Chapter 837: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VIII)

    Chapter 837: The Lion in Youzhou Province (VIII)

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    After Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi exited the Heavens Ball, the situation in Heavens Ball changed greatly.

    In the last 5 human knights, Zhang Taixuan and Lu Dingzhi had borne the most stress. However, the moment the two human knights exited, there were only three human knights in the Heavens Ball. The three human knights had to face thirteen demon knights; on average, each of them had to face the attack from 4 demon knights. What a great stress!

    The Lu elder who mastered the aiding strength was killed by demon knights in 2 minutes, leaving the last Lu elder and Zhang Tie in the Heavens Ball.

    The last elder of Lu Clan was emaciated and silent. Even in the fight, his eyes were half-closed like having not woken up. He was almost the least attractive one among all the elders of Lu Clan. Like Zhang Tie, this elder's long vitality was out of the expectation of too many people. However, just like in the real battlefields, those who could survive at the end were always not those who were most attractive at the beginning of the battle; instead, those who had both great battle strength and good luck.

    Only Zhang Tie's and that Lu elder's battle situation was manifested in the mirage.

    Zhang Tie was running fast and jumping like a flexible ball on the ground while being chased by 6 demon knights.

    The other 6 demon knights were chasing after that Lu elder.

    Nobody had imagined that the two common knights could make any achievement in such a situation.

    Almost everyone thought that Lu Clan's and Zhang Clan's points would remain unchanged. Even though the elders of Huaiyuan Palace were letting out a sigh inside. Unless Zhang Tie killed over 4 demon knights, Zhang Clan could barely turn the table. However, being besieged by 6 demon knights, it was almost impossible for Zhang Tie to kill over 4 demon knights. Any other knights in White Tiger Complex could barely do that while being chased by 6 demon knights, even Zhang Taixuan the would-be earth knight could only bear 5 demon knights' besiege at the same time, not to mention Zhang Tie.

    However, the fact was always out of everyone's expectation.

    The last moment of the remaining Lu elder was pretty tragic. After his protective battle qi was broken through, his legs were shattered into pieces by a demon knight while his chest and lower abdomen were penetrated through by two demon knights' 4 sharp claws; his head was kicked forcefully by another demon knight and almost transformed while his skull was broken...

    The time seemed to stand still...

    Everyone thought that that Lu elder was destined to die with such a heavy wound.

    However, in the next second, a terrifying qi appeared on the body of that Lu elder. Closely after that, his battle qi expanded many times in a split second while an extremely giant figure's shadow with extremely ferocious killing qi appeared behind him. Although his head had been chopped off, he was still patting his beating his chest by two huge axes in hands, causing a thunder each time. Everything in the world was like an ant in front of such a headless giant.

    Being scared by the huge giant's shadow, the 6 demon knights besieging the Lu elder became still like frogs being gazed by a ferocious boa in a split second.

    When the giant's shadow appeared in the distance, Zhang Tie, who was running, became stunned immediately as he sensed an extremely bold and powerful qi with endless fighting will and killing qi descending in the space of the simulated earth-element realm like a sea of magma...

    "Xing Tian waves axes with full ambitions, good..." Commander Cheng patted the desk and sprung up with raised eyebrows.

    'It's Xing Tian Bloodline, it's Xing Tian Bloodline...'

    At this moment, all the onlookers in the White Tiger Complex felt blood boiling while many of them became dumbfounded by what they saw.

    Like how nobody had imagined that Zhang Tie could be a gentleman, perhaps, nobody had imagined that that emaciated and silent Lu elder could be so dauntless except for the other elders of Lu Clan. Those who could awaken Xing Tian bloodline were the real dauntless men. Fewer than one of 100 million Hua people could awaken Xing Tian bloodline. These dauntless men were always extremely resolute, indomitable. Although their bones were ground into ashes, they would have undying, strong will. These dauntless men were the backbone of Hua people and the spiritual pillar of Taixia Country. They were the most respectable in Taixia Country.

    Xing Tian was the battle god of Hua people. Under the influence of a heavy wound, Xing Tian Bloodline would be activated. The heavier the wound was, the more powerful and terrifying would the bloodline be.

