Chapter 794: A Confidential Task

    Chapter 794: A Confidential Task

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    With the impact of about 200 million demonized puppets, Kalay Mountain Range would be broken through sooner or later.

    The Three-eye Association clans across the demon rear had already given up the northern cities. The powerhouses including knights of those Three-eye Association clans were pouring southwards together with the demon corps and the over 200 million demonized puppets.

    Nobody could block such a terrifying flood, not even knights.

    Given the base force, the population of the demon corps was over 20 times more than that of the total population of human soldiers in the south of Kalay Mountain Range.

    Due to the dauntless madness, common demonized puppets' battle force was greater than that of common human soldiers. Additionally, the number of LV 9 demon fighters in the demon corps was even more than the summation of LV 9 human fighters in southern human countries.

    The only strength of humans on the battle force was that humans had slightly more knights than demons and Three-eye Association.

    According to the intelligence of Hurricane Corps, demons and Three-eye Association had 17 knights in total; besides, the demon general had mastered the aiding strength, which could increase the battle force of all the other demons on the battlefield by 30% at once. By contrast, there were 21 human knights in the south of Kalay Mountain Range.

    Although human knights slightly outnumbered the knights of demons and Three-eye Association, it was almost meaningless.

    The 17 knights of demons and Three-eye Association could unite with each other and follow the rule of the demon general completely; however, human knights in the south of Kalay Mountain Range could barely unite with each other. Many human knights, especially those No. 1 human knights in a country had their own plans. Those human knights would fight demons; however, they would never risk their lives making confront combat with knights of demons and Three-eye Association.

    Additionally, over the past two and a half years, many human knights had left Waii Sub-continent.

    For many human knights, Waii Sub-continent was just a station, a scenery or a memorable place in their lives; therefore, they would never lose their lives here.

    As many knights and powerhouses had already seen clearly the poor future of this Sub-continent and had already left one after another. The holy war had just started, it was very hard for many knights to determine to fight demons to the death on this remote sub-continent where humans were outnumbered by demons. Even major Hua clans such as Huaiyuan Palace would not make such a stupid choice; instead, they would return to Taixia Country. Nobody would like to put their whole lives in a hopeless place. Even experienced gamblers would not bet all their bets when they were unlucky, not to mention knights and major clans.

    Even if someone bet all of his bets and made a victory for the time being here, it would just buffer the momentum of demons and consume a part of the strength of demons. However, it didn't mean that he could smile at the end. Because more and more demon knights and demon corps would constantly arrive at the Waii Sub-continent from the underground world. 'Although you were dauntless and admirable, it didn't mean that you could survive on and ensure your clan to be vigorous forever.'

    Holy war was between demons and humans. In such a war, each one was balancing his interests, demons or humans, especially high-end knights. Nobody would like to be cannon fodder and die before the holy war.

    Huaiyuan Palace and those knights who had left Waii Sub-continent were very realistic and selfish. Instead of shouting any battle calls, they were just striving for their own future in this holy war, major clans or knights.

    Even Norman Empire, which was regarded as the most powerful country for defending demons in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor had deserted Blackson Humans Corridor and accomplished the evacuation and transfer from the north at once since the new tactic was adopted by demons. Norman Empire had moved most of its royal members and elites to the Western Continent. A small part of its royal members and elites headed for the Eastern Continent. Now, the remaining force of Norman Empire was restricted in the three cities of Benolisburg across Blackson Humans Corridor.

    Compared to three years ago, Benolisburg had become as trivial as the remaining three cities of Huaiyuan Palace. It became the place where Norman Empire made money from.

    Zhang Tie was thinking about something while listening to the report and situation analysis of the chief of staff of Hurricane Corps. He knew that the real large-scale evacuation and escape in the south of Blackson Humans Corridor would arrive. Everybody was involved in.

    "According to the comprehensive intelligence, the Staff has made a deduction. We've got the following key points: after 10 days, namely, at the beginning of July, the vanguard troop of the corps of about 200 million demonized puppets would arrive at Kalay Mountain Range. It would take the vanguard of demonized puppets corps 2 months to penetrate through Kalay Mountain Range. That's to say, before October, the vanguard of demons would enter the south of Waii Sub-continent and move all the way towards the south. In next January, the vanguard of the demon corps would push to the north bank of Yuanjiang River. The demon corps would choose to break through Yuanjiang River from the northwest of Qilan Country due to the frozen river over there. Closely after that, they would attack Huaiyuan Prefecture!"

