Chapter 832: The Lion in Youzhou Province (III)

    Chapter 832: The Lion in Youzhou Province (III)

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    The mirage above Youzhou City could simultaneously manifest the battle situation in the Heavens Ball. However, as the Heavens Ball's space covered over 100,000 square miles, it could not be fully manifested in the mirage at the same time. Therefore, the mirage only manifested the battle situation in the eyes of the controller of the Heavens Ball, namely Commander Cheng.

    Almost the moment Zhang Tie threw his first spear, the pair of eyes in the sky of earth-elements realm had narrowed and moved onto Zhang Tie. Closely after that, Zhang Tie's image in the pair of eyes was manifested clearly in the mirage. After that, everybody in and out of Youzhou City could see it.

    It was like making a live aerial video using a special apparatus in a glider or an airship from a certain visual angle. When Zhang Tie showed his trump card thunder-in-palm, onlookers were really shocked.

    Although nobody saw Zhang Tie's first blow, everybody across Youzhou City caught sight of Zhang Tie's second and third blows.

    Two LV 15 ferocious demon battle spirits with full killing qi were crossing over the prairie and rushing towards a juvenile and an old man from hundreds of meters away. Although they were still hundreds of meters away, all the onlookers across Youzhou City had sensed the power of the two battle spirits. However, nobody across Youzhou City could see clearly how that juvenile launched an attack while a fiery line suddenly appeared between the juvenile and a powerful demon battle spirit. Closely after that, the demon battle spirit was shattered like a broken balloon...

    With the appearance of another fiery line, the second further demon battle spirit was shattered too.

    'Second Kill!'

    'Killed two LV 15 demon battle spirits in a split second?'

    'Demon battle spirits who were almost as powerful as knights were killed like shi*t?'

    Amazing! After a transient tranquility, the entire Youzhou City was in an uproar. Nobody could imagine such a shocking scene at the beginning of the competition. Many people who came to Youzhou City especially for watching the competition for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou City instantly became spirited like winning the lottery. 'What a worthwhile trip! Otherwise, I would never see such a splendid scene in the future.'

    Almost at the same time, the same question spread across millions of people in and out of Youzhou City.

    'Who's that juvenile knight?'

    'What's that battle skill?'

    'How could he kill a LV 15 demon battle spirit from 500 m away in a split second? That's terrifying!'

    "That's cool..." Many ladies and girls who had seen Zhang Tie land on the White Tiger Square just now almost passed out when they watched Zhang Tie's majestic battle performance in the mirage. Zhang Tie's image was much more shocking and exciting than those so-called superstars before the Catastrophe.


    In Huaiyuan Mansion, after watching how Zhang Tie killed two demon battle spirits in a split second in a cool way, some deacons and disciples of Huaiyuan Palace in the Huaiyuan Mansion were stunned immediately. Closely after that, they jumped up due to excitement, "That's Elder Mushen, that's Elder Mushen..."

    All the other people in Huaiyuan Mansion became thrilled too. They all knew that it was uneasy for Huaiyuan Palace to compete for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province. Apparently, Lu Clan and Gu Clan were both a bit more powerful than Huaiyuan Palace. However, all the deacons and disciples of Huaiyuan Palace had not imagined that the first one who showed up in the mirage was Elder Mushen, the youngest elder in Huaiyuan Palace.

    When Zhang Tie took his family members to Youzhou City two days ago, although the deacons and disciples in Huaiyuan Mansion didn't dare complain about Zhang Tie apparently, they felt a bit unhappy inside; some even felt that Elder Mushen was a bit slack about the competition which was related to the benefits of everybody in Huaiyuan Palace. However, given Zhang Tie's current performance, all those deacons and disciples had to digest their bad thoughts in an extremely shameful way. Meanwhile, hearing the exclamations across Youzhou City, everybody in Huaiyuan Mansion felt proud and honorable. Even the eldest deacons of Zhang Clan became so thrilled that their facial muscles started to quiver. They kept shouting "cool" many times forcefully.


    "Thunder-in-Palm, Thunder-in-Palm..." The two young knights on both sides of the original body of Commander Cheng in White Tiger Complex exchanged a glance with each other and found the other's shocked look--Thunder-in-Palm, virtual flame in the air. It's extremely irresistible and indestructible. All those below knights were nothing but sh*t. Few knights in Taixia Country could reach such a supreme realm in spear throwing skill. They had not imagined that they could see such a talent in Youzhou City.

    Flames appeared in the eyes of the disciple of Heavens Fortune Sect...


    Watching the points behind Zhang Mushen of Zhang Clan from Yanghe Prefecture to surge from 0 to 3 in a split second in the sky of earth-elements realm simulated by the Heavens Ball, all the other knights in the Heavens Ball were slightly shocked, including Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan.

