Chapter 834: The Lion in Youzhou Province (V)

    Chapter 834: The Lion in Youzhou Province (V)

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    After fighting the demon knight for over 20 minutes through close combat, Zhang Tie finally broke its protective battle qi. With a roar "go die", he punched his two fists onto the demon battle knight's chest and smashed it into pieces with vigorous battle qi.

    It was the first demon knight that Zhang Tie killed in the Heavens Ball.

    After killing it, Zhang Tie raised his head and took a look at the list. The most powerful battle strength among the 53 human knights had been manifested on the list. Undoubtedly, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan were the most powerful ones.

    Lu Dingzhi--26 points.

    Zhang Taixuan--29 points.

    Zhang Tie remembered that Lu Dingzhi's points were 11 while Zhang Taixuan's points were only 9 after the 3rd round. Given their current points, Zhang Tie knew that Lu Dingzhi had killed 3 demon knights and Zhang Taixuan had killed 4 demon knights in the past 20 minutes.

    Zhang Tie was really shocked by the battle strength of the heads of Lu Clan and Zhang Clan.

    After killing one demon knight, Zhang Tie's points also rose to 24 points. As a result, Zhang Tie ranked 3rd on the list, making him eye-catching too.

    As Gu Dashou had just killed two demon knights, his points were 21. Therefore, he ranked below Zhang Tie.

    Just now, Zhang Tie had sensed that someone activated his aiding strength; however, he didn't know who did it. It reminded Zhang Tie that he should converge with the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace and activate his aiding strength as soon as possible.

    In a couple of seconds, Zhang Tie saw another black light a few meters away. Closely after that, another demon knight appeared and darted towards Zhang Tie with red eyes.

    From the 4th round, all the human knights had to fight demon knights ceaselessly. As long as they killed one demon knight, they would face a new one at once.

    After swearing it inside, Zhang Tie escaped right away.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie caught sight of two familiar battle qis gathering with each other over 70 miles away. Zhang Tie knew that Elder Muray and Elder Muyuan had met each other.

    Right then, a loud boom and roar drifted from afar while a knight's battle qi suddenly rose up and scattered in all directions. Closely after that, the name Gu Qinglong disappeared from the list, leaving 10 points on the list.

    Zhang Tie was a bit stunned as he had not imagined that Elder Gu Qinglong could be the first human knight killed in the Heavens Ball. 'He died together with the two demon knights. Elder Gu Qinglong is not weak in battle strength. Pitifully, he's too hapless today. As he annoyed me, he failed to gain even one point in the first 3 rounds; I "won him by virtue". At the beginning of the 4th round, he was wrestled by 2 demon knights. He encountered the most ferocious battle at the beginning; therefore, he had to leave pitifully in the end.'

    By then, although Elder Gu Qinglong didn't feel pitiful, he gained 10 points more or less. Therefore, he was not too disgraced.

    Zhang Tie knew that it was just a beginning. After Elder Gu Qinglong exited, demon knights' numerical superiority would be more evident. As a result, more and more human knights would be eliminated.

    With the gradual decrease of human knights, demon knights would have greater advantage in number. 63:53 was totally different than 23:13 even 11: 1 in the end.


    Closely after Elder Gu Qinglong, who was sitting on the Heavenly Altar beside the Heavens Ball, opened his eyes had he been invited by a young man on Commander Cheng's side to the high platform beside Commander Cheng. This was a courteous reception for him. After leaving the Heavenly Altar, Elder Gu Qinglong was extremely furious. Before getting off the Heavenly Altar, he even threw a glare at Zhang Tie in the team of Huaiyuan Palace. He must have sworn Zhang Tie numerous times. If not Zhang Tie, Elder Gu Qinglong felt that he could at least gain 20 points in the Heavens Ball. However, due to Zhang Tie, he could only exit in advance. However, what made him reassured was that Gu Qingyun, the future star of Gu Clan, had manifested his powerful aiding strength and killed a demon in the mirage.

    'Alas, what if I was on Gu Qingyun's side just now? If I gained the aiding strength, I would not have used such an extreme means to sacrifice myself together with the two demon knights.' As Elder Gu Qinglong thought about this, he reached below the high platform where Commander Cheng was sitting in. After bowing towards Commander Cheng, he took a seat on one side of Commander Cheng and watched the combat patiently.

    'I will see how many tricks could that b*stard junior of Zhang Clan play. I will show that junior that he's nothing in front of the excellent disciples of Gu Clan.' Elder Gu Qinglong gritted his teeth.

