Chapter 830: The Lion in Youzhou Province (I)

    Chapter 830: The Lion in Youzhou Province (I)

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    In the simulated earth-elements realm...

    Zhang tie had heard the name earth-elements realm for many times. However, it was his first time to enter it and see its real look.

    When he entered the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie felt very familiar as he had experienced the same feeling for many times during the past years.

    It was like entering a trouble-reappearance situation.

    The copper plate in the hand of each knight was a tool that linked each one to the Heavens Ball.

    When he landed on the ground, Zhang Tie looked at his hands and body and found that he didn't take in any equipment with him except for his clothes.

    After finding that he was in normal conditions, Zhang Tie looked around before taking in a deep breath.

    Zhang Tie found that he was in a huge space.

    Zhang Tie was really shocked by the look of the earth-elements realm.

    Standing on the ground, he could not see the upper limit of the height of the sky. The clouds in the earth-elements realm were fiery, golden, blue and purple in the shape of those outside, illuminating the entire earth-elements realm.

    The clouds were floating like being blown by the wind. There was indeed wind in the earth-elements realm, which indicated that there was atmospheric motion in the earth-elements realm.

    The plants above the ground looked a bit strange. Within the range of his vision, Zhang Tie saw at least 10 kinds of plants, which grew very well. Rooting in the soil of the earth-elements realm, some plants were very huge. After wind blew over, the umbrellas on a plant like dandelion flew off in front of Zhang Tie. However, compared to the dandelion outside, this dandelion was almost as large as a millstone. When its plume-like seeds flew off, it was especially beautiful and full of fairy-tale colors.

    Besides these plants, there were many cone-shaped natural stone pillars on the ground, big or small. Smaller ones were only dozens of meters high while bigger ones were higher than 1,000 m. Zhang Tie was really shocked by these items which didn't exist outside.

    After entering the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie understood something.

    Heavens Ball was not a trouble-reappearance fruit. The two items might be related to each other; however, they were not the same.

    When Zhang Tie entered the trouble-reappearance fruit for the first time, he was just a rookie as he had just lit two surging points. However, Zhang Tie felt that only knights could enter this Heavens Ball. This Heavens Ball could faintly sense and resonate with the chakras of knights entering it. It seemed that the energy that could run the chakras of knights could support the knights to manifest their complete bodies inside Heavens Ball. Therefore, those who had not formed their chakra could not access to it.

    Besides this point, this Heavens Ball had some advantages over the trouble-reappearance fruit. For instance, Heavens Ball could hold many people at the same time; additionally, it could freely adjust the number and level of enemies. It could even hold demon knights, which was never available to the trouble-reappearance fruit.

    However, Zhang Tie preferred the trouble-reappearance fruit, because the trouble-reappearance fruit could fully recreate the scene. Additionally, the trouble-reappearance fruit had an amazing ability, namely, it could help Zhang Tie restore an emperor-level secret knowledge. Given this point, the trouble-reappearance fruit was more advanced than the Heavens Ball.

    When he recalled the mirage above Youzhou City, Zhang Tie even had a weird thought, 'Is this Heavens Ball similar to a "recreational machine" in the former brilliant age? The function of the mirage is not designed for people entering it, but for the demand of those onlookers.'

    Although the thought was a bit weird, it might be true.

    As Zhang Tie was thinking about these strange things, he flew off and started to be familiar with the surrounding environment. The real combat would start in 3 minutes even though he had already spent half a minute just looking around.

    Zhang Tie flew off while releasing his battle qi. He hoped that the elders of Huaiyuan Palace could gather together at the sight of his battle qi.

    Actually, most of the knights were thinking the same. The moment Zhang Tie released his battle qi, he had seen some battle qis shooting into the sky within 70 miles. Apparently, the other knights were also hailing their own partners. Pitifully, all the other battle qis were strange to Zhang Tie.

    In the space of 100,000 square miles, as knights appeared in optional places, it was almost impossible for Zhang Tie to meet the other elders of Zhang Clan in 2-3 minutes. All the knights were just making an attempt. As the battle was going to break out, they didn't have time to hail their friends at all.

