Chapter 829: Rules and Start

    Chapter 829: Rules and Start

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    "The rules for the selection of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province are as follows..."

    A young man on one side of Commander Cheng moved one step forward and started to read the concrete rules of this selection. The moment he started, all the knights at present pricked up their ears.

    This young man was rightly one of the two young men whom Zhang Tie had seen that day. Given his clothes, he should be a young officer beside Commander Cheng. 'Such a young knight on the side of Commander Cheng on such an important occasion must have a bright future. He must have a deep background.'

    Zhang Tie thought, 'I heard the other one call him "Brother Tianqi" that day. However, I don't know his surname.'

    "This competition will proceed in Heavens Ball. Each clan could have limitless knights access to Heavens Ball at the entrance fee of 10 million gold coins per person. You can give up if you want now!" When the youth said this, he waited for a few seconds and wanted to see whether someone would give up the opportunity.

    "Hmm, cut the crap. They've already known that. If you want to compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, of course, you need to be rich and powerful; otherwise, you'd better roll back home to take a pee and play mud with your pee!" Commander Cheng waved his hands impatiently as he revealed the essence of this competition in the most coarse humor--Only the richest and powerful people could take the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province.

    Without money and power, did you think you could hold the position of provincial governor? The admission fee of 10 million gold coins scared off those who just wanted to join the fun. 'You want to enter Heavens Ball? Go get 10 million gold coins first.'

    Of course, there were more than 9 major clans in Youzhou Province. However, after considering their own power and the expensive admission fee, they were all scared off. As it were, the nine clans which joined in the competition for the position provincial governor of Youzhou Province were excellent in both power and boldness.

    When Zhang Tie heard this, he threw a glance at Guo Hongyi in the distance as he started to admire her boldness and battle strength. The young man on the side of Commander Cheng forced a bashful smile before coming to the key points.

    "The head of the clan with the highest points in Heavens Ball will take the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province!"

    "After Heavens Ball is triggered, it will simulate a spatial topography covering 100,000 square miles in the earth-elements realm. The clans of each clan will appear in any place across that space. After entering it, you will have 3 minutes to adapt to its environment. After 3 minutes, you will see your enemies. In the beginning, you will see 53 LV 15 demon battle-spirits in total, one point for killing each demon battle-spirit!"

    "After eliminating the first batch of demon battle-spirits, you will see the second batch of enemies, whose number is twice that of yours!"

    "After eliminating the second batch of demon battle-spirits, you will face the third batch of enemies, whose number is thrice that of yours. After you clean up the third batch of demon battle-spirits, you will see standard black iron demon knights in the Heavens Ball. 5 points for each black iron demon knight. When the 4th batch of demons appears in the Heavens Ball, you will experience the cruelest test!"

    "The number of black iron demon knights in the 4th round is 10 more than that of the living human knights before they appear. That is to say, if you don't suffer from any casualty before the 4th batch of demon knights appear in Heavens Ball, you will have to fight 63 demon knights in the next round!"

    "After the 4th round, the number of demon knights in each round will be 10 more than that of the living human knights in the Heavens Ball!"

    "This selection will come to an end when the last human knight is killed inside. By then, the head of the clan with the highest points will take the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province. If two clans have the same highest points, they will start a fiercer overtime!"

    "There is one point that you should bear in mind, namely, you could not attack any human knight in the Heavens Ball. Commander Cheng will enter Heavens Ball to supervise your live performance. Meanwhile, your performance and clan points will be reflected on the mirage above Youzhou City by the Heavens Ball, which will be watched by all the people in Youzhou Province!"

    "You're not allowed to take your own weapons and equipment in the Heavens Ball. Your weapons are limited to those provided inside the battlefield. Additionally, it only takes you a bit spiritual energy and a fraction of vigor to die inside the ball, instead of causing a damage to your health. You will be okay after taking a rest for 2 days. Those who are killed inside will exit Heavens Ball!"

    "Additionally, remember, you could not get points unless you kill your enemy. Wounds don't work. If you wound an enemy, who's finally killed by another one, you will not get that point!"

