Chapter 845: A Solemn Reception

    Chapter 845: A Solemn Reception

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    After hearing the gentle knocks of the door, Zhang Tie moved his consciousness out of the elements realm.

    After throwing a glance at the half-consumed earth-elements crystal in his hand, Zhang Tie ran his spiritual energy and teleported it into Castle of Black Iron immediately.

    "What's the matter?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Elder Mushen, there's a greeting team dispatched by Huaiyuan Palace in the sky ahead of us, would you like to take a look outside?" The captain's respectful and careful voice drifted from outside the door.

    'A greeting team?' Zhang Tie became stunned for a second. When he took out that earth-elements crystal 1 hour ago, he remembered that the airship was at least 500 miles away from Yanghe Prefecture, how could they meet the greeting team of Huaiyuan Palace here in the sky?

    "Yes, I will take a look outside!" Zhang Tie replied as he stood up and opened the hatch door. Under the guidance of the captain respectfully, he came to the command module.

    Watching the scene outside from the command module, Zhang Tie was too shocked that he became speechless for quite a while.

    Right in the air ahead of them, numerous fury-level airships were suspending in the air in two rows tidily like fighters who stood there in awed silence, leaving a tunnel in the sky and greeting Zhang Tie.

    Colorful greeting flags had been exhibited on the huge fury-level airships. The front two airships even put down two broad banners with huge red words on them. Each word on them was dozens of meters in size, which looked extremely brilliant in the air.

    The left slogan was--Elder Mushen, the Lion in Youzhou Province!

    The right slogan was--Elder Mushen, the Pillar of Zhang Clan!

    "After knowing that Elder Mushen is coming back, Huaiyuan Palace dispatched 2,000 fury-level airships to greet Elder Mushen after flying 400 miles away from Yanghe Prefecture!" The captain of Zhang Tie's airship explained to Zhang Tie.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie was really moved by such a solemn welcome ceremony. Even though he was always indifferent about such things, Zhang Tie's heart still pounded when he faced their sincerity.

    "Send a signal by flags to them--Huaiyuan Palace is Majestic, Our Wills Unite Like a Fortress!" Zhang Tie told the captain after recovering his composure. Zhang Tie knew that he should never be cocky at this moment; otherwise, he might be reproached and cause an enmity between him and the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace. After all, he was not the only contributor to this competition. Unless he exposed his trump card in the competition, Zhang Taixuan would never gain such a position without the help of any other elders of Huaiyuan Palace, not to mention that Zhang Taixuan gained most points in the Heavens Ball on the side of Huaiyuan Palace. Of course, Zhang Tie dared not take credits.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's response, all those in the greeting team became especially spirited. Many of them even cheered.


    After 4 hours, Zhang Tie's airship landed in the airship base outside Golden Light City. The moment he got off the airship and stepped onto the red carpet, Zhang Tie had caught sight of his parents, elder brother, his elder sisters-in-law, his wives and Zhang's juniors. All of them were wearing formal suites. Standing in front of his mother, Zhang Tie found that his mother was looking at him with a thrilled expression. Besides these family members, Zhang Tie saw his elder uncles, cousins. Even Zhang Su was among them.

    Additionally, he saw the major of Golden Light City, the heads of many clans in the branch of Golden Sea City and those celebrities in Yanghe Prefecture.

    Zhang Tie had seen such a scene for so many times; however, at the sight of the brilliance on the faces of his family members, Zhang Tie felt like coming home with full of honors.

    "Elder Mushen, after knowing that you're coming back today, all the people across Golden Light City are waiting for you here!" The major of Golden Light City moved one step forward and bowed towards Zhang Tie respectfully.

    The major of Golden Light City was called Zhang Haicheng, the grandson of Elder Muyuan. He was on the same seniority with Zhang Tie's grandpa. After throwing a glance at the major of Golden Light City, Zhang Tie found that his face was indeed somewhat similar to that of Elder Muyuan.

    'If I were not the clan elder, I'm afraid that he would not respond to me even if I called him grandpa. However, now that the social status between him and I are reversed, I don't have to be too modest.' He just nodded genially, "Thanks for your work!"

    "It's my pleasure; it's my pleasure. After hearing that Elder Mushen overwhelmed all the elites of other clans across Youzhou Province and helped the clan head gain the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province, I made a decision myself to prepare such a welcome ceremony for Elder Mushen in Golden Light City. I hope Elder Mushen doesn't get offended with that!"

