Chapter 814: A Reunion

    Chapter 814: A Reunion

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    Zhang Tie looked down and saw the vast, sparsely populated land and mountain forest. There was a large area of tidy farmlands outside Embracing Tiger City. So many docks and shipyards were in the north of Embracing Tiger Harbor. It was a well-planned industrial area over 30 miles away from Embracing Tiger City which was linked to other places through railways and highways. One could even see some sparse villages and towns along the railways, highways and farmlands.

    As it was daytime, many people were still doing farming work in the farmlands.

    The scenery of Yanghe Prefecture in Youzhou Province under his foot reminded Zhang Tie of the former Andaman Alliance. They had too many similarities, except for some obvious differences.

    The first difference was that the farmlands under his foot evidently had a higher mechanization than that of the former Andaman Alliance. Even though he was in the sky, Zhang Tie could still see many steam tractors and agricultural equipment running in the farmlands. The second difference was that the urban and rural buildings here had a rich Hua feature.

    Of course, the largest difference could not be identified by eyes--There were so many knights in Yanghe Prefecture; however, there was no knight across Andaman Alliance.

    Zhang Tie was thrilled more or less. Because he was flying above the homeland of Hua people--Taixia Country, the most powerful country in this age.

    Zhang Tie kept flying northwest. Only after flying over 400 miles in half an hour, another city had appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    This city was not large. Looking down from the sky, it was only of about 60 square miles. The city wall was divided into 8 parts like pedals, making it especially exquisite.

    At the sight of this city, Zhang Tie knew that he had arrived at home.

    This city was called Golden Light City, the foundation that Golden Sea City branch of Huaiyuan Palace built in Yanghe Prefecture.

    When in Waii Sub-continent, the 8 branches of Huaiyuan Palace prepared to use the former names such as Yiyang, Xince, Stars Viewing, Qihai in Huaiyuan Prefecture for the new cities in Yanghe Prefecture. However, someone in Youzhou Province said that this might cause a bad influence for Lord Long Wind who was competing for the governor of Youzhou Province. Therefore, Huaiyuan Palace decided to use the new names for the new cities.

    Zhang Tie felt good about using new names, which symbolized new start-ups. When in Waii Sub-continent, Huaiyuan Palace had advantages in both timing and geographic locations. As Golden Sea City, Yiyang City and Qihai City were on the coast, Huaiyuan Palace could enjoy the benefits of sea trade by building harbors in these cities. However, in Youzhou Province of Taixia Country, it was already a great achievement for Huaiyuan Palace to gain almost 1 million square miles in the southeast of Youzhou Province. All the other cities of Huaiyuan Palace in Youzhou Province were not coastal cities except for Embracing Bear Harbor. Therefore if they kept using the former names, it would feel a bit strange. Additionally, these new cities' locations were carefully selected so that Huaiyuan Palace could better control the entire Yanghe Prefecture.

    Flying in the sky, the entire Golden Light City was in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    There was a brilliant mansion covering over 130,000 square meters in the east of Golden Light City, which contained a huge garden of over 30,000 square meters. Many fiery plants formed a huge attractive circle in that garden.

    At the sight of that garden, Zhang Tie felt like crying as he knew that he finally arrived home.

    Although it was his first time to be here, Zhang Tie knew that there was a kind of red maple in the garden of his home. The maples were red all the year round and formed an obvious circle. They were especially planted by Zhang Tie's parents so that Zhang Tie would spot his home from the sky when he came back.

    "I've already arrived at my home in Golden Light City. Everything went smooth!" Before Zhang Tie descended, he sent a message to Huaiyuan Palace through his elder's finger ring.

    'As I've arrived at the gate of my home, I had better notify Huaiyuan Palace in advance.'

    After sending the message, Zhang Tie directly darted downwards from over 10,000 m high without covering his qi.

    When he was 3,000-4,000 m away from his home, Zhang Tie felt that he was locked by a knight's consciousness in the mansion downside there. Closely after that, a figure shot into the sky and accelerated towards him.

