Chapter 841: The Lion in Youzhou Province (XII)

    Chapter 841: The Lion in Youzhou Province (XII)

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    It felt the same as leaving trouble-reappearance situations when he left the Heavens Ball. After returning to his body spiritually, Zhang Tie felt pretty quiet in the surroundings except for the sounds of breath.

    After opening his eyes, Zhang Tie saw people watching him with various expressions.

    The elders of Huaiyuan Palace, including Zhang Taixuan, were bowing deeply towards Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie hurriedly bowed deeply towards them too. After that, he returned to the team of Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace while being treated as a pre-historical animal.

    After quite a while, Commander Cheng finally let out a deep sigh.

    "I've been fighting in real earth-elements realm for about 60 years and have seen numerous human and demon powerhouses; but I have only seen demons eat humans as hundreds of millions of humans would become the food of demons in each holy war; today, I found such a special knight who could be as fierce as a lion while fighting demons. At the critical moment, even though his limbs were broken, he still ate demon alive and drank demon's blood, how heroic he was!" Commander Cheng's swarthy face turned bright out of pride. He looked very excited. He then clapped his hands, which was as loud as a thunder, "If all the Hua people behaved like him, demons would be exterminated. Come on, bring me my dragon-marrow liquor!"

    The moment Commander Cheng finished his words, his attendants had brought in two jars of liquor, one to Commander Cheng, the other to Zhang Tie.

    All the people at present, officers or heads and elders of all the clans could only watch Zhang Tie with extremely "admiring" looks.

    The biggest winner of this competition was Zhang Taixuan, Count Long Wind of Zhang clan in Yanghe Prefecture; however, the most brilliant one was this Zhang elder who looked just 16-17 years old. Being praised by Commander Cheng and gifted with dragon-marrow liquor, Zhang Mushen would definitely have a bright future in Taixia Country.

    "This liquor was gifted by His Majesty when I went to Xuanyuan Hill many years ago. It could relocate your tendons and clean your marrow; maintain and improve your physical health and spirit; consolidate your chakra. Besides, it has many other benefits. One drop of this liquor would be worth 10 kgs of bright pearls. With one drop of this liquor, commoners would feel burning sensations all over their body with relocated tendons and broken bones. They would feel too painful and might even commit suicide. Therefore, only knights could drink such a liquor. Even though knights could barely become drunk after drinking 3 glasses constantly. I've preserved these two jars of liquor for so many years. As I feel pretty happy today, I want to share it with you. Dare you compete with me?"

    The jar was purple with dragon patterns on it. It was as large as a ripe common pumpkin. It looked like being made of purple crystal; however, it felt very heavy. After weighing it by one hand, Zhang Tie felt it was about 50-60 kgs with a line of lower sealed small square characters on it--! Zhang Tie was stealthily glancing at this jar of liquor just now; after listening to the explanation of Commander Cheng and watching the thirsty eyes in the surroundings, Zhang Tie was sure that this dragon-marrow liquor was definitely a top drink. 'Evidently, Emperor Xuanyuan usually drank it. Even though Commander Cheng only has two jars. A drop of such liquor would be worth 10 kgs of bright pearl, who will miss such a precious chance?'

    'Elder Muyuan was right. The moment I became famous, the benefits would arrive. Given the dragon-marrow liquor, I'm afraid that I could not buy it even if I had money.'

    "Please, Commander Cheng!" Zhang Tie raised his jar and put it straight.

    "Hahahaha..." Commander Cheng burst into laughter while he released his battle qi and opened the sealed cover of one purple jar, followed by Zhang Tie.

    The moment they opened the sealed cover, an extremely rich fragrance of liquor had spilled out of the jars and filled the Heavenly Altar and entered people's brains. Besides the exotic fragrance, the dragon-marrow liquor was enshrouding while a dragon-shaped light floated out of each jar. Given such an image, they could imagine how precious was such liquor.

    Among the elders of each major clan, especially those, who loved drinks so much, were forcefully sniffing the exotic fragrance while gazing at the two jars of dragon-marrow liquor like how hungry wolves watched fat sheep. At the same time, they forcefully swallowed their saliva.

    Zhang Tie found that Elder Gu Qinglong, whom he met in the Heavens Ball couldn't move his eyes away from the jar in his hand. Gu Qinglong had swallowed his saliva for hundreds of times. He seemed longing to drink it on behalf of Zhang Tie.

    Whereas, everyone knew that it was gifted by Commander Cheng. Even if they were drooling about that, they could only watch him drink.

    Watching Commander Cheng raising his head and pouring the amber liquor into his mouth straightly, Zhang Tie imitated him and also controlled the dragon-marrow liquor to flow into his mouth by battle qi like drinking water under a water faucet.

    After having it, Zhang Tie felt that he was not drinking a liquor, but a fire with exotic fragrance. The moment the liquor entered his mouth, Zhang Tie's qi, blood, bone, marrow, tendons and meridians all over had started to thunder. Closely after that, Zhang Tie's chakra started to rock while each pore across Zhang Tie's body started to release a flame-like heat like chimneys...