    Being outstanding in the branch of Elder Muyuan and selected as the major of Golden Light City by Elder Muyuan, Zhang Haicheng must be a very meticulous figure. Watching Zhang Tie getting off the airship, he hurriedly moved out and greeted Zhang Tie, Closely after that, he left the rest time to Zhang Tie's family members.




    Linda, Beverly and Fiona lost their grips while Zhang Chenglei, Zhang Chengting and Zhang Chengpei rushed towards Zhang Tie like three little lions.

    They were all wearing decent black formal suites like three little adults. With pink skins, they looked pretty cute. Watching them swarming up, hugging his legs and calling him papa, Zhang Tie felt much better at once with a big smile on his face.

    Holding his three sons' hands, Zhang Tie walked towards his parents, "Dad, mom! Why are you here?"

    "After being told that you will come back today, we couldn't stand to welcome you here!" Zhang Tie's dad replied.

    Zhang Tie watched Zhang Ping and found his dad's eye corners were a bit wet. In such a scene, parents might be a bit thrilled. His parents missed his rotating chakra ceremony. This time, they were all at present and felt happy, proud and excited about Zhang Tie.

    As it was not the right moment to chat with his family members, after simply nodding towards and exchanging glances with his elder brother, elder sister-in-law and his wives, Zhang Tie greeted his grandpa and Zhang Su briefly. After that, he held his sons' hands and exchanged a few words with those elders and celebrities in Golden Light City.

    After waiting for Zhang Tie in the airship base for quite a while, they felt pretty honored to talk with Zhang Tie; especially after finding that Zhang Tie was so genial. The major of Golden Light City was introducing these celebrities to Zhang Tie, the greater part of whom were Zhang Tie's relatives of the same branch precisely.

    Watching Zhang Tie holding Zhang Chenglei's tiny hand and exchanging words with these celebrities in Golden Light City, Linda instantly dropped off tears as she covered his mouth by her hand.

    "Elder sister, what's wrong?" Fiona whispered.

    "Nothing, I'm alright. I'm just too happy!" Linda recovered her composure as she hurriedly wiped off her tears.

    After throwing a glance at Linda, Beverly stealthily passed a piece of facial tissue to Linda. Beverly could understand why Linda dropped tears more or less. Perhaps, only Linda, who had lost her father when she was young and experienced so many difficulties and frustrations in life could have a special feeling facing such a scene.

    Watching Zhang Tie, Beverly suddenly realized that it was the most right thing that she had ever done by meeting Zhang Tie in the Wildwolf Valley in her life.

    Who else could imagine that the civilian's daughter in Blackhot City could become a wife of the dean of the supreme court of a province in Taixia Country? Given her social status, those rich ladies of the major clans in Blackhot City were not even qualified to lick her shoes.

    Beverly faintly raised her head and proudly showed her beauty...


    "Elder Mushen, we've prepared a reception banquet for you in the Major's Mansion, erm..." The major of Golden Light City whispered to Zhang Tie after introducing the major figures.

    "Now that you've prepared that, let's have a dinner then!"

    Even though he had become a clan elder and the dean of the supreme court of Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie still had to establish human relationships although he disliked that.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's response, the major of Golden Light City looked brilliant at once. He definitely felt pretty honored to have Zhang Tie join the banquet in the Major's Mansion.

    Closely after that, they left the airship base for the Major's Mansion. Being surrounded by hundreds of people, Zhang Tie and his family members had a meal with the major of Golden Light City.

    Before the banquet, the major of Golden Light City flattered Zhang Tie for quite a while in the banquet hall. He even invited Zhang Tie to give a brief speech. Zhang Tie stood up as he gave a brief speech.

    Zhang Tie's first sentence was, "In this competition, the clan head gained most points and overwhelmed Lu Dingzhi, the head of Lu Clan. Thanks to the dauntless fights of the other elders of Zhang Clan in the Heavens Ball, Huaiyuan Palace made concerted efforts to win the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province and to lay a solid foundation in Youzhou Province for Huaiyuan Palace!"

    Zhang Tie's second sentence was, "I'm hungry. Don't just sit there, pick your chopsticks!"

    After Zhang Tie finished his brief speech, the banquet hall became silent for a couple of seconds. After that, a fervent applaud sounded in the banquet hall. Everyone praised that Elder Mushen was very modest and humorous.


    After eating the supper in the Major's Mansion, Zhang Tie's family members, his grandpa Zhang Haitian and his elder uncles and cousins left the Major's Mansion and returned to Zhang's mansion in Golden Light City.

    Everyone was okay except for Zhang Tie's grandpa, who was hyper today that he even got drunk in the banquet, which was really out of the imagination of his family members...
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