Chapter 810: Returning to Taixia Country

    Chapter 810: Returning to Taixia Country

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    After the news that over 200 million demonized puppets across Waii Sub-continent were exterminated was released in the Mountain of Brightness, Sacred Iceland Kingdom also dispatched a large war airship to Waii Sub-continent for further investigation at the order of Zhang Tie. According to the intelligence of the airship, they found 2 airboats above Waii Sub-continent which were moving at very high speeds. Additionally, each of the two airboats was safeguarded by a knight. The knight of one airboat even made a close touch with the scouting airship of Sacred Iceland Kingdom.

    However, fighters on the scouting airship could not identify the background of the airboats from the knights on the two airboats. Undoubtedly, the amazing event on Waii Sub-continent had already shocked the rest of the world and attracted the attention of major forces. Those who could arrive at Waii Sub-continent in the shortest period were definitely top forces across Eastern Continent or Western Continent.

    With the focus on Waii Sub-continent from all parties, the event that happened on Waii Sub-continent was gradually revealed; meanwhile, more and more mysteries appeared.

    From January to June of the 899th year of Black Iron Calendar, human forces evacuated from Waii Sub-continent. What happened on Waii Sub-continent, which had been occupied by demon corps, might become the largest mystery since the start of the 3rd holy war.

    Nobody knew the whereabouts of that super demon corps which was composed of demon fighters above LV 9!

    Nobody knew the whereabouts of the 17 knights of demons and Three-eye Association clans!

    Nobody knew the whereabouts of those Three-eye Association clans on this sub-continent!

    Nobody knew the whereabouts of that wealth that had been plundered by Three-eye Association Clans on this sub-continent!

    Many people seemingly had disappeared out of the void...

    Everybody only knew that this sub-continent was covered with the terrifying skeletons of demonized puppets.

    All the skeletons of animals even humans looked white or light-colored, except for that of those demonized puppets which looked as black as ink, which made people scared.

    The terrifying ptomaine miasma was named as Full Moons Demon Miasma.

    At the beginning, some people doubted whether those demonized puppets died of ptomaine miasma. Compared to those widely-accepted ptomaine miasmas, the latest ptomaine miasma over Waii Sub-continent was colorless and intangible, which didn't have the features of many common ptomaine miasmas at all. It looked more like a rank poison. If not those black bones, people could almost not identify it. Nevertheless, in July, all the doubts had faded away.

    When the double full moons appeared, black miasma covered wherever there were black bones across Waii Sub-continent. The black miasma was like the crazily dancing flame in the hell, which almost wanted to devour all the living beings across the sub-continent.

    Therefore, the name Full Moons Demon Miasma spread throughout the humans in the shortest period.

    With the appearance of Full Moons Demon Miasma, all the doubts in Waii Sub-continent were finally focused on a mysterious knight--Black-robe Gorath!

    Based on the traces across Waii Sub-continent, some people even speculated that it was the very mysterious black-robe knight Gorath who had been wrestling with demons across Waii Sub-continent and making demons run here and there helplessly for many years. Besides being a knight, Gorath was an extremely terrifying voodoo pharmacist. The terrifying Full Moons Demon Miasma was controlled by the black-robe knight Gorath. When humans left this sub-continent, the Waii Sub-continent finally became the testing field of Gorath's Full Moons Demon Miasma. All the demons across the sub-continent were finally devastated by Gorath.

    Actually, this speculation was close to the truth. However, it could still barely interpret why the demon corps, the 17 knight and Three-eye Association clans disappeared.

    There was one point that they could confirm that the Full Moons Demon Miasma was the killer of all the demonized puppets.

    Given the lethality of the ptomaine miasma, demonized puppets who were converted by human corpses were most easily affected by ptomaine miasma.

    What happened on Waii Sub-continent had already approved this point. When this sub-continent was covered with demonized puppets, it was also turned into a terrifying hell by the Full Moons Demon Miasma.

    The reputation of the mysterious black-robe knight Gorath soon spread across the world. Meanwhile, he became the target of all parties such as humans, demons, Three-eye Association and someone who had ulterior motives. Even Zhang Tie pretended to issue a secret order to seek for the black-robe knight Gorath in Sacred Iceland Kingdom.

    Nobody could imagine that Gorath was Zhang Tie. Nobody would match Gorath to Zhang Tie given the looks and abilities. Additionally, according to the public information, when Gorath appeared on the demon's area of Waii Sub-continent for the first time, Zhang Tie was staying with the crown prince of Norman Empire in Huaiyuan Prefecture. Given the distance between them, nobody would match Gorath to Zhang Tie.

    When everybody focused on the mysterious black-robe knight Gorath, Zhang Tie was relieved...

    Besides the speculation about Gorath, there were many more versions of what happened across Waii Sub-continent. Some thought that a more powerful human knight had cleaned everything; some thought that Three-eye Association clans on Waii Sub-continent betrayed demons and finally fought demons to the death...

    There was even one more reasonable explanation--the demon general collected the ptomaine miasmas that once appeared in Selnes Theater of Operations and cultivated the terrifying Full Moons Demon Miasma so as to improve its all-poisons battle qi. However, the demon general failed to control the Full Moons Demon Miasma. As a result, the demon general lost its consciousness and started to kill the knights on its sides. Finally, it even devastated the demon corps and all the demonized puppets. In order to survive themselves, those Three-eye Association clans and the remaining knights joined hands with each other so as to kill the demon general. Afraid of being revenged, they could only leave Waii Sub-continent for remote areas to survive themselves with the wealth that they had plundered while concealing their identities.