    As he lost the battle, Elder Gu Qinglong found that it was meaningless to haggle over what happened in the Heavens Ball. Additionally, Zhang Tie didn't violate any rule since the beginning. If he really exposed what happened just now to the public, he would be the laughingstock instead of Zhang Tie. It was Gu Qinglong himself who intended to rob Zhang Tie's spear container, therefore, he should not blame Zhang Tie for what happened after that.

    At this moment, Elder Gu Qinglong was like an angry commoner. Although he despised Zhang Tie, he still pinned his hope on Gu Qingyun, the most brilliant junior of Gu Clan and hoped Gu Qingyun to revenge for him.

    Many people in White Tiger Complex were discussing Gu Qingyun's aiding strength in low voice and exclamation. Hearing their talks, Elder Qingyun gradually felt spirited, relieved and mentally balanced.

    Human knight's aiding strength was always most eye-catching wherever it was. It was Gu Qingyun's first time to manifest his aiding strength in the public. Therefore, his performance won him numerous exclamations. Due to his excellent performance, Gu Qingyun's halos as the "No. 1 youth in Youzhou" which had just faded away due to Zhang Tie's excellent performance became bright once again.

    'No matter how sharp was the thunder-in-palm of that shameless junior of Zhang Clan, it was greatly dwarfed by knight's aiding strength. They are not on the same level at all.'

    With the aiding strength of Gu Qingyun, the battle strength of Gu Qingyun himself and the other 4 elders of Gu Clan besides Gu Qinglong were greatly improved. Gu knights felt like wearing advanced rune equipment with rapid recovery effects which were really admirable. As a result, Gu knights gained an advantage in the Heavens Ball at once.

    After a short while, an elder of Lu Clan also manifested his aiding strength. As a time-honored major clan in Youzhou Province, Lu Clan also started to manifest their muscles and background. With the aiding strength of that Lu elder, the battle qis of Lu knight's near him started to burn like flames. The fire element in the battle qis of Lu knights was activated at once, granting them with greater battle strength.

    The third knight who manifested her aiding strength was Guo Hongyi, the woman who scared all the other knights in Youzhou Province.

    When Guo Hongyi appeared in the mirage, numerous women across Youzhou City felt arrogant. The exclamations of female filled the whole city.

    All the female across Youzhou Province took Guo Hongyi, the head of Guo Clan, Sanquan Prefecture as their model. She really had a great prestige among the women in Youzhou Province.

    Guo Hongyi's aiding strength was more special, which didn't act on the knights of her party but on those demon knights who fought her. With the effect of Guo Hongyi's aiding strength, a black rune appeared above the heads of the 3 demon knights who were fighting her and the other Guo elders. As a result, the three demon knights' movements turned slower evidently...

    "I've not imagined that I could see the trickiest dark aiding strength in Youzhou Province. No wonder someone said that Youzhou abounded with heroes since ancient times. There're so many female heroes in Youzhou Province!"

    Hearing the talks on his side, Elder Gu Qinglong felt a bit uncomfortable; however, he had to admit Guo Hongyi's ability.

    Guo Hongyi was the biggest trouble-maker in Youzhou Province. Her battle strength was above average, not to mention her background; especially her dark aiding strength, which made many knights across Youzhou Province embarrassed. Therefore, Guo Hongyi's influence among male knights across Youzhou Province also increased.

    Aiding strength was the supreme strength that a knight could master. Only less than 1/20 of knights across Taixia Country could master aiding strength. Aiding strength was not roadside cabbage. If not the competition, many commoners might not be able to see the effect of aiding strength in their whole lives, not to mention 3 times today. However, when Elder Gu Qinglong thought that there would not be the 4th aiding strength in the Heavens Ball today, he abruptly heard a surprised sound of Commander Cheng, "Yi?"...

    With that sound, the most disgusting guy appeared in the mirage.

    An extremely brilliant, golden light beam appeared on Zhang Tie's body like a huge golden string of a musical instrument. Closely after that, the golden light beam turned into a brilliant, rotating aura with complex geometrical patterns on it like a mysterious huge wheel which represented knight's aiding strength. After that, the huge aura spread over the battlefield, causing the same brilliant golden aura to appear on the other two Zhang elders who were fighting demon knights. The other two Zhang elders became more thrilled and intrepid at once.