    After drinking up that jar of liquor, Zhang Tie felt the flames all over while his face turned red. Feeling a bit dazzled, he slightly rocked for a short while and almost fell down.

    "Thanks for your liquor, Commander Cheng!" Zhang Tie appreciated.

    "Fine!" After drinking up a jar of liquor, Commander Cheng's swarthy face just turned red. He became more excited and liked Zhang Tie even more. 'He's good at fight and drink; he could defeat that brat of Heavens Fortune Sect, and be a gentleman. What a talent!' Commander Cheng sighed inside. He then asked in a genial tone, "I know you got Mushen as your characters after the rotating chakra ceremony, what's your former name?"

    After hearing that Commander Cheng asked Zhang Tie's private name, the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace exchanged a glance with each other as they all felt that Commander Cheng spoke highly of him. The others' looks turned even more "admiring".

    "My parents named me Zhang Tie!"

    'Zhang Tie?' Everyone became stunned. This name was too common. Like the character Tie, the name Zhang Tie existed everywhere.

    However, at this time, this common name became unusual.

    "Fine, I will call you Zhang Tie from then on, I could bear it in mind easily!" After being silent for less than 1 second, Commander Cheng had expressed his opinion, "I lack a commissioned officer Duwei Sima, Class 5, General Eagle, would you like to take it?"

    'Duwei Sima?' After thinking about it for a short while, Zhang Tie remembered its meaning--in Taixia Country, all the commissioned officers with Sima were related to the military. Major Sima, one of the top three chancellors in Taixia Country was mainly in charge of the war expeditions and military forces across Taixia Country. Duwei Sima was responsible for the imperial guards of Commander Cheng. Imperial guards of Commander Cheng was the most elite force of Northeast Military Region Commander in Taixia Country.

    Even though the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, a lower province in Taixia Country was just Class 5, the power of Class 5 Duwei Sima could be imagined. What was more, this position was on the side of Commander Cheng. It was closer to Commander Cheng than a common provincial governor of a province. If he could do a good job, he would definitely have an inestimable, bright future. To put it straight, even if Zhang Tie resigned later on, as long as he had made some military exploits and had some experiences in this position, he could easily promote to a provincial governor or become a general cheji at the same class.

    Soon after hearing Commander Cheng's words, the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace and the elders of the other 9 major clans took a deep breath at the same time.

    Without having to turn round, Zhang Tie had already felt the scorching eyes of the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace on his back. He knew what they were thinking about. If being not afraid of Commander Cheng's power and majesty, they might have long told him to accept it in a secret voice-transmit way. After taking this position, it would be no worse than winning the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province for Huaiyuan Palace. Additionally, with one person on the side of Commander Cheng, Zhang Clan would never be matched by the other clans across Youzhou Province.

    If Zhang Tie was a real piece of iron, he might have been melted under the surrounding scorching eyes.

    "I really appreciate your favor, Commander Cheng, but I'm afraid that I cannot accept this position!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, the entire White Tiger Complex became quiet.

    Commander Cheng faintly frowned while a dignified qi started to suffuse which brought a great stress to everyone at present.

    "Why?" After Commander Cheng asked the reason calmly, everyone else felt that the White Tiger Complex turned cold.

    Zhang Tie looked straight in the majestic eyes of Commander Cheng frankly as he replied in a depressed way, "I left home to join the army at 16, after fighting almost 10 years in Waii Sub-continent, during which period, I rarely united with my family members. After coming to Youzhou Province, I realize that my mother was concerned about my safety almost every day during the past decade and had turned sick due to that. When I returned home a few days ago, my mother became delighted and suddenly became ill. As the old Hua saying went, when the son travels 1,000 miles away, his mother will always worry about him. I really cannot stand my mother worrying about me day by day and growing increasingly elder. Therefore, please forgive me for that! I don't care about my bright future and honors. I only expect to stay in Youzhou Province and accompany my mother every day; I only hope that my mother doesn't worry about me and have a good dream every night.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the surrounding looks became strange. Guo Hongyi's look was strangest.

    Watching Zhang Tie's face and listening to Zhang Tie's explanation, Commander Cheng finally lowered his head and let out a deep sigh after quite a while, "Mother is kind, son is obedient, gentleman's virtue could never be taken away!"

    "Thank you, Commander Cheng!" Zhang Tie bowed deeply towards Cheng Honglie.

    In the next second, Commander Cheng narrowed his eyes while a qi shot into the sky. He opened his mouth, which reverberated around Youzhou City. Everyone could hear that.

    "As Youzhou has promoted to an established lower province, Zhang Clan wins the competition by force and gains the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, I appoint Zhang Tiaxuan the Count Long Wind as the first provincial governor of Youzhou Province!"

