Chapter 805: Goraths Shield

    Chapter 805: Gorath's Shield

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    9 days later, Castle of Black Iron, Immortal Mountain, Sky Waterfall...

    The silver dragon-like waterfall from the hillside of the main peak of the Immortal Mountain formed the most splendid scenery in Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie named this waterfall as Sky Waterfall.

    The water of the Sky Waterfall originated from the thawed snow. After flushing off the waterfall, the snow water converged into rivers and lakes. The moisture then evaporated and condensed into snow on the top of the Immortal Mountain. The snow froze and condensed into the ethereal cloud; after that, it thawed and flushed off the waterfall once again...

    Castle of Black Iron had already formed a macrocyclic ecosphere.

    The Sky Waterfall was surrounded by verdant woods, splendid scenery and fresh air. It became Zhang Tie's favorite cultivation site.

    In the past 9 days, Zhang Tie sat down there for recovery every day.

    At present, Zhang Tie was sitting on a huge, cyan rock being not far from the Sky Waterfall with crossed legs and closed eyes to recover quietly.

    Zhang Tie remained still and silent; however, the King Roc Battle Qi which had recovered was rushing here and there in his body. Like an emperor, Zhang Tie was commanding thousands of soldiers and horses to cleanse the final threats and bandits in his body. The final threats were gradually driven away from his cells and entered his right hand's index finger, causing it to turn pitch-dark and bright.

    After sitting there for almost 10 hours, Zhang Tie opened his shiny and clear eyes. He stretched out his right hand, releasing a black battle qi and hit onto a rock in the far. As the rock was smoking, it reduced to its half in a split second.

    Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh as he watched his finger which had completely recovered its original color, 'What a powerful all-poisons battle qi!'

    When he was fighting the demon general that day, he was invaded by the all-poisons battle qi of the demon general. In that case, he tried his best to suppress the all-poisons battle qi; however, he didn't completely clean them off. A few of all-poisons battle qi was still left in his body. Lately, as Zhang Tie gradually recovered and rehabilitated, he finally cleaned up this remaining threat.

    Besides being very destructive, the demon general's all-poisons battle qi was capable of eroding other's body. It was very terrifying. If common black iron knights were severely wounded by the demon general like Zhang Tie, even if they could recover their wounds, they had to suffer a great loss so as to eliminate the remaining all-poisons battle qi in their body. By contrast, as Zhang Tie was cultivating an emperor-level secret skill, it was easy for him to eliminate all-poisons battle qi when he was in a good physical condition. In less than 1 day, the dignified emperor-level battle qi had already driven out the remaining all-poisons battle qi from Zhang Tie's body.

    After cleaning up the all-poisons battle qi, Zhang Tie became reassured. Picking himself up from the rock, he moved his limbs for a short while. After that, he took a deep breath of the fresh air. Breathing the translucent, cool moisture in the air, Zhang Tie was spirited up all over.

    Being aided by his medium-level recovery body and a lot of vials of all-purpose medicament, after consuming another vial of senior recovery medicament, Zhang Tie had completely recovered after 9 days.

    Zhang Tie revealed a brilliant smile. Closely after that, he left off the cyan rock and walked towards the palace tree in the distance alongside the mountainous path.

    Like how he named the Sky Waterfall, Zhang Tie named the palace tree as Savage Tree House, which sounded average and mischievous; however, it was very vivid. What was more was that this nickname felt warm, which, as a result, would reduce the spacious yet desolate atmosphere in the palace tree. Zhang Tie's initial intention was to make the palace tree the doomsday shelter for his family members. However, there were only Zhang Tie, Heller and his three servants inside it now. Of course, it felt too spacious. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt like a savage living inside it.

    The earlier cabins felt a bit crowded; however, the current palace tree felt too desolate.

    Zhang Tie thought, 'This might be humanity. People would never be satisfied.'

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the palace, he had seen Heller walking towards him.

    Heller was holding the space teleportation necklace of the demon general.

    "Castle Lord, this space teleportation necklace has been renovated by Edward. It costs some mithril and a blue, golden gem which had been processed by an alchemist!"

    After taking the necklace, Zhang Tie found that it had been completely different than its black look before. Even those who had seen that necklace before would not be able to identify it.

    The major part of the former necklace was a diamond-shaped three-dimensional pendant. However, it became an angel with open wings now. Although Zhang Tie didn't have an eye for art, he could feel that the angel pendant was unusual. Being only as long as one's thumb, the angel's facial expression and plumes were vivid and sacred. What an amazing artwork! With hands cupping above her head, the angel cupped a top-quality brilliant blue, golden gem like cupping the sun.

    The top-quality blue, golden gem was plundered from the warehouse of a Three-eye Association clan. Under the sunshine, it showed four brilliant stony flowers which had a similar effect with that of a cat's eye. It indicated that the gem's strength had been completely activated by the alchemist master.

