Chapter 808: The Capital City of Sacred Iceland Kingdom

    Chapter 808: The Capital City of Sacred Iceland Kingdom

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    In each June, the beginning of summer, Gozidari Plain in Ice and Snow Wilderness would welcome the most beautiful season of the year.

    This summer, Gozidari Plain was both the most beautiful and the most boisterous place in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Since the 896th year of Black Iron Calendar, a majestic city had already been built on Gozidari Plain after about 1 million workers' 3.5 years' around-the-clock work.

    This city was the 2nd city in Ice and Snow Wilderness and the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Before this magnificent city was named by its owner, it had been known as Saint Petersburg by all the Slavs across Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Everybody thought this name was very good, including the elders of the huge bear tribe.

    Over the past 3.5 years, steel plants, cement plants, machinery plants, foundries and workshops of different sizes started to sprout up like mushrooms after rain across Gozidari Plain so as to build Saint Petersburg. As a result, the entire Gozidari Plain became much more prosperous than before.

    As over 10 million immigrants poured in Ice and Snow Wilderness, they brought sufficient, cheap labor forces, lots of technicians, engineers and talents from all walks of life. Meanwhile, these people released a vast market demand. Additionally, the 90 million gold coins that Zhang Tie invested in building Saint Petersburg released a powerful cash flow in the hinterland of Ice and Snow Wilderness. The very cash flow guaranteed the economic prosperity.

    With the construction of Saint Petersburg, the cash flow of 90 million gold coins flew in all directions from the hinterland of Ice and Snow Wilderness like trickles. As a result, Saint Petersburg's orders spread over the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness from the most remote mountain bear tribe to the most prosperous Ewentra Archipelago. The entire Ice and Snow Wilderness started to rotate slowly like a steam engine being activated. Meanwhile, it released a vast development potential and led to a vigorous scene all over.

    When Blackson Humans Corridor was in its worst situation, the Ice and Snow Wilderness, which had been regarded as a wilderness by numerous people, started to reach its heyday.

    'Who brought Ice and Snow Wilderness to its heyday?'

    Even a 3-year old kid in Ice and Snow Wilderness could answer this question--His Majesty Peter.

    As Saint Petersburg was going to be completed, Peter Hamplester's authority as the tsar of Saint Petersburg was gradually adopted by more and more people.


    At dawn, a xiphodon cavalry team finally arrived at Ginqing Lake Delta Region of Gozidari Plain after one night's gallop where Saint Petersburg, the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom, was located. From here, they could see Elzida Mountain in the distance.

    This cavalry team consisted of less than 30 people. All the cavalries wore an armor made of mutated whale's leather. They even smelt fishy. If you looked at them carefully, you might see white salt as fine as sand on the binding sites between the pieces of their leather armors. Generally, such a phenomenon was caused by three reasons: first, their leather armors were picked up from the ocean; second, their leather armors were soaked with their sweat; third, the combination of the above two situations.

    At the sight of Saint Petersburg, the head of the cavalry team stopped his mount, followed by all the others. Watching the preliminary contour of Saint Petersburg in the distance, they all felt shocked inside.

    The city wall was made of white steel rocks which were extracted from Elzida Mountain. In the morning sunshine, it looked as pure and white as the cleanest snow on the top of Elzida Mountain which had existed there for over 1,000 years. Being different than the natural greatness of Elzida Mountain, this city's contour presented an artificial magnificence.

    "Here we are!" The head of the cavalry team turned around and watched his subordinates. He then accented, "The city built by His Majesty Peter, also the capital city of Sacred Iceland Kingdom!"

    All the cavalries' eyes radiated a special brilliance. Watching this city, many of them felt proud. Over 3 years ago, this sense of pride just belonged to their tribe, though.

    The head just clamped the stomach of his xiphodon by his legs. Closely after that, his xiphodon had rushed forward, followed by all the other cavalries...

    This cavalry team then rushed towards Saint Petersburg along the Marly River. After a few minutes, they met another cavalry team who were galloping their xiphodons towards them. The population of the new cavalry team was twice that of theirs. Besides, the members of the new cavalry team looked more capable than them with more excellent equipment.

    "Stop, report your status, please!" The commissioned officer of the new cavalry team raised his arm to stop this travel-stained team when they were 50 m away from each other.

    "I'm Hags, the head of the sea bear tribe!" The head of the travel-stained cavalry team raised up his identification plate and shouted, "I have an emergency military intelligence to report to His Majesty Peter!"

    After knowing their purpose and checking their identities, the commissioned officer gave way to them. Not only that, he even led them to Saint Petersburg.

    With the convoy of this cavalry team, the sea bear tribe's cavalries smoothly passed another two cavalry teams' obstruction and one roadblock and finally arrived at Saint Petersburg after over 40 minutes of travel.

    This city looked utterly different than they saw from afar just now.

