Chapter 831: The Lion in Youzhou Province (II)

    Chapter 831: The Lion in Youzhou Province (II)

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    Zhang Tie chose spears as they were the sharpest and most effective weapon for him to handle demon battle spirits.

    To be honest, if anyone among the knights entering the Heavens Ball really wanted to use these spears, Zhang Tie could give them to him if that knight asked him politely. Because the pass of demon battle-spirits was just the appetizer of this competition, Zhang Tie could handle them even in other means. However, this knight was very rude and wanted to rob it away from Zhang Tie's hands. Zhang Tie hated such kind of a person the most.

    Zhang Tie could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. At the sight of that hand stretching out towards his spear container, Zhang Tie immediately punched towards him.

    With a loud sound "Bang", Zhang Tie slightly flew backward while that man who wanted to rob away the spear container from Zhang Tie responded with a muffled harrumph and flew backward at the same time. The powerful qi, which spilled out of this collision, blew off those weapons at this corner in a split second.

    A knight with gray hair, thick eyebrows and leopard's eyes stretched his beard and hair while standing in the air and watched Zhang Tie with a furious look. Zhang Tie also watched him with a cold look.

    Zhang Tie had a bit impression about this man--a knight in Gu Clan.

    "Hmm, Elder Gu Qingyun is really majestic. You dare even rob other's weapon in the Heavens Ball. Gu Dashou is not the provincial governor of Youzhou Province yet!" Guo Hongyi ironized as she stood on Zhang Tie's side.

    Zhang Tie faintly felt something special about Guo Hongyi's cold harrumph.

    When Gu Qinglong heard Guo Hongyi's words, he faintly changed his face. Closely after that, he watched Zhang Tie with a sneer, "Zhang Clan in Yanghe Prefecture is really insidious. You know that my nickname is 1,000-step Immortal Spear; however, you still grabbed spears ahead of me. Don't you think it shameful to do that?"

    Zhang Tie picked his ears by his hand and flicked his fingernail, making Gu Qinglong's eyebrows keep jumping, "What a coincidence. I've also got a nickname Demon-killing Immortal Spear. I excel at using spears. As I got it ahead of you, of course, it should belong to me. Do you think that you're too arbitrary?"

    "How could it be so fortuitous?" Gu Qinglong felt Zhang Tie was fabricating a lie.

    With a sparkling light in the eyes, Zhang Tie asked, "You don't believe that, Elder Gu Qinglong?"

    As Elder Gu Qinglong was always emulative, how could he admit his mistake to this juvenile orally? Therefore, he answered immediately, "Of course not!"

    Zhang Tie almost burst out into laughter. However, apparently, he let out a deep bitter sigh, "Now that Elder Gu doesn't believe in me. In order to preserve the reputation of Zhang Clan in Yanghe Prefecture, I have to show off my spear throwing skill in front of you; otherwise, if the head of Zhang Clan in Yanghe Prefecture wins the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province in a fluky way, Elder Gu might fabricate that our Zhang Clan won the competition by playing tricks. Such a victory is shameful, our Zhang Clan usually win people by virtue!"

    Before Elder Gu Qinglong responded, a roar had drifted from afar. Hearing that, everybody's heart pounded as the competition finally started.

    The roar came from a demon battle spirit less than 15 miles away from here.

    Hearing that sound, Gu Qinglong threw a glare at Zhang Tie as he immediately picked up a huge saber and darted towards the source of that roar.

    Of course, Guo Hongyi and Zhang Tie also accelerated towards there. The remaining knight flew towards the demon battle spirit after selecting a weapon too.

    Gu Qinglong, Zhang Tie and Guo Hongyi could fly almost at the same speed. Of course, Zhang Tie could fly faster. However, he didn't think it was necessary to show off his trump card at this moment.

    There were also 53 LV 15 demon battle spirits. After they appeared in the Heavens Ball, it seemed that they could sense and lock the locations of the surrounding human knights. When Zhang Tie, Gu Qinglong and Guo Hongyi rushed towards them, those demon battle spirits also darted towards them.

    4 demon battle spirits flew towards them. After flying a couple of miles, they had seen the first demon battle spirit. Guo Hongyi accelerated in a split second and rushed towards the nearest demon battle spirit.

    Gu Qinglong and Zhang Tie didn't compete with Guo Hongyi as the first battle spirit could only help her be familiar with the battle sense in this space. Although she could get a point ahead of them, it had not come to the grand show. Additionally, if they competed with Guo Hongyi even for only one battle spirit, they might be revenged by her.

    Noticing that Gu Qinglong gave up the first demon battle spirit, Zhang Tie abandoned the chance too. He then continued to fly towards far neck and neck with Gu Qinglong.