    After being activated by the alchemist master, the blue, golden gem would carry a natural ability to purify poisons in his body. Usually, a single top-quality blue, gold gem would be worth about 300,000 gold coins. However, if it was attached to this necklace, plus the artwork and the space teleportation attribute of this necklace, this necklace would be priceless.

    Holding the necklace, Zhang Tie looked around it as he kept nodding, "Nice, nice!"

    As he praised it, Zhang Tie directly put it on his neck.

    "Castle Lord, you'd better check the items inside the necklace. When Edward processed it, he didn't take out the items from this necklace as he was afraid of destroying the space teleportation function of this equipment. Otherwise, he could have finished processing it for 6 days."

    Zhang Tie patted his forehead as he remembered that he indeed had not checked the items inside this equipment. He had not imagined that Edward worked 3 days more due to such a trivial negligence.

    "Will space teleportation equipment be destroyed?" Zhang Tie asked Heller as he injected some spiritual energy into the equipment. He then poured all the items from the space onto the ground. Zhang Tie didn't have to worry about losing those items as they were in Castle of Black Iron, regardless of their values.

    In a split second, a lot of items had been piled in front of Zhang Tie and Heller.

    The comfortable golden luster of earth-element crystals tinged the entire palace golden.

    The space in the necklace was about 27 cubic meters. As a small warehouse, it could hold many items.

    Most of the items in the space were earth-element crystals, which almost occupied half of the space. A crystal wall as high as 3 m piled up in front of them.

    "Even different universes and planes would be collapsed, not to mention a tiny space teleportation equipment." Heller replied calmly. After that, he picked up one earth-element crystal and looked at it carefully, "Castle Lord, You will not worry about the supply of earth-element crystals for a long while!"

    "There are 5879 earth-element crystals in total. I can light another 18 scales with them!" Zhang Tie became a bit thrilled as he watched those earth-element crystals. 'How rich was the demon general! Although it's a prize for common black iron knights, it could only help me make a bit progress. Emperor-level secret skill's chakra is a bottomless hole which could be barely filled.'

    "Step by step. Better than nothing! Common black iron knights could not afford so many earth-element crystals even if they sold their underwear." Heller joked.

    This time, Zhang Tie made a great achievement. Heller also felt happy for Zhang Tie sincerely as if Zhang Tie's achievement was like that of his, which drove him extremely excited.

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter. He then stretched out his hand when an earth-element crystal flew off and landed on his hand lightly like a piece of the plume. Touching the earth-element crystal and sensing the familiar texture, Zhang Tie sighed satisfactorily.

    The earth-element crystal then flew off Zhang Tie's hand and returned. Zhang Tie scanned over the remaining items and finally focused on a shield.

    That was the very shield that the demon general held before the fight. It used the shield to defend the high-temperature magma. There were circles of decorative figures which looked like sunflowers on the surface of that shield, making it pretty special.

    Compared to its brilliant look in the demon general's hand, this shield had recovered its original color now. It was lying silently on the ground like a common, excellent metal shield. The "sunflowers" surface was reflecting the luster of those earth-element crystals.

    'When in close combat, the demon general didn't put away this shield in its body; instead, it put this shield into this space teleportation equipment. It seemed that the demon general intended to use it in emergencies. However, even if the demon general might not have imagined that it was its last time to put it in.'

    Under Zhang Tie's gaze, that shield slowly flew off the ground and landed on Zhang Tie's hand.

    Seriously, among all the weapons, Zhang Tie was most excel at using shields. When he cultivated in Hidden Dragon Island, he made progress in the highest efficiency on shield defense skill.

    This shield weighed about 100 kg. Holding it, Zhang Tie didn't find it being any special.

    'It looks common. I just wonder about its raw material. How could it play such a marvelous effect in the demon general's hand? Additionally, how could it integrate with the demon general's body?' Holding the shield, a lot of questions occurred to Zhang Tie's mind.

    "How do I use it?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    Zhang Tie knew that as long as his questions were above Heller's bottom line, Heller would always feel content to answer them.

    "In this state, this shield could also work. Like common shields, it could be used to resist physical attacks. However, compared to common shields, it is irresistible. Even if a knight who had formed four chakras would not be able to destroy it!"

    "Even if a knight who had formed four chakras would not be able to destroy it?" Zhang Tie became stunned. 'Four chakras? Does it mean that even knights who have formed the wind chakra would not be able to destroy it? Is it a silver secret item? How powerful it is!'

    "Right!" Heller nodded, "After injecting your battle qi into it, you could activate its second state. You could have a try. In its second state, you could use it to resist your enemy in 360 degrees. Additionally, in this state, it could completely isolate spiritual attack, not to mention physical attack!"

    Zhang Tie injected some battle qi into the shield. The shield then turned brilliant and released a golden luster. Together with Zhang Tie's battle qi, the golden luster tightly wrapped Zhang Tie like how a shell covered a yolk. The current state of the shield was as same as that the demon general used to defend the high-temperature magma surrounding it.