    The design of Saint Petersburg was very special. Looking down at it from the air, you would see that the contour of this city was like a special snowflake. This city was surrounded by six inter-connected huge, outstanding diamond-shaped battle fortresses. Being linked with the 6 diamond-shaped battle fortresses was a standard hexagonal city wall. The city gates were on the hexagonal city wall behind two diamond-shaped battle fortresses.

    With this structure, Saint Petersburg looked especially beautiful. What was more, with such a design, this city had a terrifying defensive ability. Each and every enemy had to face the counterattack from the city-defense weapons on two battle fortresses and one part of city wall at the same time. If the opponent wanted to attack any battle fortress, they had to suffer a great loss; additionally, after destroying any one battle fortress, they would definitely ram onto the sharpest and the firmest joint between two parts of the city wall and be struck by weapons from the two parts of the city wall at the same time.

    The cavalries of the sea bear tribe felt that the design of Saint Petersburg was very fabulous. However, at this moment, these cavalries didn't have time to appreciate it. After entering the city from a southeast city gate, they directly rushed towards the Summer Palace of the tsar in the center of this city.

    Saint Petersburg had 6 thoroughfares, all of which converged in the core area of this city.

    The core area of this city was the Summer Palace of Sacred Iceland Kingdom.

    In Ice and Snow Wilderness, summer was the nicest and most precious season; therefore, that man's residence, also the hub of the authority of Sacred Iceland Kingdom was called Summer Palace by people.

    It was very boisterous in the city. Over 2 million people were living in Saint Petersburg. Many new buildings appeared on the two sides of the thoroughfares which could hold 12 vehicles in a row. Additionally, new buildings were rising everywhere, making the entire city vigorous.

    Besides private cars, there were also public buses on the thoroughfares of Saint Petersburg.

    After entering the city, all the cavalries slowed down.

    In Saint Petersburg, besides Grey Palace warriors and fighters of Thor's Hammer, only heads and elders of tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness and their retinue could ride their mounts on the thoroughfares. What a special honor!

    When they passed by the square of Grey Palace, Hags, the head of sea bear tribe found that Grey Palace was holding a grand ritual today as numerous clergymen in white costumes and black costumes were gathering on the square. Mountain people, mountain sea! Everybody was waiting for something with a solemn and desired look...

    "Are they holding a ritual?" Hags asked the commissioned officer of Thor's Hammer who escorted them all the way here.

    "His Majesty had just conferred His Excellency the Maxim as the archbishop of the entire Ewentra Archipelago a few days ago. It's the first time for His Excellency the Maxim to hold the mass of ode after advancing to the archbishop. Therefore, so many clergymen were attracted and gathered in the square!" The commissioned officer answered respectfully.

    As the cavalry team of the sea bear tribe had been on the way during the past few days, they had no connection with the outside. Therefore, Hags was shocked inside when he was told that the first archbishop of Ancient God Church had appeared, but not the heads of the major bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Hags had heard about Maxim before. In less than 4 years, this guy had already consolidated the supreme position of Ancient God Church in Ewentra Archipelago and developed numerous believers of Ancient God Church in Ewentra Archipelago. Even many bigwigs and councilmen had been developed into clergymen and believers of Ancient God Church by him.

    Maxim was once just a logistics clerk of a small, remote tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. What made him well-known was his precious note called "God's Favor is the Spring", which recorded how Peter presented the God's will in the underground ruins of Haidela Glacier Crack as the one had witnessed and experienced it himself.

    In Ancient God Church, besides the sacred book "Book of Eternal", Maxim's "God's Favor is the Spring" was almost the most favorite book of all the believers and clergymen of Ancient God Church.

    Of course, Maxim became outstanding not only because of a note and a sacred book but also because of his wisdom and talents. Hags knew that another powerful star who was on an equal footing with the heads of the bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness would rise in Saint Petersburg from today on.

    If not an emergency, Hags even wanted to stop to take a look at the ritual. By the way, he intended to scrape acquaintance with the first archbishop who came from Peter's followers.

    The entire Summer Palace occupied over 200 hectares. It was absolutely a scaled-down Saint Petersburg. The blocks near the Summer Palace had already been converged with mansions and castles of bigwigs of Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Not only those rich ones from Ewentra Archipelago who strove for buying real estates here at high prices, even the heads and elders of bear tribes were proud of having one castle or mansion near the Summer Palace.

    The Summer Palace was strictly guarded by Grey Palace warriors and the elites of Thor's Hammer.

    The cavalry team of sea bear tribe stopped outside Summer Palace. After reporting their intention here, only Hags, the head of the sea bear tribe and two of his subordinates were allowed in. All the other soldiers of the sea bear tribe had to wait outside Summer Palace.

    The Summer Palace was divided into front palace and harem. The front palace was where the hub of the authority of Sacred Iceland Kingdom was located and where the Helm Elders worked.

