Chapter 807: A New Strategy

    Chapter 807: A New Strategy

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    There was an old Hua saying--If you don't take the benefits that the God gifts you, you will be punished by the God; if you don't do it at the right time, you will have troubles!

    All the knights of demons and Three-eye Association were exterminated across Waii Sub-continent. Before the arrival of the new knights of demons and Three-eye Association, even before they knew the message that these guys had been cleaned up, Zhang Tie thought that the God was going to gift him something and allow him to do something.

    'What does the God want to gift me?'

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie realized that the God was going to gift him two things.

    First, the wealth that all the Three-eye Association had plundered from the demon's area in the north of Waii Sub-continent.

    During the past years in the incarnation of Gorath, Zhang Tie had already gained too much wealth from those Three-eye Association clans which had been struck or exterminated by him. Honestly, that wealth was just a small part of Three-eye Association clans. The greater part of wealth was in the hands of the remaining 11 Three-eye Association clans, which included most of the wealth of the 17 collapsed human countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. The wealth was still scattered in hidden places by these Three-eye Association clans. Therefore, Zhang Tie thought that the God aimed to gift that wealth to him.

    As for the second gift, Zhang Tie thought that the God was going to gift him the super demon corps which had overthrown the overall situation of Waii Sub-continent. On the premise of having the double-headed parent worm, the key to control this super demon corps for Zhang Tie was to feed those demon fighters with the double-headed parent worm's eggs.

    When the demon general ruled this super demon corps, it was almost impossible for Zhang Tie to do this. Although there was only one knight in the super demon corps, he could still not play any trick. However, now, Zhang Tie got a chance--he could have many methods to feed those demon fighters with that double-headed parent worm's eggs as there was no knight in the opposite camp.

    To gain the above two gifts and exterminate all the demonized puppets so as to return the entire Waii Sub-continent to its tranquility was what Zhang Tie should do at present.


    3 days later, namely January 11th, the remaining Three-eye Association clans and the entire demon corps were scared by a message even though they had not received any message about the demon general, all of their knights, even those scouts who had been dispatched to Hidden Dragon Island.

    Whereas, it was already too late.

    Even at noon on a sunny day, watching over 10,000 demonized puppets to fall down and struggle on the ground for a while before death, all the members of Three-eye Association clans at present felt that something was wrong.

    "Is it done by that b*stard?" A member of Three-eye Association clan whispered as it watched those corpses.

    "I don't think so. It's not worthwhile for Gorath to poison these demonized puppets!" Another member of Three-eye Association clan whispered.

    When some corpses of demonized puppets were carried over here, they all swarmed up and wanted to figure out what happened.

    It was a major event for these Three-eye Association clans which expanded by demonized puppets to watch their subordinates die in this way.

    Those demonized puppets had just died over 1 hour ago. Following the order of a head of a Three-eye Association clan, some members moved forward with scalpels and kits and started to dissect those corpses in front of them. Of course, it was not difficult for so many Three-eye Association clans to find some talents who were similar to forensic doctors and coroners.

    They should be very meticulous to complete such a complex autopsy and death verification process; it would usually take them at least 1 hour to reach the conclusion for a similar autopsy, except for this time. Before they reached their conclusion through autopsy and experiment, everybody at present had seen changes on those corpses.

    "I remember that there was no such a black spot on the face of this corpse!" A member of a Three-eye Association clan questioned.

    "Are you sure?"

    "I'm sure. There was no such a black spot on that corpse's face just now...look, look, the number of black spots is increasing!" That guy screamed as it pointed at that corpse. Even the one who was dissecting the corpse stopped its work at once.

    Right then, numerous black spots appeared on those corpses of demonized puppets lying on the ground. Closely after that, under the gaze of everybody at present, the number of those black spots kept increasing...

    Watching the increasing black spots, all the members of Three-eye Association clans at present moved backward at the same time. They started to change their faces. Even those forensic doctors had taken off their uniforms, gloves and tools and floundered and crawled away with scared looks.

    In a couple of minutes, small bubbles had come into being on the black spots of the corpses. In the sunshine, the small bubbles soon broke and poured out some black blood. Meanwhile, more and more black spots came into being and the bubbles grew increasingly larger, accelerating the decomposition of those corpses.

    "Ptomaine miasma!" One forensic doctor screamed out of fear. Even his voice had changed like how a duck's neck was pinched by a person's hand. All the members of Three-eye Association clans felt a killing qi. As they changed their faces, they started to retreat.

    What was worse was that 1,000 more demonized puppets had fallen down and started to struggle outside Yiyang City during this short period.

    For these Three-eye Association clans which had joined the war in Selnes Theater of Operations, ptomain miasma was nothing new. However, such a ptomaine miasma was a mutated species which they had not seen before. The ptomaine miasma in Selnes Theater of Operations was colorful; however, this one was colorless, which played a very terrifying effect on demonized puppets.

    No commander or commissioned officer would like to have their troops stay in a region being affected by high-risk virus or bacteria, even demons.

    After discovering the mutated ptomaine miasma, all the Three-eye Association clans and demon corps had reached an agreement within half an hour--evacuate from Yiyang City as soon as possible; wait for the demon general in a safe place.

    Therefore, the contingent of demonized puppets and the demon corps started to evacuate rapidly only after they arrived at Yiyang City for a few days.

    For the sake of safety, the members of the 11 Three-eye Association clans and the demon corps even didn't take their demonized puppets troop away with them. Instead, they left ahead of those demonized puppets.

    The demon corps evacuated from Yiyang City together with Zhang Tie who was responsible for the safety of logistic supply, water source and food in an incarnation of a LV 12 commissioned officer of iron-armored demons. Across the demon corps, no demon caught the weird look and the wisp of a smile at the mouth corner of the LV 12 iron-armored demon when it evacuated.

    In the beginning, Three-eye Association and the demon corps just thought that this ptomaine miasma just broke out in Yiyang City; however, they soon realized that they were wrong--the terrifying mutated ptomaine miasma started to spread over all the cities in the south of Yuanjiang river, including Huaiyuan Palace and Qilan Country. In only one day, over 200,000 demonized puppets had been killed by this mutated terrifying ptomaine miasma.

    Evacuation turned into an escape. The demon corps which crossed over Yuanjiang River arrogantly half a month ago started to cross over Yuanjiang River once again. However, this time, they were escaping towards the north.

    Those members of Three-eye Association clans and those commissioned officers of that demon corps thought that they could find a safe place to wait for the arrival of the demon general; however, they didn't know that they could not find such a place across Waii Sub-continent unless in the hell...

    The terrifying ptomaine miasma just followed the demon corps all the way towards the north. A lot of demonized puppets would fall down every day. More and more demonized puppets died day after day. The terrifying ptomaine miasma started to break out among the demonized puppets in an all-round manner. Every city on their way back would break out ptomaine miasma like dominoes. Whenever they thought that they had already arrived at a safe place would the ptomaine miasma break out once again in a couple of days.

    Demonized puppets fell down; members of Three-eye Association fell down; even many LV 9 fighters in that powerful super demon corps were in poor conditions. The entire super demon corps' battle force was sharply weakened.

    This time, the demon corps evacuated faster than when they marched southwards.

    At the end of February, after abandoning over 80 million demonized puppets, the demon corps reached Kalay Mountain Range once again. Being different, this time, they escaped towards the north as embarrassed as homeless dogs. In the eyes of all the Three-eye Association clans and the demons, the south of Kalay Mountain Range had already deteriorated into a terrifying hell of ptomaine miasma...

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