Chapter 815: An Enchanting Night

    Chapter 815: An Enchanting Night

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    At night, in the dining hall of Zhang Tie's mansion, all the family members gathered at a huge round table. This dinner lasted from 7 pm to 11 pm. Many dishes had been heated more than once. However, the atmosphere remained extremely fervent...

    At 10 pm, Zhang's next generation was taken to bed by babysitters and servants, leaving Zhang Tie's parents, Zhang Yang who had just arrived at home hurriedly and the wives of the two brothers in the dining hall.

    During the past few years, Zhang Yang added two more nephews and one more niece for Zhang Tie. The three kids were both born in Taixia Country. The two new nephews were named Zhang Chengtai and Zhang Chengxia respectively while the new niece was named Zhang Shiqing. As of now, Zhang Tie's elder brother already had 5 sons and 2 daughters; plus Zhang Tie's 3 sons, Zhang family already had 10 juniors.

    Zhang Chengtai was delivered by Zhang Tie's eldest aunt Wang Huizhen; Zhang Chengxia was delivered by Zhang Tie's second aunt Lu Shixun; Zhang Shiqing was delivered by Zhang Tie's third aunt Wang Huayin.

    Over the past few years, Zhang Yang had been busy running Jinwu Business Group in Taixia Country. Therefore, he didn't marry any more wife.

    With the 10 kids at home, Zhang Tie's parents felt less lonely.

    As for Zhang Tie, everybody wondered how could Zhang Tie promoted to a knight at such a young age.

    When Zhang Tie's dad asked him about this, all the family members watched Zhang Tie with curious looks including Linda, Beverly, Fiona, Zhang Tie's elder brother and eldest aunt.

    As no outsider was at home, Zhang Tie talked about the overall process of Upton Battle.

    Of course, Zhang Tie briefed those dangerous experiences. As for the extremely dangerous experience of being chased after by a demon knight, Zhang Tie just briefed it with one sentence--I wrestled with a demon powerhouse and fell into a subterranean stream with it. Speaking of the tower of time, Zhang Tie emphasized its marvel instead of mentioning the loneliness that he felt when he cultivated in it.

    Everybody felt like listening to an interesting knight novel.

    "You mean...you alone...floated over hundreds of miles in the subterranean stream and stayed in the tower of time for...15 years?" Zhang Tie's mom asked him with a faintly trembled voice.

    Watching his mom's shocked look, Zhang Tie purposefully raised his voice, "Ahh, almost like that, it's interesting to float in the subterranean stream. I cultivated in the tower of time every day. Therefore, time flew past quickly. I don't remember how many years did I stay inside!"

    After listening to Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie's mom burst out into tears at once, making Zhang Tie a bit flurried.

    "Mom, don't worry about me, I'm fine..." Zhang Tie hurriedly comforted his mom.

    Zhang Tie's mom hurriedly wiped off her tears and revealed a smile, "I'm fine. It's too late. I'm a bit tired. You'd better go to bed earlier!"

    Zhang Yang wanted to say something. However, Zhang Tie's eldest aunt drew his clothes and threw a glance at Zhang Yang. After glancing at Linda, Beverly and Fiona, Zhang Yang realized something at once, "Yes, it's too late. Younger brother, as you have just come back, you must be tired. You'd better go to bed now!"

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona faintly blushed.

    "Ahem..ahem..." Zhang Tie's dad coughed twice in a dignified way as he looked around, "Hmm, your mom and I are a bit tired. If you have any story, talk about it tomorrow!"

    After watching the bashful looks and alluring figures of Linda, Beverly and Fiona, Zhang Tie's heart pounded...

    Therefore, all the family members went to bed.


