Chapter 809: Preparation and Shock

    Chapter 809: Preparation and Shock

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    Right in the parlor, when Zhang Tie entered, the 5 elders and the 3 representatives of the sea bear tribe stood up and bowed towards Zhang Tie at the same time.

    "Your Majesty!"

    "Hmm, relax yourselves, take a seat!" Zhang Tie glanced over the 5 elders and Hags, the head of the sea bear tribe.

    When he caught sight of Hags, Zhang Tie had almost got their intention. The sea bear tribe had been responsible for spying on the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor during the past few years so as to master the recent situation of demons near Sacred Iceland Kingdom. If demons prepared to attack Ice and Snow Wilderness, they would definitely take drastic measures in the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    Watching them taking seats, Zhang Tie sat on the main seat.

    "A female commissioned officer told me that you have an urgent military intelligence to report to me. Are demons taking drastic measures in Blackson Humans Corridor once again?" Zhang Tie asked with a solemn look.

    Zhang Tie exerted his disguise talent to the utmost. When he spoke, his facial expression and tone were both vivid.

    When he asked, Zhang Tie prayed inside--God, forgive me. Although it's not kind to do that, please allow me to be innocent this time given that I was always honest before.

    Elder Toles opened his mouth, "This intelligence is indeed about demons. We were also shocked when we got this intelligence. All of us thought it was of great significance; therefore, we came here to report it to you, Your Majesty!"

    "What's that?' Zhang Tie faintly frowned as he asked in a muffled and dignified way.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the 5 elders finally moved their eyes on Hags.

    After taking a deep breath, Hags stood up and uttered, "The demon corps in Blackson Humans Corridor might...might have been exterminated. Even that demon corps and those Three-eye Association clans in Blackson Humans Corridor had disappeared!"

    Zhang Tie sprung up from his chair due to an extreme shock. After that, he slowly sat back. Watching Hags with a solemn look, he asked in a slightly icy tone, "As the head of sea bear tribe, do you know what responsibility you should assume when you talk about that in front of me and the helm elders?"

    Under the "dignified" gaze of Zhang Tie, Hags gritted his teeth, "I know, I will be responsible for each word that I said here today. I would like to take the punishment for any mistake in my intelligence!"

    "Fine, tell me about your reference and how did you know that!"

    "After the demon corps passed by Kalay Mountain Range last year, sea bear tribe had received the order of helm elders. We were requested to strengthen the surveillance over the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor. From then on, I had dispatched mutated-shark cavalry elites to strengthen our surveillance over the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor. This March, the abnormal phenomena in northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor aroused our attention. Our soldiers' cavalries found that the demonized puppets which had reached the south of Blackson Humans Corridor started to retreat towards the north since March. As a result, those empty coastal areas were crowded with numerous demonized puppets surging northwards in a short period. After verifying this intelligence, we reported it to the helm elders immediately..."

    Elder Gouras interrupted at this moment, "When we got the intelligence from the sea bear tribe, the helm elders were very intense. At that time, demon corps had already occupied Blackson Humans Corridor completely. Therefore, their sudden abnormal movement reminded us that demon corps were going to prepare for attacking Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Therefore, we even let Ewentra Mixed Fleet enter Class II readiness posture. However, what happened next was more abnormal..." Elder Gouras threw a glance at Hags to let him continue.

    "The soldiers of sea bear tribe kept monitoring the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor. We found that the demon corps didn't prepare for the war in the northern coastal areas; instead, they kept moving northward and retreated into the northern inland regions. Because there were demonized puppets all over on the land, our soldiers didn't deepen into the inland regions. By mid-April, something more abnormal happened. All the demonized puppets disappeared from the northern coastal areas of Blackson Humans Corridor. At the beginning, we thought that demons were playing tricks. Therefore, we observed it for two weeks meticulously. By late April, after not seeing any demonized puppet for over 10 days, some brave soldiers of sea bear tribe finally deepened into the inland cities to investigate!"

    "They didn't see any alive demonized puppet in those inland cities; instead, they saw numerous broken corpses of demonized puppets with terrifying looks. Given their looks, those demonized puppets might have been affected by a terrifying ptomaine miasma. After finding this situation, we reported it to the helm elders at once; meanwhile, some bravest soldiers of sea bear tribe started to deepen into inland cities. Their report was very shocking. All the demonized puppets across Blackson Humans Corridor might have disappeared. There were only a large number of decomposed corpses in those cities where those demonized puppets had stayed. As for the two bravest soldiers on my side, one of them deepened into Hurricane Plateau of Golan Empire in the past one month, the other entered Kalay Mountain Range; however, they did not find any trace of demonized puppet..."