    In another half a minute, the sky in the earth-elements realm changed its color suddenly while a pair of shadowy eyes appeared in the sky like a mirage and overlooked everybody in this space. It seemed that everything in this space was within the range of his vision.

    That pair of eyes reminded Zhang Tie of Commander Cheng as they were the same as that of the latter.

    Together with the pair of eyes were rows of huge words in the sky--Lu Clan of Spiritualmaple Prefecture, Gu Clan of Easternriver Prefecture, Zhang Clan of Yanghe Prefecture, Yan Clan of Chaoyang Prefecture, Liu Clan of Changshan Prefecture, Simon Clan of Xingbei Prefecture, Sun Clan of Guide Prefecture, Guo Clan of Sanquan Prefecture and Li Clan of Miyun Prefecture. Below these words were respectively the names of the clan heads and elders. Each elder's name was followed by points while each clan was followed by total points. Onlookers could see clearly each clan's ranking and points in this earth-elements space.

    Zhang Tie saw his name at the end of Zhang Clan's column--Zhang Mushen, points: 0.

    At this moment, a red figure flew towards him and arrived at Zhang Tie's front in a split second.

    "It's you?" Guo Hongyi threw a faint, amazed glance at Zhang Tie. Actually, Zhang Tie left a deep impression in Guo Hongyi's mind among the clan elders of Zhang Clan.

    "Elder sister Guo!" Zhang Tie grinned cheekily. He was not flattering her as he indeed admired her to a certain degree.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's "appellation", Guo Hongyi slightly relieved her cold facial expression; at the same time, she slowed down her flying speed.

    "What's your name?" Guo Hongyi asked.

    "Zhang Tie, Zhang Mushen!" Zhang Tie pointed at the last rank of Huaiyuan Palace in the sky and replied, "The one at the bottom of Huaiyuan Palace."

    "It seems that you're clear-minded!" Guo Hongyi replied in a malicious way. Closely after that, she threw a glance at Zhang Tie and made a cold harrumph, "Hmm, given your look, you must have spoiled a lot of Hua women. After promoting to the knight at a young age, men would never lack money. All of you are assholes!"

    "Hahaha, Elder Sister Guo, you must be kidding me. I've not even spoiled one Hua woman since I was born. I embraced and kissed one at most; however, I was still almost beaten out sh*t by her!" Zhang Tie explained with a smile. Meanwhile, he added one sentence inside, 'Although I've not spoiled any Hua women, I've indeed experienced some absurd things with some non-Hua women. But, I've not spoiled any of them.'

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Guo Hongyi became really shocked. She threw her glance at Zhang Tie twice before further relieving her serious look, "I feel that you are much better than Gu Qingshan among the knights in Youzhou Province. I hope Gu Qingshan doesn't defeat you!"

    "Haha, I will try my best!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie and Guo Hongyi found something sparkling especially on the ground in the distance at the same time. After throwing a glance at each other, they flew towards that place.

    It was an open mini-arsenal on the ground. The special luster that they saw was reflected by various weapons in the arsenal.

    There were all sorts of weapons in the arsenal which were available for the knights entering the Heavens Ball in case that someone won the competition by practicing fraud with equipment or weapons.

    Two more knights caught sight of the sparkling luster over here and also arrived here soon. Although knights would cause a remarkable greater destruction with weapons in hands than without weapons, nobody forced them to use weapons.

    Guo Hongyi charged at a pair of golden hooks as they were her well-content weapons.

    Zhang Tie picked up one longsword and read its attributes.

    --Fantasic Iron Long Sword

    --Attributes, Class III sharpness, Class III firmness.

    Zhang Tie then picked up one long saber.

    --Fantastic iron long saber.

    --Attributes, Class III sharpness, Class III firmness.

    Without having to check all the other weapons, Zhang Tie knew that all the weapons in this arsenal were only granted with Class III sharpness and Class III firmness. Only in this way could it be fair for this competition.

    At the sight of that metal spear container in the corner of the arsenal, Zhang Tie's eyes sparkled as he instantly caught that metal spear container by his hand.

    The moment he caught it, Zhang Tie saw another hand stretching towards the spear container with an anxious and furious voice, "Put it down, it's mine!"

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