Chapter 828: The Arrival of Knights

    Chapter 828: The Arrival of Knights

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    "Are you Count Long Wind from Huaiyuan Palace, Yanghe Prefecture?" When Zhang Tie aroused exclamations outside White Tiger Complex, a middle-aged officer walked over there and bowed towards Zhang Taixuan with crossed hands before asking politely.

    "Yes, I'm Zhang Taixuan!" Count Long Wind answered.

    "Please wait for a second. It's already well prepared inside. We can go inside at scheduled time!" That middle-aged officer said politely as he stealthily threw a glance at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie's young look shocked both those onlookers outside White Tiger Complex and those inside White Tiger Complex.

    "It's okay!" Count Long Wind looked gentle and easy-going, making Zhang Tie shout "bravos" for him inside.

    The competition would start at 8 am. At 7:15, they would enter White Tiger Complex to learn about the rules. After that, they could prepare for half an hour or so. As Commander Cheng was sitting in the White Tiger Complex, nobody dared be late today. In order to show their respect and prudence, all the clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace and Count Long Wind had arrived at 7:10 am, 5 minutes ahead. The other clans also arrived consecutively in a few seconds.

    "Wow, so handsome, so handsome, Huaiyuan Palace's knights are so handsome..." Louder and shriller exclamations drifted from the girls and middle-aged women among the onlookers.

    Any men, who appeared in such an open land in a set of brilliant boa-silk costume as a knight, would look extremely handsome in the eyes of women, as long as his original look was not too ugly. As Zhang Tie was not ugly; plus the make-up in Huaiyuan Mansion, he drove hundreds of thousands of women mad at once the moment he arrived.

    When the next two teams of knights landed, they were also stunned by Zhang Tie's young age as they started to stealthily glance at Zhang Tie.

    In a wink, two more teams of knights arrived.

    Given the population of the two teams of knights, Zhang Tie knew that the real opponents of Huaiyuan Palace had arrived.

    One of the two teams included 10 knights, which was the greatest population among all the teams of knights at present. The head knight of the two teams was a genial middle-aged man with an unbearded white face. He looked as majestic and handsome as Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind.

    At the sight of them, Zhang Tie had known that they were from Lu Clan of Spiritualmaple Prefecture in Youzhou Province. That middle-aged man should be Lu Dingzhi.

    Besides a good look, Lu Dingzhi's qi was almost as that of Count Long Wind. 'Another would-be earth knight.' Zhang Tie was faintly shocked inside, 'Although being just a lower province in Taixia Country, Youzhou province has so many talents. If in Waii Sub-continent, such people would be greatly influential too.' However, Zhang Tie had not seen anyone else in Waii Sub-continent who was going to promote to an earth knight except for the demon general. What a grand show!

    The other team included 8 knights, the two heads of which looked like a father and a son. The father had whiskers, which made him very heroic. The son looked 27-28 years old. He was almost the youngest one among the knights at present except for Zhang Tie. Needless to say, this team belonged to Gu Clan of Easternriver Prefecture. The father was Gu Dashou while the son was Gu Qingshan.

    After Gu Clan's knights arrived, they were a bit shocked by the crazy onlookers and Zhang Tie in the team of Huaiyuan Palace.

    At this moment, some bold women among the onlookers were exclaiming loudly.

    Zhang Tie noticed that they were hailing his handsome look. After throwing two glances at Zhang Tie, Gu Qingshan's eyes turned gloomy.

    As for a man who had been used to be eye-catching in the public, if he found that others changed their idol in front of him, he might feel a bit disappointed.

    After noticing Gu Qingshan's changing look, Zhang Tie had an evil thought, 'According to the suggestion of Elder Muyuan, Gu Qingshan should be my first stepping stone in Youzhou Province today. I hope Gu Qingshan doesn't turn today's disappointment into a psychological shadow in the future.'


    "Are you Brother Taixuan?" Lu Dinzhi hailed Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind after landing on the White Tiger Square.

    "Ahh, hoho, Brother Dingzhi!"

    "I've long heard about your reputation, Brother Taixuan. You look even more majestic than the legend. The "Early sunshine after light snow" in the White Dear Building on the Long Dragon Mountain outside Youzhou City ranks top in Youzhou Province, after leaving White Tiger Square, how about having a cool drink there?"

    "Fine. I was told that "Early sunshine after light snow" was brewed by the first drop of melted snow from the plum blossom petals on the Long Dragon Mountain. I've long been dreaming of that. Now that I met Brother Dingzhi today, we will have a cool drink tonight! It's pleasant for us to drink liquor and appreciate the moons tonight."

    After exchanging a glance with each other, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan burst out into laughter at the same time...

    Although the competition would start soon, the two most capable competitors were neither talking about the position of provincial governor nor the competition, but the cool drink in White Deer Building. Their open-mindedness was really awe-inspiring like real gentlemen. Even Zhang Tie was applauding for them inside.