    In Zhang's mansion, in order to avoid troubles, especially as Zhang Tie was not at home all year round, they lived separately. Zhang Tie's parents lived in the main courtyard where all the family members always held parties and various activities; Zhang Yang's family lived in the courtyard on the left of the main courtyard which was matched with an independent gate; Linda, Beverly and Fiona lived in the courtyard on the right of the main courtyard. All the female servants and guards in the courtyard on the right once served Zhang Tie in Jinwu Castle such as Sonia, Runo and Paul, etc..

    Only 21 of the former 52 female servants from Varner Empire who once served Zhang Tie in Jinwu Castle were with Zhang Tie now. All the others had been set free by Linda, Beverly and Fiona. Many female servants married the Spirits guards of Zhang Tie and settled down in Jinyang City.

    Sonia served as the head of servants in Zhang Tie's inner chamber; Runo served as the head of guards while Paul served as the steward.

    Zhang Tie's inner chamber covered over 6,000 square meters including the courtyard, which was as same as the size of Zhang Yang's inner chamber. It could hold 100-200 people easily.

    Over the past years, although Zhang Tie was not at home, he knew pretty well about what happened at home, especially everything about Linda, Beverly and Fiona through Zhang Yang.


    When Zhang Tie left the main room, it was already dark while the two crescents were hanging high in the sky. The courtyard outside the main parlor had been lit up by lamps. Insect chirps were drifted from the grasses in the garden. Some teams of guards were patrolling in the courtyard. Linda, Beverly and Fiona led Zhang Tie across the winding corridor towards Zhang Tie's inner chamber. Zhang Tie had not come to his inner chamber since he arrived home.

    At night, the fluorite lamps turned dim. Zhang Tie then put his right arm around Linda's neck while pulling Fiona's hand by his left hand, with Beverly in the middle of them. Zhang Tie felt complex.

    "Thanks to your hard work for these years!"

    Zhang Tie finally spared a chance to appreciate his wives since he met them in the main parlor.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona had not imagined that Zhang Tie would say such warm words to them. Hearing this, they were deeply moved inside.

    Although this man fought demons on the battlefield with millions of corpses at the risk of his life so many times, when he came back home, he firstly appreciated his women's hard work at home.

    When the three women were deeply moved, Zhang Tie's next sentence exposed his nature as a rogue.

    "I will compensate you well tonight. You can eat as long as you want!"

    When he said this, Zhang Tie started to move his hands on the three women's plump butts, making them flurried at once.

    "Let's talk about it back in the room. We...might be seen by others here!" Linda twisted her waist bashfully.

    'We might be seen by others?' Zhang Tie looked around the winding corridor which was featured with Hua buildings and burst out into laughter...

    Winding corridors of Hua people were zigzag. On both sides of the winding corridors, there were always garden buildings such as rockeries, pines and bamboos. Although being winding corridors, they were implicit with lingering charm. Outside people could only see the figures in the winding corridors through the crisscrossed pedal-shaped and diamond-shaped corridor windows. Those corridor windows were all higher than 1.5 m. Watching it in the distance, outsiders would feel people walking in the photo, which was fully aesthetic.

    'As a knight, won't I know if I'm followed?'

    Linda's mature, beautiful, elegant feminine taste made Zhang Tie fascinated.

    "I've told you that he must have other women outside. Look at his stroking skill. It's much more proficient than before. Are all knights good at flirting with women?" Fiona threw a glance at Zhang Tie as she whispered to Beverly, faintly panting. Her sound could rightly be heard by Zhang Tie and Linda.

    Zhang Tie's hands became slightly stiff. The three women exchanged a glance with each other before giggling at the same time...


    Although it was a deep night, all the servants and guards were still waiting for Zhang Tie and his wives in the inner chamber. Watching Zhang Tie walking out of the winding corridor and entering the gate of the inner chamber, all of them knelt down on one knee towards them.

    Zhang Tie glanced at Paul, Runo and Sonia in the front of the team.

    Paul looked calmer and deeper. After glancing at Paul, Zhang Tie realized that he would soon promote to LV 12. Zhang Tie was really amazed by such a high cultivation speed.

