Chapter 835: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VI)

    Chapter 835: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VI)

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    In the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie didn't know that his aiding strength--Supreme Protection had aroused a great shock on the outside as he had no time to care about that.

    The other 5 elders of Huaiyuan Palace had long gathered on Zhang Tie's side. With the effect of Zhang Tie's Supreme Protection, they were fighting demon knights ferociously.

    More and more human knights were killed in the Heavens Ball; as a result, they had to exit and became the onlookers of this competition. As more and more human knights exited the Heavens Ball, demon knights' advantage turned more and more evident. The remaining human knights felt an increasingly greater stress. In the simulated earth-elements realm covering 100,000 square miles, with the great stress, the selection of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province turned into a cruel elimination match, the weaker clans with fewer clan knights would be kicked out of the Heavens Ball earlier, causing a greater stress to the other clans at the same time and making demon knights more advantageous. All the human knights in the Heavens Ball was sent in a vicious circle where they would collapse and become powerless to resist.

    Only the clan which could stick to the end in such a dangerous dilemma with the biggest achievement would be able to take the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province.

    Zhang Tie glimpsed Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan twice in the 8 hours of fierce battle, each time, he found that the most powerful ones among the 53 human knights were besieged by a pile of demon knights in the 3-in-1 matrix.

    Although those demon knights who besieged Lu Dingzhi were burned into ashes by Lu Dingzhi's rotating flames, new ones appeared and kept rushing towards Lu Dingzhi ceaselessly.

    Demon knights who besieged Zhang Taixuan constantly became Zhang Taixuan's crossbows and bolts. Meanwhile, the head of Zhang Clan was surrounded with shattered flesh and blood of demon knights. Whereas, black light constantly sparkled.

    If it were others, they had long been killed over 100 times in such a dilemma. However, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan were still fighting.

    Facing such a 3-in-1 wheel war, even earth knights would collapse, let along black iron knights.

    Therefore, with the first glimpse, Zhang Tie found that the two people had turned a bit fatigued; with the second glimpse, Zhang Tie found that the two people had been wounded all over.

    Aiding strength could arouse resonance, which could only be passed from top to bottom. Aiding strength was like a huge bell. When you rang it, it could resonate with the other huge bells which were of the same size; however, you could not have it resonate with another bell which was many times greater than it. Therefore, Lu's aiding strength and Zhang Tie's aiding strength could not work on Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan, because the latter ones were even closer to earth knights than the demon general.

    Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan were very powerful. One's points were always closely followed by that of the other. The number of demon knights they killed was always close. Sometimes, in a very short period, the number of demon knights they killed would have a gap of 2; however, the other one would soon catch up with it, even surpass it. Therefore, the two people were like marathon runners, who were always close to each other.

    As the fierce competition between Lu Clan and Zhang Clan proceeded, Gu Clan disappeared.

    Actually, Gu Clan didn't disappear. They were just forgotten by onlookers. It seemed to be a law. In those sharply competitive industries and sites, the collisions and wrestles between the most powerful two forces would have the third powerful force fade away from the public. It was called Iceberg Crowding-out Effect--When some floating icebergs collided with each other, those being shattered firstly were those smaller icebergs between the two biggest ones.

    As Gu Clan outnumbered Zhang Clan, they should not be over so fast; however, they met Zhang Tie.

    From the beginning, Zhang Tie had overwhelmed Gu Clan.

    At the White Tiger Complex, Zhang Tie overwhelmed Gu Qingyun with his young age and handsome look.

    After entering the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie's thunder-in-palm shocked the onlookers and made him a superstar. He even attracted the attention of Commander Cheng. With his trump card--thunder-in-palm, Zhang Tie gained 19 points, the highest points in the first 3 rounds, which were even higher than that of Lu Dongzhi and Zhang Taixuan.

    After that, Elder Gu Qinglong was eliminated due to the conflict between him and Zhang Tie, causing Gu Clan to lose its numerical advantage over Zhang Clan.

