Chapter 801: Being Trapped Once Again

    Chapter 801: Being Trapped Once Again

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    What a risky experience!

    In order to trap the demon general, Zhang Tie actually had been wandering near the core area of the demon corps for about one month. During the past one month, he had been waiting for the very chance patiently. There were two times when Zhang Tie almost wanted to attack by force so as to attract the attention of the demon general. However, given that the demon general was very cunning and might not be trapped if he did that too excessively, Zhang Tie didn't do that.

    When Zhang Tie returned to Waii Sub-continent, this sub-continent had already become his hunting ground. As a qualified hunter, besides hunting beasts, he should also be patient enough for the optimal chance to launch an attack.

    Here it came.

    When the demon corps were crossing the Yuanjiang River and almost occupied the entire Waii Sub-continent, the demon general was so ambitious and arrogant that it dispatched his subordinate knights to raid those remaining human cities respectively--That was the chance that Zhang Tie had been waiting for.

    As long as those knights departed from each other, Zhang Tie would get his chance.

    Everything was in Zhang Tie's plan.

    That knight of Three-eye Association who raided Qihai City was not powerful at least for Zhang Tie.

    In close combat, Zhang Tie was confident to end the battle in 20 minutes; especially when Zhang Tie appeared in the branded black robe and raided that guy fiercely, that knight of Three-eye Association had long been scared too much and only wanted to escape. Therefore, that guy could only exert 80%-90% of its total battle force. In such a case, the battle could have come to an earlier end; however, according to his plan, Zhang Tie purposely delayed the battle process by about 7-8 minutes. Until Zhang Tie felt the second knight of Three-eye Association came here to rescue the first guy did he pretend to kill that knight of Three-eye Association in a very narrow way. After that, he released long-distance attacks twice towards the second knight before turning around to escape.

    The second knight of Three-eye Association knew that as long as it kept Zhang Tie in its vision, a lot of knights would arrive soon. Therefore, it tried its best to chase closely after Zhang Tie.

    The black-robe Gorath had already become the heart disease of all the knights of demons and Three-eye Association clans. If it could chase closely after Gorath until the demon general arrived and killed him together with the other knights, it was definitely a great meritorious deed for it.

    Zhang Tie flew towards the ocean, closely followed by that knight of Three-eye Association.

    Soon after Zhang Tie flew less than 200 miles away from the bank had the number of meteors behind him increased to four. The opponents had outnumbered him absolutely. With three enemy knights, they could use 3-in-1 battle skill and smash Zhang Tie's teeth, not to mention 4 of them.

    At the sight of the black-robe knight Gorath, all the other knights became thrilled.

    "Gorath, you cannot escape this time..." a knight's furious voice drifted from Zhang Tie's back, which reverberated in the sky.

    Zhang Tie only replied to them with a weird laughter "Jye Jye Jye..."

    Soon after the weird laughter, a fiery meteor had sped up and narrowed the distance between it and Gorath. Given the aggressiveness of that meteor, Zhang Tie knew that it was the demon general.

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside. He knew that it was time to risk his life and test his talent in performance.

    As the demon general arrived, all the other knights became spirited; however, Zhang Tie changed his face at once. Right under the gaze of those knights, he hurriedly took out of a vial of medicament and poured it into his mouth. Closely after that, Zhang Tie accelerated by 10%.

    Hidden Dragon Island was right on the sea in front of him.

    The demon general passed by the other knights in a split second and narrowed the distance between it and Zhang Tie to about 200 m. It kept gazing tightly at the black robe.

    "Go die!" The demon general roared as it released a battle qi in the shape of a huge round brilliant ball towards Zhang Tie like firing a shell.

    Of course, the battle-qi attack was faster than the people's moving speed. After feeling the unrivaled strength drawing close to him from his back, Zhang Tie rapidly turned around and punched out a fierce boa-shaped battle qi towards the demon general's attack with a widely opened mouth.

    The brilliant ball torn apart Zhang Tie's fierce boa and constantly rushed towards Zhang Tie at the same high speed. Zhang Tie roared as he split towards that brilliant ball by his hand with swaying silver hair.

