Chapter 850: Laying a Foundation in Youzhou Province

    Chapter 850: Laying a Foundation in Youzhou Province

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    In this world, only very few people could be legendarily featured by radical life. Most of the people lived very common lives. Each individual's fate trace had a strong inertia. After many years, this inertia was manifested in Zhang Tie's friends once again.

    The members of God's Will Brotherhood neither lost their "ambition" that they used to carry in Blackhot city and succumbed to the common life nor be unrivaled in the region. Like many other commoners, they were still trying their best to climb up on the way that they could see.

    'With my support, it took a group of foreign young people a few years to root in a strange place. Through concerted efforts, they even accumulated 600,000 gold coins using the 200,000 gold coins that I gave them at the beginning. It's already a great job for them. In this age, most of the young men could not make such a great achievement.' Zhang Tie praised them inside. However, compared to what Zhang Tie had experienced, such an achievement was nothing great at all.

    Zhang Tie started to rethink profoundly.

    The sharp contrast between Doug's passion and Zhang Tie's calm feeling inside reminded Zhang Tie, 'Barley, Doug and the other members of God's Will Brotherhood remain unchanged; the one who has changed is me. Therefore, I could not maintain the same passion as them facing the undertaking that drives them crazy.'

    Over the past years, after experiencing so many things such as exterminating all the demons in Waii Sub-continent and establishing the Sacred Iceland Kingdom, what the God's Will Brotherhood was doing was not on the same level as Zhang Tie at all. The business of hundreds of thousands of gold coins could almost be ignored by Zhang Tie.

    'Perhaps, the strong inertia could also be called fate. What if I did not have Castle of Black Iron?' Zhang Tie asked himself while sighing with emotion.

    Such a sharp difference between him and his friends didn't cause any sh*t superiority complex to Zhang Tie; instead, he treasured this friendship more than ever.

    Barley, Doug, Hista and the other members of God's Will Brotherhood watched Zhang Tie with scorching eyes and waited for his answer.

    After being silent for a few seconds, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh and watched them with a sincere look, "I'm afraid that I cannot leave Youzhou Province for the time being. I've experienced too much these years and shoulder greater responsibilities than before. I cannot live as free as before anymore!"

    "I get it. Is it because of your family? I've not expected that you already have 3 sons. You're the best one among us!" Bagdad praised in an unconstrained way.

    "Not only that!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

    "Are you still following the order of Huaiyuan Palace?" Sharwin asked.

    "Not completely. But I cannot separate from Huaiyuan Palace so easily!"

    "What's the reason then?" Leit opened his mouth.

    "Promise me, you will not be surprised by that!" Zhang Tie watched them with a solemn look.

    "No problem, go ahead!" The other guys also replied with a rare, solemn look.

    "I already promoted to a knight when I was in Waii Sub-continent. My current title is the dean of the supreme court in Youzhou Province. After staying in Taixia Country for so long, you must have known the responsibilities of the dean of the supreme court." Zhang Tie said with an extremely serious look.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the atmosphere in the room turned strange at once.

    After being silent for a few seconds, "Hahahahaha..." those guys suddenly burst out into laughter as they staggered forward and back.

    Doug even shot out his saliva. As they laughed, they patted their bellies and thighs forcefully.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that these guys would respond in such a way when he exposed the truth.

    'F*ck, doesn't this father look like a knight? I've practiced a lot to promote to a knight. What are you guys laughing at?' Zhang Tie swore inside with a confused look.

    "Bighead, you're really humorous!" Hista burst out into laughter as he forcefully patted Zhang Tie's shoulder and said with a wink, "If you were a knight, you must have been a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace. In Waii Sub-continent, a knight could be the head of a corps. Actually, there's not a single knight in the former Andaman Alliance at all!" After saying that, Hista revealed an obscene look as he lowered his voice, "Actually, I had also used this trick before to cheat women to sleep with me. Later on, I found this trick didn't work anymore as none of them believed that. One time, I finally encountered one. However, when I woke up the second morning, I found my purse and that woman had long gone. From then on, I stopped playing such a trick!"

    "I'm indeed a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace. I also took the office of corps leader of Hurricane Corps over those years when I was in Huaiyuan Prefecture in Waii Sub-continent!" Zhang Tie explained with a helpless look.

    "Hahahaha..." The other guys smiled more excessively.

    "This is our familiar "bighead". You're as humorous as the very, very special one before..." Barley laughed so heavily that his belly started to quiver like ripples.

    "Hmm, it's good for you to have such an idea. At least you have a target!" Sharwin said implicitly.

    "Just like how we used to dream that we were childes and young masters of the 4 major clans in Blackhot City and had the endless braised beef with potatoes!" Doug nodded with a serious look.

    "Knight is also my lifetime target!' Bagdad chested out as he said this.

    "If you were a knight, our brotherhood would have a reliance in Taixia Country. Our business would be..." Leit suddenly stopped as he and the other guys suddenly felt that Zhang Tie had changed greatly while releasing an extremely strange qi, which almost froze each cell of them in a split second.

