Chapter 795: The Smell of Doomsday

    Chapter 795: The Smell of Doomsday

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    Walls had ears. In the holy war, nothing spread faster than gossips.

    Only after one week since Zhang Tie came out of the underground palace, the news that demons slaughtered all the humans in the north Blackson Humans Corridor and almost 200 million demonized puppets and the super demon corps were approaching Kalay Mountain Range had spread over the southern human countries. Even commoners had already known about it.

    All the human countries in the south of Kalay Mountain Range were in a panic.

    It was paladins, demon hunting squads and bandits who brought the news to the south from the north battlefields. After escaping to the south, all the bandits became the "brave forces" who had resisted demons in the north demon area.

    A few smart guys sniffed the smell of doomsday from those real rulers and major clans' movements in the southern countries.

    For several consecutive days, the major clans even royal members of some countries being closest to the south edge of Kalay Mountain Range had evacuated to the south. People in the southern human cities found more and more airships flying towards the south in these days. However, very few airships flew towards the north.

    The entire Blackson Humans Corridor was shocked.


    On June 28th, Qihai City, Huaiyuan Prefecture...

    The harbor of Qihai City had enlarged a lot after three years of expansion. However, compared to Yiyang Harbor, the largest harbor in Huaiyuan Prefecture, the harbor in Qihai City was still much smaller. Whereas, Qihai Harbor had been able to hold 50,000-ton ships.

    Although having been in Huaiyuan Prefecture for many years, it was Zhang Tie's first time to come to Qihai City.

    However, the name Qihai City had changed to Hellnar City by Norman Empire.

    However, Zhang Tie had been used to call it Qihai City.

    A 40,000-odd ton battleship with flying colorful flags anchored at a pier. A military band in tidy uniform was playing a cheerful fleet marching music on the pier.

    Only a few people were on the pier. The soldiers of Norman Empire had already blocked the entire pier. Zhang Tie was one of them.

    Zhang Tie came here to bid a farewell to Filis, the crown prince of Norman Empire. Even at such a critical moment, it was like holding a cheerful and solemn ceremony.

    Filis was leaving in a very low-key manner. Besides some subordinates of Filis, Zhang Tie was the only one who came here to bid a farewell to him.

    After knowing that 200 million demonized puppets were pouring towards the south, Filis, the crown prince of Norman Empire who was staying in Benolisburg finally received the command of the royal household of Norman Empire who requested him to leave Waii Sub-continent.

    Donder once said that when one's enemy was powerful enough, one would always be collapsed without having to fight. Facing such a powerful enemy, those people outside the battlefield lost their confidence earlier than those soldiers on the frontline.

    When there was no hope of winning the war, nobody would like to stick to it. When the decisive strike of demons and Three-eye Association completely overdraft the war potential across the demon area and the power and wealth of Three-eye Association clans, it also collapsed most southern countries' will to resist.

    Through this decisive strike, 17 northern countries' strength was mobilized.

    The number 200 million alone was already astonishing, not to mention that it was followed by extremely terrifying demonized puppets. Even if it was followed by fleas and mice, it would also be frightening enough.

    What a decisive strike!

    Filis was not the first important person who would leave out of here. Zhang Tie knew that two knights of southern countries had already left Waii Sub-continent in the past week. The human knights' advantage in number was reduced, which accelerated the mental collapse of more people. All the southern countries seemed to fall into a frustrating vicious circle.

    It was meaningless for Filis to stay in Benolisburg.

    Knight Leo, the teacher of Filis, would escort Filis out of here. Therefore, 3 of the 22 human knights had left Waii Sub-continent as of now.

    Zhang Tie didn't make any comment about this. It was their personal choice. Although it was not a noble behavior, there was no ground to blame them.

    As the last royal member of Norman Empire to leave Waii Sub-continent, Filis' performance today looked a bit sentimental. Facing Zhang Tie, the only one who came to bid a farewell to him, he revealed some true moods.

