Chapter 818: Killing Time

    Chapter 818: Killing Time

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    "In Taixia Country, the supreme officer of a province is a provincial governor; a province includes prefectures, the supreme officer of which is a prefectural governor. A prefecture includes cities, the supreme officer of which is a municipal major; a city includes countries, the supreme officer of which is a county magistrate."

    "A country includes towns, the supreme officer of which is a town mayor; a town includes villages, the supreme officer of which is a village chief, which, as the smallest officer in Taixia Country is usually selected by the villagers themselves. It's an exiled class 7 official position!"

    "Above provinces are military regions, the supreme officer of which is a military commander! The military commander is an influential supreme chancellor in Taixia Country. A military region always includes 4-9 provinces. Youzhou Province, Gaozhou Province, Mozhou Province, Tongzhou Province, Qiongzhou Province, Yanzhou Province, Huizhou Province and Chaozhou Province in the northeast of Taixia Country are under the jurisdiction of Northeast Military Region of Taixia Country!"

    Zhang Tie was leaning against a deck chair in a pavilion of the garden of the inner chamber in Golden Light City. He was listening to the chapter "establishments" in the book "Regulations about Taixia Country" read by Beverly while eating the fruits which had been peeled by Linda. Fiona was standing behind Zhang Tie so as to let him rest on her half-exposed raised plump breasts by his head; meanwhile, she was gently massaging Zhang Tie's shoulders.

    It was daytime in September. The hot sun was suspending high above their heads while the cicadas were chirping in the garden. Although the dog days of summer had passed, it was still almost 30 degrees Celsius in Yanghe River as it was at the end of the sultry summer. It would not turn cold in Yanghe Prefecture until October.

    The pavilion, where Zhang Tie and his wives were, was a hidden and tranquil place in the garden of their inner chamber, which was surrounded by rockeries, streams, springs, verdant bamboos and willows. They could only access to this pavilion through a path that was led to the place behind the rockeries.

    Zhang Tie's mom had recovered a bit lately. Just now, after serving his mom with medicine and watching her fall asleep, Zhang Tie left the main room and returned to his inner chamber. He was killing time with his three wives in the pavilion in case of heat stroke. His three energetic sons had been taken away by some children education experts, who played various games with Zhang Tie's nephews and nieces in the playground of the backyard. By playing games, they learned happily.

    With the knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie could hear children laughing and playing in the backyard although he was in the inner chamber.

    When he stayed with his three sons at home these couple of days, only after half an hour, Zhang Tie would ooze sweat all over. As for Zhang Tie, it was more difficult than handling some Three-eye Association knights. The three little guys even felt that this man called papa was boring as he could tell few stories and play few games. Therefore, Zhang Tie realized that he was not good at playing with kids. In normal times, besides teaching them about martial arts, he mainly let his mother or babysitters or teachers play with them.

    Elder Muyuan had not been here for a few days. It seemed that he wanted Zhang Tie to relax himself for a few days at home.

    After living in Taixia Country for so many years, Fiona, Beverly and Linda had learned to speak as fluently as Hua people. Besides, they knew "Regulations about Taixia Country" much better than Zhang Tie. After knowing that Zhang Tie wanted to learn about the contents in the "Regulations about Taixia Country", Beverly took one version and interpreted it for Zhang Tie.

    When he heard the Northeast Military Region Headquarters, Zhang Tie, whose mouth had been foisted with a watery lychee by Linda, became faintly dumbfounded as he widely opened his eyes. He even forgot to chew, "F*ck, you mean, a commander of a military region in Taixia could govern many provinces. Isn't it similar to govern some sub-continents? How powerful it is!"

    "Of course. Taixia is the most powerful human country!" Beverly threw a pleasant look at Zhang Tie before saying, "Don't interrupt me!"

    "Alright, alright, go ahead, go ahead..." Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he realized that he might not see the shy look of Beverly who had become a mother until now.

