Chapter 793: Conference

    Chapter 793: Conference

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    In the conference of Hurricane Corps, all the commissioned officers with ranks above colonel were sitting at the long desk with very solemn looks.

    Everyone was silent except for the "rustle" sound between papers when one person flipped through bulletins.

    The morning sunglow shone onto the excessive young face of the man in the main seat of the conference room through one window. Although over 2 years had passed, that man's face remained unchanged, his skin looked a bit white due to over 2 years of cultivation in the underground palace.

    When he was browsing the bulletins of the corps over the past two years, all the commissioned officers in the conference room were stealthily throwing a glance at that man.

    For many commissioned officers, it was the second time for them to see this guy since he came to Hurricane Corps about 3 years ago.

    Compared to November 10th, the 895th year of Black Iron Calendar when this guy came to Hurricane Corps for the first time, his qi seemed to have changed. Last time, he felt aggressive and profound; however, after over 2 years of cultivation, his aggressive and profound qi had completely disappeared. Now, he looked like an extremely common juvenile. People could hardly feel any danger from him.

    For those commissioned officers who had not promoted to knights, they didn't know what this change meant. Many people were amazed and puzzled about this. They even thought that Zhang Tie met some problem in the process of cultivation and degraded in battle force. However, if there was a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace at present, he would definitely be shocked by Zhang Tie's change.

    Those poor ones liked to show off their money; however, the real rich ones preferred to be low-key.

    A new top quality sword couldn't wait to show off his sharp blade to the whole world; however, the real unrivaled blade would hide its sharpness inside the thick sheath.

    The most agile state was like being clumsy. Such a state could not be reached by knights without experiencing life or death situation for numerous times. One had to constantly improve his battle force physically and spiritually. Without over 20 years of deep cultivation, many black iron knights could not even touch this state at all. However, it only took Zhang Tie two and a half years to reach this state. Although it was a long time for commoners, it was not long for knights as it was even shorter than 10 years.

    The commissioned officers of Hurricane Corps didn't understand what Zhang Tie's current calm state meant. However, due to his invisible, powerful qi field, he could still influence the others although he just sat there and checked the bulletins silently.

    It was a tranquil and detached temperament which would remain unchanged even when the Mountain Tai collapsed.

    Although sun rose in the east and set in the west, moons waxed and waned, the sun and the moon didn't change their trajectories for foreign bodies.

    Being influenced by Zhang Tie's calm, those anxious commissioned officers also gradually recovered their composure.

    "Not bad!" Zhang Tie made a brief comment after browsing the bulletin, "You've done a good job during the past two and a half years!"

    Some maneuver troops had gained more than 7 million gold coins in the mode of mercenary groups. The garrisons who were responsible for the military management and defense of the three cities didn't break out any major event of violating the military disciplines. All the three cities were running well. The taxations and number of immigrants broke records year after year. Even though last winter was the coldest winter during the past dozens of years in Blackson Humans Corridor, the three cities below Huaiyuan Prefecture still didn't find anyone being starved to death. Additionally, all the members of the special elite troops of Hurricane Corps had accomplished two rounds of training in Kalay Mountain Range. They had built 117 hidden materials supply points. Even if their supplies were cut off, they could still stick to over 2 years of fight in Kalay Mountain Range independently.

    It could be said that the current situation of Hurricane Corps had gradually aligned with Zhang Tie's designing. That was what Zhang Tie demanded.

    'Pitifully, if not the emergency, Hurricane Corps would have made more contributions across Blackson Humans Corridor. However, due to the decisive strike of the demon general and Three-eye Association, Hurricane Corps have to stop enjoying the brilliance in advance. Whereas, what Hurricane Corps have done is not useless. It's like a seed which would sprout sooner or later. Even if Hurricane Corps had to leave Waii Sub-continent in the end, they would also play a great role in the new place. They would be favored by all the honors and brilliance.' Zhang Tie told to himself.

    Zhang Tie had already known why the commissioned officers woke him up from the underground palace; however, he still pretended to know nothing about it. After controlling his pain and grief, Zhang Tie asked in an indifferent tone, "Why did you wake me up?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, all the commissioned officers moved their eyes onto the chief of staff of Hurricane Corps.

    The lieutenant general chief of staff of Hurricane Corps stood up. After taking a deep breath, he told Zhang Tie with a solemn look, "Because the major emergency in the north theater of operations of Waii Sub-continent has already posed a rudimentary influence to the overall situation of the holy war across Waii Sub-continent, we had to wake you up, Elder Mushen. We needed to report it to you!"

    "Go ahead!"

    "According to our intelligence, over half a month ago, namely between June 6 and June 10, with the request of demon general, all the 17 Three-eye Association clans across the north demon area had already killed all their human captives and slaves and converted them into demonized puppets. According to our estimation, 190 million to 210 million humans were killed across the north demon area. These demonized puppets were pouring towards Kalay Mountain Range ceaselessly..."

    Closely after the chief of staff's report, the atmosphere in the conference room became gloomy...
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