Chapter 800: The Reappearance of Gorath

    Chapter 800: The Reappearance of Gorath

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    The winter grew increasingly colder. In late December, it was snowing heavily. The river in the upper reach of Yuanjiang River in the territory of Qilan Country had already been frozen. The cold wave spread over Blackhot Humans Corridor. Additionally, the demonized puppets corps which had wandered in the south bank of Yuanjiang River for over one month finally stepped on the frozen river and rushed into the territory of Qilan Country like black locusts.

    When the first batch of demonzied puppets rushed over Yuanjiang River, the demon general was standing on a hill in the south bank of Yuanjiang River. The bloody cape of demon general flew in the chilly north wind and sounded like fierce flames, which looked terrifying. The snowflakes had been vaporized by its invisible battle qi before falling on its body...

    Watching more and more demonized puppets crossing over Yuanjiang River, the demon general became extremely ambitious.

    He finally conquered this sub-continent.

    The current situation was not the best one as was designed by the demon general. According to the best design, at least over 300 million humans were preserved on Waii Sub-continent at this moment. Under the rule of Three-eye Associations, the 300 million humans would release a great war potential. Under the rule of demon general, the demon corps and those Three-eye Association clans would constantly occupy the entire Waii Sub-continent and all the nearby human territories and countries; turn this sub-continent into a fortress that could constantly confront humans and consume humans' strength on the ground.

    However, all these illusions vanished at this moment.

    Everything had to be paid.

    The price of gaining 200 million demonized puppets was to overdraft and consume the war potential across this sub-continent under the rule of demons and Three-eye Association.

    Demonized puppets were the best gears of war. However, they could not be created without humans as raw materials or deliver to babies. To put it straight, they could not even match the lowest-end beasts. By contrast, humans had endless creative thoughts and imaginations which were what demons lacked.

    Humans could smelt metals and invent various machines and tools. They could also build cities and make overall yet detailed plans about everything. They could even create poems, music and beautiful drawings. However, demonized puppets could not do it. More than that, demonized puppets could not do many other things that humans could do. All the demons were very jealous of all these instincts of humans.

    Through the so-called holy wars, demons and their human agencies would force humans to be their slaves and take humans' wisdom and talents even secrets in their bloodlines and genes whenever they wanted. Only in this way could demons grow brilliant and powerful and restore the honor of their ancestors. This was the most solemn pledge that each demon had made towards the supreme demon god. It was the mission and fate for each knight of demons and Three-eye Association to conquer humans.

    The demon general moved its eyes away from Yuanjiang River and looked to the east. Waii Sub-continent was just a beginning of the holy war. The most powerful enemy of demons was on the vast Eastern Continent.

    The north bank of Yuanjiang River was just a corner of the southernmost part of Waii Sub-continent. However, as the power that once occupied this corner came from Eastern Continent, it was of a special importance for demons knights and demon corps to occupy this corner.

    As for the demon general, only when they could drive all the forces of Hua people away from Waii Sub-continent or exterminate them would they really win the war on this sub-continent and the demon general itself have a sense of achievement and pride.

    Like a ritual, it was of a special importance for demonized puppets to cross over Yuanjiang River in the eyes of the demon general.

    At this moment, all the major clans of Three-eye Association and the remaining 16 knights of demons and Three-eye Association were standing behind the demon general.

    All the clans' heads and major figures of Three-eye Association clans just watched the demon general silently. Although they had long dreamed of this day, they didn't feel happy at this moment.

    Compared to rule humans, it was much boring and meaningless to rule beasts. They didn't even regard it as a real victory. As long as they thought that they would only have a few domestic slaves to serve them, even need to use a lot of their own subordinates to do a lot of things, it became an extravagant hope for them to build large-scale luxurious palaces and residences. Their hearts pounded as such a living standard could not even match that before the holy war.

    'Is this the so-called power? If there's no servant, what is such power used for?'

    "When we consolidate our rule in Waii Sub-continent, we will transport humans slaves from other demon areas and have this sub-continent thrive once again. In only dozens of years, you will enjoy your high position and great wealth once again..." The demon general didn't turn around; however, he knew what these Three-eye Association clans were thinking about.

    Those Three-eye Association clans became shocked. Almost at the same time, they all bowed towards the demon general in an impassioned way, "Compared to the great undertakings of the holy war, such a bit sacrifice and payment was nothing. It would take us less than 100 years to conquer all the humans. By then, we will reach our heyday!"

    "Hahahaha..." The demon general burst out into laughter as he turned around and asked, "How many people are resisting us in Qilan Country on the south bank of Yuanjiang River?"

    "Qilan Country is much smaller than Jinyun Country. It's ruled by only two major Hua clans. This country only has 11 cities. Among those cities, besides a bit more people left in the capital city of Qilan Country, each of the other cities has about 30,000-50,000 people. They want to consume our strength with the city-defense equipment. Besides Qilan Country, 3 cities of Norman Empire are still resisting on the south bank of Yuanjiang River..." A Three-eye Association clan head bowed and replied.

    "What about Huaiyuan Palace? Are there any people in Huaiyuan Palace's cities resisting us?" The demon general released a shrewd eye light.

    "Hua people are too cunning. Huaiyuan Palace's strength had been evacuated from Jinyun Country last month. Nobody was left except for some empty cities!"

    "Isn't there a young knight of Huaiyuan Palace called Zhang Tie?" the demon general suddenly asked.