    As Hags introduced the two soldiers, Zhang Tie moved his eyes onto them on Hags' side. One of them was LV 11, while the other was LV 12. Watching their tough looks and strong figures, Zhang Tie nodded inside. 'Given their looks, they are definitely dauntless fighters. No wonder they dared deepen into Golan Empire and Kalay Mountain Range to spy on the movements of demon corps.'

    "Tell me what did you see." Zhang Tie asked the two fighters.

    Starting from the fighter on the left of Hags, the two fighters started to depict what they saw when they deepened into Hurricane Plateau of Golan Empire and Kalay Mountain Range.

    Corpses! Corpses! They saw nothing but corpses.

    "How did you know that those corpses were of demonized puppets? How did you confirm that those corpses died of a terrifying ptomaine miasma?"

    "When demonized puppets surged southwards, there wasn't any alive person across the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. When they moved southwards, all the humans had fought to the death or turned into the food of demonized puppets. We saw too many corpses, some of which might be of humans; however, we believe that most of those corpses were of demonized puppets!"

    "Additionally, the skulls of those decomposed corpses were black. Therefore, we're sure that those corpses died of a terrifying ptomaine miasma. In Kalay Mountain Range, even wild beasts or insects dared not draw close to those corpses..."

    The two fighters of sea bear tribe replied in muffled and well-organized way.

    "How many corpses do you think were there in Kalay Mountain Range?"

    The two fighters exchanged a glance with each other.

    "We cannot tell you the concrete figure. However, according to our speculation, there should be at least 100 million corpses. We saw corpses from the north of Kalay Mountain Range all the way to the entrance of the underground world on Hurricane Plateau where the demon corps had been discovered!"

    'They almost got the concrete figure!' Zhang Tie was more shocked by the two fighters' abilities. They were both brave and smart. No wonder they were favored by Hags.

    "Brave fighters of sea bear tribe, tell me your names!" Zhang Tie's voice turned genial.

    "I'm Hirokov!"

    "I'm Alkin!"

    The two fighters answered while chesting out.

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he pointed at two longswords hanging on the wall of the parlor, "These are rune swords gifted by a major clan in Ewentra Archipelago. From now on, they belong to you, one for one. Only real fighters could live up to such excellent weapons! From today on, you could enter Summer Palace with them."

    "Thanks, Your Majesty!" The two fighters of sea bear tribe took a deep breath before forcefully punching their chests. Trying their best to not look too excited, they strode towards the wall and picked off the two longswords in a decent way. After that, each of them put one sword on one side of their waist and returned to Hags' sides.

    Being gifted with longswords in the parlor and were promised to enter Summer Palace with the gifted swords was a great honor for any tribal fighter, which made their family members and them proud.

    Zhang Tie's award made Hags look more confident. He knew that this award meant the tsar's confirmation about his subordinate fighters and the entire sea bear tribe.

    Zhang Tie pretended to think about something. After being silent for a short while, he asked Pontiff Sarlin and the other elders, "What do you think about it, elders?"

    "There must be a major accident across Blackson Humans Corridor which even demons could not have predicted. The only problem is that we don't know the whereabouts of the demon corps and the demon general. The demon corps might have been exterminated by the terrifying ptomaine miasma; however, the 17 knights of demons and Three-eye Association couldn't be killed by ptomaine miasma, including the demon general!" Elder Gouras said as he frowned.

    "No matter what, the news that all the demonized puppets were exterminated across Blackson Humans Corridor could shock the entire human world. We don't need to risk our lives to explore the whereabouts of the demon general and its subordinate knights and that super demon corps. We only need to release the news that almost 200 million demonized puppets were killed by ptomaine miasma. Someone will help us figure out the reason. It's a good thing for Sacred Iceland Kingdom." Elder Turin said in an experienced way.

    "I will do that!" Pontiff Sarlin smiled, "After all, many people have known my byname in the Mountain of Brightness. Additionally, Sacred Iceland Kingdom needs a channel to pass its voice to the public."

    All the other elders nodded.

    "Could Elder Sarlin see the future of Waii Sub-continent?" Zhang Tie suddenly asked.

    "Since half a year ago, the entire Waii Sub-continent had been covered by a dense black fog. From then on, I could not see anything about this Sub-continent. In the beginning, I thought that this black fog symbolized demons. I had even been worried about that for a long time. However, given the current situation, the black fog might be another unknown power!" Elder Sarlin sighed.

    Zhang Tie didn't speak anymore. He knew that he had already built the channel, what he needed to do was to wait for the result.