    Compared to the explanation about Gorath, the latter explanation was more reasonable and widely accepted.

    In the discussions, the truth of that event was buried in the course of history. It soon came to August.

    During this period, besides pretending to pay attention to the message about Waii Sub-continent and Gorath, Zhang Tie spent most of his time playing with those women in the harem of the Summer Palace of Saint Petersburg.

    In such a carnival, O'Laura, Sabrina, Olina and the 6 women of Spencer Clan were all pregnant.

    Zhang Tie gifted every woman a boy.

    After consideration, Zhang Tie only left two ancestral bloodlines in Sacred Iceland Kingdom--a sword affinity, a Kuafu bloodline. Plus the leakless body that those kids would have when they came to this world, these kids would be much more excellent than their peers since they were born.

    Zhang Tie didn't leave his pupil-changing bloodline. If pupil-changing bloodline appeared in Sacred Iceland Kingdom, it would easily remind people of Zhang Tie. As a result, it would bring a lot of troubles and dangers to Zhang Tie, even his kids. As their father, if Zhang Tie could bring a lot of troubles to demons like "Gorath" in the future, he was not sure whether demons and Three-eye Association would revenge his kids. Zhang Tie didn't have to worry about this problem in Taixia Country; however, he had to consider it in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Out of this consideration, Zhang Tie didn't even leave his precise throwing bloodline in Ice and Snow Wilderness, not to mention his body-changing bloodline. Body-changing bloodline was Zhang Tie's unrivaled trump card. Before the end of the holy war, Zhang Tie didn't think that he should expose this secret to anybody else. As long as this immortal bloodline appeared on a kid, Zhang Tie was sure that he would immediately become more famous than "Gorath". By then, he would be the top target of his enemies. 'Gorath could disappear himself, what about me and my family members?'

    After knowing that they were pregnant, all the other women intended to leave Sacred Iceland Kingdom except for O'Laura.

    Olina wanted to go back to Ewentra Archipelago; Sabrina wanted to go back to wild bear tribe; Mattia and Beryl wanted to go back to Eschyle City.

    This was the nature of women. Each woman would choose the safest place to welcome the new life. Even cats and dogs acted in this way, not to mention humans.

    Zhang Tie knew that he was almost going to leave here after sowing his seed in Sacred Iceland Kingdom.

    On August 21st, Zhang Tie called all the women in a brilliant dining hall of the harem of Summer Palace and started a romantic candlelight dinner with them alone.

    At dinner, those women wore brilliant imperial bobtails and presented their arrogant and sexy figures while exposing half of their breasts. Even Sabrina had put up her hair and wore a brilliant diamond necklace. Watching the 9 beautiful ladies in front of him, Zhang Tie became a bit dazzled. He could not imagine that his dream had come true.

    Through 9 months of reclamation and nourishment, all the 9 women had turned maturer and more enchanting with finer and redder skins and more brilliant eyes like delicate and charming roses and peonies.

    Watching the 9 distinctive women sitting together and eating in front of him, Zhang Tie felt hot all over as he started to glance over their plump breasts and cherry lips.

    Those women, who had been extremely familiar with Zhang Tie, sensed his restless look as they revealed smiles. Zhang Tie's desired eyes indicated that he was obsessed with their sexy and charming looks very much.

    Previously, they all knew that even a blink would cause a "fight" in such a case. As they knew that Zhang Tie was very "destructive" when he was extremely excited, they didn't want to risk doing this.

    "Do you need me to call in some female commissioned officers?" O'Laura, sitting on Zhang Tie's side, wiped her mouth with a piece of napkin gracefully before asking "delicately".

    Of course, Zhang Tie knew O'Laura's meaning. His face blushed as he realized that he had been very dissolute in the harem these days that the 9 women had been used to such cases which were extremely embarrassing for commoners.

    Shaking his head and waving his hand, Zhang Tie immediately recovered his composure due to his powerful knight's consciousness. After thinking for a short while, he uttered, "I will soon leave Sacred Iceland Kingdom for Taixia."

    The 9 women became silent at once. As they stopped doing what they were doing, the dining hall recovered its tranquility.

    "Will...will you come back?" O'Laura asked with a faint, trembling voice.

    "As long as I'm alive, I will come back for sure. If I'm dead, you..." Zhang Tie paused as he glanced over the 9 women's faces, "Take care of our kids! They will remind you of me!"

    "Can you...not go there?" Sabrina watched Zhang Tie with a plaintive look.

    Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh before saying, "The holy war has just started. Although Sacred Iceland Kingdom looks safe for the time being, it is actually not safe as long as humans don't win this war or don't eliminate all the demons and Three-eye Association; you and our kids would face the threat of demons forever. You might even become others' slaves and food one day and be spoiled and fed by pen-like beasts. You would have no dignity at all. As a human fighter, a knight and a father, I could not just wait here for the demons. I have to do something. As Eastern Continent and Taixia Country would be the fiercest battlefield between humans and demons, I have to go back!"

    "If you die, I promise to cultivate your kid into the most powerful fighter and commander and let him revenge for you on the battlefield!" O'Laura said with the firm and persistent eyes as she watched Zhang Tie...

    2 days later, Zhang Tie left Sacred Iceland Kingdom for Eastern Continent...

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