Chapter 836: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VII)

    Chapter 836: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VII)

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    Generally, in a duel between two knights, the one on the ground was in the disadvantageous position compared to that in the sky. Therefore, knights would always choose to fight in the sky. None of them would like to stay on the ground in a duel. Like two boxers in the ring, the one being backed into a corner would always be in the disadvantageous position.

    Knights' attacks depended on free movements in the sky.

    Therefore, at the sight of Zhang Tie landing on the ground, all the other clans' knights, who had exited the Heavens Ball and were watching the battle in White Tiger Complex, were in an uproar at once.

    When there were only 8 human knights in the Heavens Ball, the mirage had long been divided into 8 squares so that onlookers could see how the 8 human knights fought demon knights ferociously. Similarly, when the 8 human knights reduced to 5, the mirage was divided into 5 squares so that everybody else could watch their fights clearly.

    Zhang Tie had long become the focus of the people across White Tiger Complex and those in and out Youzhou City. Even if Zhang Tie didn't kill demon knights anymore and just exited the Heavens Ball, his name Zhang Mushen had long shocked Youzhou Province.

    However, Zhang Tie kept fighting inside. His persistence was really praiseworthy and unpredictable.

    It could be said that onlookers in the White Tiger Complex and across Youzhou City had long paid more attention to Zhang Tie the gentleman than Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan.

    Like a dark horse which would win most attention in any racing competition, Zhang Tie was the very dark horse in this selection for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province.

    The amazement aroused by this dark horse could be judged by the facial expressions of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace, who had not imagined that Zhang Tie could have such an excellent performance.

    Elders of Huaiyuan Palace knew that Zhang Tie excelled at spear throwing skill; however, they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could reach the degree "Thunder-in-Palm".

    Although Zhang Tie had not manifested his aiding strength in front of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace, elders of Huaiyuan Palace knew that Zhang Tie possessed aiding strength. Because when Zhang Tie manifested his aiding strength in Ewentra Archipelago, it aroused an extreme uproar; although he did that as Peter, it was not a secret for elders of Huaiyuan Palace at all. There were only two points that elders of Huaiyuan Palace had not imagined: first, they've not imagined that Zhang Tie's aiding strength--Supreme Protection was that powerful. With the effect of his Supreme Protection, the 5 elders of Huaiyuan Palace had outdone themselves, which was really a surprise for them. What shocked them much more was that dignified "gentleman" name-card manifested by the aura of the aiding strength.

    Although Huaiyuan Palace had nobles and knights, it didn't have a gentleman yet, who was destined to be sage.

    In Taixia Country, nobles' titles of nobility were divided into duke, marquis, count, viscount and baron, which were generally called Human Knights, namely, knights being awarded by humans.

    However, "gentleman" was also called Heavenly Knight, namely, knight being awarded by the God.

    In Taixia Country, there was a classic maxim which almost everybody agreed upon.

    --Heavenly knights would definitely be followed by human knights.

    This was the so-called extreme nobility of gentleman!

    In the future, Huaiyuan Palace would definitely have an eminent noble who was awarded both human knight and heavenly knight. Such a hereditary major clan would definitely be influential and respectable in Taixia Country. The nobility of double knights indicated the remarkable military exploits of ancestors and the inheritance of the bloodline and culture of this clan while the latter was most frequently valued by others as the manifestation of the real deep background of a clan.

    At this moment, looking at the amazed eyes of the other major clans' elders, the elders of Huaiyuan Palace felt proud of themselves.

    The elders of Huaiyuan Palace also knew that Zhang Tie had cultivated in a tower of time and killed a chief priest of Sacred Light Empire; however, they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could stand so long in the Heavens Ball. They all thought that the one who could stand so long should be Elder Muray.

    As Zhang Tie could stand so long, it indicated his battle strength very well.

    Nobody could imagine that Zhang Tie would suddenly land on the ground. In the opinion of those elders of clans across Youzhou Province, he was seeking for death.

    Being excited, at the sight of Zhang Tie's movement, the elders of Huaiyuan Palace who had exited the Heavens Ball immediately exchanged a glance with each other as they didn't know why Zhang Tie suddenly made such a foolish decision.

    Almost the moment Zhang Tie landed on and started to run, the White Tiger Complex was in a din.