    "How could we just drink liquor without meat? Occasionally, I brought some cyan-horn deer from Gu Clan. I will roast some cyan-horn deer and send them to White Deer Building today for our pleasure. Will you welcome me?" Gu Dashou interrupted with a laugh.

    "Why not, Brother Gu?" Lu Dingzhi replied with a smile.

    "I've long heard about the cyan-horn deer of Gu Clan in Easternriver Prefecture, which was well-known in Youzhou Province. If I could taste the two delicacies in Youzhou Province tonight, I would have no regret here!" Count Long Wind sighed with emotions.

    The three men burst out into laughter at the same time. Watching this, the other clans' heads who had intended to swarm up stayed silent on one side. Because 3 people would form a group. However, If others swarmed up too, they would be disadvantageous.

    Someone became silent; someone replied with a cold harrumph. After hearing the obvious cold harrumph, Zhang Tie turned around and saw 3 knights landing on.

    The head of the 3 knights was a female whose qi field could even match that of a male.

    She looked about 30-40 years old. In a set of red clothes, she looked hot with a pair of golden hooks on her back. Her look and figure would make men's dicks turn hard. Even men would be dwarfed by her powerful qi field and cold face. She was the very one who uttered a cold harrumph.

    'Even a female dares compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province?' Zhang Tie was really startled. What made Zhang Tie more amazed was that aggressive cold harrumph. Lu Dingzhi coughed twice slightly as he dared not speak to her. Gu Dashou also smirked in silence. Count Long Wind slightly nodded towards the latest three knights.

    After sensing Zhang Tie's gaze, that woman threw her sharp eye light at Zhang Tie. After finding that Zhang Tie was too young, her look turned a bit tender. After throwing two more glances at Zhang Tie, she continued to leave a cold harrumph to Zhang Tie, "Hmm..."

    Watching that woman turning around, Zhang Tie scratched his head as a question occurred to his mind, 'Who's she? She's really a tantrum thrower.'

    "This woman is Guo Hongyi, the head of Guo Clan in Sanquan Prefecture. Guo Clan is not the most powerful clan in Youzhou Province; however, this woman is extremely tricky. She's completely a troublemaker. Don't irritate her!"

    Elder Muen whispered in Zhang Tie's ears in a secret way. Zhang Tie nodded as he replied in the same secret way, "Even women could compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province?"

    "Of course, it's normal for women to be officials in Taixia Country. It's told that there are even female chancellors in Taixia Country. Additionally, female provincial governors exist in other upper and major provinces. Therefore, you'd better not belittle women in Taixia Country!"

    'Female provincial governors? Female chancellors?' Zhang Tie became speechless. Taixia Country really brought him constant surprises. When he recalled Gongsun Liniang in Golden Roc Bank, Zhang Tie realized that any female knight might be tricky in Taixia Country. He really wondered what those people who supported the feminist movement in Waii Sub-continent would think when they saw these female knights and provincial governors.

    'However, she might be elder than her look. After promoting to a knight, her physical functions would be greatly improved; especially for many female knights, they paid more attention to their look and figure than their battle strength. Therefore, their real age was more elusive than that of male knights. With a look as young as Linda and qi like that of 30-year old women, her real age might have been over 100 years old.


    As everybody had arrived, after waiting for a few minutes, each clan team had been led into the White Tiger Complex by an official.

    If it was in Waii Sub-continent, White Tiger Complex would definitely be more magnificent than many international imperial palaces.

    After passing through many gates and squares and stepping on many steps, they saw a square like temple of heaven.

    A huge ball on a base in about 3 m high was placed in the middle of the square. The light beam which shot to the sky just now was originated from the top of this ball...

    'Heavens Ball!' Zhang Tie knew what it was the moment he caught sight of it.

    Its diameter was over 2 m. He didn't know what the ball was made of. It looked somewhat like crystal or metal. It was misty with changing colorful luster inside the ball. The base of the Heavens Ball was made of certain metal, which was full of classic sense. The base was covered with dense runes and lines.

    In the palace being not far from this square, a man with a swarthy and profound face was sitting on the high seat and watching the 9 clan teams.

    What made Zhang Tie more amazed was the two young knights on two sides of that man. At the sight of Zhang Tie, the two young knights were stunned at the same time while shooting out a shrewd eye light...

    "Commander Cheng!" Everybody bowed towards that man with a swarthy face including Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi.

    "Hmm, stand up!" Commander Cheng glanced over the 9 clan teams. Zhang Tie felt a great pressure facing him. After promoting to a knight, he had not felt such a feeling for a long time.

    "You're here today for the seal of provincial governor in my hand. Show me your talents now!" Commander Cheng put his hand upside down while a brilliant adult's head-sized seal appeared in his hand abruptly.

    With a loud sound "bang", Commander Cheng put the seal on the desk and stimulated their hearts, "Alright, cut the crap, read the rules and prepare for the battle!"

    Closely after Commander Cheng finished his words, the atmosphere across White Tiger Complex turned intense immediately...
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