Chapter 824: Count Long Wind

    Chapter 824: Count Long Wind

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    Zhang Tie's family arrived at Youzhou City on the evening of October 2nd. In less than 3 days, the competition for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province would start. The entire Youzhou City had become the focus of everybody in Youzhou Province as all the talents across Youzhou Province had gathered in Youzhou City. Besides those clans which wanted to compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, even though those who wanted to join the fun and take advantage had also converged in Youzhou Province.

    The selection of the first provincial governor of Youzhou Province was of great significance to all the people across Youzhou Province. Additionally, Commander Cheng also came here by airboat. It was said that the Heavens Ball of Heavens Fortune Sect was also carried here. Due to various reasons, Youzhou City was as hot as holding a grand lantern festival, which was even more boisterous than the new years festival.

    Actually, Zhang Tie was the latest elder of Huaiyuan Palace who arrived at Youzhou City.

    Yesterday, Elder Muyuan, Elder Muan, Elder Muray, Elder Muyu and Elder Muen of Huaiyuan Palace had arrived at Youzhou City by airship on the same day, including Count Long Wind Zhang Taixuan, the head of Huaiyuan Palace who had just come from the earth-elements realm.

    Actually, someone was more worried whether Zhang Tie could arrive at Youzhou City on time more than Zhang Tie himself.

    When Zhang Tie was about 10 miles away from Youzhou City, he had already met some deacons of Huaiyuan Palace who were raising their heads and waiting for him.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's touring car, those deacons and disciples almost burst out into tears.

    "God bless us!" They had arrived at Youzhou City earlier than elders; especially those clan deacons and disciples who were ready to receive Zhang Tie, who had been waiting for Zhang Tie outside Youzhou City for almost a week.

    As Zhang Tie left Golden Light City by a touring car, they didn't know when would he arrive at Youzhou Province. Therefore, these deacons and disciples just waited here for him. As Zhang Tie was very engrossed in this travel, they dared not urge him. If they made Elder Mushen unhappy, they would never dream about having a bright future in Huaiyuan Palace. However, if Elder Mushen was late and failed to join this competition timely, they, who were responsible for receiving Zhang Tie, would definitely be regarded as being incompetent and would not have a bright future in Huaiyuan Palace either, the other clan elders might not reprimand Elder Mushen though; they might even be severely punished due to this.

    They had almost been driven mad when Clan head arrived yesterday.

    When they caught sight of the touring car "Traveller" with the driving plate of Golden Light City of Yanghe Prefecture 12345 on the highway, they finally became reassured.

    They waved their hands to block the touring car. Zhang Tie then jumped out of his cab swiftly.

    Zhang Tie felt that he had seen them on Yiyang Mountain before.


    "Elder Mushen, I'm Zhang Desheng, a clan deacon of Huaiyuan Palace. We're dispatched here to receive you!" That deacon and three disciples bowed towards Zhang Tie respectfully. At this moment, only the deacon was qualified to speak; the other 3 disciples didn't even have a chance to introduce themselves.

    "Hmm, it's late. I'm thinking about finding an inn!" Zhang Tie smiled as he let out a sigh of relief.

    "Huaiyuan Palace has a mansion in Youzhou City. We will take you there right now, Elder Mushen!" Zhang Desheng said as he threw a glance at the touring car behind Zhang Tie. He then pointed at the Faerie-Dragon elder-level cars behind him, "Would Elder Mushen and family members like to take a ride in these cars? I will have a disciple drive the touring car into the mansion!"

    "No need. You can just lead the way in front of us. I will follow you!" Zhang Tie jumped into the touring car once again after saying that.

    The deacon and the 3 disciples threw a glance at each other as they had not imagined that Zhang Tie was so easygoing. Without saying anything, they just got on the cars and escorted Zhang Tie's touring car towards Youzhou City.

    In the touring car, a small window behind Zhang Tie's cab was opened, showing his dad's face.

    "Zhang Tie, what happened?"

    "Nothing, dad, some deacon and disciples of Huaiyuan Palace were waiting for me!"

    "Hmm, fine!" Zhang Tie's dad let out a sigh of relief obviously, "Your mom wants to know whether will we live in the car or in a hotel tonight?"

    "Huaiyuan Palace have a mansion in Youzhou City. We will go to the mansion of Huaiyuan Palace!" Zhang Tie answered as he turned around his head.

    "It's crowded on the way, watch out when you drive!"

    "Don't worry, dad. I could even drive with closed eyes!" Zhang Tie replied casually like talking something big.

    "You, bad boy!" Zhang Tie's dad forced a bitter smile before closing the window.

    Zhang Tie then followed the limos in Youzhou City.

    Before entering Youzhou City, Zhang Tie raised his head and watched the towering city wall as he drew in a cold breath. The city wall was above 70 m in height. The deep passage beneath the city wall was at least 100 m in strength.