    Zhang Tie just stopped there and waited for that figure.

    Elder Muyuan the 6th granduncle appeared in front of Zhang Tie in a split second.

    "6th granduncle!" At the sight of the 6th granduncle's solemn look, Zhang Tie bowed towards him deeply.

    Zhang Tie had been a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace, he didn't need to bow towards his 6th granduncle according to the regulations; however, as Zhang Tie appreciated his 6th granduncle's care about his family over these years, he insisted on bowing deeply towards his 6th granduncle out of the etiquette as a junior.

    "You're...Zhang Tie!" Elder Muyuan looked extremely shocked when he drew closer and identified Zhang Tie.

    When Zhang Tie's rotating chakra ceremony was held, Elder Muyuan was in Taixia Country; therefore, he didn't see how Zhang Tie looked after promoting to a knight. Watching Zhang Tie bowing towards him in the sky which indicated his cultivation base as a knight, Elder Muyuan felt complex. After only such a few years, the juvenile who knelt down and kowtowed for appreciating him at the beginning had already become a clan elder like him. What an amazing change! What was more shocking was that Zhang Tie's look remained unchanged after these years. He still looked like a 16-17-year-old.

    "Yes, I'm Zhang Tie!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile towards his 6th granduncle, "I really appreciate 6th granduncle for taking care of my family members over these years. Zhang Tie will definitely repay you for your kindness!"

    Elder Muyuan glanced at Zhang Tie's face with his sharp eyes. Finally, he noticed the elder's finger ring of Huaiyuan Palace and confirmed Zhang Tie's status.

    Elder Muyuan then recovered his composure as he looked calm.

    "Do other elders know that you're back?" Elder Muyuan asked.

    During the past almost one year since Zhang Tie left Hurricane Corps, Zhang Tie just contacted Huaiyuan Palace occasionally and told them about his schedule and that he was safe. Nobody in Huaiyuan Palace could imagine that Zhang Tie would come back at this moment.

    "I've just notified them!"

    After getting that answer, Elder Muyuan realized that Zhang Tie was good at handling human relations. Therefore, he didn't ask anymore; instead, he let out a deep sigh, "Since you left Huaiyuan Prefecture for Selnes Theater of Operations last time, you've not come back home for over 5 years. You'd better go back home for a reunion as soon as possible. As for the affairs in Yanghe Prefecture, Huaiyuan Palace and the key factors in Youzhou Province and Taixia Country, we will talk about them later!"

    After saying these words, Elder Muyuan directly turned around and flew away; instead of returning to Zhang Tie's home.

    Zhang Tie deeply bowed towards his 6th granduncle's back once again. He knew that Elder Muyuan didn't want him to be restrained at home.

    Zhang Tie didn't come back home until he saw off his 6th granduncle.


    "Who're you?" Some guards instantly sprung up and watched Zhang Tie with vigilant looks as they tightly held the handles of their swords and sabers the moment Zhang Tie landed in the courtyard of his home. If they did not find that Zhang Tie was talking with Elder Muyuan just now, these guards might have charged at him.

    After looking around, Zhang Tie found these guards were all Hua people. Although being strange, they were all above LV 9 and very capable. Therefore, Zhang Tie nodded inside.

    "I'm Zhang Tie!" Zhang Tie replied frankly.

    After hearing this reply, all the guards changed their faces at once out of amazement...

    However, before those guards continued to ask him, 3 boys of 4-5 years of age had rushed out of the porch.

    "Ah, master has flown off like a bird; master has flown off like a bird; I will also learn to fly; I will also learn to fly..."

    The 3 boys looked so cute with black hair, black eyes and jade-like white skins. With a special qi, they looked like half-breeds more or less.

    The moment the 3 boys appeared had Zhang Tie focused on them without a blink.

    Zhang Tie felt a bit mysterious resonance between his bloodline and that of the 3 boys.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, the 3 boys became stunned for a second.

    "Uncle. Have you seen our master?" The boy in the front asked dauntlessly.

