the flesh of the huge deep-sea monster or the special environment in Castle of Black Iron or both of them.

    Aziz came here with a plate of the flesh of huge deep-sea monster.

    Aziz fed these thunder hawk babies in a special method. He walked to the edge of the cliff and directly threw off the plate of the flesh of huge deep-sea monster so that those thunder hawk babies could dive sharply towards those falling flesh while competing with each other...

    Watching Aziz taking care of these thunder hawk babies, Zhang Tie took a walk on the immortal mountain. He used to relieve his stress in this way.

    At this moment, the immortal mountain and Castle of Black Iron had been lush all over. Taking a broad view, Zhang Tie saw huge trees, exotic flowers and fruits everywhere. A waterfall of melting snow flew off the peak of the 12,000 m high immortal mountain, which was extremely splendid.

    Below that high waterfall was the place where Zhang Tie cultivated his battle skills and stimulated the production of iron-body fruits. Over the past two and a half years, Zhang Tie ate another 20-30 iron-body fruits.

    When Zhang Tie appreciated the landscape on the hillside of the immortal mountain where the palace tree was, a team of hundreds of people arrived at the foot of the immortal mountain.

    The team came from that human town far away from here. The team members carried a lot of items. At the foot of the immortal mountain, they started to kneel down and offer sacrifice to the immortal mountain.

    Zhang Tie was attracted by these people's weird behaviors.

    Heller had already been on Zhang Tie's side.

    "What are they doing?" Zhang Tie turned around and asked Heller with a curious look.

    "They are worshipping their God, you!" Heller watched downside there with a smile while his eyes were filled with endless mysteries, "They even brought you some sacrifices!"

    "Sacrifices?" Zhang Tie became shocked. As he always set fires, plundered everywhere during the past two and a half years, he had been used to plunder the territory of Three-eye Association clans for what he needed. What he did was completely like the style of pirates. Therefore, when he heard that some people were offering sacrifice to him, he felt a bit weird. 'It is like how pirates feel when they are pushed onto the altar by people.' Zhang Tie mumbled as he touched his insidious, raised hooknose.

    "They are the best items that those villagers could produce, such as cloths, drinks, fruits, grains and daily utensils."

    Zhang Tie knew that their sacrifices indicated that they had settled down in Castle of Black Iron. When he recalled how he saved these people out of the miserable underground mountain cave of Misty Moon Woods in Selnes Theater of Operations a few years ago, Zhang Tie sighed with full moods. 'If possible, who the motherf*cker would not like to live a safe and sound life; instead of risking their lives every day?'

    "Take their sacrifices!" Zhang Tie nodded towards Heller. After that, he added, "Erm, let them select some of the cultivation secret books and professional books that I've got from the demon area over the past two and a half years. If these guys have offsprings, they could pass some knowledge to their offsprings, which might be useful in the future!"

    Zhang Tie had already moved numerous, inclusive secret books from Three-eye Association clans into Castle of Black Iron, which were even more than that he collected in Huaiyuan Palace. Many of these books were collections of the royal households or major clans in the former 17 human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. After the 17 human countries were collapsed, these items fell into the hand of Three-eye Association clans and finally entered Castle of Black Iron.

    Those Three-eye Association clans robbed the 17 human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. Zhang Tie then robbed those Three-eye Association clans.

    Zhang Tie had read some of those secret books. In Heller's words, as long as those secret books entered Castle of Black Iron, it was equal for them to enter Zhang Tie's private warehouse. Even if they were destroyed, they could still be recovered at any time.

    Heller could not create or take out any secret book or professional book; however, as long as these secret books entered Castle of Black Iron, it was equal for them to enter Heller's head. Zhang Tie didn't need to worry about losing them at all.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't think too much about that, he just issued an order to Heller...
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