    "Do you mean we only have half a year left?" Zhang Tie asked calmly. He didn't even ask how could the demonized puppets penetrate through Kalay Mountain Range so fast, which had carried high hopes from the southern countries.

    No matter how many hopes did southern countries even Zhang Tie hold on Kalay Mountain Range, the so-called human defense line was as thin as a piece of paper facing 200 million demonized puppets. Only by surging forward ceaselessly could they destroy the human defense line in Kalay Mountain Range which was used to handle millions of demonized puppets. Actually, it would take most of the demonized puppets about 2 months to walk through Kalay Mountain Range.

    The demon corps didn't even need to concern about their logistics and supply. They would eat everything on the way, including corpses. If there was no corpse, they would eat those weak or wounded demonized puppets. Each demonized puppet was a dauntless soldier and mobile dried humanoid rations. That was the sheer terror of the demonized puppets corps.

    "I'm afraid...yes!" The chief of staff hesitated a bit, "Demons might have already considered the factors like season and climate. From July to September, demons could easily pass by Kalay Mountain. In winter, the frozen Yuanjiang River would provide convenience for demon corps to pass by. Given the emergency facing Waii Sub-continent, we especially invite corps leader to determine how to respond to the demons!"

    Soon after the chief of staff finished his words, everybody in the conference room had moved their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    "From now on, the rotating operations of special elite troops is canceled off. All the special elite troops of Hurricane Corps should set out for Kalay Mountain Range. The evacuation time will be determined by the special elite troops themselves!"

    As it would take demons less than 3 months to pass by Kalay Mountain Range. It became meaningless for the special elite troops of Hurricane Corps to execute rotating operations. As Hurricane Corps had already prepared in Kalay Mountain Range for a couple of years, they should have a real fight more or less so as to live up to their military uniforms.

    All the commissioned officers in the conference room were shocked by Zhang Tie's first command.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't stop.

    "After the conference, you can arrange the camp families of Hurricane Corps to leave Waii Sub-continent for Taixia Country!"

    The second command made many commissioned officers reassured as they watched Zhang Tie with appreciative looks. Because Hurricane Corps was still in Huaiyuan Prefecture, the camp families had not left here. Therefore, many people were reassured by Zhang Tie's command. At such a critical moment, as long as their family members could survive on, they would have no regret to fight demons to the death.

    "The Staff of the corps, show me the evacuation plan of Hurricane Corps as soon as possible. I have three principles for this evacuation plan: first, orderly; second, by batches; third, prepare for emergencies. If there's no emergency, we need to ensure that Hurricane Corps evacuates completely from Waii Sub-continent by December 1st..."

    A Hurricane Corps of over 400,000 soldiers would be fully digested by over 200 million demonized puppets for sure. Zhang Tie could fight demons to the death; however, he was not allowed to sacrifice the precious force of hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Huaiyuan Palace for his impulsion and the so-called heroic reputation. With the strength of Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie knew clearly that it was not his turn to be a hero in the holy war. In order to ensure the safe evacuation of Hurricane Corps, Zhang Tie could even give up the 'last piece of bloody flesh' 1  in the three cities of Huaiyuan Palace.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's three commands, all the advanced commissioned officers in Hurricane Corps exchanged a glance with each other as they became completely reassured.

    "Well, you can leave now. And, don't forget to report this conference to Long Wind Business Group!" Zhang Tie waved his hand. Long Wind Business Group was used by Huaiyuan Palace to make profits in Waii Sub-continent. All the current businesses of Huaiyuan Palace in Waii Sub-continent was managed by Long Wing Business Group.

    When the commissioned officers stood up and walked towards the door, Zhang Tie opened his mouth once again.

    "The chief commander of engineer troops, wait a moment..."

    The moment a colonel officer was about to step out of the gate of the conference room, he stopped.


    After two minutes, everybody left except for that colonel officer of the engineer troop, who was standing in front of Zhang Tie with a solemn look.

    "I give you a class A confidential task. You're only responsible for me. You could allocate all the materials and personnel across Huaiyuan Prefecture. After accomplishing this task, all the personnels who had attended this task should leave Waii Sub-continent by sea at once!" Zhang Tie told the colonel.

    After hearing this, the colonel straightened up immediately, "Please issue the order, corps leader!"

    "Do you know how to make alchemist's bomb exert its utmost effect?"

    Zhang Tie asked with an indifferent look while the colonel's eyes radiated a shrewd light at once...
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