    'The threats facing Ice and Snow Wilderness and Sacred Iceland Kingdom were finally eliminated. As demon corps could not occupy Waii Sub-continent for the time being, they would not make their preparations to fight Ice and Snow Wilderness. Therefore, they could not pose any substantial threat to Ice and Snow Wilderness. Given the current situation, unless the demons' heads were idiots, they would never have their demon corps appear on the sub-continent which had been absolutely desolate with over 200 million corpses of demonized puppets due to fatal ptomaine miasma. They could not get any resource from this sub-continent anymore.'

    'Compared to the other sub-continents, the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent, Sacred Iceland Kingdom is just a sesame in this world, which is in such a cold and barren land. Demons will never pick up such a sesame at the cost of some watermelons. Nobody would like to do that. As for demons, the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom had lost its value. After Waii Sub-continent became a wasteland, Sacred Iceland Kingdom had become a Shangri-La. Before occupying Eastern Continent or the Western Continent, demons would not organize its power to launch such an expedition to this place.'

    'However, Sacred Iceland Kingdom should keep an eye on moles of Three-eye Association clans. They might want to root, reproduce and expand here like parasites so that they could overthrow the ruling of Sacred Iceland Kingdom in another manner. It was another form of war to handle Three-eye Association clans. Whereas, after the Three-eye Association clans on Waii Sub-continent were exterminated, it would take new Three-eye Association clans at least dozens of years to consolidate their positions and powers in this country. Those Three-eye Association clans don't have a chance to break in Sacred Iceland Kingdom for the time being.'

    Zhang Tie fulfilled his promise that he would support Ice and Snow Wilderness to the end in another pattern.

    These were the final preparations that Zhang Tie made before returning to Eastern Continent, including the crazy things he had done these days. As Zhang Tie didn't know when would he come back here next time, he took the crazy things that he had done as a communication, compensation, carnival, gift and comfort.

    'When O'Laura, Olina or Sabrina made love with me, they desired for sustaining my bloodline, although they didn't say it.' Zhang Tie would sustain his bloodline in Sacred Iceland Kingdom. However, he had to leave for Taixia Country.

    Without the holy war, Zhang Tie might pick up his family members from Taixia Country to Sacred Iceland Kingdom or his beloved ones from Sacred Iceland Kingdom to Taixia Country. However, in the holy war, Zhang Tie couldn't bear his friends, family members and clansmen being threatened by demons while he was in a safe place. 'O'Laura, Olina and Sabrina belong to this place, they have everything here. They won't feel like leaving out of here.'

    At present, Sacred Iceland Kingdom might be as safe as Taixia Country; however, such a safety was temporary if humans didn't win the holy war.

    Donder once said, "One could betray everything but his bloodline."

    Faithfully, Zhang Tie could not betray his bloodline.

    In the future, the fiercest battle between demons and humans would break out in Taixia Country.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie had to return to Taixia Country.

    If Taixia remained safe, humans would survive forever.

    Even if he was not here, as long as he fought demons and Taixia remained safe on Eastern Continent, it would be a protection for Sacred Iceland Kingdom.

    "Over the past years, the Tribal Axis Railway Corporation (TARC) has gathered a great number of profits and assets. With the increasing population across Ice and Snow Wilderness, many more places are to be developed. A few days ago, the TARC and Golden Bank have proposed to build a new railway. How about connecting the next section of the Tribal Axis Railway to sea bear tribe? This section of railway lasts over 1,700 miles. Sea bear tribe could raise fund or dispatch tribal labor forces to participate in the construction of the railway. Sea bear tribe could share 40% of this section of railway and participate to run it!"

    It was Zhang Tie's principle to award those who have military exploits. As the sea bear tribe had made a great performance in the past few years, Zhang Tie had to set the sea bear tribe as a good model for all the other tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Hags, the head of the sea bear tribe sprung up with an excited look immediately as he punched his chest, "Thanks, Your Majesty!"

    Of course, Hags was excited. Because he knew that this award meant millions of more gold coins' income for sea bear tribe each year. Although the sea bear tribe was poor, they had a lot of labor forces and could gather some money. In the worst scenario, as long as Hags agreed to use the potential benefits or stock options of the new section of the railway as the mortgage, he could raise a great amount of gold coins from those newly riches in Ewentra Archipelago and Golden Roc Bank.


    Only after a few hours, an article called "Latest News: Terrifying Ptomaine Miasma Exterminated over 200 Million Demonized Puppets across Waii Sub-continent" was issued in the Mountain of Brightness.

    The entire Mountain of Brightness was shocked...
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