Chapter 796: The Unspoken Words

    Chapter 796: The Unspoken Words

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    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Knight Leo, the teacher of Filis, could speak highly of him. Seeing off the battleship, Zhang Tie recalled his friends and partners in Norman Empire who had separated with each other; therefore, he felt like he lost something.

    This was common in holy war, numerous departures happened at each second. Some of the departures could not be sensed at the beginning; however, as time went by, it might become a farewell forever.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether he could see his friends anymore--Reinhardt, Guderian, Alice, Hanna and Pandora who had disappeared since he caught sight of her last time...

    If he couldn't see them in the future, Zhang Tie only hoped them to live well, especially the three girls. As Hanna had already married, Zhang Tie hoped her to have a happy family; as for Alice, Zhang Tie hoped her to get her real love; as for Pandora...

    When he thought about Pandora, Zhang Tie had complex moods. Zhang Tie always had three women in his heart, one of them was Pandora.

    Compared to Hanna and Alice, who were common girls, Pandora had too many secrets. If he could return to the period before the holy war, Zhang Tie would definitely rush to Sacred Golden Orchid Empire to meet Pandora. However, due to the Abyan event, Zhang Tie might not see her for the rest of his life. Whenever he thought about this, he would feel a pain in his heart.

    Zhang Tie would not forget that appointment he made with Pandora at the small bus station in the rainy night when he left Blackhot City for Kalur Theater of Operations--When I grow as beautiful as Miss Daina, could you marry me on behalf of her if you're still alive?

    Zhang Tie remembered that he put the black seal ring on Pandora's middle finger while dropping tears...

    Zhang Tie knew that he would not make the same appointment with another woman for the rest of his life. Because this appointment was exclusive to Pandora.

    At that time, they were still young, passionate, pure and as nice as the wildflowers all over the hillside...

    Time would not fly back.

    Due to the cruel and chaotic holy war, the goodliness which could have lasted faded away earlier. Even animals had disappeared, not to mention humans...

    "Motherf*cking demons; motherf*cking Three-eye Association; motherf*cking holy war!" Zhang Tie swore at the pier, arousing the attention of some commissioned officers of Norman Empire who came here together with him. They exchanged a glance with each other and didn't know why this youngest clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace was losing his temper.

    "Elder Mushen..." A garrison commissioned officer moved close to Zhang Tie.

    If he could sweet-talk a knight at this moment, his family members might be saved at a critical moment.

    Zhang Tie didn't feel like saying anything at this moment. He even didn't want to put off that guy. Those who were left by Norman Empire to fight demons at this critical moment must be poor.

    "Leave out of here before the start of this December. Save as more people as you can. Good luck to you!" Zhang Tie issued the order after throwing a glance at that commissioned officer and the surrounding guys. After that, he turned around and left.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's warning, all the commissioned officers exchanged a glance with each other as they seemed to have understood something.


    A wholly-new black Faerie-Dragon T9 sports car was parking in the dock. Zhang Tie entered the car and started it. With a roar, he drew a U-shaped line in the dock before turning around and leaving under the gaze of numerous soldiers of Norman Empire...

    An elder who drove a sports car...

    If not at the present, many people would not believe that there was such a knight, a clan elder in Huaiyuan Palace...

    'Perhaps he's still too young and lacks experience. It's heard that this clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace has just promoted to a knight lately. He might not have killed any demon at all. ' At the sight of this, many commoners became more pessimistic about the future in Waii Sub-continent. Such a flirtatious knight and clan elder really made people restless.


    The black Faerie-Dragon T9 soon entered the Qihai City-Yiyang City highway.

    Although Huaiyuan Palace had sold Qihai City to Norman Empire, the two cities still maintained their usual traffic intercourse. Goods and personnels could access to each city for free.

    Zhang Tie had guessed what those commoners thought about him. If he watched elders of Huaiyuan Palace driving such a sports car everywhere, he might also have the same thought. As sports cars belonged to young people, which didn't match the steady and respectable image of elders and knights.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't care about that.

    During the past two and a half years, Zhang Tie had killed more than one knight of demons and Three-eye Association in the demon area in the north of Kalay Mountain Range. Besides, he had exterminated at least 6 Three-eye Association clans, big or small. Of course, he would not care about his image in others' eyes.

    As for the reason that he drove the sports car, it was simple. He had been tired of flying in the sky; therefore, he wanted to review the feeling of driving a car on the ground so as to relax himself.

    After staying outside for so long, Zhang Tie had been used to enjoy such a free feeling.

    'Filis has gone. However, I will stay here to respond to the toughest situation in the next half a year...'

    In the next half a year, more and more humans would die and the overall situation across southern countries would deteriorate. Even Zhang Tie didn't know how bad the situation would be.

    In the next half a year, not all the humans in the south of Kalay Mountain Range could evacuate from Waii Sub-continent safely. This was the source of the coming chaos. In such a critical moment, humans' dirtiest and most selfish side would be revealed. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not optimistic about this at all.

