Chapter 833: The Lion in Youzhou Province (IV)

    Chapter 833: The Lion in Youzhou Province (IV)

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    It grew increasingly fiercer in the Heavens Ball. After the 106 demon battle spirits in the second round were exterminated, the third batch of 159 demon battle spirits appeared in this ground covering 100,000 square miles in a wink.

    100,000 square miles sounded being a large area; however, if it served as the battlefield between over 50 human knights and demon battle spirits, it would not be that large. On average, it would take each human knight about half an hour to fly from one end to the other end of this earth-elements realm. However, those faster ones only needed 20 minutes.

    Elder Gu Qinglong was so furious that his eyes seemed about to pop out. When Zhang Tie shattered demon battle spirits one after another in front of him with his terrifying spear throwing skill, Gu Qinglong could do nothing but widely open his eyes because his moving speed could never match that of Zhang Tie's spear.

    Elder Gu Qinglong finally realized that he had become the bait of a guy whom he called junior. Even if he stayed still, those demon battle spirits would also come for him within a certain range according to the rule of Heavens Ball. He attempted to stay still in one place; however, the result was that Zhang Tie flew around him and killed demon battle spirits one after another as usual.

    If they were outside the Heavens Ball, Elder Gu Qinglong would have long fought Zhang Tie ferociously; however, at this moment, Zhang Tie's deeds were allowed. If Gu Qinglong launched an attack towards Zhang Tie, he would be driven out of the Heavens Ball right away, causing a major loss to Gu Clan.

    Actually, Zhang Tie and Elder Gu Qinglong had long realized that the pair of eyes in the sky belonged to Commander Cheng, who was watching them to fight demons and knew everything in the Heavens Ball clearly. Nobody could play any trick in front of Commander Cheng.

    Watching Zhang Tie's surging points and his 0 points, Elder Gu Qinglong felt especially regretful. 'If I have known about this result, I would not ask for any spear from this pervert of Zhang Clan. Perhaps, I could show my tolerance and beg for his forgiveness, which would be better than being troubled by this Zhang b*stard.' However, as he had made the wrong decision, even if he wanted to beg for Zhang Tie's forgiveness at this moment, it would be meaningless.

    Because Zhang Tie had almost used up all of his spears, winning 18 points for himself. By contrast, Gu Qinglong's point was still 0, which was very eye-catching.

    "Junior, you're so despicable!" Elder Gu Qinglong swore Zhang Tie while gritting his teeth.

    "I'm winning you by virtue!" Zhang Tie said solemnly while throwing away the last spear. Closely after that, he rushed forward and threw that metal spear container towards that demon battle spirit. When the demon battle spirit dodged away, Zhang Tie sped up abruptly and punched that demon battle spirit. After breaking its protective battle qi with the first punch, Zhang Tie smashed it into pieces by the second punch, setting his points in the first three rounds at 19.

    Elder Gu Qinglong was shocked by Zhang Tie's strength.

    That demon battle spirit might be the last one of the 159 demon battle spirits in the 3rd round. Because after that battle spirit was killed by Zhang Tie for less than 1 second, black lights had flashed in the earth-elements realm. The demon knights finally appeared.

    Watching those black lights and the powerful qis of demon knights that filled this earth-elements realm, all the human knights in the Heavens Ball realized that the true test had arrived.

    As none of the human knights had been killed in the first 3 rounds, 63 demon knights appeared in the 4th round.

    Although the number of opponents decreased compared to that in the 3rd round, the demon knights were much trickier than LV 15 battle spirits. Additionally, in such a simulated duel, the 10 more demon knights caused a great stress to all the human knights.

    Zhang Tie and Elder Gu Qinglong were surrounded by 3 black lights, closely after which, three iron-armored demon knights showed their terrifying figures while releasing their powerful black battle qis into the sky.

    The 3 demon knights darted towards the 2 people from 3 directions.

    Zhang Tie retreated at a higher speed than that of Elder Gu Qinglong.

    Neither of them hoped to be surrounded by over 2 demon knights at this moment.

    Pitifully, Elder Gu Qinglong was a bit slower than Zhang Tie. Finally, one demon knight chased after Zhang Tie while Elder Gu Qinglong was surrounded by 2 demon knights. Gu Qinglong revealed a bitter smile.

    'Why? Why an old fellow like me didn't even kill one demon battle spirit just now but got surrounded by 2 demon knights at this moment? Why didn't these 2 demon knights go after that b*stard of Zhang Clan? Why?'

    Elder Gu Qinglong felt very indignant at this moment.

    The 3 demon knights might be attracted by Zhang Tie.