    With broken legs, transformed head and 4 sharp claws into his chest and lower abdomen, in the next second, the 4 arms were broken. Closely after that, with the broken 4 arms of the 2 demon knights, the Lu elder tore all the 6 demon knights into pieces like tearing roasted chickens by inserting his hands into their chests.

    After killing the 6 demon knights, that emaciated body swayed in the air for a second before bursting out an extremely masculine bloody battle qi, which covered the space for a long time...


    At this moment, the Lu elder opened his eyes on one side of the Heavens Ball in the Heavenly Altar.

    Lu Dingzhi bowed deeply towards that elder, who did the same to Lu Dingzhi. After that, he returned to the team of Lu Clan as silently as before without any pleasant look just like withered wood.

    Everybody knew why Lu Dingzhi deeply bowed towards that elder, because that elder increased another 30 points for Lu Clan, making it 369 points, which fixed the winner of this competition.

    'It turns out that this elder is the trump card of Lu Clan. Lu Clan in Spiritualmaple Prefecture is really unfathomable!' Many people in the White Tiger Complex thought inside.

    'If Zhang Clan wants to turn the tide in this case, Zhang Tie had to kill over 10 demon knights. However, it's too unrealistic. Unless I could enter it once again, Zhang Tie could barely kill over 10 demon knights alone.'

    Zhang Taixuan let out a sigh inside too...

    This competition was really full of splendid climaxes while each Clan had their own brilliant means.

    Through this competition, people witnessed a gentleman and a dauntless fighter. Even if it was many years later, this competition would also be a much-told tale in the history of Youzhou Province.

    'Although Gu Clan failed to make enough impact in the competition, it seems that we're not wronged!' After throwing a glance at the teams of Zhang Clan and Lu Clan, Gu Dashou sighed inside, 'Zhang Clan and Lu Clan have their own means, which could never be matched by common hereditary major clans. Although Gu Clan had tried our best, we still lagged behind others.'

    However, when he realized that Lu Clan or Zhang Clan would also lose the battle like Gu Clan in the end, Gu Dashou recovered his composure, but...

    Gu Dashou moved his eyes onto Gu Qingyun.

    Gu Qingyun looked a bit pale, his lips pressed together. At the same time, with burning flames in his eyes, he kept his eyes close on that guy who was jumping in the mirage.

    Gu Dashou lightly patted Gu Qingyun's hand and didn't say anything. Gu Qingyun's look made Gu Dashou a bit sad. 'Growing up with the halos of talent, he suddenly trod under the foot of another guy. I hope Qingyun could tide over this pass. It's better for him to suffer a frustration at this moment than suffering a frustration in front of real demons in the future.'

    Gu Dashou sighed inside with emotions.

    Along Gu Qingyun's eyes, Gu Dashou moved his eyes back on the mirage. After watching Zhang Tie for a few seconds, he had started to frown faintly, 'How could Zhang Mushen constantly run so fast? Has he drunk dragon blood or what?'

    The same question occurred to the minds of many people in the White Tiger Complex.

    Zhang Tie was chased by 11 demon knights. All the other onlookers thought that Zhang Mushen could stand at most 2-3 minutes in the Heavens Ball; however, they had not imagined that Zhang Mushen became increasingly spirited. Although being chased by more demon knights, he ran faster and faster...

    'What the hell?'

    Watching Zhang Tie running on the ground, the elders of Huaiyuan Palace who had been hopeless suddenly had a little hope in their hearts. Even Zhang Taixuan's heart started to pound as he moved his eyes onto Zhang Tie once again...

    Watching Zhang Tie running on the ground, the deacons and disciples in Huaiyuan Mansion didn't even dare breathe smoothly.

    Everyone in and out of Youzhou City finally moved their eyes onto that guy who was still persistent in the Heavens Ball...

    Watching Zhang Tie running on the ground, Commander Cheng gradually deepened his frown. All of a sudden, he relieved his frown and turned round to ask the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect, "With which ancestral bloodline could people run faster and faster?"

    After throwing a glassy-eyed look at Commander Cheng, the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect replied, "Kuafu Pursues the Sun..."

    The moment he revealed the bloodline, the four words had spread over the White Tiger Complex like an invisible shock wave...

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