    All of them had sensed that their awareness had been separated from their body by that overwhelming force. They felt that their awareness and body might be imprisoned in a firm and hopeless cage. If Zhang Tie liked, he could blow up their heads only by throwing a glance at them. In this state, they would definitely be suffocated in the end.

    In only a few seconds, after Zhang Tie concealed his overwhelming qi, the laughter in the room had stopped while the other guys had been wet all over even in the winter as they felt their clothes were sticking to their body tightly.

    They looked like as if they had seen a ghost in the daytime with their mouths widely opened, which could almost hold an egg.

    "Rea...real...kni...kni..kni...knight!" Dough became stammered, "I'm still alive after pa...pat...patting a knight's shoulder?"

    "Our God's Will Brotherhood ha...have a kni..kni..knight!" Barley the Fatty was affected by Dough as he stared at Zhang Tie, causing goosebumps all over Zhang Tie's body.

    "Huaiyuan Palace have just won the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province. The current provincial governor of Youzhou Province is Zhang Taixuan, the head of Zhang Clan. I was appointed as the dean of the provincial court in Youzhou Province. As you've been in Taixia Country for so long, you must have known the responsibilities of the dean of provincial court!" Zhang Tie watched them silently, "As it's a chaotic world, Taixia Country might be the last pure land of humans. I know you live pretty well given your looks. I know each of you has a bright future. I'm happy to see you living well which is also what I expected for when I founded the God's Will Brotherhood. I don't want to disrupt your living pattern; neither do I want to force you to make any choice or decision. If you like, you can come to Youzhou Province to give me a hand. However, although the knight's world is full of chances, it's also very dangerous. I cannot guarantee you anything. With this decision, you might be involved in a greater crisis in the future; even at the cost of your lives. Therefore, you should think about it carefully. If you agree to come here, I will welcome you. If you want to maintain your current living pattern, I will also be happy about you!"

    "What...what can we do...here in Youzhou Province?" Barley asked in a hesitated and unconfident way after exchanging a glance with the others.

    They all knew that they were nothing in front of a knight and the dean of the provincial court in Youzhou Province. If they had ruled a city, they might win the favor of the dean of the provincial court in Youzhou Province; however, their current achievement was totally like how kids playing sands in front of Zhang Tie.

    "What are you adept at?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "When we came to Youzhou Province, we had analyzed our strengths carefully. As we had just graduated from middle school, we didn't have skills, battle strength or human relationship. What we could rely on was the capital that you had gifted us, our intelligence and diligence; therefore, we finally chose the service industry. We invested an inn and a mini bar at first. After accumulating enough experiences in this industry, we opened hotels, which is also what we are adept at!" Barley replied.

    "If so, why not open hotels in Youzhou Province?" Zhang Tie smiled, "But you should not only open 3 hotels here; instead, you should open at least 300 hotels across Youzhou Province..."

    Zhang Tie said while the other guys' eyes gradually turned bright...

    "You've already been a dean of the provincial court in Youzhou Province, what do you open so many hotels for?" Doug asked like an idiot.

    "Now that it's an investment, of course, our first goal is to make a lot of money. Even I want to make money; it's legitimate as money is a symbol of strength and power. The simplest method to accumulate strength and power is to make and save money!" Zhang Tie smiled, "In the future, our hotels could even spread across Taixia Country. We could contact people from all walks of life. Each hotel works as eyes and ears, which could help us ask about and collect information in the most convenient way. In most cases, a key message is even more important than a corps. Additionally, the hotel is a comprehensive service industry, which would be involved with clothes, food, accommodation and transportation; furthermore, it's a labor-intensive industry. The more hotels we open, the more places will we occupy, the more stakeholders will we have and the more people will rely on us, the greater influence will we have. We shall lay a solid foundation here by making our undertaking better, greater and stronger. Now that we've decided to scrape a living in Taixia Country, we have to root deeply in this place."

    Zhang Tie had learned from Golden Roc Bank how to exert one's utmost efforts to do a good job or develop an industry. Over these days, Zhang Tie had been considering how to root in Taixia Country. Besides building a city and expanding Jinwu Business Group, Zhang Tie felt that he could do something else. Besides hotel industry, Zhang Tie had also considered about mining ores, architecture and machinery manufacturing. Of course, Zhang Tie longed most for having a private bank like Golden Roc Bank. Whereas, given the strict requirements for opening a private bank in Taixia Country and the limited resources of him and Zhang Clan in Taixia Country, Zhang Tie gave it up for the time being.

    In Taixia Country, a provincial bank would require at least 10 billion gold coins as an initial capital, this condition had disappointed most of the major clans.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that those guys of God's Will Brotherhood could arrive here suddenly and run their hotel industry well in Guizhou Province from a scratch. Zhang Tie then poured out his original thought.

    Now that Zhang Tie had poured it out, he had almost made a determination. Even if they didn't agree, Zhang Tie would also have someone else do it. Even if dozens of hotels suffered a loss, Zhang Tie could still stand that. Therefore, Zhang Tie was confident to tell them that he wanted to open over 300 hotels across Youzhou Province, which number was too small for Youzhou Province, even being a lower province.
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