    After flying away from the battle cloud between Elder Gu Qinglong and the other two demon knights for dozens of miles, Zhang Tie instantly turned around and collided with that demon knight.

    The moment the collision started, Zhang Tie had realized that these demon knights could match those demon knights whom he had fought in Waii Sub-continent. All of these demon knights were above average.

    'This will be a fierce battle!'

    However, Zhang Tie was not afraid of such a fierce battle; instead, he was extremely thrilled. At this moment, he sensed that he was not in the Heavens Ball but in his trouble-reappearance situation, which could provide him with demon knights for his practice.

    Among all the human knights, Zhang Tie might be the most excited and relaxed one. As a result, he could exert his battle strength to the utmost.

    From the beginning, Zhang Tie had chosen the fiercest and riskiest close combat.


    Almost the moment the demon knights appeared, Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi who were going to promote to earth knights as the most powerful ones among the 53 human knights had been surrounded by 4 demon knights respectively. 3 of each group of 4 demon knights formed a 3-in-1 matrix as the main attacking force while the remaining demon knight would serve as the aiding strength. A much fiercer battle came to a start in a split second. The space of the earth-elements realm was filled with roars everywhere. As a result, the land covering 100,000 square miles turned into a battlefield of over 100 knights at once.

    Compared to Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan, Gu Dashou, the head of Gu Clan whose battle strength was a bit weaker was surrounded by 2 demon knights.

    As a result, the remaining 50 human knights would only have a probability of about 1/17 to be attacked by 2 demon knights at the same time.

    Given this point, Elder Gu Qinglong was really hapless.


    The appearance of demon knights made the entire Youzhou City boil once again.

    Although Zhang Tie's performance was best among all the human knights just now, Commander Cheng would not just keep his eyes on him. After demon knights appeared, the fierce battle between knights broke out. All the human knights started to show off their talents. Therefore, Commander Cheng was attracted by the fiercest battles.


    Being surrounded by 4 demon knights at the same time, Lu Dingzhi released golden flames, which kept circling around him rapidly. With the appearance of these flames, the temperature of his surrounding air started to go straight up while being twisted. As a result, the 4 demon knights felt like being roasted above the furnace fire with splitting skins and broken flesh. With smoke, the demon knights started to howl miserably...

    Watching Lu Dingzhi's burning body, the onlookers across Youzhou City boiled once again. While being circled by 6 golden flames, Lu Dingzhi was fighting 4 demon knights at the same time, making him look like a commanding fire God.

    Many people on the side of Commander Cheng in White Dear Complex drew in a cold breath at the same time.

    "Lu's ancestor took the position of Zhu Rong, the Hua fire god in the regime of Emperor Yao, who managed the immortal flames across the world. The most powerful ancestral bloodlines of Lu Clan are all related to fire. However, I've not imagined that Lu Dingzhi has awakened the 6-yang Immortal Flame. It seems that he was not only building coins for the Ministry of Finance but also cultivating during the years when he served as the Coin Building Officer in Golden Rock Sub-continent, not bad, not bad!" Commander Cheng opened his mouth with full admiration.

    As the 6 golden flames circled around Lu Dingzhi, the 4 demon knights' matrix was broken by Lu Dingzhi at once. Closely after that, the 6 golden flames circled around one demon knight and burned it into ashes immediately...

    It was the first demon knight being killed in the 4th round.

    Watching this scene, all the people of Lu Clan cheered up in Youzhou City.

    'Compared to killing demon battle spirits, killing demon knights is the real talent.'

    However, before Lu Clan's people finished their exclamations, the focus in the mirage was shifted to Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind...

    Compared to Lu Dingzhi, Zhang Taixuan's performance made the entire Youzhou City silent.

    It seemed that each cell of Zhang Taixuan the Count Long Wind was giving vent to his domineering temperament.

    With the roars of the surrounding 4 demon knights, Zhang Taixuan darted forward like a bolt. Closely after that, he punched a demon knight's head and penetrated through another demon knight's chest. The demon knight whose head had been blown up by Zhang Taixuan turned into Zhang Taixuan's crossbow while the demon knight whose chest was penetrated through turned into Zhang Taixuan's bolt. Zhang Taixuan triggered his bolt and blew up the 3rd demon knight...

    "Use everything in the universe as crossbow and bolt. What a Heavens Crossbow Bloodline of Zhang Clan!" Commander Cheng praised loudly, "Besides a picturesque landscape, Youzhou City contains so many heroes!"

    The focus was then shifted to another place, as a light rose up, Gu Qingyun of Gu Clan activated his aiding strength...
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