    Compared to Paul, all the other Spirits guards' cultivation situations were within Zhang Tie's expectation. Runo had promoted to LV 8 while the other guards were between LV 5 and LV 7.

    Sonia was still very sexy. Her younger sister had been set free and married a man, who was still serving Jinwu Business Group though.

    "I'm very satisfied with your performances these years. Get up!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    All of them then stood up and watched Zhang Tie with excited looks. The news that Zhang Tie had promoted to a knight was remarkably meaningful to them.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona returned to their bedrooms ahead of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie controlled his impulsion to make love with them as he let all the female servants and guards go back to their posts or take a rest except for Sonia, Runo and Paul.


    Sonia took Zhang Tie to the study of the inner chamber, where Zhang Tie was going to call them in alone. The first one entering the study was Runo.

    Of course, Runo was very excited as the first one being called in by Zhang Tie.

    After encouraging Runo for a short moment, Zhang Tie picked up a pen and a piece of paper and started to write something on the desk.

    "These are my friends' names and their addresses in Taixia Country. Take some subordinates to contact them according to these addresses. Over these years, they might have moved; however, you should be able to find them if you ask others about their whereabouts. When you find them, tell them I've been back to Taixia Country!" Zhang Tie passed a slip of paper to Runo, which included the names of the other members of God Blessing Brotherhood and their addresses--Twilight City, Anping Prefecture, Guizhou Province, Taixia Country.

    Guizhou Province was the largest medium-sized province in Taixia Country, which was over 100,000 miles away from Youzhou Province. It gathered most of the foreigners, who immigrated to Taixia Country from all the other continents or sub-continents due to various reasons. Many exiled royals and nobles would like to live in Guizhou Province. In a Hua phrase before the Catastrophe, Guizhou Province was the biggest China Town in Taixia Country. Guizhou Province contained over 10 billion people, almost half of which were foreigners.

    Zhang Tie wondered whether Barley and the other members of God Blessing Brotherhood were still in Guizhou Province and how were they doing. Zhang Tie wanted to contact them first and tell them he was back.

    Many things would change as time went by, but some things wouldn't. Zhang Tie believed that those guys of God Blessing Brotherhood would definitely come here to meet him if they knew that he was back.

    Zhang Tie had some plans and thoughts which he would tell them when they came here to meet him.

    'Although being young and frivolous at that time, as time goes by, it becomes our unforgettable memory. If they have been used to their average lives, I will not ruin their tranquil lives; instead, I will bless them; however, if they are still unwilling to be mediocre, the God Blessing Brotherhood will be the first force and helper of me that I am going to support in Taixia Country.'

    'As a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace, I have to rely on the Zhang clan in many cases. However, I cannot fully depend on my clan. Not only myself, all the other clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace have their own forces and connections, the most powerful force and connection among which is the background of the clan elders in Huaiyuan Palace. The 8 branches of Huaiyuan Palace left by Lord Huaiyuan are the natural stigma on the elders. Before I promoted to a knight, the Golden Sea branch, also the current Golden Light branch of Huaiyuan Palace always followed the rule of Elder Muyuan. The major of Golden Sea City, also the current Golden Light City was always assumed by the direct descendants of Elder Muyuan. As to others, Elder Muen comes from Yiyang branch, also the branch of the eldest wife of the clan head; Elder Muray comes from Stars Viewing branch; Elder Muan comes from Taian branch; Elder Muyu comes from Qihai branch. All the majors of those cities were assumed by the descendants of the elders respectively. Besides, the elders' own clans also run many business groups. They all have their own needs for interests. The other branches of Huaiyuan Palace which don't have any knights have to depend on the branch of the eldest wife of clan head.'

    'After promoting to a knight, if I want to make a further progress in cultivation, I cannot only depend on the cultivation resources provided by the clan, which is equal to each elder. Elders have to seek for cultivation resources themselves. They have to establish and develop their own forces and compete for more resources outside with other knights. Objectively, this makes the clan full of vigor, innovation and ambition, which is the basic driving force for a clan to sustain and further develop. Even clan elders and clan head are expanding their clan forces for more resources, of course, the others are not qualified to live off their past glory.'