    "Ahh? Why did Zhang Mushen land on the ground? Is he seeking for death?" Perhaps those people in the White Tiger Complex didn't know about Zhang Mushen a few hours ago; however, they had already known his name now.

    "Was it because he could not continue flying?"

    "That's possible. It's already out of our imaginations that Zhang Mushen could stand so long. Even if he could not continue flying, it's nothing strange. As for a young knight, it's already very uneasy!" Someone waved his head and sighed with emotion.

    "Alas, pitifully, Lu Clan has 3 knights. On the ground, Zhang Mushen will be killed by demon knights soon. It seems that Lu Clan will finally take the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province!"

    Even Commander Cheng faintly frowned when he saw Zhang Tie landing on the ground. 'By landing on the ground at this time, it's nothing different than giving up the resistance. Even though he could dodge from the chase of demon knights for a short while, he would hardly make any points.'

    Commander Cheng felt a bit disappointed...

    In the mirage, Lu Dingzhi's and Zhang Taixuan's battlefields suddenly became fiercer, which immediately attracted the attention of most of the people in the White Tiger Complex.

    "Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan could not stand it any longer!" The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect murmured.


    In the Heavens Ball, undoubtedly, the most powerful knights must kill the most demon knights; however, the most powerful knights might not stick to the end as they bore the greatest stress in the Heavens Ball too.

    Through endless collisions between Lu Dingzhi, Zhang Taixuan and 3-in-1 demon knights matrix, although more and more demon knights were killed, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan were also suffering more and more wounds. As for the two human knights, this was a bloody and desperate fight. They should not have any fluke mind.

    Their sides were piled with broken corpses of demon knights. However, since the beginning, they had been attacked by more and more demon knights.

    Now, 10 demon knights were attacking Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi.

    If they could stick to the end, they would face two 3-in-1 demon knights matrices, namely 6 demon knights respectively. This explained why demon knights would always be 10 more than that of human knights. Everybody had guessed that 12 demon knights could form four 3-in-1 matrices.

    After a few minutes, Zhang Taixuan took his body as the crossbow and his qi, blood and spirit as the bolt...

    By contrast, the 6 golden fireballs flying around Lu Dingzhi had turned increasingly smaller. Finally, those fireballs entered Lu Dingzhi's body and turned Lu Dingzhi and his battle qi into a burning torch.

    In the final moment, Lu Dingzhi uttered a roar which could be heard over 100 miles away while his flames turned fiercer instantly, wrapping 3 demon knights into his flames. He then burned into ashes with 3 demon knights at the same time...

    Almost at the same time, Zhang Taixuan triggered his last bolt in the Heavens Ball with his body as the crossbow and the bolt. After drawing a fiery line in the cloud and wind, Count Long Wind and the 5 demon knights turned into blood foam and disappeared at the same time...

    Watching Zhang Taixuan applying his Heavenly Crossbow Bloodline in such a heroic and decisive way, the entire Youzhou City, including White Tiger Complex became silent immediately.


    On two sides of the Heavens Ball, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Taixuan opened their eyes and stood up at the same time.

    "It was really a cool fight, shoulder to shoulder with Brother Lu today. I hope to give a cool blow to the demons on the real battlefields in the future!"

    "Brother Taixuan's Heavenly Crossbow Bloodline was indeed extremely destructive. I candidly admit defeat!" In the end, Zhang Taixuan killed two more demon knights than Lu Dingzhi. Therefore, his points were a bit higher than that of Lu Dingzhi.

    After throwing a glance at each other, they burst out into laughter at the same time.

    Zhang Taixuan killed 29 demon knights; plus 9 battle spirits, he got 154 points on the list.

    Lu Dingzhi killed 27 demon knights; plus 11 battle spirits, he got 146 points on the list.

    Lu Dingzhi was 8 points lower than that of Zhang Taixuan.

    However, Lu Clan gained 16 points more than that of Zhang Clan due to an advantage in population.

    Lu Clan gained 339 points while Zhang Clan gained 323 points in total. However, Gu Clan, which was thought highly of before the competition only gained 277 points on the list.

    Lu Clan had 2 more knights in the Heavens Ball while Zhang Clan only had Zhang Tie inside...

    Everybody thought that Lu Clan would win the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province...
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