    Higher than 70 m, wider than 100 m and longer than 25 miles. Zhang Tie had not seen or heard such a magnificent city wall before. He could imagine about the terrifying defense capability of such a city wall.

    In Waii Sub-continent, all the city-defense forces had camps and encampments inside cities; however, in Taixia Country, all the city-defense forces lived in the city walls. City walls were both an urban defense facility and the camp of Taixia soldiers. In Taixia Country, except for the camps of city-defense forces, all the other city-defense forces were built outside the cities.

    This was the "military code" in "Regulations about Taixia Country". Taixia soldiers' responsibility was to protect the country and the cities; instead of being protected by the country and the cities. Therefore, no camp would be stationed in cities across Taixia Country as it would be regarded as a shame by Taixia soldiers. Brave Taixia soldiers regarded quartering camps at dangerous places as a great honor and responsibility. The more dangerous the camps were stationed in, the higher respect those troops would have in Taixia Country. Among humans, only Taixia Country had established troops based in the earth-elements realm.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Youzhou City could be so boisterous and prosperous; especially in the evening when the big Youzhou City was brightly lit and crowded with vehicles on the roads. Roadside hotels were filled with a confused noise of voices; righteous and heroic men were drinking and knocking jars while singing songs generously; playboys were calling their friends and partners in the restaurants; female dancers in colorful frocks were contending in beauty and fascination, who were surrounded by many playboys; acrobats were showing off all sorts of talents on the streets and attracting a lot of onlookers.

    Zhang Tie had not seen such a prosperous and boisterous scenery in such a magnificent city before. It was the most vivid exhibition in Taixia Country.

    Although it was Zhang Tie's first time to see all this, Zhang Tie always felt everything here being very intimate perhaps because of his blood and genes of Hua people.


    Huaiyuan Palace's mansion was located nearby an unknown avenue in Youzhou City. Occupying over 66,700 square meters, it was pretty magnificent.

    It took Zhang Tie more than half an hour to arrive here under the guidance of the Faerie-dragon vehicles.

    There was a huge 5-6 m long board on the front gate of the mansion, which was marked with four big, powerful golden Hua characters "  1  ".

    The characters reminded Zhang Tie of the scene when he raided the Zhen's Mansion in Heavens Cold City. After making a comparison with it, Zhang Tie sensed a vicissitude.

    However, the moment Zhang Tie's vehicle arrived at Huaiyuan Mansion, he had sensed a weird atmosphere around the front gate of the mansion--at least 7-8 groups of people were gazing at those people accessing to Huaiyuan Mansion. Zhang Tie realized that they must be dispatched by Huaiyuan Palace's opponents. Those people just gathered on the streets within 100 m of the front gate of Huaiyuan Mansion fearlessly while pretending to taste the tea and sell goods on the roadside; some even directly squatted down on the opposite of the street and gnawed fruits while stealthily throwing a glance at the Huaiyuan Mansion time and then.

    Until Zhang Tie drove in the mansion were those eyes isolated by the courtyard walls and tree shadows did Zhang Tie feel a bit comfortable.

    Zhang Tie parked in the parking lot. His family members then got off the touring car and glanced over here with curious looks.

    "Huaiyuan Mansion doesn't look bad!" Zhang Tie's dad said pleasantly when he looked around this mansion which was almost like a park.

    "Have you prepared for the bedrooms?" Zhang Tie asked Deacon Zhang.

    "The mansion has prepared an exquisite courtyard for Elder Mushen's family members. All the female servants in it are loyal to Huaiyuan Palace. Elder Mushen can use them at your will!"

    "Fine, lead us there then!" Zhang Tie waved his hands while Deacon Zhang led them to an exquisite courtyard beside the lake inside the mansion. It was as delicate as their own courtyard. Given that Zhang Tie took his 3 kids here, there was even a mini children's playground on the lawn. Zhang Tie's parents and wives were also very satisfied with the designs.

    After settling down his family members, Zhang Tie left that exquisite courtyard and told that deacon to lead him to the other clan elders and the head of Huaiyuan Palace.

    The other clan elders and the head of Zhang Clan were rightly negotiating something in the conference room of the mansion.

    When he realized that he would meet Lan Yunxi's dad for the first time, Zhang Tie became a bit intense.


    "Clan head, elders, Elder Mushen has arrived!"

    After hearing a deacon's report, the 6 elders in the conference room stopped talking at once.

    "Call Elder Mushen in!" A man in the chief seat of the conference room issued an order faintly.

    "Yes, sir!" The deacon exited.


    After over 10 seconds, under the gaze of 6 pairs of eyes, Zhang Tie entered the conference room frankly and saw Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind, the head of Huaiyuan Palace for the first time...
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