    As for those knights in the Heavens Ball, they could not see the scene that could be watched by people outside the Heavens Ball. Zhang Tie's efficiency was so high that no other knight knew the reason. Because at this moment, even Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan had just killed two demon battle spirits in total.

    In the blood rain of demon battle spirits, Gu Qinglong raised his head and took a look at the list in the sky. His eyes then twinkled once. Closely after that, he became firm and persistent once again...


    Guo Hongyi had a ferocious battle strength. With the pair of golden hooks, the demon battle spirit only stood for half a minute before being torn apart. Guo Hongyi felt her efficiency was high. 'As there're 3 more battle spirits over there, if I moved faster, I might kill one more.'

    'Hmm, battle spirit is the point. Of course, the talented one will get the point. This grandma will not care whom it belongs to!' Guo Hongyi made a cold harrumph inside before flying towards Zhang Tie.

    However, she saw nothing but blood and shattered bones over the grasses. The 3 demon battle spirits had long disappeared.

    "Ahh, who did that?"

    Watching Gu Qinglong's furious and a bit shocked look, Guo Hongyi glimpsed at the list in the sky. Closely after that, she moved her eyes onto Zhang Tie when she found Zhang Tie's spear container lacked 3 spears.

    "Is that you?" Guo Hongyi looked at Zhang Tie with an amazed look. She immediately understood something. However, before Zhang Tie uttered, Guo Hongyi instantly turned her face. In a wink, she flew towards another direction. Before leaving, she even left a warning, "Whoever dares to rob this grandma's point, this grandma swears to beat him after this competition!"

    There were 53 battle spirits in the first round. Each knight could share one fairly as a practice. Any knight could almost kill a battle spirit. However, knights appeared in different locations optionally; so were those battle spirits. After the first batch of battle spirits appeared, nimbler and more powerful knights might get two battle spirits while poorer ones could get nothing. Only in this way could there be a difference between points on the list.

    Only after a short while, all the 53 demon battle spirits had turned into the points of each clan.

    As was imagined, 7 of the 53 knights got no point, including Elder Gu Qinglong of Gu Clan. After killing 3 knights, Zhang Tie ranked first on the list.

    Before the 2nd batch of battle spirits appeared, Elder Gu Qinglong roared and flew towards afar, closely followed by Zhang Tie in a leisure way.

    Gu Qinglong was driven mad as he glared at Zhang Tie, "Why are you following me?'

    Zhang Tie replied with a gentle look, "Now that Elder Gu has a misconception about me, of course, I will win you by virtue by showing my spear throwing skill in front of you. Meanwhile, I have to wash off the possible bad reputation that Huaiyuan Palace might suffer from. As long as Elder Gu apologizes to Huaiyuan Palace for your words and deed, I will leave you!"

    "Junior, don't dream!" Elder Gu was so furious that he almost spat out blood. Every clan elder was arrogant. Even if elders spoke or did something wrong, none of them would apologize to juniors. Additionally, Zhang Clan and Gu Clan were competing for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, if he admitted his mistake, it would indicate that Gu Clan admitted defeat to Zhang Clan. Therefore, Gu Qinglong would never do that at this critical moment.

    "Now that Elder Gu is so persistent, it seems that I'm not excellent in your eyes. I could only continue to win you by virtue and help you to change your bias towards me and Zhang Clan through actual movements!" Zhang Tie said solemnly although being extremely thrilled inside.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that in a cyber game before the Catastrophe, there was a behavior which made people disgustful-- "Robbing Monster" 1  . However, it was a knight's commitment to kill demons. It was aboveboard for Zhang Tie to "win Elder Gu by virtue" instead of "robbing monster"...

    As for the essence of this competition for the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, long story short, defeat the knights of all the other clans. All the competitions in this secular world were like this such as battle between humans, parties, regimes, nations even races to the final analysis. As Zhang Tie had a chance to defeat an elder of Gu Clan, why not take that chance of winning him by virtue?

    Soon, Zhang Tie's effect of "winning Elder Gu by virtue" started to manifest.

    After the first batch of 53 battle spirits was exterminated, the second batch of 106 demon battle spirits appeared almost in a split second...

    Another demon battle spirit entered the visions of Zhang Tie and Gu Qinglong. However, with a fiery line, before the battle spirit drew close to them, it had been blown up.

    In the next few minutes, accompanied by Elder Gu's roar, Zhang Tie not only killed those battle spirits which belonged to him but also killed those which belonged to Elder Gu. Additionally, none of those battle spirits on the way could escape away from Zhang Tie's thunder-in-palm. In a wink, Zhang Tie's points had surged to 9, which was really eye-catching on the list. By contrast, Elder Gu's point was still 0.
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