    In the flight, Gu Qinglong became faintly shocked as he found that Zhang Tie could fly easily as fast as him with a metal spear container which contained 18 heavy spears weighing at least 300 kg on his back. Although such a bit weight was nothing for a knight on the ground, it tested his flying ability in the sky at such a high speed.

    'It seems that this junior is something!' Gu Qinglong made a cold harrumph inside. He still didn't believe that Zhang Tie's nickname was Demon-killing Immortal Spear until now. 'How could it be so fortuitous! The moment I told him that my nickname was 1,000 Step Immortal Spear, he had exposed his nickname. He dares plagiarize two words of my nickname, how disgusting he is!'

    That was how men always felt. As long as they had an impression of something, they would form a fixed opinion about that thing and would stick to their opinion.

    The two knights flew over 50 m above the ground while there were undulating hills below their feet. The hills were covered with 1 m high odd-looking bluegrasses.

    In front of their eyes, two LV 15 iron-armored demon battle spirits flashed out of a hill from 200 m ahead of them and rushed towards Zhang Tie and Gu Qinglong. The battle qis of the two iron-armored demons pushed bluegrass waves towards two sides.

    With bold temperament, bloody eyes, grim expression, exposed fangs, they were same as real iron-armored demons. Commoners, at the sight of two iron-armored demons rushing towards them, would feel terrified, except for Zhang Tie.

    At the sight of the two iron-armored demons, Elder Gu Qinglong growled as he sped up immediately towards the first iron-armored demon, leaving Zhang Tie behind.

    When he surpassed Zhang Tie, Elder Gu Qinglong sneered inside, 'That's what a junior should be! However, he had not noticed the faint smile on Zhang Tie's face when Zhang Tie slowed down his speed on purpose.

    Zhang Tie took out two spears from his spear container.


    "Go die!" Elder Gu Qinglong roared when he was over 50 m away from the first demon battle spirit. At the same time, he waved his big saber, causing a powerful saber qi to roll towards the nearest demon battle spirit. It seemed that he wanted to kill that demon battle spirit in a split second.

    This Gu Qingyun was also a saber sage.

    Generally speaking, although the black iron knight's battle strength was above that of the demon battle spirit, the battle spirit was able to wrestle with the black iron knight. Common black iron knight could barely kill a battle spirit easily. However, sometimes, powerful saber sage and sword sage could also kill a demon battle spirit in a split second based on his powerful battle strength and battle skills.

    Elder Gu Qinglong's saber qi was like a huge sickle's sharp blade. With sparkling white light, it cut through the 1-m high purple prairie and rolled towards the demon battle spirit. When the saber qi was less than 20 m away from that demon battle spirit, it split into halves and blocked all the dodging space of that demon battle spirit from top to bottom.

    This movement displayed Gu Qinglong's powerful battle strength and control force as a saber sage.

    It seemed that the demon battle spirit was destined to be killed by Gu Qinglong. Elder Gu Qinglong even revealed a faint smile.

    Right then, a flame flashed across...

    When Elder Gu Qingyun's saber qi was only 3-5 m away from that demon battle spirit, the target was suddenly shattered like being struck by a lightning bolt, causing a loud sound "Boom".

    A fiery line burned in the air...

    As a powerful knight who also excelled at throwing spears, Gu Qingyun knew what did that fiery line mean. It indicated that someone's spear throwing skill had reached a legendary realm, in which, it would not produce any sonic boom; instead it would cause a flame, which was due to the ignition of the free hydrogen and oxygen in the air when in flight. The remaining flame was the only evidence of the flying spear while the thunder-like sound would not be heard until the spear hit the target. Such a realm of spear throwing skill enjoyed a name in Taixia Country--thunder in a palm.

    It was far more than awakening ancestral bloodline. It was the perfect combination of unrivaled strength, knight-rank battle qi, insight and transcendental skills. Even though the energy of the explosion was reduced. How powerful was that spear!

    "Zhang Clan used to win people by virtue!" Zhang Tie's sound drifted into Gu Qinglong's ears. At the same time, Zhang Tie had passed Gu Qinglong and released another fiery line towards the 2nd demon battle spirit hundreds of meters away as fast as a lightning bolt. With another thunder, the 2nd demon battle spirit was shattered too. Zhang Tie waved his hands for the 3rd time while another flame flew off and hit another battle spirit. With another boom, the 3rd demon battle spirit was shattered.

    At the sight of this, the other knight who had arrived here a bit later instantly turned around and went to seek for other battle spirits. Because he realized that he could not even have soup behind such a domineering guy, not to mention eating flesh.

    The points in Zhang Mushen's column in the sky surged from 0 to 3 almost in a second...
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