    "Yes! It's said that Zhang Tie is the youngest knight in Huaiyuan Palace. Because he discovered a tower of time underground Kalay Mountain Range and stayed inside it for a period, he promoted to a knight at a young age! However, after promoting to a knight, this guy seemed to have no achievement. He was just appointed as the corps leader of Hurricane Corps by Huaiyuan Palace. He's always in cultivation. A few months ago, he cooperated with each of the other two clans' elders of Jinyun Country in the south edge of Kalay Mountain Range to block our knights from going southwards. His battle force is common. He's cultivating the "Five-elements Ground-look Sutra". It seems that he has just entered a stable state. This guy had even been captured by Senel Clan in Selnes Theater of Operations. Later on, he escaped away..." The clan elder who replied to the demon general in a despised way didn't understand why the demon general would care about such a common human knight.

    'Common battle force?' The demon general faintly frowned. There was always one concern in its mind. Outside Upton City, its subordinate knight chased after Zhang Tie and had been disappeared from then on. It would never believe that a guy who had just promoted to a knight and cultivated "Five-elements Ground-look Sutra" could kill its man. It was also a miracle for that guy to escape away from a knight. Although its subordinate might be trapped underground, the demon general preferred to believe that the Hua knight called Zhang Tie had some secrets.

    'At that time, Zhang Tie had not promoted to a knight. It seemed to be a bit abrupt for him to appear on the battlefield outside Upton City. Additionally, he seemed to be excessively powerful than he looked.' The demon general didn't know whether that guy had gained the special treatment from Huaiyuan Palace. As Hua people had so many trump cards, even demons were afraid of that. Not knowing why, every time Zhang Tie came to its mind, the demon general would feel fretful.

    The demon general's fret finally turned into a killing intent. Its eyes instantly turned bloody. Watching his subordinate knights, he pointed at the south bank of Yuanjiang River and issued his destructive order, "There're 14 human cities resisting us. Today, we will sweep over those human cities and draw a period for the battle on this sub-continent!"

    Those knights behind the demon general exchanged a glance with each silently. Closely after that, they shot into the sky and flew towards the south bank of Yuanjiang River.

    With three demon knights in one group, they flew towards the capital city of Qilan Country. The remaining 13 Three-eye Association knights flew towards different human cities respectively.

    In the eyes of the demon general and all the other knights of demons and Three-eye Association clans, they would win the last victory smoothly. Based on the battle forces of knights, each knight could conquer a human city which was only defended by tens of thousands of common soldiers. Additionally, it was time for the knights of demon corps and Three-eye Association to lose their temper which had accumulated over the past half a year. In order to prevent from being raided by Gorath, all the knights under the rule of demon general moved in a relatively conservative way over the past half a year; especially those knights of Three-eye Association, who had been driven mad by Gorath. If not lose their temper at this time, they might even shake their conviction.

    'Gorath!' The demon general gritted his teeth as he thought about this name...

    Over the past half a year, Gorath didn't appear anymore. Based on Gorath's style, everybody guessed that Gorath had long left Waii Sub-continent after realizing that demons had destroyed the entire north territory of Waii Sub-continent and had poured in the south.

    So did the demon general.

    The demon general made his decision that he would definitely eat Gorath alive if he saw him in the future.

    After those knights flew off, the demon general, Three-eye Association clans and that super demon corps slowly crossed over Yuanjiang River. Following after tens of millions of demonized puppets, they just walked towards the first city of Qilan Country like having been the winner.

    The demon general didn't know that when his subordinate knights flew towards different cities on the north bank of Yuanjiang River, a thunder hawk also flew off a mountain range from afar towards the south bank of Yuanjiang River...

    In winters, birds would barely find their preys. There were many kinds of eagles hovering in the sky; especially in the wild; therefore, the demon general was unable to trace each bird's movement.

    Only after two hours, the demon general was slapped loudly once again; meanwhile, all the Three-eye Association clans became depressed once again...

    A knight of Three-eye Association who was raiding Qihai City sent an SOS through the remote-sensing crystal. It met Gorath who was thought to never appear again.

    After sending that SOS, the knight of Three-eye Association lost its contact with the demon general...

    When they realized that Gorath was always hiding on their side, all the Three-eye Association clans were shocked and looked pale. The demon general roared while snowflakes within dozens of meters flew backward.

    At this moment, the demon general acted like a horny beast whose erecting genital was chopped off by someone when it wanted to mate with a female beast. After that, the opponent even sprayed a handful of salt over its wound.

    What an extremely insidious, vicious and shameless Gorath...

    "I will kill you, kill you..." The demon general shot to the sky. At the same time, he ordered all the other knights of demons and Three-eye Association to hunt for Gorath in all directions...

    This time, the demon general swore to tear Gorath into pieces wherever Gorath escaped to...

    Even mud men had soil's attributes, let alone the demon general.

    After being humiliated and deceived by Gorath for so many times, the demon general finally had enough.

    Very few of people who were standing on the medals podium or in the winner's position could stand being slapped mercilessly at this moment.

    After releasing its battle qi completely, the demon general flew towards Qihai City like a burning meteor even in the daytime...

    Only after half an hour, before he arrived at Qihai City, the demon general had already received another message sent from his subordinate--soon after Gorath killed the knight of Three-eye Association who raided Qihai City, he had been noticed by the other knight of Three-eye Association who came from Yunzhou Province on his back. Gorath didn't mean to fight the second knight. Being chased by that Three-eye Association knight, he was flying towards the ocean.

    After receiving this news, the demon general and all the other knights of demons and Three-eye Association clans became spirited. Taking a vial of medicament in the air, they accelerated once again at the same time...

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