    The lighting effect of the aiding strength alone was many times more powerful than that of Gu Qingshan; especially its golden light beam and aura which were extremely dignified. Among all the colorful aiding strengths, golden was the purest and most dignified color as it represented that the owner of this special strength had soul and spirit as pure and dignified as gold. Those who were sordid inside could never resonate with such an aiding strength.

    In Taixia Country, golden aiding strength's aura represented not only the greatest aiding strength but also the pure and dignified soul and perfect personality of the owner of this golden aiding strength.

    Those who had such a noble name-card was called gentleman in Taixia Country!

    Among Hua people before the Catastrophe, the appellation "gentleman" had been abused for a long time. Any famous one who had read some books, fished for fame, had a higher morality than average ones and did something good would call themselves or be called gentlemen. In this age, the appellation "gentleman" recovered its original meaning.

    In Taixia Country, a gentleman was not definitely a knight; however, the so-called gentleman was definitely was more respectable than knights even officers.

    Gentleman in this age referred to those who tried their best to be sages from both their words and deeds.

    Sages referred to those who were free from universal rules and emancipated humans.

    Each Hua people had the potential to be a gentleman and a sage. It was also why a part of Hua people called themselves an immortal clan. Among the billions of humans, which other human races pursue the freedom of universal rules and the emancipation of humans? From ancient times to the present, only Hua people had such a supreme pursuit. After hundreds of millions of years, the supreme pursuit had been branded in the genes and bloodlines of each Hua offspring forever.

    Elder Gu Qinglong was shocked...

    Together with many other people in the White Tiger Complex...

    It took a few seconds for the uproar across Youzhou City to turn into silence.

    Nobody had imagined that there was a "gentleman" among the 53 human knights in the Heavens Ball.

    Elder Gu Qinglong felt like his chest was being stomped by dozens of buffaloes constantly for a few days as he almost wanted to spurt out blood. He could accept that others manifested their aiding strengths, including that shameless junior of Zhang Clan; however, he could never accept that the "shameless junior of Zhang Clan" was manifesting a gentle strength which could only be manifested by a gentleman. The dazzling golden brilliance of this gentle strength almost made his eyes turn red out of jealousy. Meanwhile, he felt being smacked on his face.

    'If that "shameless junior of Zhang Clan" was a gentleman, who was that guy who prevented me from touching even one battle spirit in the first 3 rounds with the excuse of "winning you by virtue"?'

    'Was that shameless junior really thinking about "winning me by virtue" at that moment? Did I measure the stature of a gentleman by the yardstick of a villain?'

    When Elder Gu Qingyun thought about this, his face twitched.

    "Fabulous!" Commander Cheng growled as he punched onto the table in front of him, turning it into dust in a split second. Commander Cheng was so happy that he burst out into laughter which could be heard across the White Tiger Complex. Swarthy face turned bright as he uttered, "Hahahaha, from today on, those b*stards would dare not mock my subordinates as bandits. I have another gentleman with me, f*ck..."

    Among those people at present, another one was shocked most.

    The young elite of Heavens Fortune Sect watched Zhang Tie's golden aura in the mirage, which seemingly turned to the shimmering ripples on the river under the sunglow--a junior was squatting down on the riverside and washing his tablewares while watching him with a curious look...

    'How fabulous it is! If the gentleman was not fabulous, who else would be fabulous in the world?'

    Realizing that the image of the junior who washed tablewares on the riverside was greatly different than that in his imagination, the young elite of Heavens Fortune Sect felt that his head was going to blow up.

    The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect had been watching Zhang Tie silently with his intelligent and profound eyes since Zhang Tie manifested his gentle strength.

    After a short while, the young elite of Heavens Fortune Sect raised his head with a faintly pale face while his eyes were sparkling a bizarre light. He then asked his elder in a decisive, secret way, "Master, I want to go inside!"

    He received one word, "Wait!"


    The battle between human knights and demon knights continued in the Heavens Ball; however, as 4 human knights had manifested their aiding strengths, the battle became fiercer.

    Demon knights were like endless demonized puppets. Whenever you killed one, new demon knights would arrive. Even 53 earth knights could not stand that, not to mention black iron knights.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that his gentle strength had brought a great shock to the outside. Nobody described his aiding strength to him before. Besides that insight in Ewentra Archipelago, he had not manifested it in another place before. Even though elders of Huaiyuan Palace knew that he had aiding strength, they had not seen it.

    After Elder Gu Qingyun exited the Heavens Ball for a few minutes, other clans' knights constantly exited it.

    After one hour, all the 4 knights of Liu Clan in Changshan Prefecture exited the Heavens Ball...
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