    Without the assistance of any alchemist equipment and rune equipment, Commander Cheng's voice sounded in White Tiger Complex like a muffled thunder. Closely after that, it reached the clouds and was reflected onto the ground. Then, it spread across Youzhou Province in an extremely majestic way.

    "Zhang Taixuan!"

    "Here!" Count Long Wind strode out of the team of Huaiyuan Palace under the gaze of all the people at present.

    "Get my seal!"

    The seal of provincial governor of Youzhou Province which symbolized the supreme majesty of Youzhou Province flew off Commander Cheng's hand and landed on Zhang Taixuan's hands steadily which had been raised high above his head.

    After receiving the seal, Zhang Taixuan instantly broke the tip of his tongue by his teeth and sprayed a mouth of blood over the seal. The seal then immediately radiated a strong light, which covered the entire White Tiger Complex.

    'I've not imagined that this seal of a provincial governor is also a secret silver item!' A thought occurred to Zhang Tie's mind after Zhang Tie caught sight of this scene. Almost at the same time, Zhang Tie felt that a warm sense had flown across his body. The extremely overbearing feeling of getting drunk started to radiate. Feeling dazzled, Zhang Tie lost his consciousness at once.


    "Congratulations, provincial governor!" The other commissioned officer of Youzhou City in the White Tiger Complex bowed deeply towards Zhang Taixuan.

    After that, Zhang elders called Zhang Tie's name and received no response. They then found that Zhang Tie had already fallen asleep.

    "The effect of dragon-marrow liquor is too strong. As Zhang Tie has just formed one chakra, after drinking up this jar of liquor, it will take him a few days to wake up!" Commander Cheng's genial voice sounded, making the other elders of Zhang Clan reassured. They felt circling around a treasure.

    After throwing a few more glances at Zhang Tie, Commander Cheng appreciated Zhang Tie more. Finally, he let out a sigh, "Well, with this lion in Youzhou Province, citizens here would be safe..."


    On the same day, Commander Cheng left Youzhou City towards southwards by airboat.

    The fierce competition for the position of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province finally came to an end.


    In the evening, Commander Cheng watched Youzhou City which was becoming farther and farther away from him, he felt a bit regretful.

    At this moment, a strong wave of earth elements drifted from Youzhou City, an aurora appeared in the distant sky being marked with especially splendid changing light belts...

    The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect had moved to Commander Cheng's side silently. Watching in the distance, he let out a sigh, "Zhang Taixuan is promoting to earth knight!"

    "For the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, he purposefully chose to not promote to earth knight. Zhang Taixuan is really single-minded. After promoting to earth knight, he will hold steadily his position in Youzhou Province. Lu Dingzhi is only a bit weaker than Zhang Taixuan!" Commander Cheng said with a wise look, "There's one point that I've not imagined. Lord Huaiyuan is so bad-tempered and straight-forward; however, his offspring is so shrewd. What a shock!"

    "If Lord Huaiyuan was as half tolerant as Zhang Taixuan, he would not force to go to Waii Sub-continent and lay the foundation of Huaiyuan Palace in that uncivilized area. Offsprings of Lord Huaiyuan must have learned from their ancestor's deeds. However, when Huaiyuan Palace roots in Youzhou Province this time, they have to be involved in the former swirl!" The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect replied with a sorrowful look while his words contained endless meanings.

    "F*ck, the northeast military region is this father's territory, Zhang Taixuan is this father's provincial governor, a class 5 imperial officer of Taixia Country. Anyone who dares find trouble in this father's territory, this father will beat out his sh*t for sure!" Commander Cheng turned his face with full killing intent, "Although this father didn't come from the God's Will Army of Emperor Xuanyuan, this father served Black Armor Army, which cooperated with God's Will Army to crack down demons at the cost of countless blood and demon lives. This father still has numerous comrades-in-arms in Black Armor Army now. I also have people to favor me in Xuanyuan Hill. If anyone dares find me trouble, this father will beat him at once!"

    "I know. But, now that Zhang Taixuan has taken the position, you should not control everything for him. Everyone knows that you are black both inside and outside. Even if you want to lose your temper, nobody would like to spare a chance for you!"

    "Zhang Taixuan's face is not that thin. As long as he could hold the position steadily and maintain Zhang's foundation in Youzhou Province, even if he was teased by someone, it's nothing serious!" Commander Cheng concealed his killing intent as he instantly changed a topic, "How's your disciple?"

    "It's a mental obstacle. However, It's also a test for him. If not the break through it, he might be dangerous in the future!"

    "You geezers would speculate everything, including your own people. I wonder whether you would speculate before going to bed with your women. If you treat everything so seriously, how do you feel any pleasure?"

    "You would never know the pleasure. It's nothing different than playing the flute to a cow and telling about ice to summer insects. Don't speak dirty words to pollute my hearing!" The elder of Heavens Fortune Sect threw a despised look at Commander Cheng...
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