    Although those guards who surrounded Zhang Tie wanted to say something, after seeing Zhang Tie's undeniable dignified look, they shut up at once.

    The 3 boys looked a bit like Linda, especially their eyes.

    When he heard what they called him, Zhang Tie didn't know what to say.

    With a genial smile, Zhang Tie squatted down in front of the 3 boys, "Who's your master?"

    "Our master is Grandgranduncle Muyuan!" The boy in the front replied without any fear.

    'Grandgranduncle Muyuan?' Zhang Tie almost laughed at such a naive appellation about Elder Muyuan. Such an appellation included Elder Muyuan's name and seniority in Zhang clan. Perhaps, only these little guys could call him in this way.

    "Isn't your Grandgranduncle Muyuan an old man with white hair and beard?" Zhang Tie asked with the same naive tone as that of the kid.

    "Ahh, yes, yes, Grandgranduncle Muyuan gave us a lesson today. However, don't know why but Grandgranduncle Muyuan suddenly flew off the courtyard just now!"

    "What did you learn today?"

    "Grandgranduncle Muyuan brought us a jar of ants. He showed us how small ants caught big insects and taught us how to breathe like a tortoise. That's too funny!" The 3 kids clapped happily as they replied.

    "Let me guess, are you Zhang Chenglei?" Zhang Tie watched the 3 kids and asked, "You're Zhang Chengting, you're Zhang Chengpei!"

    As the 3 kids had the traits of their moms, Zhang Tie immediately identified them.

    "Yes, how do you know our names? We've not seen you before!" Zhang Chengting asked with a vigilant look. Meanwhile, he stealthily drew Zhang Chenglei's clothes' corner and whispered to him, "Elder brother, mom doesn't want us to talk with strangers!"

    "It's fine. Don't you see the guards here? If this man could enter our home and tell our names, he must be our relative or a friend of our elder uncle!" Zhang Chenglei also turned around and whispered to Zhang Chengting.

    Hearing the two little guys whispering in front of him, Zhang Tie almost burst out into laughter.

    "Ahh, you've not even told us whether you've seen our Grandgranduncle Muyuan." Zhang Chengpei asked as he raised his petite face. Even though they've chatted for a short while, the little guy still insisted on figuring out the first question.

    Before Zhang Tie replied, a familiar sound and footstep had drifted behind the porch.

    "Chenglei, why did you take two younger brothers out?"

    With this voice, a grande dame in light green longuette and elegant and exquisite make-up appeared.

    The moment that person moved out of the porch, she had caught sight of Zhang Tie. Closely after that, she was fixed...

    After touching Zhang Chenglei's head, Zhang Tie stood up and watched Linda in front of him.

    Since he left Huaiyuan Prefecture on the 894th year of Black Iron Calendar, they had departed for almost 6 years. During this period, Linda, after giving birth to a baby, looked a bit plumper due to a noble living style. She looked more like an elegant, mature wife and mother.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Linda instantly covered her mouth with hands. In a few seconds, she burst out into tears...

    Zhang Tie just walked forward and lightly embraced Linda.

    "Bad man, you made my mom cry, let go of my mom..."

    In such a warm moment, an inharmonious voice sounded on Zhang Tie's side. Zhang Tie felt being kicked by someone. Lowering his head, he saw Zhang Chenglei watching him with a furious red face. Meanwhile, Zhang Chenglei was clutching Zhang Tie's clothes and kicking Zhang Tie forcefully. Zhang Chengting and Zhang Chengpei also rushed towards here to give Zhang Chenglei a favor as they started to attack Zhang Tie at the same time, "Let go of Aunt Linda!"

    Linda hurriedly wiped off her tears as she squatted down and prevented the three kids from attacking Zhang Tie furiously, "Chenglei, Chengting, Chengpei, this is your papa; hurry, call papa..."

    The three little guys were shocked at once. Watching Zhang Tie, they seemed to have not imagined that the "big hero" who was fighting demons in their minds could appear in front of him at this moment...


    Only after a few minutes, the entire Zhang's mansion had become as boisterous as celebrating the new year's festival...
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