    As it was hot and they were in the inner chamber, Linda, Fiona and Beverly just wore a thin, one-piece short-arm skirt with rich Hua characteristics, which had a narrow upper part and a wide lower part. There was a tiny boob tube top inside the skirt. Their waists were lightly tied with two waistbands. Besides half-exposed plump breasts, their milk-like delicate skins were looming under the thin skirt yarn. Although being not coquettish, they were definitely super hot moms before the Catastrophe.

    Zhang Tie sighed with full moods inside, 'That's what I always dreamed of.'

    "The officials in Taixia Country are divided into 10 classes and 19 ranks. Class 10 is immortal which is usually conferred to the three top chancellors of Taixia Country, namely, the Dasima who's responsible for the army and warfares of the country, the Dasitu who's responsible for the political affairs of the country and the Dasikong who's responsible for national supervision, education, rituals and sacrifice. Those officials from class 9 to class 1 are further divided into 18 ranks; each class contains two ranks, namely, *** or deputy***. Besides the 19 ranks of the 10 classes, there were additional exiled 9 ranks, which were conferred to civil servants on all levels in Taixia Country. In Taixia Country, besides officials and civil servants who could be granted with classes and ranks, all the other technicians who have special abilities and made excellent contradictions to Taixia Country in one industry would also be awarded with classes and ranks..."


    After 2 hours, the sun started to move towards the west. When Beverly was reading the "Chapter of City Construction", Zhang Tie's ears moved as he instantly sprung up from the comfortable deck chair and rapidly kissed his three young and beautiful wives, "Mom is going to wake up. I have to prepare the medicine before the supper for her!" Zhang Tie said as he threw a glance at the three women with a lascivious look, "Hmm, your dress looks nice. I've not imagined that you could look so nice in Hua clothes. Remember to wear these sets of clothes when you work tonight. Don't be lazy..."

    "You're disgusting..." The three hot moms uttered a womanly voice in unison. Zhang Tie then burst out into laughter and trotted away from this pavilion towards the kitchen of the main courtyard.


    Within half an hour since Zhang Tie left his inner chamber, two black limos had driven into the gate of the Zhang's mansion.

    When the two limos parked outside the gate of the mansion, Zhang Yang and a gentle 50-year old man with three strips of mustache got off the first limo.

    "Mr. Fan, please come in!" Zhang Yang invited the old man into the main courtyard politely.

    The moment they entered the main courtyard, CEO Fan had already seen a handsome juvenile at the age of 16 or so walking out of the parlor on one side with a bowl of medicine soup in hand.

    The medicine soup seemed to have just been cooked as it was still steaming. The juvenile blew off the medicine soup so as to cool it down as he walked forward.

    "Elder brother, you're back!" The juvenile greeted Zhang Yang casually before throwing a glance at CEO Fan and nodding towards him, "I've just cooked mom's medicine soup, I will send it to her right now!"

    "Fine, how's mom today?"

    "She's much better. After taking medicine in the morning, she took a walk in the garden for a while. She was spirited in the afternoon and felt much more powerful than yesterday!" Zhang Tie replied as he went upstairs with the medicine soup, causing a sound "Dong dong dong dong".

    Hearing the dialogue between Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang, CEO Fan became stunned as he watched Zhang Yang with a dubious look, "This is..."

    "This is Zhang Tie, my younger brother!" Zhang Yang smiled.

    CEO Fan was shocked inside. He could never imagine that the juvenile who served medicine soup upstairs just now was Zhang Tie, the very one who would marry Fan's rich young lady.

    Zhang Tie's look and what he was doing was out of CEO Fan's imagination greatly.

    According to Zhang Tie's parents, Zhang Tie should have been 26 or 27 years old; however, given Zhang Tie's look, he was absolutely a juvenile; instead of a youth.

    What made CEO Fan more shocked was that Zhang Tie was still doing what should be done by servants although having promoted to a knight.

    "My mother feels not good lately. Coincidentally, my elder brother is back. Therefore, Zhang Tie serves my mom at home these days. He selects medicine in the drug storage and cooks it himself!" Zhang Yang explained.

    Hearing Zhang Yang's words, CEO's eyes gleamed...