    'All the other major clans in Jinyun Country and Taixia Country are facing the similar situation as Huaiyuan Palace. Even though I have become a clan elder and a knight of noble status, I should not just wait for everything provided by the clan. The so-called knights are the trump cards that a clan uses to compete with the other major clans.'

    Zhang Tie knew that he had increased the influence of Golden Sea branch in Huaiyuan Palace after promoting to a knight. Meanwhile, he formed a competitive relation with Elder Muyuan in Golden Sea City.

    'It was definitely not a hasty decision for Elder Muyuan to teach my three sons given their talents and bloodlines. What was more, it indicated my compromise in Golden Sea City.'

    After becoming a clan elder, Zhang Tie never cared about the affairs in Golden Sea City. He didn't even care about how his family became the shareholder of Golden Light City. He entrusted his elder brother to handle it.

    After promoting to a knight, with his increasingly deep understanding about Huaiyuan Palace and his clan, Zhang Tie had deeper opinions about many problems from more perspectives.

    As he had returned to Taixia Country, it was time for Zhang Tie to establish his own force and expand his own influence in Taixia Country.

    'Sacred Iceland Kingdom is one of my cards. However, as it's too far away from Taixia Country, it's almost useless. Additionally, I don't mean to show it to the public. Even though this secret is known by Gold and Power Law, I could only be a dark gold CEO in Gold and Power Law.'

    Therefore, Zhang Tie considered this return as a new start. He had to establish his own force from the scratch step by step.

    Feeling being valued by Zhang Tie, Runo made a bow towards Zhang Tie before leaving the study while chesting out.

    After Runo left, Sonia entered. With crossed hands below her lower abdomen, she stood gracefully in front of Zhang Tie.

    "Master!" The beautiful head of female slaves of Varner Empire still maintained the same appellation of Zhang Tie.

    After a few years, Sonia had become more beautiful and maturer. She looked tranquil and bright. Due to different human species, women from Varner Empire had especially outstanding hipbone and slim waist. Therefore, they looked pretty charming. Due to the plump butt, Sonia looked concave-convex. In the black and white longuette of the head of female servants, Sonia looked very womanly.

    After sizing this woman up in an appreciative way from a pure man's perspective, Zhang Tie said, "I appreciate your loyalty these years. As a compensation, I can fulfill one of your requests!"

    "I have no request. I only want to stay on your side and serve you forever, my master!" Sonia lowered her eyes as she said calmly.

    Sonia's words made Zhang Tie faintly stunned. 'If she sticks to be my domestic chancellor, it means that she gives up the chances to change her own fate and promote to higher positions. Over the past years, as I became a clan elder and the business of Jinwu Business Group grew better, she could have a better platform and development chances; however, Sonia gave them up so decisively.'

    "Are you sure?'

    "This is my only request. If my master has no more request, I will go back to work in case of wasting your time!"

    Watching Sonia stealthily moving her eyes away from him and sensing her intense heartbeat since she entered the study, Zhang Tie immediately understood something. After touching so many women, Zhang Tie had understood women so well.

    He had not imagined that Sonia could fall in love with him.

    After being silent for a second, Zhang Tie stood up from behind the desk and slowly walked towards Sonia.

    As he moved closer to Sonia, Zhang Tie could sense her tension under her calm look.

    Zhang Tie slightly raised Sonia's jaw and watched her beautiful, pure and amber eyes with faint jumping flames.

    After being touched by Zhang Tie's finger, Sonia quivered all over as her raised breasts started to undulate due to the quick breathing rhythm.

    Zhang Tie gently moved his finger from her delicate jaw onto her lips and started to stroke them...

