Chapter 838: The Lion in Youzhou Province (IX)

    Chapter 838: The Lion in Youzhou Province (IX)

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    Zhang Tie was running as fast as the wind on the land covering 100,000 square miles while the 11 demon knights were chasing after him like falcons that chased after a fierce beast.

    In the Heavens Ball, Zhang Tie could clearly see the total points of Lu Clan and Zhang Clan, the difference between points of the two clans stimulated Zhang Tie greatly.

    The bloody battle qi left by the last Lu elder had not faded away. Watching that battle qi, Zhang Tie only forced a bitter smile inside. Although he didn't see what happened over there, the sudden increase of 30 points of Lu Clan reminded Zhang Tie that the last Lu elder had just killed 6 demon knights in a split second.

    It was not important how did he kill them. What was important was that 5 more black lights had joined in the chase for Zhang Tie in a split second. Wherever Zhang Tie passed by, he would be attacked intensively from the sky, causing huge pits here and there on the ground. How shocking it was! However, Zhang Tie was just like a sea swallow who could escape from the storm and furious billows safe and sound, causing those demons to be in vain.

    Zhang Tie knew that Lu Clan indeed made a trouble for him. Previously, Zhang Tie considered that whether he might be a bit special if he continued to kill 4 demon knights; however, after he made his determination to kill 4 more demon knights, that Lu elder made an even bigger trouble for him by turning the number of demon knights that he should kill from 4 to 10. As a result, Zhang Tie felt like failing a tongue twister.

    'If I want to make Zhang's total points surpass that of Lu Clan to win the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province for Zhang Taixuan, I have to kill at least 10 demon knights.'

    However, this seemed to be an impossible task and test for any black iron knight.

    As for Zhang Tie, he was not thinking about whether he could kill the 10 demon knights; but how many trump cards he had to expose.

    'For the benefit of Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Clan, I have to pay a price; however, I should not expose too many trump cards. I've just been to Taixia Country and am already very eye-catching; if I exposed too many trump cards, I would become too attractive in Taixia Country. It's not what I want. Many times, it's definitely necessary for me to be low-key and keep some secrets. There was an old Hua saying, common fame is seldom to blame.'

    As for the 5 more demon knights, Zhang Tie just spared 5 more parts of his knight's consciousness to focus on them.

    Nobody could imagine Zhang Tie's current state. If those onlookers in White Tiger Complex realized Zhang Tie's current state, they would definitely be dumbfounded.

    Zhang Tie split his knight's consciousness into 12 parts, 11 parts of which for the 11 demon knights respectively. Each demon knight's movements were locked by Zhang Tie; each demon knight's speed, height, location and attack were in Zhang Tie's close concern.

    To be honest, although this feeling was very shocking to the public and even nobody would believe that, it was very simple for Zhang Tie. Because Zhang Tie felt that he only needed to treat the 11 demon knights as 11 element crystals which were flying rapidly in the elements realm. It was actually not difficult for him to get the movements of those demon knights.

    Besides the 11 parts of his knight's consciousness for the 11 knights, Zhang Tie spared one more part for paying close attention to the surrounding terrain.

    In such a state, the information of all the 11 demon knights, the topographical information and other factors such as wind speed converged in Zhang Tie's mind constantly at a high speed. After combining this information, Zhang Tie made an analysis about them with his powerful knight's consciousness before outputting the optimal solution--adjust his speed, step, direction, location and height to the "one move, one scenery" state at any second. No matter how his enemy chased after him flurriedly, he was just running leisurely.

    This time, Zhang Tie combined his Kuafu Bloodline, "one move, one scenery state", distraction ability, great physical strength and knight's consciousness and showed his terrifying, great ability on the ground once again, which shocked all the onlookers.


    In the White Tiger Complex...

    Many onlookers just watched the mirage without a wink.

    Normally, all the onlookers would feel bored about such a pure chase if it lasted too long, except for this time.

    At the beginning, when Zhang Tie was chased by 6 demon knights, many people didn't sense Zhang Tie's specialty; however, when the number of demon knights chasing after Zhang Tie reached 11, Zhang Tie gradually revealed his specialty to the public, facing the sudden two times greater attacking density.

    The 11 demon knights' powerful battle qis struck the ground near Zhang Tie like lightning bolts, causing a lot of huge dense smoke and destroying all the objects on the ground near Zhang Tie's whereabouts. In the tyrannical and destructive scene, whenever everybody else thought Zhang Tie had been killed, Zhang Tie would stride out of the dense battle qi attacks like a phoenix of nirvana in the legends, which never disappointed onlookers.

    Zhang Tie's every step was full of an indescribable meaning and artistic conception. He would always land on the most delicate and beautiful point in the most suitable time. The moment he landed on one point, the surrounding scene would be brilliant at once like lotus flowers breaking out of the water, making onlookers delighted.

    He was not running; instead, he was dancing like the wind and lightning bolt.

    Although Zhang Tie was moving like the wind, he would cause thunders like huge hammers knocking at the ground the moment he landed on the ground.

    Although Zhang Tie was moving like a lightning bolt, he moved as slowly as fog and as fast as a shadow.

    In the mirage, Zhang Tie's every step forward would germinate a lotus flower and bring onlookers into the "one move, one scenery state". Although passing by numerous lotus flowers, he didn't touch any leaves.

    Compared to the boring chase which would make everyone weary, such a dance made everybody crazy.