    As Zhang Tie was considering something, he accelerated unconsciously. However, Zhang Tie had no sense about the increasing speed; because he could move much faster than this sports car in the sky, on the ground and underwater; especially in his knight's consciousness, he felt that this car was as slow as walking even if it had reached its highest speed.

    The Qihai City-Yiyang City highway was built along the coastline. This road had the best scenery in Huaiyuan Prefecture. If not those tricky things in mind, Zhang Tie would definitely feel good on this road.

    A red Faerie-Dragon T9 sports car gradually caught up with Zhang Tie and drove neck and neck with Zhang Tie's black Faerie-Dragon T9 sports car.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie just ignored it. As for young men, it might be stimulative to race cars; however, for Zhang Tie, it was extremely boring.

    After driving neck and neck for about 8 miles, that red car started to provoke him. It moved ahead of Zhang Tie and started to shift to different lanes frequently. Zhang Tie ignored it and directly pressed the accelerator to surpass that red car...

    However, that red car kept chasing after Zhang Tie. After maintaining the current situation for a few miles, they reached a turn. Closely after making a turn, Zhang Tie had seen a guy repairing a truck right in front. Of course, Zhang Tie could easily shift to another lane based on his responsiveness and driving skills. However, the driver behind him responded a bit slowly. The driver behind him didn't find that truck until Zhang Tie shift to a new lane. In an emergency, the driver's left hand used a bit more force; plus, she pressed the brake. As a result, the red Faerie-Dragon T9 lost its control and rushed towards the cliff...

    With a powerful knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie had heard a familiar shriek from the red car the moment it lost its control.

    'Sh*t!' Zhang Tie swore inside as he forcefully swiveled the steering wheel. His black Faerie-Dragon T9 then leaned against the red one so as to prevent it from diving into the cliff. However, the red car moved so fast; even though Zhang Tie tried to block it ahead of it, the red car still pushed Zhang Tie's black one towards the cliff. Realizing that this method didn't work, Zhang Tie directly broke the steel plate of the chassis and braked his car in a knight style by his foot together with the other red one.

    When Zhang Tie pulled his feet out of the ground, there was a huge hole in the chassis of his black Faerie-Dragon T9. He opened the door and got off his car. After that, he walked to the side of the red one and pulled open the door on one side of the T9 car before pulling out that woman whose face had turned pale due to extreme panic.

    "Are you crazy? If you wanna die, please don't involve me in it. Why not bump into a bean curd to commit a suicide? Why do you imitate others to race cars? Why did you disguise as a tomboy? Other women have breasts yet no brains; however, you neither have breasts nor brains. If you're free, why not marry a man and nurse some babies? By doing this, you could even make contributions to the holy war and stimulate your secondary physical growth. If you're lucky enough, you can directly enter the list of having plump breasts yet no brains..." Zhang Tie swore loudly.

    Even having promoted to a knight and clan elder, Zhang Tie's words were still acrid yet contained no dirty words; however, he could always realize a good effect.

    At this moment, if someone heard a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace criticizing a woman in this way, he would definitely giggle out his eyes.

    That woman was Wang Shina. After two and a half years, Wang Shina had recovered her hot dress--a sexy, black, leather skirt; a pair of crystal high-heeled shoes; short hair; a pair of red lips; a pair of eyes which were as large as that of panda's; a pair of ears with 4-5 colorful earrings on each...

    Zhang Tie made a mistake, Wang Shina's breasts were not small. Being restricted by her white braces skirt, the two "white rabbits" looked like two ripe pawpaws which would fall off at any time.

    Wang Shina had not imagined that it was Zhang Tie who pulled her out of the vehicle. As the two cars' windows were deep-colored, she didn't know that it was Zhang Tie whom she was racing with just now. She just watched Zhang Tie stupidly as her pale face gradually blushed. Her eyes seemed to be misty. All of a sudden, she put her arms around Zhang Tie's neck. Meanwhile, she stood on her toes and kissed Zhang Tie forcefully with her red, hot lips...

    Zhang Tie became stunned as he watched Wang Shina with widely opened eyes.

    It was his first time to be forced to kiss a woman...

    Zhang Tie's spirit was shocked more than his body and senses.

    Zhang Tie could sense that this woman had used all of her strength to kiss and embrace him.

    Wang Shina also watched Zhang Tie with widely opened eyes, eyelashes against eyelashes and eyes against eyes.

    They remained still for about 10 seconds.

    After about 10 seconds, Wang Shina separated from Zhang Tie. After that, she moved back one step and faintly raised her face, "Your lips were a bit dry. I daubed some lipstick on them. You saved me and I daubed your lips with my lipstick, we're even now!"