    The chief household register officer of Fuhai City who urged to marry his daughter to one of Zhang Tie's three sons when he found Zhang Tie's sons were especially talented was a member of Fan Clan in Heavenly Water Prefecture of Yingzhou Province. Fan Clan was not a common clan in Yingzhou Province; instead, it was a local major clan. Fan Clan had 4 cities in Heavenly Water Prefecture. Although Fan Clan could not match Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace, it was deeply rooted in Taixia Country. In some aspect, Fan Clan was a bit more powerful than Zhang Clan.

    Due to this marriage relationship between Fan Clan and Zhang Clan, Fan Clan's Darun Business Group had established trade ties with Zhang Clan's Jinwu Business Group. It was a win-win situation.

    By the chance that Darun Business Group traded with Jinwu Business Group, Fan Clan dispatched a CEO to Zhang Clan. Besides completing the trade, they intended to fix the marriage between Zhang Tie and the rich young lady of Fan Clan. Although the male party could postpone a marriage, the female party could not. When ladies turned older, they would hardly marry a man.

    At supper, although being gentle and graceful at the table, CEO Fan spent 20 minutes of half an hour in stealthily sizing up Zhang Tie.

    As it was his first time to visit Zhang Clan, CEO Fan felt a bit weird as he found Zhang Tie being just a 16-17-year-old juvenile with 3 beautiful foreign wives on his side. Linda, although being coquettish, looked 2 times elder than Zhang Tie; she was more like Zhang Tie's elder than his wife. However, Linda always watched Zhang Tie with a sweet expression.

    Zhang's family members had been used to all of this; however, CEO Fan felt especially weird.

    Almost the moment they finished the supper, Zhang Tie had become still for a second as he received the call-up through his elder's finger ring from Huaiyuan Palace.

    "What happened?" Zhang Tie's mom asked out of concern when she noticed Zhang Tie's sudden changing face, although feeling much better.

    "Huaiyuan Palace is calling up elders back in the Shrine Palace for something important. I've just received the call-up!"

    "Now that Huaiyuan Palace is calling up, you can leave now!" Zhang Tie's dad immediately uttered with a sense of pride.

    "Do you need your elder brother to arrange an airship or a vehicle for you?" Zhang Tie's mom asked out of concern.

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile, "No need, I will fly, it's a bit faster!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie threw a glance at his elder brother, CEO Fan, Linda, Beverly and Fiona before walking out of the mansion. His family members saw him off.

    After Zhang Tie promoted to a knight, none of his family members had seen him showing off his amazing flying talent, even when Zhang Tie returned home. After hearing that Zhang Tie was going to fly off himself, all of his family members and CEO Fan came out to see how he would fly off.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona came out of the mansion while cradling their kids. Zhang Tie's nephews and nieces also kept their widely opened eyes on him as they wanted to see their uncle "flying off".

    After coming out of the mansion, Zhang Tie reminded his mom to not forget to take the bowl of medicine soup before going to bed. After that, he pinched Zhang Chenglei's petite face and smiled. He then flew off immediately with a sparkling light in front of all of them.

    "Look, uncle is over there!" Zhang Chengan said as he pointed at the sky.

    All of them raised their heads and saw Zhang Tie waving his hand towards them from hundreds of meters high. Closely after that, with a lightning bolt, he flew towards Embracing Tiger City like a meteor.

    Zhang Tie's family members were all shocked by the meteor; especially Zhang Tie's three sons, who were watching their dad performing "magic" in front of them with widely opened eyes.

    "Is this a knight's strength?" Zhang Tie's dad watched the sky with a shocked look. He was stunned for a while, "Is this guy my son?"

    '...Is this guy my younger brother?'

    '...Is this guy my uncle?'

    '...Is this guy my husband?'

    Zhang Tie's family members were thinking the same thing. When Zhang Tie was at home, he was always easy-going. As a result, his family members usually forgot about his status as a clan elder; additionally, the status of clan elder was really a bit abstract for them. Until they saw Zhang Tie flying off in front of them, Zhang Tie's status and image as clan elder became vivid in their minds.
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