Chapter 822: The Traveller

    Chapter 822: The Traveller

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    "Dad and mom, have you been to Youzhou City?" Zhang Tie asked at breakfast. Zhang Tie's dad and mom stopped their chopsticks at once. Even Linda, Beverly and Fiona moved their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie's mom had recovered as she looked as spirited and healthy as before. Therefore, the family members were very happy. They talked and laughed, making the atmosphere in the dining hall very fervent.

    Zhang Tie's and his elder brother's kids ate breakfast in their own inner chambers. As these kids' age and physical growth were inconsistent, their breakfasts were especially allocated by nutritionists according to their demands. Therefore, kids didn't eat breakfast together with adults.

    "As we've just moved to Golden Light City, we've not been to Youzhou City yet!" Zhang Tie's dad threw a strange look at Zhang Tie when he was drinking black rice porridge, "Why do you ask this?"

    "Haha, I'm free lately. As I've been outside so many years, I've not traveled with you for a long time. I just want to travel to Youzhou City with you. Additionally, I owe Linda, Beverly and Fiona a honeymoon. Therefore, I think we can have fun in Youzhou City for a few days and learn more folklore about Taixia Country!"

    Closely after Zhang Tie's suggestion, Linda, Beverly and Fiona eyes were brightened up. Even Zhang Tie's mom sat up straight and looked interested in it. Zhang Tie's dad was greatly attracted by Zhang Tie's suggestion.

    Although they had moved to Youzhou Province, as Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang had babies one after another, Zhang Tie's parents had spent most of the time with those babies at home. In the beginning, they lived in Fuhai City; later on, they moved to Huaiyuan City; finally, they settled down in Golden Light City. Zhang Tie's suggestion was very attractive to all of them.

    "Dad and mom, you can have fun outside for a few days. You don't need to worry about the domestic affairs. Mom, the doctor said you would recover faster if you could always take a walk!" Zhang Yang added on the other side, "As the capital city of Youzhou Province, Youzhou City is very boisterous. You can have fun there with Zhang Tie for a few days!"

    "Didn't Huaiyuan Palace convene you yesterday?" Zhang Tie's mom asked Zhang Tie with a smile.

    "Haha, mom knows me the best. The Northeast Military Region Headquarter of Taixia Country have fixed the regulations about competing for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province. At the beginning of next month, elders of Huaiyuan Palace will arrive at Youzhou City to help Huaiyuan Palace compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province. We can travel there by the way!" Zhang Tie grinned cheekily.

    "Ahh, the competition for the position of provincial governor is of great significance. Is it dangerous?" Zhang Tie's dad asked out of concern immediately.

    "It's safe. It's told that the Commander Cheng of the Northeast Military Region Headquarter borrowed a treasure from a sect of Taixia Country, which will be used to select the provincial governor of Youzhou Province! It's very simple!" Zhang Tie put off his dad as it was unnecessary for him to explain the working principle of the Heavens Ball to his family members. "If it was dangerous, I would never ask you to go with me. Additionally, Youzhou City is more boisterous than before because of this selection. People from all areas of Youzhou Province will converge in Youzhou City. There must be a lot of fun and tasty food over there!"

    "Will we go there by airship?" Zhang Tie's mom started to long for that.

    "Airship is boring. We cannot appreciate the roadside scenery. We will travel there by a touring car and stop wherever we want!"

    "Touring car?" Although being surprised, they were more excited.

    "Yup, there are highways and railways between Golden Light City and Youzhou City. It's just about 2,000 miles. Additionally, there are many rural areas and towns on the roadside which could serve as supply points. It's said that many people in Taixia just took a round in Taixia Country by touring cars all year round. They enjoyed traveling everywhere. We can also have a try. Buy a luxurious super touring car and travel all the way to Youzhou City. After that, we will travel all the way back."

    Watching the brilliance in the eyes of his mom and the three women, Zhang Tie knew that this plan had been approved. As they were dreaming for that, if anyone dared say no at this moment, Zhang Tie believed that his parents would reprimand that one for sure.


    However, Zhang Tie had not imagined that his mom and wives could be so excited; even if Zhang Tie's dad was driven mad by that. Soon after breakfast, they had rustled to buy a touring car in Golden Light City. Zhang Tie had a servant prepare a vehicle for his family members. After selecting a big car trading center, he drove those 5 people to that place.

    Being a new city, Golden Light City's population could not match that of Golden Sea City. However, it was still vigorous. Driving in the streets of Golden Light City, Zhang Tie could see new stores, shopping malls and high buildings on roadsides. Even the urban residential area was well planned. The urban roads were broad with no traffic jam. Under the guidance of his dad, Zhang Tie had arrived at the biggest touring car shop in Golden Light City in less than 20 minutes.