    Under the guidance of a commissioned officer of the front palace, Hags finally came to the palace where the helm elders worked after many passes and saw the 5 helm elders.

    The five helm elders of Sacred Iceland Kingdom were knight elders of three tribes.

    Besides the 3 elders of the huge bear tribe, two elders of the iron bear tribe and wild bear tribe also had arrived in the helm palace after receiving the message.

    The 5 elders had been long waiting for the arrival of Hags.

    At the sight of the 5 elders, Hags hurriedly told the 5 elders about the latest news.

    After listening to Hags' words, the 5 elders exchanged a solemn and amazed glance with each other. Watching Pontiff Sarlin slowly nodding his head, the 5 elders then stood up at the same time. Elder Toles watched Hags, "Let's go tell the news of the sea bear tribe to His Majesty!" After saying that, Elder Toles glanced at Hags' two subordinates.

    "They are the bravest fighters of the sea bear tribe. After landing, they deepened into the demon's area in Blackson Humans Corridor for investigation and got the latest, detailed intelligence! They could explain what they saw to His Majesty." Hags hurriedly introduced.

    After listening to Hags' introduction, the two fighters of the sea bear tribe both chested out. No fighter would miss such a special honor to show off themselves in front of His Majesty.

    The 5 elders then became silent. They then hurriedly took Hags and his two subordinates away from the Helm Palace. After passing by a long winding corridor and a royal garden in the front palace, they finally came to a magnificent parlor.

    "Where's His Majesty?" Elder Gouras asked a beautiful, female commissioned officer who was serving them in the parlor.

    "His Majesty is taking a rest!" The tall and plump female commissioned officer in a purple longuette answered respectfully.

    Although eunuchs still existed in some palaces, there was no eunuch in Summer Palace. The harem of Sacred Iceland Kingdom adopted female commissioned officers as servants in the harem of Summer Palace. Most of these female commissioned officers and maids came from tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness, a few of them even came from major clans of Ewentra Archipelago.

    'He's still taking a rest?' Those elders forced bitter smiles at the same time. As His Majesty Peter had returned to Ice and Snow Wilderness for over 1 month, his gossips in the harem had also drifted into the elders' ears, they had not imagined that His Majesty Peter was still taking a "rest" when the sun had risen such high.

    When that female commissioned officer went to report to Peter about their arrival, the 5 elders and the 3 representatives of the sea bear tribe could only wait in the parlor silently.

    After that tall and plump female commissioned officer in a purple longuette left the parlor, she entered the harem. A few minutes later, she came to a magnificent palace.

    Some maids and two female commissioned officers were standing outside a room with solemn looks inside the palace. Listening to the exotic sounds drifting from the room, they all blushed; however, they still "stuck to" their own posts and pretended to be calm.

    Over the past 1 month, there were always groans, sounds of "pah pah pah" and occasionally screams drifting from the room between 10 pm and 12 am, except for some hours in the midnight.

    Only Queen O'Laura entered the room at the beginning; however, after a couple of days, more and more madams were called in.

    As for those maids and female commissioned officers who had always been serving Peter outside the bedroom over the past one month, most of them could even judge which madam was being favored based on the groans.

    "Is His Majesty still inside?" That tall and plump female commissioned officer asked another female commissioned officer in a low voice.

    "Listen..." That female commissioned officer implied her with her eyes while her face blushed.

    After listening to that for half a minute, that tall and plump female commissioned officer's face also blushed.

    Loud frequent sounds "Pah Pah Pah Pah" drifted from the bedroom. Meanwhile, sobs reverberated in the bedroom.

    "Who's that?"

    "Madam Sabrina who was taken in by His Majesty last night!" That female commissioned officer answered.

    Of course, that tall and plump female commissioned officer was familiar with the name Sabrina. However, it was out of her imagination that this notorious woman could sob like a virgin.

    "Perhaps, His Majesty could enjoy a fresh sense of conquering a virgin from a mature woman like Madam Sabrina. That's why he loves her so much!" The female commissioned officer whispered.

    "Some elders want to see His Majesty!"

    "According to the rules set by Queen O'Laura for the harem, if elders have something urgent to report, they could have female commissioned officers enter the bedroom and pass it to His Majesty directly!"

    After hearing that, the tall and plump female commissioned officer bit her lips before plucking her courage to open the door and enter it.

    Sabrina stopped sobbing...

    After 2 minutes, the bell outside the bedroom finally rang. Hearing this, those maids and female commissioned officers who were waiting outside the bedroom swarmed in at once...


    After 10 minutes, Zhang Tie left his resting palace and walked towards the parlor where the elders were waiting for him.

    It had been over 1 month since Zhang Tie completed his action and left Blackson Humans Corridor. Zhang Tie estimated that the situation in Blackson Humans Corridor should have been discovered by humans...

    If they didn't know about the current situation facing Blackson Humans Corridor till now, it was unnecessary for them to continue fighting demons anymore.
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