    Touching his lips, Zhang Tie watched this woman with a strange look. Zhang Tie knew that she was just pretending to be calm. With his knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie could clearly sense the woman's current state--her voice was quivering; her palms were oozing sweat; her face was red and hot; her ears were as red as being cooked; even her heart was pounding like beating a drum. Besides being forceful, her kissing skill was actually clumsy.

    "Even?" Zhang Tie watched Wang Shina with a strange look, "I saved your life, you daubed your lipstick on my lips. We're even?"

    "What do you want then?" Wang Shina asked as she raised her head.

    Before Zhang Tie replied, the truck driver had already run towards here with a concerned look, "Are you alright?"

    "We're okay!" Zhang Tie answered.

    The truck driver was a short, fat man. Although running a short distance, he was already panting, "Thank God, you're safe; Thank God, you're safe. My truck had just broken down. I could only park there and repair it for the time being. Your cars..."

    At the sight of the two beautiful sports cars, the truck driver's face turned pale. If he was held responsible for this accident, he could not afford it even if he sold his truck. Honestly, that second-hand truck was worth a bit more than 10 gold coins at most. However, a slave like him was not even valuable than that second-hand truck.

    At the sight of the truck, Zhang Tie had already known what he was thinking about.

    "Don't worry. This accident has nothing to do with you, you don't need to pay for that!" Zhang Tie comforted him. After hearing Zhang Tie's word, the truck driver became reassured at once. However, another surprise was waiting for him. Zhang Tie pointed at his black Faerie-Dragon T9 and told him, "Although that car has some problem; it could still work. After repairing it, you could still sell it at a high price. As we almost brought you big trouble just now, I gift that car to you as a compensation!"

    The truck driver was shocked. 'Given the wholly new body of this black Faerie-Dragon T9. Although it had some problem, it would also worth a lot after being repaired. Why would that guy gift it to me?'

    Zhang Tie didn't want to explain anything to him. Instead, he just watched Wang Shina as he pointed at her car,"Get in!"

    The moment Wang Shina wanted to pull open the door next to the driver's seat, she had heard, "Sit on the back!"

    After hearing this, Wang Shina pouted her mouth as she sat on the back of the red Faerie-Dragon T9. After sitting on the driver's seat, Zhang Tie waved his hand towards that truck driver who was still dumbfounded outside the car. After that, he drove away.

    Although he drove far away, Zhang Tie could still see that truck driver being dumbfounded there.

    Wang Shina, who was sitting on the back of the car, became silent...

    Zhang Tie didn't speak; neither did Wang Shina. They just exchanged glances with each other through the same rearview mirror.

    After 5-6 minutes, that woman finally asked, "What do you want?"

    "Cut the crap! I saved you. According to the rules of street racers and tomboys, what do you think I want?" Zhang Tie couldn't stand to catch a glimpse of Wang Shina's big pawpaws and beautiful legs.

    After realizing where Zhang Tie was looking at, Wang Shina's face blushed once again. However, she still acted in a mighty way, "So what? At most making love with you!"

    Zhang Tie just replied with a smile. Wang Shina didn't say anything. Therefore, the atmosphere in the car became a bit weird.

    The car soon arrived at Yiyang City. After Zhang Tie parked the car, he led her to a roadside luxurious hotel. Wang Shina then became completely frustrated. She had not imagined that Zhang Tie could bring her to such a place...

    "What? You're afraid of that?" Zhang Tie watched her.

    "No...no way!" Wang Shina watched Zhang Tie in a bashful way, "I...I have an apartment in Yiyang City...Can we...not...do it...here? I'm not used to this place..."

    "Apartment? That's not sentimental. I'll show you a new place this time. I'm sure you will have a memorable experience!" Zhang Tie said with a glassy-eyed look.

    "A memorable experience?" Wang Shina became still when she remembered Zhang Tie's terrifying "strength" as a knight. Actually, she didn't have any experience in making love.

    "Will...will I...get pregnant?" Wang Shina lowered her voice as that hotel was close to her.

    "Pregnant? As long as you're cooperative, you will not get pregnant!"

    After thinking about those weird things that she had heard of, Wang Shina's face turned completely pale...


    After half a minute, Zhang Tie handed Wang Shina to a team of soldiers of Hurricane Corps who were on duty near the luxurious hotel. After that, he showed his tiger-shaped plate to them.

    "This woman drove on a highway at an excessively high speed. Hold her in custody and call Wang Clan to take her away!"

    After being taken away by that team of soldiers of Hurricane Corps like a national treasure, Wang Shina suddenly turned around and shrieked, "B*stard, do you know that I will leave for Taixia Country with my family members next week? Do you know why I drove alone outside there? You know nothing about that. You bastard, you idiot..."

    "Don't race car in this way when you come back to Taixia Country. Follow your parents' words. Additionally, thanks for your lipstick!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile. After that, he waved his hand towards her before turning around to leave...

    Watching this man's back, Wang Shina burst out into tears...

    Wang Shina finally understood one thing that Zhang Tie had understood well before--Many nice things were meant to be lost...
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