    A huge, 10-m higher machete-shaped sharp light torn apart the air and collided with the demon general's battle qi once again.

    Huge Blade Splitting-Air Palm, a powerful battle skill of knights, was simulated by Zhang Tie according to the King Roc Battle Qi. Zhang Tie exerted 70-80% of the total strength of that battle skill.

    Closely after that, a thunder-like loud boom reverberated through the air...

    The demon general's brilliant ball was shattered. Zhang Tie quivered all over for a second. At the same time, his protective battle qi started to vibrate like a pitchfork in a high frequency. Closely after that, Zhang Tie spurted out a mouthful of blood.

    This was not a performance. With this strike, Zhang Tie had already figured out the demon general's real battle force. Zhang Tie changed his face.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood how the demon general fought three powerful human knights' 3-in-1 tactic alone outside Upton City. The demon general was overwhelming towards a black-iron knight of the same rank.

    With his current strength, Zhang Tie knew that he could never defeat the demon general except for speed.

    High speed was Zhang Tie's trump card and what he was relying on at this moment.

    Zhang Tie just pretended to escape with his full effort. Actually, he could move faster but he didn't use his super rapid moving skill yet. Without a trump card, Zhang Tie didn't dare risk his life doing this so as to manifest his greatness.

    "You're really something!" The demon general further narrowed the distance between it and Gorath with two bloody flames in its eyes.

    In the next second, Zhang Tie made a sudden turn and dove into the ocean. The demon general faintly changed its face; however, it also followed Zhang Tie immediately.

    Only 2 of the rest knights followed them in. As for the others, at the order of the demon general, they continued to monitor the situation above the sea in case that black-robe Gorath played any trick and escaped again.

    The demon general was always meticulous in front of Zhang Tie as it had already learned about Zhang Tie's cunning and tricky temperaments.

    If Gorath escaped again this time, the demon general would feel extremely embarrassed.


    After 10 minutes, Zhang Tie rushed into the sky from underwater being close to Hidden Dragon Island...

    After 2 seconds, the demon general also followed him out.

    Noticing this, those knights who were patrolling above the sea hurriedly rushed over there.

    All the 15 knights of demons and Three-eye Association had already arrived here.

    As Zhang Tie fought the demon general in the air quickly, he flew towards Dragon Cave in the Hidden Dragon Island.

    After 1 minute, the huge hollow of Dragon Cave appeared in front of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie immediately dove into it.

    Honestly, the demon general hesitated a bit when he followed Zhang Tie in the Dragon Cave. He doubted that this might be a trap set by Gorath. However, that whim was soon denied by it. The demon general convinced itself with the following 3 reasons, 'First, Gorath didn't know that my subordinates would attack the remaining human cities respectively today. Therefore, it was almost impossible for Gorath to set a trap here; second, almost all the knights across Blackson Humans Corridor have already left. With the strength of me and my subordinate knights, we don't need to fear about any ambush; third, even if he had any other tricks or traps, Gorath would not escape under my gaze. Selfish guys like Gorath would never fight knights of demons or Three-eye Association to the death. Obviously, Gorath is not an idiot or a lunatic.'

    'Apparently, Gorath wants to escape with the complex, dim terrain of the underground world.'

    After making this conclusion, the demon general accelerated towards Zhang Tie. As for all the other knights behind the demon general, although some of them became a bit hesitated, after seeing that demon general entering it, they also followed it in with the same thought. Totally 15 knights including the demon general were chasing after Zhang Tie.

    The demon general was right; however, it was not the almighty God. He failed to realize three points: first, it didn't realize that the so-called Gorath was the very Zhang Tie who had escaped from the knight who was dispatched by it; second, it didn't find that Zhang Tie had been observing the actions of all the knights of demons and Three-eye Association over the past one month only for this chance; third, it could never imagine that Zhang Tie had a marvelous item--Castle of Black Iron. With Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie could tide over any dangerous and hopeless dilemma easily.

    Besides a wild and sluggish scene, nobody else was in Hidden Dragon Island at this moment. If someone was here, they would see many meteors falling into that bottomless Dragon Cave one after another.
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