    The second state of the shield was very powerful; however, it had to consume Zhang Tie's battle qi. Zhang Tie sensed that his battle qi could stand common black iron knight's uninterrupted dense attack with the shield in its second state for about 10 hours. If he faced a more powerful attack, he would consume more battle qi in the same period. The length of period that he could stand depended on how powerful was the opponent's attack. If his battle qi could not stand the attack, neither would the shield in its second state. Additionally, although his enemy could not hurt him with the shield in its second state, he could not use any battle skill, either. The protective cover formed by the shield could not even be penetrated through by Zhang Tie's spiritual energy...

    The second state of this shield was indeed like an all-round irresistible iron tortoise. When in extreme situations, the second state of the shield would play a great role.

    "When you injected your battle qi and spiritual energy into the shield at the same time, you could choose the third state of the shield..."

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie tried to inject his battle qi and spiritual energy into the shield at the same time. Closely after that, the brilliant shield disappeared. Almost at the same time, Zhang Tie felt that the sun in the void of his Shrine Palace started to rotate slowly like how a planet revolved around the sun. Meanwhile, it kept releasing brilliant battle qi which seemed to smooth the shield...

    Zhang Tie was really startled by the third state of the shield, 'How could my body hold such a shield whose diameter is about 0.5 m? My lower abdomen is not even as wide as 0.5 m.'

    Heller understood what Zhang Tie was thinking about.

    "It's nothing strange. I've told you before. If you really understand the universal rules, you will know that the so-called size of space and universe are meaningless. Size is just a ruler that humans use to recognize objects. However, rulers are always limited to the cognitive levels of humans' senses! Materials are just forms of energy. However, do you think that the size of energy could be measured by volume?"

    Zhang Tie was stunned by Heller's question. After thinking about it for a short while, he moved the shield from his lower abdomen into his hand once again. This time, Zhang Tie finally sensed something abstruse.

    The shield didn't appear in Zhang Tie's hand in the form of a material object in a split second; instead, after he injected his spiritual energy into it, the shield gradually turned into a material object. Additionally, the material object was not made of his spiritual energy, but a powerful quake and energy response. He realized that his spiritual energy was just a media. Through the quake and the energy response, Zhang Tie sharply sensed the rapid, surging and converging qi of the four elements in the elements realm.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie felt that he was not holding a shield, but a weightless shield mold whose parameters and conditions had been fixed. When the shield mold appeared in his hand, the four elements in the elements realm were cast into a material object according to the preset parameters and conditions just like casting something in a mold with red, hot liquid steel...

    Zhang Tie had visited those ironworks and die shops in Blackhot City; he knew it clearly how to cast those molds with red, hot liquid steel. Similarly, they radiated the same brilliance and heat; the difference was that ironworks and die shops were full of sparks of molten steel.

    The process that he put the shield in his body was similar to that of casting molds with liquid steel.

    'It turns out that silver secret item could exist both in material realm and elements realm; it could exist in both the material state and the non-material state.'

    Zhang Tie understood the mystery of the silver secret item at once.

    "Can Edward change the shape of this shield?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    "Unless you determine to let this shield remain in its first state forever and not activate its second state or put it in your body; otherwise, it's out of Ewards's capability. Everything about this shield was preset. Only the one who produced it could change its look!" Heller shook his head.

    'It seems that I cannot use this shield; otherwise, everybody would know that I'm the very Gorath. If so, I would have a great trouble and become the target of demons and Three-eye Association.' Zhang Tie thought, 'It seems that this shield is exclusive to "Gorath"...'

    As this shield had no name on its surface, neither did it have a name that could only be read by spiritual energy, Zhang Tie didn't know what to call it. However, according to Zhang Tie's habit, now that this shield could only appear in the hands of Gorath from then on, just call it "Gorath's shield" then...

    After putting the Gorath's shield in his lower abdomen, Zhang Tie looked at the small tree in the far. The rich fruits on the small tree were greeting him...

    At the sight of so many fruits, Zhang Tie felt pretty good, 'No matter what, even if there was no such a silver secret item, the space teleportation item or a single fruit on the small tree, I've already been satisfied by the great achievement...'

    Zhang Tie had not dreamed that he could promote to the most powerful and mysterious profession among knights.

    If not having read the book-notes of elders of Huaiyuan Palace and the various information about knights which were collected by Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie didn't even know there was such a mysterious, powerful profession among knights at all. The number of knights who could promote to such a profession was even less than that of alchemists.

    'All this were benefited from the spiritual strength and the strength of God. After eating so many fruits of brilliance, I finally realized a qualitative change from quantitative change. After making a breakthrough and radiating the brilliance of the strength of God, I finally enter another sacred gate.'

    'Besides Castle of Black Iron, this profession will be my greatest trump card and dependence.'

    Watching that resplendent fruit of brilliance on the small tree which contained all the spiritual energy of the 13 late Three-eye Association knights, Zhang Tie revealed a smile once again. It made Zhang Tie more excited than having promoted to a powerful, mysterious profession--he could make a big leapfrog on the road of this profession.
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