    "Each of you will get a copper plate. You only need to hold the copper plate and trigger it by injecting your spiritual energy into it before entering the Heavens Ball!"

    After saying that, that youth waved his hands while 9 servants served trays in front of the 9 teams respectively so that knights of each clan could get one copper plate from one tray to access to the Heavens Ball.

    When one servant came to Zhang Tie's front, Zhang Tie also picked one copper plate from the tray. Zhang Tie found it was purple. Being not like common copper, it felt cold and was covered with dense odd-looking runes. Additionally, there were 4 holes on the copper plate, which were specially set for people's fingers.

    That man called Tianqi made a demonstration in front of them. After putting his 4 fingers into the holes, he clenched his fist and held the copper plate tightly.

    "You need to hold the copper plate like this. If it drops off your hands, you could only exit the Heavens Ball and not access to it any longer!"

    After hearing that youth's warning, all the clan knights at present clenched their fists.

    In the period of a few breaths, they had almost prepared for the battle.

    There were some cattail hassocks in front of each clan team, where sat those knights.

    "After 30 seconds, the Heavens Ball will be triggered. The adaptive period of 3 minutes will start to count down since the first knight enters it!"

    Soon after this guidance, the Heavens Ball in front of them started to change its luster. At the sight of this scene, all the clan knights began to prepare for activating their own copper plates immediately, including Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi, etc..

    Zhang Tie also started to inject his spiritual energy into that copper plate.

    Based on his current spiritual energy, Zhang Tie could activate his copper plate in a split second. However, as he found others were "slowly" activating their plates, he slowed down his speed too.

    With the injection of the spiritual energy, the copper plates in the hands of those knights started to radiate faint blue light...

    "Brother Taixuan, please!" Lu Dingzhi revealed a smile.

    "Please!" Zhang Taixuan replied with a smile.

    Closely after that, the two people closed their eyes and entered the Heavens Ball at the same time.

    After their copper plates radiated blue light one after another, all the knights at present closed their eyes and entered the Heavens Ball.

    After over 20 knights entered the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie finally activated his copper plate...

    Before entering the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie evidently felt that Commander Cheng threw a glance at him once again.

    After a few seconds, all the knights entered Heavens Ball spiritually while sitting around the Heavens Ball physically with eyes closed.

    "Who's that juvenile of Huaiyuan Palace?" Until all the knights entered the Heavens Ball did Commander Cheng turn round to ask an officer on his side.

    "According to the information submitted by Huaiyuan Palace, that person is Zhang Mushen, the elder of Huaiyuan Palace. His original name is Zhang Tie, who promoted to a knight in Waii Sub-continent. He was born on March 26th, the 873rd year of Black Iron Calendar. He's actually 26 years old!" The officer answered strictly, "Through our approval, his information is true."

    "Ahh? I've not imagined that there could be such a young knight in the offsprings of Lord Huaiyuan! Additionally, he's good at preserving his youth!" Commander Cheng uttered a strange voice as he stroked his mustache with his hand. Closely after that, he turned around and asked that elder of Heavens Fortune Sect, "Which one is better in your eyes, Zhang Tie or Gu Qingyun?"

    With a cold face, the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect replied like having been ripped off by Commander Cheng lately, "Sometimes, knights win by the thickness of their face; instead of battle strength. If anyone's face is thicker than the city wall of Youzhou City, he may be unrivaled when the other conditions between him and the others are the same!"

    After hearing this sentence, all the officers in White Tiger Complex lowered their heads like having not heard that at all.

    "Ahem...ahem...I've not imagined that elder of Heavens Fortune Sect could have such a deep study on the learning of face. You've exposed the essence of the learning of face." Commander Cheng coughed twice and made a counterback. However, before the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect lost his temper, he hurriedly said, "I will take a look inside..."

    Soon after Commander Cheng's words, the light beam of Heavens Ball had changed its color. Closely after that, a splendid scene slowly spread in the misty mirage like a huge curtain. Numerous onlookers in and out Youzhou City raised their heads. At this moment, all the people's hearts across Youzhou City seemed to come to a stop...
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