Chapter 839: The Lion in Youzhou Province (X)

    Chapter 839: The Lion in Youzhou Province (X)

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Zhang Tie forcefully smashed a demon knight as fast as a light. Meanwhile, his shield weirdly moved to his rear flank. After a few times of rapid movements, he had blocked the attacks of two demon knights who were drawing closer to him.

    While blocking attacks using the shield, Zhang Tie's another hand penetrated through a demon knight's physical defense fiercely as fast as a lightning bolt. In only a few seconds, his longsword collided with the demon knight's weapon for over 100 times.

    Chasing after Zhang Tie consecutively for a few hours, those demon knights had consumed their battle qis and spirits so much. Therefore, after being shocked by Zhang Tie's sword qi, the demon knight's protective battle qi had started to rock like ripples. Watching that, the demon knight changed its face greatly as it instantly moved backward while changing its movements rapidly. However, Zhang Tie kept chasing after it like a worm gnawing its bone at the same speed.

    When that demon knight was retreating rapidly, it was moving upwards, downwards, leftwards or rightwards, frontwards or backwards. However, he was relatively still to Zhang Tie as the distance between it and Zhang Tie remained unchanged.

    After colliding it over 100 times, Zhang Tie's longsword finally broke the demon knight's double-hand defense and fell on its protective battle qi.

    In the next second, the longsword which was filled with the metal-attribute battle qi representing sharpness in the 5-elements battle qi radiated a white luster while being slashed onto the same part of the demon knight for over 100 times in ear-deafening explosions.

    The protective battle qi of the demon knight turned into surge billows, waves, cracked glasses and was finally broken into pieces...

    The longsword was then stabbed into the mouth of the demon knight and penetrated through its hindbrain. Zhang Tie then smashed its head into pieces like shattering a watermelon with an air hammer.

    With the death of this demon knight, Huaiyuan Palace's points rose to 358...

    This was the 7th demon knight that Zhang Tie had killed...

    At the same time, 9 battle qis struck onto Zhang Tie's body.

    After blocking 3 of the 9 battle qis, the shield with Class III consolidating rune effect finally broke apart...

    If such a shield could end its "life" in this way on the battlefield, it definitely deserved it.

    Zhang Tie then drew a light curtain with his longsword and blocked another 2 of the 9 battle qis. 4 more battle qis struck on the protective battle qi on Zhang Tie's back directly, causing Zhang Tie to spit out a mouth of blood...


    Before those onlookers in White Tiger Complex and in and out of Youzhou City who were overwhelmed by the fierce battle between Zhang Tie and the demon knights sighed, Zhang Tie had flown away at a faster speed with the great inertia of that severe strike.

    At the same time, Zhang Tie threw out his longsword like throwing a javelin.

    A fiery line appeared in the air and shot towards a demon knight.

    With a roar, the demon knight expanded its scales all over its body with its bulgy protective battle qi. At the final critical moment, it nipped the longsword by its bare hands, which indicated its great battle strength as a demon knight obviously.

    In the split second, Zhang Tie had arrived in front of it and stretched out his hands...


    When Zhang Tie threw out that longsword and darted towards that demon knight in front of him while bumping into the chest of that demon knight, all the onlookers exclaimed in unison, 'Zhang Tie got the strike purposefully in order to gain a greater accelerated speed. Zhang Tie threw out that longsword so as to offset that demon knight's simultaneous counter-attack. This created a condition for his next movement.'

    Zhang Tie instantly tightened that demon knight's body and pushed it back as fast as a rocket.

    Due to a super high speed, all the other demon knights lagged behind.

    Zhang Tie's physical strength was so terrifying that he could even transform an iron man. As a result, that demon knight's protective battle qi uttered a "cracking" sound like a fresh bamboo being roasted above the fire.

    Within his tight clasp, the demon knight couldn't move at all, neither could it launch a counter-attack; instead, it could only try its best to resist Zhang Tie's powerful hands.

    The two knights swept over the ground in the simulated earth-element realm like a shell being fired from a cannon. They broke numerous huge cone-shaped stony pillars as high as dozens of meters even over 100 m.

    Wherever they passed by, those huge stony pillars would break and utter a sound as loud as those falling skyscrapers, causing dust all over the earth-elements realm and constant earthquakes. As a result, the complete landform was severely destroyed in a short period.

    The demon knight being tightly held by Zhang Tie interpreted a word "scapegoat".

    Zhang Tie's moving speed was over 700 miles per hour. However, 90% of the impact on those cone-shaped huge stony pillars were resisted by the body and the protective battle qi of the demon knight. Each collision was no different than a fierce blow from a knight at the same level as the demon knight.

    Watching such a splendid battle scene in the mirage, all the commoners in and out of Youzhou City exclaimed out of excitement, sending the entire Youzhou City in an uproar.

    "The inexperienced ones are going to see the appearance while the experienced ones appreciate the contents!" As for those commoners, of course, the louder and the more destructive the fight between knights was and the stronger the audio-visual effect was, the cooler would be the fight.

    Watching Zhang Tie tightly clutching that demon knight and knocking down so many huge stony pillars one after another, all the onlookers felt it was pretty stimulative. Such a battle situation could definitely match that between Lu Dingzhi, Zhang Taixuan and demon knights just now.


    Even Zhang Tie didn't remember how many stony pillars had that demon knight broken. After flying over 10 minutes with that demon knight, Zhang Tie suddenly felt no resistance against his hands...


    That demon knight was blown up while its plasma sprayed over Zhang Tie's body, making Zhang Tie extremely grim.

    That demon knight became the first demon knight to be tightened to death by someone in the simulated earth-elements realm.

    363 points, Huaiyuan Palace's points rose again.

    Like the bloody demon god, Zhang Tie raised his head and roared with full killing intent. Before those knights followed up, he had rushed back towards them...

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