    This touring car shop almost occupied half a football field. Being made of reinforced steel and iron frameworks, the entire shop looked modern, magnificent and nice.

    The moment Linda, Beverly, Fiona and Zhang Tie's mom got off the car outside the touring car shop, a sales manager at his 50s had brightened up his eyes at the sight of the modern and noble women and Zhang Tie's car. He then instantly passed by some salesmen and walked towards them, "Madams, you're in the right place. We can provide you with the most complete types of touring cars and the best services. We can satisfy you whatever touring car you want. We can even customize one for you!"

    Those women smiled before moving their eyes onto Zhang Tie.

    "We will not see small types. Show us the best, largest, most luxurious and comfortable one which is suitable for family travel!" Zhang Tie said like a newly rich, causing them to burst out into laughter, including his mom.


    Zhang Tie had seen touring cars in Waii Sub-continent. However, being restricted to traffic facilities and consumption capacity, very few people in Waii Sub-continent liked touring cars. Zhang Tie just saw 3-4 types of touring cars over there. However, this largest touring cars shop across Golden Light City greatly widened his horizon.

    There were dozens types of touring cars in this shop.

    As people were rich and lived well in Taixia Country, many of them chose to purchase touring cars. Most of those who were rich, free and liked to travel across Taixia Country to experience different natural sceneries and human cultures would choose a touring car. Even though they just stayed in one city, many families with good economic conditions would also purchase a touring car for family travel. This point could never be matched by Waii Sub-continent.

    When they arrived, there were already some groups of people selecting touring cars in the shop. That sales manager directly led Zhang Tie's group to the exhibition hall with the largest touring cars.

    All the touring cars were longer than 15 m with odd types.

    It seemed that his family members had reached a tacit understanding. The moment they arrived there, Zhang Tie's family members had focused on the same, most special touring car.

    Being very huge and nice, that yellow and green touring car was longer than 20 m. Its type was very exquisite. Like a cute caterpillar which had been enlarged for so many times, the car's body rested on 4 rows of 1.7-m high tires. The entire touring car was about 7-8 m in height. The car's chassis was over half a meter high. It seemed to have a great gradeability. Looking through the windows, they found that the inner space of the touring car was divided into two floors. There was a sightseeing platform with a movable, transparent dome made of reinforced steel...

    "You really have a good taste. This "Traveller" is the best and the most luxurious touring car in our shop. It's suitable for an over 10-people's travel. Given its chassis, you would know that this car could almost match off-road vehicles in trafficability and road adaptability. Not only that, its internal design would make your travel pleasant and comfortable..."


    The inner space of the "Traveller" was completely like a miniature palace, which was both luxurious and comfortable. It was matched with a parlor, a kitchen, a bar, a sightseeing platform and 4 bedrooms which were in different cabins and a toilet which was satisfactorily designed. They would not face any "embarrassing" situation in the travel.

    The touring car had a good performance. It could reach a speed of 70 miles per hour. It could run more than 250 miles in one-time.

    In a few minutes, after looking around the touring car from both inside and outside and watching the happy looks of his mom and wives, Zhang Tie asked, "How much?"

    "Each detail about this touring car is perfect. Its internal materials are of great learning; especially those immortal fantastic ice cubes in the insulating layer of the refrigerator of the touring car which are of a high price, this touring car is a bit expensive!" The sales manager replied as he stealthily glanced at Zhang Tie and his wives, "If you want to pay off it in one-time, you need to pay 27,600 gold coins!"

    After the sales manager finished his words, Zhang Tie and his mom almost uttered at the same time...

    Zhang Tie, "So cheap!"

    Zhang Tie's mom said, "Ahh? So expensive!"

    Noticing his mom's glare, Zhang Tie hurriedly coughed twice, "Erm...it's indeed a bit expensive!"

    In the next 10 minutes, Zhang Tie shut up. Through bargaining with the sales manager, they finally fixed the deal with 27,460 gold coins.

    Zhang Tie paid it off at present. In the afternoon, a wholly new "Traveller" was driven into Zhang's mansion.


    On the morning of September 21, Zhang Tie happily drove his parents, wives and three kids away from Golden Light City towards Youzhou City...

    When the touring car was running on the ground, it was followed by a fury-level airship in the sky, which would provide them with logistics at any time. What an extravagant travel...

    Zhang Tie had not watched the brilliant smiles of his family members for a long time.


    Right on the same day, All the elders were shocked so much by that message that Zhang Tie was taking his family members to Youzhou City by a touring car that they became speechless for quite a while.
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