    "What the hell? No way! How could he land over there? How could he appear over there?" An elder of Yang Clan in Chaoyang Prefecture murmured with a thrilled look as he kept his eyes close on Zhang Tie's shadow.

    'Does he have eyes on his back? No way! Even if he had a pair of eyes on his back, he could not do it either. It was not enough at all. Even if he had an extremely powerful knight's consciousness, he could not do that either. Why do I feel that the 11 demon knights are passive in front of him? What the hell?' An elder of Simon Clan in Xingbei Prefecture scratched his hair with a sad look.

    "No way, no way, I've seen Kuafu Bloodline before. Even Kuafu Bloodline is not that exaggerated. His movements carry a special artistic conception. It must contain something else..." The head of Li Clan in Miyun Prefecture shouted.

    "Do you really think that he's just running? Hmm..." Guo Hongyi kept her eyes close on Zhang Tie with a disdainful cold harrumph, "Although he doesn't seem to launch an attack, he's fighting in each stride; he's fighting by running; he's taking the initiative by running!"

    'Fighting? Fighting by running?'

    Some people else seemed to understand something but some were still confused...

    "Ahh? No way..."

    In the uproar, the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect suddenly turned around and posed a question to his disciple, "You've learned the book of changes? How to apply no-change, simple-change and great-change on the battlefield at the same time? Turn passive into active with the law of great-change; simplify difficult steps through simple-change; the law of no-change is like how the universe runs constantly. Am I clear?"

    The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect didn't mean to lower his voice. Therefore, after hearing his words, all the others at present became silent.

    "As for the great-change, in the duel of knights, the one on the ground is in the disadvantageous position; however, it's not absolute. Sometimes, the disadvantageous position could also convert into an advantageous position. Like how two boxers fight, the one being forced back in a wall corner would be very passive and lose his moving space. However, if one faced a flock of wolves or was besieged, he could move back to the wall corner purposefully in case of being harmed from the back. The wall and the ground remain unchanged, which would show different functions facing different enemies and situations. However, wall and ground don't exist forever, the one who's good at defense could hide wherever he wants. Although he's defending; actually, he's attacking. The demon knights could offend him from high positions; however, they could also succumb to him due to his great-change. That's the law of great-change!" A disciple of Heavens Fortune Sect replied fluently after thinking for a short while.

    The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect nodded, "Not bad, what about simple-change?"

    "Just defend his enemies by running. Through running, he could gradually turn stronger and recover his physical strength just like how fierce tigers deepen into the mountain. By contrast, his enemies would turn increasingly weaker while gradually using up their battle qi and physical strength like how fish and shrimps come to the land. Only by running on the ground, he would be able to kill his enemies and convert the battle situation between defense and attack!"

    "What about no-change?"

    "Those who could use no-change are sages. They could follow the universal laws; retrospect themselves; watching samsara of everything and keep making unremitting efforts to improve themselves!"

    Everyone felt enlightened immediately. Watching that person in the mirage, they all sighed inside, 'What a talent! What a talent! I've not imagined that there's such a talent in Youzhou Province.'


    After 2 hours, when Zhang Tie passed by a small arsenal on the ground, he quickly picked up a shield and a longsword. The moment he left it, the arsenal had been exploded into pieces by the attacks from the sky, causing a huge pit after a great earthquake...

    The number of the 11 demon knights remained unchanged. However, they were not as energetic as that 2 hours ago.

    In order to catch up with Zhang Tie, those demon knights' battle qis and physical strengths had gradually come to the critical points due to constant flight and attacks at high speed. These demon knights constantly fought Zhang Tie for 2 hours.

    Although the demon knights' battle strengths were similar to that of real demon knights, they were not real. Their intelligence and ability could not match that of real demon knights. Now that he was not forbidden to make use of such a trivial difference, Zhang Tie just made use of it...

    At this moment, the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect stealthily passed a jade plate to his disciple.

    Receiving that jade plate, that disciple directly disappeared in front of the public.

    Nobody noticed that, except for Commander Cheng who turned around. At this moment, the elder of Heavens Fortune Sect moved his lips, after hearing something, Commander Cheng became silent...


    After a few minutes, a powerful sword qi rushed into the sky from Zhang Tie's body. At the same time, the golden aura of aiding strength reappeared as Zhang Tie activated his aiding strength once again...

    With a roar, Zhang Tie rushed towards the 11 demon knights like a fierce tiger entering a flock of sheep...

    Only after a few minutes, a demon knight's body had been shattered into pieces by Zhang Tie's sword lights...

    Zhang Clan's points rose to 328 while the hearts of all the onlookers across Youzhou City started to pound. Elder Muray of Huaiyuan Palace almost sprung up from the ground. The elders of Lu Clan felt their hearts stop beating at once.

    At the same time, numerous attacks fell onto Zhang Tie; however, they were all blocked by Zhang Tie's shield like a miracle.

    Zhang Tie used his shield and sword at the same time. He hid the sword behind his shield. The shield in his hand was like a spiritual living being. The onlookers felt that the shield could block all the attacks automatically. What a marvel!

    Another demon knight's head flew away...

    The points of Zhang Clan rose to 333...

    '8 left.' Zhang Tie muttered.

    In the bloody battle, another black light flashed while a new demon knight as same as other demon knights appeared in the simulated space of earth-elements realm...
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