    "I believe it now, good luck would always be used up whether for a person or a country!" Filis sighed with full emotions while watching the harbor in front of him, "Two years ago, when the black-robe Gorath appeared in the demon area and made big trouble over there, I thought that Norman Empire's good luck was coming. Due to the appearance of Gorath, the human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor and the Norman Empire won the most precious two and a half years to evacuate. Many people survived. There was a period when I even thought that we could confront with demons in this way with Kalay Mountain Range as our shield. We might gradually take advantages and restore the homeland of Norman Empire by the end of the holy war. However, I understand it now that no good luck could match genuine battle force. Even if there was one more Gorath, what's coming would still come. I heard that the special elite troops of Hurricane Corps had already driven into Kalay Mountain Range and prepared to fight demons. Will you jeer at me for my leave?"


    "Really?" Filis seemed to mind the opinion of the youngest Hua knight of Huaiyuan Palace about him.

    "If I were in your position, I would have left even earlier than you. Additionally, the holy war would last for a long time. As long as we're alive, we will have a chance to win!" Zhang Tie said seriously.

    With a faint smile, Filis continued, "I will go to the Western Continent, I wonder when will we see each other next time?"

    "When we win the holy war, we can meet here again!"

    After being silent for a second, Filis burst out into laughter, "Fine, we will meet here on the day we win the holy war!"

    "That's the deal!"

    "That's the deal!"

    The two parties clapped.

    "If you returned to the Eastern Continent one day, remember to take a look in Bloody Dragon City in Guizhou Province..." Filis said.

    "Bloody Dragon City?"

    "My two brothers are there. When they left, I had talked to them about you. Bloody Dragon City is built by Norman Empire in Taixia Country. You know, for our royal members, if we could maintain a branch of the bloodline in the Eastern Continent, our bloodline would not break off even if Western Continent was collapsed!"

    "Alright, I know!" Zhang Tie nodded. Zhang Tie knew that Filis wanted him to look after his two brothers. After all, Norman Empire didn't have knights in the Eastern Continent, although they didn't lack money.

    Eastern Continent was ruled by Hua people. With Zhang Tie's help, the royal members of Norman Empire who exiled to Taixia Country might face fewer troubles.

    "Watch out the demon general!" Filis warned Zhang Tie as they embraced each other. After that, he boarded the battleship in the cheerful music.

    Before leaving, Filis' teacher threw a deep, amazed look at Zhang Tie. Although he had met Zhang Tie twice in the past 3 years, he had sensed the change of Zhang Tie. For a young man who had just promoted to a knight 3 years ago, this was a very terrifying change.


    The battleship soon left. Standing on the deck of the battleship, Filis and Knight Leo were watching the scene over the dock. They were clear that the Norman Empire had abandoned this place completely.

    Norman Empire's royal members would leave their homeland and build their country in the Western Continent once again. Thankfully, the royal members of the Norman Empire had a deep root in the Western Continent. Just like Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace had a deep background in Taixia Country, Leminy Clan, also had a deep background in the Western Continent.

    In each holy war, major human clans would have a chance to divide their clan forces once again. Some clans would fall, some would rise. Norman Empire's royal members had not fallen completely. They had a chance to rise again.

    Remembering the appointment that he had made with Zhang Tie just now, Filis became a bit thrilled.

    "Zhang Tie is very terrifying!" Knight Leo opened his mouth suddenly.

    Filis turned around and watched his teacher with a bit dumbfounded look.

    "Don't be hostile to such a person!" Knight Leo watched Filis with a solemn look.

    "Ahh? Why do you say so, Mr. Leo? I feel that Zhang Tie became more genial after two and a half years. He lacks arrogance now compared to that in the Rotating Chakra Ceremony. I almost mistook him for another person. Perhaps, he has some problem in cultivation!" Filis replied with an amazed look.

    'Genial? Some problem in cultivation?' Knight Leo revealed a bitter smile when he listened to such a description and recognization about Zhang Tie's change, "You're not a knight. I cannot explain things about knights to you. However, you need to believe in my judgment and feeling. The cultivation method grants me with a powerful perception of the unknown things, this guy is very terrifying. Perhaps, his name would be well known across Western Continent in the near future!"

    Filis completely changed his face...
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