Chapter 846: Rapid Development

    Chapter 846: Rapid Development

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    After returning to Golden Light City, Zhang Tie became relaxed completely...

    Since he joined Iron-Blood Camp and went to Selnes Theater of Operations, this was the only time when Zhang Tie felt reassured and relaxed after returning to Taixia Country and staying with his family members.

    Zhang Tie had been running like an engine for so many years. After almost one month since he returned to Golden Light City on October 15th, this engine finally stopped running.

    Zhang Tie even felt like having a winter holiday.

    During the past one month, Zhang Tie didn't even enter Castle of Black Iron. He just stayed at home with his wives and his mother or played with his three sons in and out Golden Light City.

    When Zhang Tie was at home, his mother looked more and more brilliant. Her mental disease was healed too. Through the nourishment of Zhang Tie, Linda, Beverly and Fiona looked more and more beautiful. Compared to the estrangement between his sons and him when they met each other for the first time, the three kids just wondered where they were going to play with their dad the moment they got up. Sometimes, as they were too excited about Zhang Tie in the daytime, they could not even sleep well. Therefore, Zhang Tie was always blamed by his parents and wives.

    Over the past one month, Zhang Tie almost forgot that humans and demons were still in the holy war.

    Not only that, over the past one month, since Count Long Wind promoted to the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, the entire Huaiyuan Palace, even the entire Yanghe Prefecture had been vigorous. Even though the winter had arrived, the sudden, cold current in the air could still not resist the great passion across Yanghe Prefecture.

    Certainly, he was just reassured mentally and physically; it didn't mean that he had fewer affairs to handle. Actually, since Zhang Tie returned to Golden Light City, Zhang Clan had started to be busier as they started to welcome a great change.

    Zhang Tie's grandpa's foundation was in the shipbuilding industry in Embracing Tiger City.

    Over the past years, from Waii Sub-continent to Youzhou Province in Taixia Country, Zhang Clan's Milkway Shipyard finally entered its heyday due to the holy war. After moving to Youzhou Province, the Milkway Shipyard had been expanded by at least one times compared to that a few years ago.

    Through negotiating with Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang, Jinwu Business Group injected 5 million gold coins into Milyway Shipyard and became a shareholder of Milkway Shipyard, which occupied 20% of the total shares of Milkway Shipyard. After Jinwu Business Group's investment, the Milkway Shipyard was renamed as Jinwu Shipyard directly.

    Zhang Tie's elder uncle still occupied the greater part of shares of Jinwu Shipyard along with the control power of this shipyard. However, actually, Jinwu Shipyard had been affiliated to Zhang Tie.

    Everyone across Yanghe Prefecture and Huaiyuan Palace knew that "Jinwu" was the brand of Elder Mushen. The meaning of renaming Milkway Shipyard into Jinwu Shipyard became evident--the other branches of Zhang Haitian, the old man of Zhang family were approaching Zhang Tie. It indicated that Zhang Tie officially became the pillar of Zhang Clan.

    There was an old Hua saying, when the tree fell, the monkey would scatter. Zhang's Clan was facing the opposite situation.

    Zhang Tie was like a huge tree, which was growing faster than that Zhang Clan could ever imagine. With luxuriant foliage and spreading branches, this huge tree had manifested its exuberant vitality. Its look would be inestimable in the future. It was already able to serve as a shelter for all the members of Zhang Clan.

    Actually, when Zhang Tie held his rotating chakra ceremony and became a clan elder in Yiyang City, those relatives on the side of Zhang Haitian, the old man of Zhang family had intended to approach Zhang Tie. However, due to the reason of the holy war, plus Zhang Tie stayed in Waii Sub-continent for garrison, they didn't do that timely. After Huaiyuan Palace rooted in Youzhou Province, with the stabilization of Milkway Shipyard and Jinwu Business Group in Youzhou Province, Zhang Tie's eldest uncle's family gradually increased their exchanges with Zhang Tie. After Zhang Tie came to Taixia Country for a few days, he had already become famous across Youzhou Province as the dean of the supreme court of Youzhou Province. He even won the favor of Commander Cheng. Therefore, Zhang Tie's elder uncle's family accelerated their steps to approach Zhang Tie.

    As for a big clan, such a thing was definitely indisputable. No matter whether a clan was rich or poor, it had to stick to one principle, namely, to be harmonious. The more cohesive the clan was, the greater achievements and brighter future it would have. No only Hua people, even many local major clans across Waii Sub-continent and Western Continent had traditions and domestic disciplines to maintain cohesiveness and influence. In some pervert, huge clans, in order to prevent their family wealth from being separated by outsiders, they even insisted on endogamy.

    After Milkway Shipyard was renamed as Jinwu Shipyard, the happiest ones were not Zhang Haitian the grandpa of Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie's elder uncles, cousins, Zhang Tie or his elder brother but Zhang Tie's dad Zhang Ping.

    Zhang Tie's dad had never been so proud even when Zhang Tie became a clan elder.

    The disputes between Zhang Tie's dad and his family and between the last generation had been entangled in Zhang Ping's heart for dozens of years. This time, the burden in the heart of Zhang Ping was completely unloaded by Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang in this way.

    The moment he unloaded his burden mentally, Zhang Tie's dad had been reassured. Benefited from this, he even lit the 8th surging point on his spine and promoted to LV 6 fighter at 60, which made Zhang family boisterous for a few days.

    Zhang Tie's relatives on the side of his grandpa were busy approaching Zhang Tie's family while Zhang Yang was busy doing another thing.

    After returning to Golden Light City, Zhang Tie realized that Zhang family needed to build a city independently...

    'Although it's too early to describe the current situation in the proverb "Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain", Elder Muyuan's sense of existence has reduced a lot under my halos. Although it will not be a problem for a short time; but, after some time, Elder Muyuan's branch and my branch would definitely have conflicts in Golden Light City. I prefer to give way to Elder Muyuan at present than to wait for big trouble. By doing this, I could show my respect to Elder Muyuan's branch and leave a greater space for the development of Jinwu Business Group and my branch...'
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