    Then, Gu Qingyun manifested his aiding strength and saved some face for Gu Clan. If Zhang Tie didn't manifest his aiding strength, with the effect of Gu Qingyun's aiding strength, even though Zhang Taixuan's battle strength was above all the Gu elders, Gu Clan could also match Zhang Clan for the time being; however, with Zhang Tie's manifestation of his aiding strength, Gu Clan lost its biggest advantage over Zhang Clan. Additionally, simply given the effect of aiding strength, Zhang Tie's Supreme Protection had fully overwhelmed that of Gu Qingyun, not to mention the meaning of gentle strength and its shock to the public.

    From then on, Gu Clan had deteriorated into a certain minor role from a possible protagonist in this competition. As Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan killed more and more demon knights, Gu Clan gradually faded away from the vision of the public.

    Men of letters were all modest; however, fighters had to compete for the 1st place. When the two moons turned full, all the stars would be cast into the shade. Even powerful knights or talents who were well known across the province would deteriorate into minor roles at this moment.

    After Liu Clan in Changshan Prefecture exited, Simon Clan in Xingbei Prefecture, Sun Clan in Guide Prefecture, Guo Clan in Sanquan Prefecture, Li Clan in Miyun Prefecture, Yan Clan in Chaoyang Prefecture also exited one after another and became onlookers.

    Besides, Zhang Clan, Lu Clan and Gu Clan also suffered from the loss of their knights.

    After all, Zhang Tie's aiding strength could not avoid humans from being wounded by sabers and spears. Even Zhang Tie's Supreme Protection also had a limited effect. Facing the attack of endless demon knights, Zhang Tie's aiding strength would also lose its effect.

    Starting with Elder Muen, Zhang Tie had seen clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace being constantly killed in front of him. Elder Muyuan, Elder Muan, Elder Muyu, finally Elder Muray...

    A few minutes after Elder Muray died, the name of Gu Qingyun, the last alive knight of Gu Clan was erased from the list.

    Before being killed by a demon knight, Gu Qingyun even threw a glance at Zhang Tie. After watching Zhang Tie's brilliant, golden aura, Gu Qingyun couldn't help letting out a sigh inside.

    As for others who had entered the Heavens Ball for the first time, they might be a bit agitated even lamented when they saw their clan elders die as it was such a genuine scene. However, Zhang Tie's brain remained as cold as ice. He didn't even have any mood swings. Of course, it was not because Zhang Tie was cold-blooded; but because he had experienced similar life or death situations for thousands of times in the trouble-reappearance situations over these years. Everything here was just like a real dreamland for him. Even though he saw elders of Huaiyuan Palace die in front of him, he knew that they would never suffer any loss actually. Therefore, he was not agitated at all.

    Instead, as more and more elders of Huaiyuan Palace were killed, Zhang Tie turned calmer. He knew that the key battle that would determine the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province was yet to arrive.

    Only 5 knights were left alive on the battlefield of the simulated earth-elements realm, Zhang Tie, Zhang Taixuan, Lu Dingzhi and the other two elders of Lu Clan.

    Zhang Tie recognized that one of the 3 Lu elders was the one who mastered the aiding strength.

    Lu Clan had a deep root in Youzhou Province. Such a major clan would definitely have great knights. In the final moment, all the other clans' elders had died except for Zhang Clan, however, Lu Clan still had 3 living knights left, which indicated the background and the deep root of Lu Clan very well.

    When there were 5 human knights left, the number of demon knights was adjusted to 15 while the surplus one disappeared in a black sparkling light.

    Compared to Lu Clan, Zhang Clan, which had 3 knights fewer than Lu Clan, still had 2 elders left, making Zhang Clan more eye-catching. It could be said that Zhang Clan was glorious even if they lost this battle.

    However, Zhang Tie and Zhang Taixuan were not here to lose the battle, so were the alive Lu elders.

    3 demon knights rushed towards Zhang Tie. After throwing a glance at Count Long Wind and the points of Lu Clan and Zhang Clan, Zhang Tie concealed his battle qi and landed on the ground. Instead of flying, he started to run on foot. He moved hundreds of meters ahead with one stride as he had fully activated his Kuafu Bloodline...

    In running, Zhang Tie adjusted his breathing rhythm as he tried to recover his physical strength as soon as possible...

    After activating his Kuafu Bloodline, Zhang Tie's moving speed could not be matched by that in the Upton Theater of Operations.

    It had come to the final stage of both Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi...
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