    Sonia's eyes turned blurred. She faintly opened her mouth and held Zhang Tie's finger. She then started to suck Zhang Tie's finger in a very skilled way. Her soft and wet tongue slipped between Zhang Tie's fingers in a dexterous way with the sweetness of her lips. It kept rapidly rubbing and rotating in a piquant way. Zhang Tie felt like getting an electrical shock.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie felt that a part of his body became extremely bulgy. After taking in a deep breath, he drew back his finger, "When did you fall in love with me?"

    "I don't know...maybe when you let me put on my clothes in slaves market and not show my naked body to others; since you took me away from the slaves market, you have started to appear in my dreams...It's my happiest moment whenever I meet you in my dream..." Sonia's eyes started to turn wet, "Because I'm more beautiful than others since I became a slave, I had been learning to please men. In order to sell me at a high price, although I've not been touched by any man, my fertility has been destroyed by medicines. I'm a hapless and dirty woman. I was destined to be men's plaything and the container of their sperm. It's you my master who helped me find my dignity back. It's you my master who changed my younger sister's fate. Therefore, I'm already very satisfied now. As long as I could serve you, my master, my life would be meaningful. Please don't chase me away."

    Sonia's tears streamed down her cheeks.

    Watching this woman's watery eyes, Zhang Tie held her face and gently wiped off her tears. What a poor woman!

    "Sonia, you're hapless but you're not dirty. You're very pure. Those who made you hapless are really dirty ones. Your haplessness was not your fault. If you want to stay, just stay on my side forever!" After saying that, Zhang Tie gently kissed her face.

    Being immersed in Zhang Tie's kiss, Sonia started to quiver all over once again due to the excitement.

    Such a kiss only appeared in her dreams. When Zhang Tie kissed her, she couldn't help but tightly embrace Zhang Tie as she laid her head on Zhang Tie's chest.

    Zhang Tie didn't move. Until one minute later, he gently patted Sonia's butt and said, "Alright, go to bed now. It's too late. Call in Paul by the way!"

    Sonia opened her eyes as she moved one step back. She seemed to have absorbed a strong energy from the embrace as she recovered her composure.

    After wiping off her tears and making herself look good, Sonia revealed a smile at Zhang Tie before pushing open the door.

    With the enchanting feeling from his finger lingering in his mind and the residue of tears on his chest, Zhang Tie watched Sonia's graceful and sexy back as he became a bit puzzled. He didn't know whether the kiss was right or not.

    'This woman lives in a face mask. Others could only see her one side; however, I could see both sides of her.'

    Zhang Tie shook his head...

    Paul entered...


    After talking with Paul for over 10 minutes, Zhang Tie finally left the study.

    Nobody else knew what did they talk in those 10 or more minutes.

    When Zhang Tie left his study, all the others had left, except for Sonia, who was still waiting outside the study quietly, sticking to her final responsibility--leading Zhang Tie to the bedrooms of Linda, Beverly and Fiona.

    There were over 70 rooms in the three-storey building of the inner chamber. If not being led by someone, Zhang Tie might not be able to find the right bedroom.

    After throwing a glance at Sonia, Zhang Tie found that she had already recovered her tranquility.

    The study was on the 1st floor while the bedrooms of Linda, Beverly and Fiona were on the 2nd floor. Holding a brass lantern, Sonia led Zhang Tie all the way from the 1st floor to the 2nd. They didn't speak on the way. However, a special qi seemed to flow between them.

    In the inner chamber, the bedrooms of Linda, Beverly and Fiona were interlinked with each other. When Zhang Tie came to the 2nd floor and pushed open the door of the bedroom, he heard someone playing water in the bathroom.

    After closing the door from inside, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. As he walked towards the bathroom, he started to take off his clothes. When he arrived at the door of the bathroom, Zhang Tie had been naked all over...

    Soon after Zhang Tie entered the bathtub for less than 2 minutes, an extremely "enchanting" voice had drifted from the bathtub...

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